Let the memory of Gina be with us forever
  • 56 years old
  • Born on June 30, 1957 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Passed away on February 4, 2014 in La Puente, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Gina Aguilar, 56, born on June 30, 1957 and passed away on February 4, 2014. We will remember her forever, as mommy, wife, best friend, sister, daughter, Nana,a strong woman and accepting of all people. Her eccentric style and uniqueness will always be remembered of her and thanks to her, I Eileen, Love wholeheartedly with no judgment and acceptance regardless of people's mistakes and faults. Thank you for teaching me to be the best woman I can be.

Posted by Eileen Aguilar on 7th April 2019
Mommy, I just really miss you. Love you so much. Miss your voice, hugs, laughter, perfumes, the sounds of your Bangles when you moved, your singing, just everything about you.
Posted by Eileen Aguilar on 30th June 2018
Today mommy you would have been 61 but you would have not looked it. You would be a Nana of 13 grandchildren and a great Nana of your first great grandchild as Shane is a dad now. I miss you every day and continue to need you in my life. My baby Mileena knows of you and will continue to learn about you because as long as I'm alive, she will know who Nana is♥ Happy Birthday mommy, you'll always be in my heart.
Posted by Eileen Aguilar on 30th March 2018
Just miss you. That's all. Love you mommy♥♥
Posted by Eileen Aguilar on 30th June 2017
Happy 60th in Heaven mommy. Be visiting you today to decorate 4th of July style for you. Miss you so much. I'm going to listen to your cassettes with you singing. Love you still and always will♥♥♥♥
Posted by Lottie Hannan on 30th June 2016
Happy Birthday auntie, love always char ❤xxxxxxxx
Posted by Charlotte Hannan on 7th April 2016
Me & Nay are going to light some candles tonight and listen to some of her favourite music. She was a wonderful auntie, we miss her and love her always. Xxxxxx
Posted by Margarita Munoz Acosta on 4th February 2016
Hi Aunty I miss you a lot and you are forever missed. I will see you in heaven. I have so many lovely memories of you and I wish you where here. I love you very much Aunty.
Posted by Sinead Hannan on 30th June 2015
Wondeful women who I will never forget. She treated me and family very well when we lived in the states. Her cooking was the bomb and I always looked forward to it. She was so lively and never failed to make me laugh. We all miss her dearly. I just like to think she's now with my mother, looking over each and everyone one of us in the family. Miss you and love you Auntie Gina <3 happy birthday.
Posted by Margarita Munoz Acosta on 30th June 2015
I want to wish you happy birthday auntie Gina I miss you so and I will always remember your laugh. You always listened to The Cure you and Hope. How awesome is that...you will always be in my heart. I love you to the fullest.
Posted by Eileen Aguilar on 28th April 2015
It's me again mommy, I miss you and will always need you as long as I'm breathing.
Posted by Veronica Barrientos on 7th April 2015
One of my fondest memories of my aunty is when I was young and we use to go visit my mom and aunt Gina would always act crazy. Whenever you got those two together they would start dancing, they would always do silly things, but the one thing I will never forget is my aunt Gina's laugh. There was something about her laugh that just made you smile it was the best laugh ever and as I'm writing this I can still hear her laugh and it still puts a smile on my face. R.I.P. aunt Gina you are surely missed and I know your are in heaven with grandma,grandpa and Hopey looking down on all of us being our Angels. I love you and miss you ❤️❤️
Posted by Jeanette Morales on 4th April 2015
Going in to the music room is one of my fondest memories. I thought wow! She is such a cool mom!
Posted by Margarita Munoz Acosta on 3rd April 2015
I just want to say I'm her niece and I have memories of when I use to live with my aunt and cousin's. I use to dance for them and make her laugh all the time. Just all the crazy things I use to do just to see my aunt smile and laugh it made me happy. Those are my strong memories that I will always have with me. I just want to say that I will always love you and see you in heaven.
Posted by Chris Cabello on 31st March 2015
gina is my sister i do miss her verymuch she is always in my dreams since she was a kid she has always been different she was wild and crazy but thats what made her so loved by me her brother chris ill see her again...................................................
Posted by Eileen Aguilar on 30th March 2015
As the birth of my first baby nears I wish you were here. I miss you dearly and need you always, not a day will go by that I won't take a moment to think of you. Even if it's for a minute, I will always love you and think of you. You are loved and missed EVERYDAY♡♡

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