Ginny's smile
Virginia Lee Baudrand
  • 85 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 6, 1929
  • Place of birth:
    Cresco, Iowa, United States
  • Date of passing: Aug 30, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Poulsbo, Washington, United States
Let the memory of Ginny be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Virginia Baudrand, 85, born on July 6, 1929 and passed away on August 30, 2014. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Jennifer Hutchison on 6th July 2017

"I remember going to "Aunt" Ginny's mountain cabin for visits when we were younger.  Ginny was my cousin Lisa's aunt but we called her Aunt Ginny too and she seemed to like that.  Ginny was a wonderful generous person who always made us feel welcome."

This tribute was added by connie coggins on 30th August 2016

"Dear Mom,

Can't believe its been two years already and now Dad is with you walking streets of gold. we all miss you and enjoy looking at all the pictures you saved and organized. We have been reading the emails and letters you saved that we wrote to you. We each have a memory of your home to enjoy in our homes.  You are in our hearts and I miss you laugh your smile and just being my Mom."

This tribute was added by Sarah Bell on 30th August 2015

"One year grandma baked me her delicious ginger snaps cookies and mailed them to me in college. I was overjoyed! And I think I ate all 2 dozen without sharing! I used her recipe and made some this weekend in her honor."

This tribute was added by Cherie Baudrand on 30th August 2015

"I miss you, Mom. I saw your sunbeam driving to work this week, and it made me smile. It reminds me of the moment that the clouds parted, a large stream of light touched my car, and the feeling of peace and awe that filled me. And later we discovered that moment was your time of death - though I new it then. Dad misses you a lot, but he’s doing okay. He and I have gotten much closer, as you were the one I always went to with news or problems. Plus, Aunt Connie and I have gotten closer. We call each other often. You will be forever missed."

This tribute was added by John Coggins on 30th August 2015

"I love my Grandma. She was so kind and gentle with me always. She taught me how to properly iron and fold my slacks. I rember that every time I pick up an iron. I was her Johnny. The way she she said my name was so endearing. It made me feel loved every time. I miss her very much. I am thankful to still have my wonderful grandpa with us. On this day my heart grieves for him the most. A man that loved his wife everyday of her life more and more. He served her with such humility and love. Truly set the example for me. Rest in peace Virginia Lee and I'll see you again someday.


This tribute was added by connie coggins on 30th August 2015

"One year ago today our lives changed. My brothers and sister(s) have been so good to Daddy. I have been away for a year, but never once not longed to be there. They have watched over him changed their life styles been able to spend long weekends and holidays with Dad. What a great family!  

I have wondered if I had time to grieve, I was so busy planning the service and serving others. So many times I have a thought to tell Mom a story or something she would like and I have to remind myself she left this earth. I think I have had 2 conversations with Dad now where we both didn't cry throughout the year. Sometimes her loss is less real to me because I live so far away. But I hold her in my heart daily, you see I am the one who looks most like her, she passed down her clothes so looking in the mirror I see Mom. Our hair, body style even our physical struggles. I wouldn't change a thing.

My mom was wonderful she taught me to be a servant to love serving others and to enjoy the process. I can't do it like her still but I try. She taught me to sew, to clean and love my family. She showed me how to care for a family, cooking, loving being there.  She was a role model and always there to listen if you wanted to laugh or cry she was there.

She taught me to love Jesus she supported our mission work, she worried over me, said prayers and encouraged me.  

There are somethings in life only a Mom can fill. I have been blessed and I honor her this day."

This tribute was added by Sarah Bell on 29th August 2015

"Grandma made Trinity a baby quilt (Pictured in the gallary). I've kept it in the closet because I wanted to preserve it until she can appreciate it. But as a curious toddler, she found it about three weeks ago and won't go to sleep without it. She's never been one to cling to objects or blankets but this last month she insists on "the pink one!" It makes me both sad and happy but mostly I'm grateful for a tangible memory of my sweet grandma.

I still have the quilt she made for me, special request at age 13, it was sun, moon and stars. It's my movie watching blanket, the perfect size for sunggling up on the couch. I cried a lot of teenage tears into the blanket. It always has been and always will be very special, complete with the heart shaped patch."

This tribute was added by Nancy Millin on 19th December 2014

"Remembering my cousin, Ginny, who represented all the joy's of Christmas.  I am honored to have Ginny, her sister Connie and brother Robert part of my family tree.  We love you Ginny - are you making a quilt today?  I wonder what your pattern will be? Something pretty special for sure."

This tribute was added by Cherie Baudrand on 30th September 2014

"From: Becky Lockie French
From the beginning there was Mom and Ginny. The Lockies and the Baudrands. So many indelible memories. I'm in the VW bus driving to Crestline. In Connie's backyard playhouse. Fighting off a Junebug in the cabin basement. Swimming in Lake Gregory. Waking to Ginny's calming presence during a family crisis. Singing to my girls the lullaby that Cherie sang to me. Laughing as Ginny heated lasagne so my wedding guests wouldn't be eating "frozen dinners." Sharing a glass of wine and having a laughter-filled conversation. Tinkerbell and Sockie. Roughhousing when Jim babysat. Too many moments and memories to recall. Our families are forever linked. Ginny was a second mom to us. There's an empty space in my heart this morning. Love you, Ginny."

This tribute was added by LouAnn Baudrand on 20th September 2014

"Oh, Ginny, I miss you and wish you were here.  You were my sister-in-law for 64 years, but that could never describe our friendship.  When Don first introduced me to you and your family (I was 9 or 10), I think I was as smitten with you as he was.  You were always so kind, warm and loving to me; and as we grew older, I considered you my best friend. Seems everyone felt the same way.  Remember when we drove across the country together?  And the time we drove to Florida to spend a week at my timeshare?  Even when we lived worlds apart, I could always count on you, as the center of your family, to keep me and all the kids, grandkids, etc. informed and connected to each other.  And you had friends…so many friends…to whom you were always loyal and loving.  I always admired the beautiful things you could make with your hands and/or a sewing machine, and you would be proud to know how much those quilts mean to your family.  Your grandson, John, wrote a gorgeous song about them and sang it for all of us at your “celebration of life.”  And, beautiful granddaughter, Emily, sang “Amazing Grace” that had all of us proud and tearful.  Yes, you and Don raised 4 fantastic people who, in turn, raised 10 beautiful grandchildren, and many wonderful great-grandchildren.  So, you see, you will always be part of all the generations to come. You always loved Cherie, Jim, Rick, and Connie with all your heart; and they are now beautiful people. Good job. When you asked me if I would like to join P.E.O., about 5 years ago, it was just the right time.  I had not been in one place long enough to join anything, but I’m very glad we were on the same page that day.  So, now we were also P.E.O. sisters.  But, of course, the center of your universe was Don.  It was so obvious to all of us what a special love story you two had.  He misses you most of all. I hope you are in a place that brings you peace.  To me, you are right here in my heart."

This tribute was added by Cherie Baudrand on 17th September 2014

"From card and letter from Don and Colette Johnson
Dear Don,

   So, so sorry to learn of Virginia's passing. In my wildest imagination I cannot conceive of what life would mean to me without Colette. Colette and I just celebrated our 63rd Anniversary, so I know your marriage was years longer.
   At The UCLA Hall of Fame, I stated, "Colette is the best example of what God would aspire for us all."  And I've always felt pretty much the same about Virginia. A lovely gal who devoted herself to family and husband. A kind and gentle soul.
   There was a point at which I think I had a bit of a crush on Virginia.
We certainly had some great times together. Several months ago Ken, Colette, and I took a nostalgic trip back to El Monte. Ken and I walked around the entire block and were amazed how great everything looked.  Our house, 431 Mildred, happened to be up for sale.  We met the new owners, who were just moving in, a lovely Chinese couple.  As I said, we were pleasantly surprised at how prosperous and well-groomed the area looked.
   The last time I spoke with you - you had called to explain not feeling well enough to attend the UCLA HOF.  I loved you for wanting to attend - that meant a lot to me.
    Don, I wish I had some words of comfort, but afraid I would come up very short.  
    Know that you both mean so much to us.  I/we treasure the time we had together and I feel a sadness even though we are thousands of miles apart.
   Take good care of yourself, Don. Your family will nee you now.
Hope to see you before too long -
                  Your always admirer,
                      Don and Colette Johnson"

This tribute was added by Cherie Baudrand on 17th September 2014

"From card and note from Ken and Betty Johnson
Dear Don,
Ginny's passing is Sad, but her life with you brings tremendous solace from all those wonderful years you had together,. At the base of those happy years, was your TALENT, Don!

So grateful we got to visit you and Ginny in Poulsbo. To think that you and Jimmy built that fantastic home with your own hands is testament to the talent you demonstrated in so very many ways over the years.  As one example, your musical talents amazed us. I'm grateful Beth and I were able to sit in your home and be entertained with your playing is but one of the many varied memories I cherish.
Your talents provided Ginny with a glorious life.
Love, Ken and Bette Johnson"

This tribute was added by Chuck Coggins on 16th September 2014

When Ginny was just a young girl she found the love of her life
And married Don at just 19 and was a true and faithful wife
Her smile was warm and friendly and her heart was pure and clean
She filled our lives with goodness─ We’re gonna miss you Virginia Lee

Such a great Mom and a thoughtful friend, she loved to craft and sew
People were so glad to see her everywhere she’d go
She laughed and teased and loved to read Sue Grafton from A-Z
She made our world a happy place─ We’re gonna miss you Virginia Lee

You might stop in for coffee
Or stay a week or two
Cuddle under one of her quilts
And just watch the evening news
You knew you had her listening ear
Someone who really cared

Ginny opened her home and her heart, and everything she shared
Don gave her a nickname and called her Virginia Pudge
She gave him four beautiful children and a lifetime of devoted love
She gave us her best and now at rest, we just can wait to see
How you’ve furnished your home in heaven─ set a place at the table for me.

Song written by Chuck Coggins for Ginny's Celebration of Life service. Sept 13, 2014"

This tribute was added by Chuck Coggins on 16th September 2014


Here is some good fatherly advice” Son before you marry the girl, make sure check out her mother! Then you'll know what she's going to look like in 20 years?”

Some of you didn’t get that memo!

When Connie introduced me to the family and I met Ginny for the first time, “I’m thinking this isn’t your mother, it must be your sister!”

So young, pretty and vibrant! Beautiful face with a natural glow, well dressed, light hearted and genuine with a pleasing giggle in her voice.

Her husband hugged her in the hallway, kissed her in the kitchen, his eyes sparkled every time she passed by... I’m thinking “This is a special woman.”


Ginny was not just a beautiful woman and home-maker she was a “home-master”. Her house was clean and organized.
Her kitchen smelled like blueberry pancakes in the morning, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon and chicken tortilla casserole at six.

She was not just a crafty person or one who could sew the hem in a pair of pants but Ginny was a creative genius.

She could make anything. She was frugal but never generic, never extravagant or frilly or wasteful. She just got things done right and good and pleasing.

She created table runners for every season and wall hangings to match. Blankets for the babies. Quilts and clothes and tapestries.

Her concept of color and style was rich, pleasing and always beautiful. She decorated her walls and her world with everything good.

Like a fine artist surveying her pallet and canvas, she meticulously went to work using all the colors and hues of everyday life pulling them all together into a masterpiece of joy and delight for everyone.

She just had an inner sense of how to invest her time and talents into things that had real value and meaning for her family and friends.


Oh how she loved her family! Of course that started with the man of her dreams, Don. Ginny didn’t just love Don, she was infatuated with him.

Don was her hero and the center of her attention at all times. She mixed every thought, every hope, dream, plan, every idea all ran through and with Don, they were one.

When Ginny would tell a story (she had many) (but not as many as Don) If she had a question about anything she would just (Donald it) (not Google it) because she knew without a shadow of a doubt Don knew the answer!

I contacted Google and asked them where they got all their facts from and they responded without hesitation (from Don!)


Her home was always filled with friends. I can never forget when I first met the family all the kids’ friends wanted to hang out at the Baudrand’s home. Teenagers felt respected and accepted, known and welcomed. Ginny was so fun and friendly, warm and kindhearted to everyone.

She had the gift of hospitality and opened her home to us all. Every week was an ongoing parade of family, guests and visitors.

The coffee was always on and the guest room linens were always clean and ready. We all planned our special visits to their house. There was no need for exciting events because they made everyday life fun.

Just going to the grocery store, Cosco, a walk to the bay, a car ride anywhere was a great adventure. But the best of all was just sitting in the family room joking and singing or reading a book.

Ginny was at ease in her world and she made us all understand the value of family time and we really did value it.


I remember Connie telling me that one time Ginny went to the minister and asked for help because she was worrying about her Kids.

The minister told her, “Ginny you can either worry yourself into a nervous breakdown or trust God.”

I think we all know which decision she made. Her quiet love for God, His church, God’s ways and God’s people were clearing demonstrated in the way she lived.

Her pure heart and gentle ways were the evidence of the fruit of God’s Spirit in her life. Love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, faith, She was a fruit bearing tree loaded with God’s Love.


It is amazing how someone who was never self-imposing, self-centered, loud or forceful can make such a large and lasting impression on so many.

She never tried to be the center of attention but she couldn’t help but stand out in a crowd. The loving glow of confidence in her role in life was like “Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver.” She shined and didn’t even know it. She was like a perfectly cut diamond on a swath of black velvet in the jewelers display case.

She was a ray of warm sunlight when she would walk into your restaurant, your Doctor’s office, the grocery store anywhere she would go. She was a cool breeze of confidence in tough situations.

Each one of us could claim that we were her favorite person in the world! “Her Best Friend!" Because that is just the way she made all of us feel, important, special to her and valued.

Thank you God for Ginny Baudrand and thank you Ginny for sharing with us your wonderful life. Because you gave so much of yourself to us your legacy surely lives on…"

This tribute was added by connie coggins on 16th September 2014

"My Mom was an example for others to live life, enjoy friends and family and be faithful to God and church. My Mom and Dad raised us in church. Every Sunday from my birth. They sang in the choir on thursday nights growing up and when they didn't have a sitter we sometimes ran the church building, hid in closets and looked over the balconies.  

They took us to family church camps and I loved singing songs around campfires and fireside rooms. Taking turns in the kitchen going for hikes and especially the special sunday sermons. They always seemed so meaningful then.

I developed my love for Jesus as a small child. I think the most memorable thing Mom always told me is;      "We don't hate people, God loves us and He wants us to love everyone".  I didn't know prejudice from my Mom. I knew acceptance.

Hospitality was one of her biggest gifts to the world. Parties, holidays even her own birthday's were celebrated in our home with family all around. Mom opened her home to estranged teenagers,

She was patient and kind. But every one of us knew where the paddle was. She took the paddle with the bouncing ball that was a toy that never seemed to keep the ball attached and painted it like the kitchen. Don't cross her. We knew our limits.

She taught us how to serve, how to iron, me how to sew. she taught us housekeeping and I still never seem to match her ability for a clean house. But I think I now know how to fold a fitted sheet thanks to U Tube. Mom tried to teach me several times, she was a pro and a master folder. Mom was a listener and a talker.  

She kept us all informed of all the family and that is greatly missed.

Mom would share with me and I with her about our faith.

I broke her heart once as and put her faith to the test. She went to the minister after several days of crying and he said you can have a nervous breakdown or trust in God. She said she didn't have time for a nervous breakdown and she trusted God and we made it through, gloriously through to the praise of God.

Mom was proud of us and would get weepy telling about the great things each one of her children were doing for others. None of us ever wondered if Mom or Dad loved us, there was no question about it. Of course everyone thought she loved me most! HA HA the baby of the four, the one who got left in the VW Bug cubby in the garage but only until she went to kiss us all goodnight and realized I wasn't in bed!  

She read to us at night gave us a love for books and I went on to follow her example of falling asleep reading to my 6 children and saying really odd things. they would wake me and let me go to bed.

I will miss our talks your laugh your hugs, But you live on in me."

This tribute was added by Lisa Williams on 8th September 2014

"We lost my favorite person on Saturday, August 30th, Aunt Ginny was in my life for 54 years, I remember I always loved going and spending time at the Baudrand's house, we had an awesome childhood, because our family was and still is so so close.  In my adult life my adoration for my Aunt continued, I would go to visit whenever I could wherever they were, just because I so enjoyed being with Don and Ginny.  We travelled together to Hawaii quite a few times and on a couple of cruises, Don and Ginny even went with all of our friends on a Caribbean Cruise, and they fit right in, my friends still ask me how Don and Ginny are, that is just the kind of people they were so caring and thoughtful and putting others before themselves.  I didn't really get to say goodbye to Ginny which saddens me, but I am so thankful to Cherie for driving them down this past July, that was our last time of seeing Ginny, and even though Ginny was having a hard time, she still knew who I was, and so glad I got to spend that time with them.  Ginny was my hero/idol and confidant and I will miss her everyday!  I know she is at peace now, but I will still miss her :("

This tribute was added by Sue Hausmann on 5th September 2014

"I remember my friend Ginny always caring about everyone! She had the gift of hospitality and welcomed us into her home many, many times. We loved to sew and quilt together and Herb and I had many opportunities to stay in the "Baudrand Hotel" in Poulsbo. Ginny you are missed! I am "sew" enjoying all the pictures Cherie has posted. They remind me of many good times together. Our love and prayers to Don and all the family. You all were Ginny's most prized thing on this earth. I'm sure she is looking down on you and keeping you in her care always. Love, Sue and Herb Hausmann"

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