his Life

Ginelo Cortez  was only 10 years old when diagnosed with cancer. Despite of his condition, he achieved much recognition that all normal kids do strive to accomplish. To give you a heads up, he was best in computer in one of his classes, became most outstanding student, was nailing his math subject that he got a 4th honor rank among the entire pupils in his school and got accelerated from grade 4 to grade 6. You see, there is so much promise this child can give. 

At the back of every bright child is the unwavering support of a parent. Ginelo’s parents are so much proud of him knowing that he is able of pulling off excellence even he has an excruciating illness. Ginelo’s mother deeply felt her son as someone who is obedient, patient and a loving brother to everyone.

Given this, it really is certain how it can be painful for both parents to see their good son suffering from a traitor disease. I remember Ginelo who expressed how his parents found strength and courage to nurture him while he lays on bed, walking around the house and feeding him. How do you think Ginelo could ever thank his parents for spending countless hours in going back and fro the hospitals, comforting him through painful procedures, spending bloody cash for his medicines and his mother’s giving up her life just to fight his son’s battle?

And now, the last time that Ginelo attended his school was this last March. He is no longer capable of walking on his own and needs extra care that he has to stay at home. He cannot attend Christian meetings with his family and friends anymore. As such, many of his congregation mates are always asking about him. Each time that his mother will answer each of every question about Ginelo, she’ll just suddenly drop her tears and sob, for she herself can’t even answer when her beloved child can go back to normal like before.

 Ginelo was such a participative individual, who used to fortify everyone in all means he can, and now, things are in a huge change because of cancer that is deliberately swallowing him. Ginelo said “I can do this, I’ll be okay soon. Please do not be sad, so I won’t feel that you’re getting tired taking care of me”.   So far, the chance for his maintenance is getting distorted because of monetary reasons. Their family’s situation is not allowing him to go through all the process due to some constraints which is alterable only if you have money.

The child who’s supposed to be blooming on his age is being deprived of the joy that most of the kids used to have.

Many of the children can get to see the inside of high school classroom, roam around the playground, get to join in several academic competition, preach the good news and go home with their parents happily telling their stories of their day. All these have been stolen away from Ginelo, have been robbed by cancer.

Ginelo has many plans for his loved ones, friends and himself. With his aptitude, no doubt that what he can do in the future can even help the society. But last February 3, 2012, He this kid needs to rest. He left us.