Free spirit extrodinaire, spiritual seeker, joyful singer and lover of life.
  • 64 years old
  • Born on November 3, 1952 in Wichita, Kansas, United States.
  • Passed away on November 25, 2016 in San Diego, California, United States.

In October 2014, Ginny sustained a spinal cord injury as the result of a rollover car accident. She fought courageously for 2 years, enduring surgeries and infections, anxiety, hope and disppointment, and being hooked up to tubes in order to breathe and get nutrition.  And, of course, intense physical pain. After two years of suffering, the doctors finally told her that they had done all they could do. So Ginny choose to be taken off life support. 

I want to say right up front that there is no describing Ginny. She was bigger than life. If you met her once, you never forgot her. What I can try to do is describe her personality and character. Her spirit, however, is indescribable. If you were in the same room with her, you felt it.

Ginny's intelligence was at the genius level. And she was very, very quick-witted. Add to that a wicked sense of fun, and she was a formidable practical joker. Most often than not though, she used her !intelligence to help others. She was kind-hearted to a fault, and if you in any way suggested that you had a problem, she would have the answer. Even if you didn't want it!

I often thought of Ginny as a child of other realms. She thought so differently than most of us. It often caused problems for her, but like all of us, her life was a combination of great successes and "teaching-moment" failures. Ginny thought that anything was possible, both for her and others. She was tenacious when trying to convince others of this, including the kids she taught.

She lived her life joyously, and it was contagious. It seemed as though being around her was uplifting to anyone who was feeling low. Ginny simply would not tolerate pessimism.

From early on in her life, Ginny was an ardent spiritual seeker. She knew there was more than this life, and she was determined to discover what it was.

But what amazed me most about Ginny was a quality that I've never seen in another human. I don't even know the exact word for it. When anyone hurt her, Ginny was never angry at that person. I never once heard her say anything about getting revenge, or even saying bad things about them. She had no desire to ever hurt another person. Ever. Under any circumstances. It was as if she forgave those who hurt her instinctively. Or even people who did horrible things to other people. She always had an excuse for them, which was often not a good thing. It was more than kindness or compassion or forgiveness. It was something that was built into the fabric of her being. Many, many times, I stood in awe of her and asked myself, "How does she do that?"

The last thing Ginny would want is for anyone to be sad. And I am grateful that she is out of pain. I know she is near, I can feel her. But honestly, losing her has been unimaginably gut-wrenching. I am soul-anguished that she suffered so much, and that this even happened to her. I miss her to the depths of my being, and I think I always will.

Ginny's free spirit is finally, truly free. Soar high, baby sister.

Posted by Debra Gibson on 25th November 2017
I remember first hearing of Ginny from Don Musial. He was so excited that he had found the love of his life. He said, "She's just like me". Of course after hearing this, I wanted to meet her, but I didn't until after I heard from my friend Sandy Kay of what a wonderful person she was. Alas, when I met Ginny all I'd heard about her was true and more. She was a good friend to me and to many more people that I didn't know. It is sad that she had to leave this planet so early, but I am blessed knowing that she is looking down on us and laughing about the mess that we can make of our lives and don't really need to. She will be remembered and loved by more people then you could imagine.
Posted by Sue Lebens on 30th May 2017
I worked with Ginny at Boeing many years ago and she was a good friend and always fun to be around. I had been thinking about her lately and regret that I lost contact with her over the years. The photos and memories are beautiful. RIP Ginny.
Posted by Teresa Wynn on 28th May 2017
I recall one of the last times Ginny and I visited. We were talking of all the beautiful flowers out in California. She told me about Don and how she had found the love of her life. He was THE one for her. And how I should head out there and do my gardening out there. I miss her. I miss her kindness and her thoughtfulness. She genuinely desired to be one of those blossoms that made the world a lovelier place to be. And I'd say she succeeded. Thanks Ginny for being a part of my garden of life. Love you girlfriend.
Posted by Debra Gibson on 28th May 2017
Thank you Shirley for creating this memorial for Ginny. I look forward to seeing the comments from her many friends and family. I really appreciated the gift of knowing her. She was very gifted and a true friend in every way. She was always doing kind things for others and was fun to be around.
Posted by Valerie JONES on 28th May 2017
Awe, I remember Ginny! I was barely out of High school, working as an attendance clerk at Hamilton Junior High. She taught Math. What a great friend and unique person she was. So sorry for your loss.
Posted by Don Musial on 28th May 2017
I've never had anyone love me like Ginny did. I was fortunate to have had her in my life as long as I did. We shared many adventures and enjoyed exploring all life as it presented itself. I miss her more with each passing day. I hope she'll wait for me to join her for the ultimate universal adventure throughout eternity. Until then I will carry her in my heart and remember the great times we shared. I love you.

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