Posted by Tonya Williams on January 27, 2021
Ginnie was one of the most loving, kindest individuals I have ever met in my life. Her witness spoke volumes to the testimony she carried with her wherever she went. She was a lover of all people, and especially enjoyed a good hug from her friends. She was always willing to lend a helping hand, whether cooking a meal for someone or coming to paint at your house! She was a wonderful listener, and loved sharing about her grandchildren - which, if you couldn’t tell, were the apple of her eye!

I’m thankful to have enjoyed many years of working with her at the Presbytery of Western North Carolina, where she blessed me daily with her sweet spirit and thoughtful ways. The epitome of a fine Christian lady, she always gave from her heart and that’s what made her so special. What this world would be if there were more Ginnie’s in it! Thank you Lord for blessing us with your servant Ginnie Stevens, and for all the many ways she enriched our lives here on this earth. Until we meet again precious friend . . .
Posted by Tom Kilgore on January 26, 2021
I first met Ginnie during on the first trip to Malawi in 2005 and was hooked by her passion and enthusiasm for mission. In subsequent years and thru more Malawi mission trips (planning, recruiting, logistics) I got to know her as one who was creative and always found a way to get things done. She established a template for the Malawi Missions which continue to this day after 18 +trips. One of my fondest memories is waking up in the morning to a slew of emails that Ginnie had sent between 3-4 am. She was truly a "night person". Thanks be to God for Ginnie.
Posted by Barbara Nagy on January 23, 2021
Dear Ginnie,

Deep love and thanks to you for all you have meant to our family, our missionary journey, and the church in the US and Malawi. Happy birthday in heaven. When you fell really ill I kept thinking of Tabatha and how God healed her because of her numerous acts of kindness. You would have just as great a cloud of witnesses to your constant service, love, generosity, creativity, strong faith and work for reconciliation. We miss you so much, and were devastated that COVID kept us from your side during your long and difficult illness, but now we are thankful you are in God's loving arms. You were another mother/grandmother to us, always loving and supportive, always hoping for and expecting the best, a soulangement in sorrow and a wise counselor. You were a person we could call at any moment to ask if you could help with...and the answer would always be 'Yes!' Malawi has been blessed by your diligent and faithful support, and there are many children who will live to adulthood, mothers there to care for their families, women with Cervical cancer cured, HIV patients thriving, students receiving a good education, families receiving food relief...the list is endless. The church in Malawi would join us in Praising God for your faithful life and offering prayers and presence of condolences to your family. 
Posted by Bill Wolcott on January 18, 2021
Ginnie had a huge impact on my spiritual journey that I carry in my heart and memory to this day. Many years ago she was leading mission trips to Mexico with the Puentes de Cristo program. I remember that every year for about 3 years she would approach me and try to recruit me for the annual mission trip. I turned her down the first two years for reasons I don't recall now, but that third year she again pulled me aside and convinced me that I needed to join the mission group. Her words were so powerful to me that I truly felt a call to join the mission team, which I did. The experience of living and working among such impoverished people was life changing for me and gave me a new appreciation for working here to alleviate poverty and injustice. To this day I still see Ginnie's wonderful smile and know that she was at that time for me God's messenger. She's an angel in my eyes!
Posted by Jan Brunk on January 17, 2021
I have known your family for many years. Back in the day your Mom and John and I worked with Bob and me to find creative ways to educate our young children. Ginny and I spoke of her work with John in the Mossbauer days. She was so loyal to him and your family. I have reconnected with Ginny at GCPC in recent years.  She was so grateful to her children for their attention to her. It was lovely that she cleared out things here and moved to Decatur to be closer to family. Ginny was a kind and generous person. a gentle soul who graced this earth. All the best to you, Shel, John and Rob.
Posted by Mary Williamson on January 16, 2021
When I think of Ginnie two things come to mind, her sincere love for others and her dedication to serving others. These attributes make her an excellent example of a true servant of God. Ginnie knew my husband and I and our two boys through Grace Covenant Presbyeran and as time went on and they became young men she never failed to ask about them. She was instrumental in convincing our older son to participate in mission trips that the church sponsored and these were life changing for him. You couldn't help but love Ginnie in return and I was sad when she decided to move to Georgia but knowing how much her children meant to her it was a good decision. She's now in the presence of unfathomable love, a perfect place for her.
Posted by Deborah McEachran on January 15, 2021
I am grateful to Ginnie for her example of how to build relationships of integrity and transparency across cultural, political and theological divides. May each member of her family continue her legacy as you care about others wherever you live.
Posted by Susan Presson on January 15, 2021
When I think of Ginnie, I automatically think of SERVICE. She had such compassion and empathy for everyone and everything. I was blessed to go to Grace Covenant Presbyterian church and serve on a number of committees and go on mission trips with Ginnie. She had energy, especially if it was to help someone else. The world is a better place thanks to Ginnie.
Posted by Debbie Horne on January 15, 2021
There are people who, even if you haven’t had years to hang out with them, you know your life would be less full without them. Ginnie was one of those treasures for us.
Harry and Debbie Horne
Posted by Barbara McLean on January 15, 2021
Ginny was a church friend, a neighbor, and a Presbytery friend. She was devoted to her church, mission, and her family. We were at a lot of Presbytery meetings together - rode together and planned together. I was fortunate to be able to talk to her at Bobbi White's retirement party. Those few minutes and so many other things will forever be in my heart. Thanks, Ginnie, for a life well lived.
Posted by Marylyn Huff on January 14, 2021
Ginnie was our first friend when Olson and I moved to Asheville in 1980. We met at Grace Covenant and watched our children grow up. Ginnie was full of life and love. Although she worked in science for many years, she had a true heart for mission. She developed the mission program for the Presbytery of WNC, helping folks from this presbytery receive and learn from the people they served. I was glad to visit with Ginnie in Decatur in Sept 2019. Always caring for others, she was connecting people on her hall with a directory. Her family was her joy. She especially enjoyed keeping up with her grandchildren - their interests and activities. Shelly, John G. and Rob, she was so proud of you and loved your spouses. Thank you, John G. and Stacey for being her daily support in Decatur. This is a beautiful website. Enjoyed the pictures! She gave us all so much. I miss her.
Posted by Douglas Michael on January 10, 2021
Might there have been a creation story for Ginnie, decades ago, with a dialogue running something like this?

Father: All is arranged for the birth tomorrow?

Son: Yes, mostly. The Spirit is brooding over south Jersey, and the family is waiting. But a question has arisen over what special gift might accompany this child, and what We might call her.

Father: Ah, yes. Let's see. I'm remembering that parable you offered your disciples those many years ago. Let us give this baby girl the gift of sowing seeds. She will plant and cast seeds widely, and she and her crops will bear much fruit. "Sembradora fiel." Yes, “Faithful planter” – that would be good, very good.

And, it was so.
Posted by Ellen Dozier on January 6, 2021
When I read the following from Inward Outward, a publication of the Church of th Savior in Washing DC, I thought of Ginnie on this Epiphany Day
“Epiphany marks the beginning of a new year, and I am grateful for small things here at home: a plate of cookies from across the hall; a phone call to say that a friend is safely admitted to the infirmary where they can monitor her spiking blood pressure; last year’s Christmas letter sent again by my nephew, with red-pen corrections to describe their circumscribed activities this year. These personal gestures of love and local caring are the warp threads of human community.
The weft is gaudy and bright, loud and obvious. It’s the big public story of political turmoil and pandemic heartbreak. One can hear overtones of our public story in the words of King Herod telling the wise men to let him know where the newborn king was, so he could also pay homage to the child.* It rings of deceit, subterfuge, and barely concealed threats.
But, being warned in a dream, the three kings went home “by another way.” They were wise enough to listen and learn, and to sidestep open conflict with Herod. That, of course, did not curb his hatred and fear, but for the newborn child, it was enough. The holy family was safe, and saved for a hopeful future.
And in that small quiet ending of this Epiphany story, I hear a blessing and see light beginning to break on the horizon”.

Ginnie was the “warp.” She lived her life as a servant. Her greatest joy was in being a blessing for someone. That blessing usually took the form of a small act of kindness, a meal shared with a neighbor, time spent with a friend to help them discover their gifts, staying up late at night to finish plans for a mission trip so others would be blessed by the trip, a St. Nicholas gift given in secret, listening late into the evening to the stories someone needed to share, finding a way to include someone left out, encouraging people to see beyond themselves.
Ginnie taught me so much. I think one of the greatest lessons is that the abundant life Jesus lived and spoke of has little to do with the number of our possessions and everything to do with all people on this earth having enough. 
I know we need the weft,” the gaudy and bright, the loud and obvious” to hold the fabric of our lives together and sometimes we get caught up to the weft and we want to be the person who is “bright and obvious.” I don’t think Ginnie ever wanted that. She was at peace being the quiet. faithful one who in so many ways reflected the light we celebrate on Epiphany
Ellen Dozier
Posted by Gwen Gibson on January 5, 2021
We've missed Ginnie Stevens for years. As Associate for Mission in the Presbytery of WNC, Ginnie visited all the churches small and large to encourage the faith community in their mission efforts. She was a friendly soul you could always count on. She set the standard for Presbytery staff, and  I'm proud of our PWNC for their mission focus.
United Presbyterian Church, Lenoir NC
Posted by Bex Yo on January 5, 2021
Ginnie loved life and loved all of God's children, equally and passionately. What a saint. So privileged to have shared this planet with her for a brief time. She certainly made it a much better place, and modeled for those around her how to do so as well. Thanks be to God!
Posted by Judith Nebrig on January 4, 2021
A part of Ginnie’s legacy:
Ginnie introduced me, and others, to what it means to be in mission through partnership.
She reminded us that it was important to meet our partners with “empty hands”, rather than trying to solve their problems for them; and with open hearts, to receive what they have to offer us.
She often urged us to “live with the questions”
She modeled the importance of being in a mutual relationship with our siblings in Guatemala.

Even more important than what Ginnie did, is who Ginnie is to me:
Anam Cara is a Celtic phrase that means “soul friend”.
Ginnie is my Anam Cara: with her I could share my innermost self, my mind, my heart.
I was understood as I am without mask or pretention.
Some say time, distance, even death can’t part Anam Cara;
I believe that.

Judy Nebrig

Posted by Harry and Janny Meinema on January 4, 2021
Harry and Janny Meinema, Leusden, The Netherlands

We have precious memories on the friendship and hospitality Ginnie showed to us over so many years
We met her for the first time in 1978 in Nijmegen/Dukenburg and a close relationship grew after our family was invited to stay with hers in Asheville in spring 1979. We and daughter Mariënte and sun Arjen still have vivid memories of that stay. 
Through all the years we have been in touch with each other. So did Ginnie visit us, once with Shelly and Sophia and later on her own in spring 2011. We stayed with her in Asheville on a weekend in the summer of 2010 where she showed us around in the town and the Cherokee Indian Reservation.
Besides, each year we had e-mail contacts on the occasion of each other’s birthdays. Thereby Ginnie proudly informed us about the experiences of her families and the progress made by her grandchildren in school, sports, soccer, and ballet.
The last couple of years she informed us that she had serious health problems. Already in 2018, to our regret, she informed us that she had to cancel her, what she called, Final Trip to her friends in the Netherlands.
Now that she has passed away memories will remain, so that we will not forget her.
Posted by Meliss Whitman on January 3, 2021
“Grandma Nut” was such a genuine, kind, and bright woman. I always looked forward to seeing her, and she added so much to all experiences I had with her. I watched her as a wonderful mother, mother in law, and grandmother to her children, my sister and nieces. Love and Light.
Posted by Peter Glover on January 3, 2021
She was my connection to Montreat and Western NC. I always enjoyed getting the latest information from her on this area. She was a calm soul and will be missed.
Posted by Elaine Stevens on January 3, 2021
So sorry.  Many years of memories both at Christmas and in the summer. I’ll always cherish our visit in Holland. Jim and I extend our condolences to the entire family.
Posted by Helen Glover on January 3, 2021
She was/is a jewel. Very sad to hear. John, your Mom was my “family gathering” friend.

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