We Celebrate You Grandma!

This weekend we celebrate the beautiful and unbelievable good news that Jesus died on the cross for our sins! Sunday we celebrate that He is risen and that victory is on the way! We also thank the precious Lord for the very many blessings and memories that we have all had with our beautiful wife, mom, grandma, friend, and so much more in Glenda!  It's been a year now since she has gone to be with the Lord, so very hard to imagine. Today, I will reveal to you that as I brushed her hair and rubbed lotion onto her hands she begged me to pray for her children. Her biggest prayer and concern was that they be OK. I promised her that I would. And to date, I continue to do so daily. I pray for their comfort and safety. I pray that they find the unsurpassable peace that only the Lord can provide as well. I do this because I love grandma so and love them so! We love you Grandma Glenda! We miss you terribly! But we thank God that you are in a glorious place that we can not begin to comprehend!

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Glenda Ruth Emery

Grandma Glenda, Grandmother

Gram, Grammie

Stories, memories, photos, well wishes and prayers would a blessing to us all as we celebrate the life of a self-less woman who lived her life for others.  

OBITUARY Written by Earl Emery

Glenda Ruth Den Beste Emery of 1845 Dunseth Lane Springfield Ohio, died April 15, 2016, at Hospice of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio.

Glenda was 74 years old. She was born to her parents Henry and Margaret Den Beste, in Sibley, Iowa. Glenda has two brothers, Harlan (Margaret) Den Beste of Perry, Iowa and John (Julie) Den Beste of Grand Island, NY. Glenda has one sister Delores (Richard) Dick of Ithaca, NY.

Glenda spent her school years in Sibley, Iowa, graduating high school in 1959. Glenda was an outstanding student, participating in many activities, was in the National Honor Society and played the bassoon in the school orchestra. During her fifth grade year she was bedridden by Rheumatic Fever, participating in school by way of a telephone connection.

In the fall of 1959 Glenda enrolled at the University of Iowa pursuing a course of study in Speech Pathology. After 3 years she left to marry her husband of 53 years Earl Emery. She then followed Earl as he moved in a business career finally moving to Yellow Springs, OH in 1976.

In 1983 Glenda graduated from Antioch University, Yellow Springs, Ohio, with a degree as a Licensed Social Worker with an emphasis on counseling. She pursued her career first at the Clark County Juvenile Court and later as a licensed chemical dependency professional. Later in her career she became a mental health counselor where she accomplished what she recalls as her most meaningful work for 10 years at the Clark County Jail providing assistance to jail inmates.,

Glenda is survived by her husband Earl Emery with whom she had two children, Jason and Melissa and nine grandchildren. In addition Glenda and Earl have two sons (Tony and Jeff) and a daughter (Carla) from Earl’s first marriage. These blended families provide an additional nine grandchildren. Carla and her husband Matt Blair have played a major role in Glenda’s life.

In September 1994, Glenda along with her husband took custody of four grandchildren, Amanda (9) Janelle (4) Ian (3) and Adrian (14mos) and have raised them to adulthood. This has produced 2 great grandsons Zayden and Morrison Earl. Being “Grammie” was one of the great joys of Glenda’s life especially with Zayden. She was just getting acquainted with Morrison Earl.

To all her recovering friends she wishes the prayer of Serenity and to everyone, especially her family, Christ’s blessings as she departs this life to be with the Lord.

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Romans 8:28




Posted by Harlan E, DenBeste on July 6, 2021
Have a Very Happy Birthday in Heaven Dear Sis. Miss You and Love You!!
Posted by Joanna Emery on July 6, 2021
Thinking of you Grandma on your birthday! Wishing a simple phone call would render your calming voice in my ear. I want to tell you so many things that you would enjoy knowing! Love you dearly!
Posted by Harlan E, DenBeste on April 15, 2021
Hello my Dear Sister: Thinking of you today. It does not seem like 5 years has past. We miss you and love you. 
Posted by joanna emery on April 15, 2021
So hard to believe it's been 5 years! Boy do I miss our phone conversations! As all the beautiful tulips bloom this time of year I think of you and how you loved them! It brings me great comfort to know that one day I will see you again in the most wonderful, amazing place with the Lord! I LOVE you grandma!
Posted by Jason Emery on April 14, 2021
I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years. I missed you at Xana’s wedding this year, but I’m comforted knowing where you are and that God is with you.

I love you.
Posted by Jason Emery on July 6, 2020
Happy birthday, Mom!

This has been quite a year - I'm sure you're watching it unfold. I love you and miss you.
Posted by Jason Emery on April 15, 2020
This year is interesting, Mom. Today isn't as difficult as it's been in the past - not because I don't miss you, but because this day isn't the day I remember most. I remember most times like mother's day, Christmas etc - because those are the good times we spent together. I think this is a positive sign.

I love you always...
Posted by Harlan E, DenBeste on April 15, 2020
Hi Dear Sister: Thinking of you today! Love You!!
Posted by Jason Emery on February 28, 2020
Hi Mom. Had kind of a rough week this week. I miss you.
Posted by Jason Emery on December 5, 2019
I'm not sure why I thought to write a note tonight. Just sitting and missing you. I'm sure you hear me talking to you in my head, but I wish you could talk back sometimes...I love you.
Posted by Jason Emery on July 6, 2019
Happy birthday, Mom!!
I love you and I miss you. Just taking a minute to remember all of the times we sat and had hot chocolate together. You're a wonderful listener!!
Joanna pulled up a picture from facebook today - the one of you and Dad standing and hugging at his 80th birthday party. You look really happy in the photo, and Dad looks proud wearing his birthday hat.
Talk to you again soon!
Posted by Harlan E, DenBeste on April 15, 2019
Love you and miss you my dear sister!
Posted by Jason Emery on April 15, 2019
Hello Mom,
I love you and miss you. I'm not really sure why some days are harder than others, but God gives me the support I need when I'm feeling sad. Joanna has been supportive and taking good care of me too. Dad mentioned they'll be at the boulder today to update the flowers and have a little time to be with you. I wish I was close enough to do that more often - I really like the place dad chose.
Talk to you again soon!
Posted by Jason Emery on May 17, 2018
Mother's day was harder this year than last year. Pastor Rodney's sermon made me really think about how much I miss you. It was especially sad to think about the things you would have enjoyed experiencing here on earth that haven't happened yet. I love you.
Posted by Jason Emery on July 6, 2017
Happy Birthday Mom!! I do miss you today, but I'm sure the cake is better there. I'm thinking about the times we had birthday celebrations and how humble you were every year. You're a great example for the rest of us...I love you!
Posted by joanna emery on July 6, 2017
What a wonderful day this is! Grandma's Birthday! There are so many stories and such good memories around this time! Often our family drove to Ohio for the fourth and also to celebrate her birthday. The past several years we were blessed to all gather together during this time for a family reunion. It was awesome to all get to know one another and become closer. Thinking of you always Grandma Glenda.
Posted by Jason Emery on March 2, 2017
I'm finding it hard to believe that it will be a year since mom died in just about 6 or 7 weeks - and that Natalie is now home as well. I'm sure mom welcomed Natalie to heaven and they're having coffee and catching up...I miss you both.
Posted by Jason Emery on December 27, 2016
December is a month of a lot of milestones. Your wedding anniversary, Christmas - the new year. I'm comforted in knowing that you're with Jesus in heaven and watching us get on with our lives. I love you, and miss you.
Posted by Patricia Allen Determan on April 23, 2016
My heart is breaking for Tuff and his family. The Glenda I knew was loving, generous of herself, determined, spiritual and selfless. She will be remembered with only loving thoughts. Rest with your God, Glenda.
Posted by Gerrit DenBeste on April 19, 2016
Aunt Glenda, you have always been a special influence on my life. I know we have not been as close as I wanted but you inspired me and so many others around you. I am now taking Social work classes with a Dual major in Substance abuse and MH Counseling. I feel more drive and compassion then I ever did before. Thank you for all you did for everyone!!! You will never be forgotten. We love you!
Posted by Harlan E, DenBeste on April 19, 2016
Love You and Miss You My Dear Sister!!!!
Posted by Jason Emery on April 18, 2016
I miss my mom.

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Posted by Harlan E, DenBeste on July 6, 2021
Have a Very Happy Birthday in Heaven Dear Sis. Miss You and Love You!!
Posted by Joanna Emery on July 6, 2021
Thinking of you Grandma on your birthday! Wishing a simple phone call would render your calming voice in my ear. I want to tell you so many things that you would enjoy knowing! Love you dearly!
Posted by Harlan E, DenBeste on April 15, 2021
Hello my Dear Sister: Thinking of you today. It does not seem like 5 years has past. We miss you and love you. 
Recent stories

You raised a fine son grandma!

Shared by joanna emery on April 15, 2018

Today is the second year anniversary of your passing grandma and boy do I miss you! My relief and peace is in knowing where you are and I praise God for I know you have nothing but joy and happiness! This is a simple photo but it resembles much. It represents a GOOD MAN. A man that you taught so very well. He works hard not only for his family but for his church and so many others. He selflessly gives and gives of himself, with no mention of it, not once. He talks often of the hot chocolate you had ready for him late at night and the conversations you enjoyed together, while sipping on it! There's so much more....but you were a selfless example to follow without mention, like your son. And many are blessed because of it! Thank you grandma, we love you very much! Joanna


Shared by Julie DenBeste on July 6, 2016

I will always remember our times together!  I enjoyed our trips to Orange City shopping Dutchy

I especially love this memory. John and Glenda in the shoe!

We had a lot of good laughs together. 

From the mouth of a babe

Shared by joanna emery on April 21, 2016

She was blessed! It was unexpected and appropriately timed. He may not have known the true meaning, but the Lord spoke through him. A child. She heard it through a dear friend. On a random day. A good while later. Amanda was hanging out with her friend when she told her the sweet story. Zayden was the culprit. An elderly lady was the recipient. Amanda's friend had been babysitting Zayden. There were quite a few people at her House for a get together. Zayden had cleaverly piled the treats high up on his plate. He left the kitchen with that stack of goodies and headed into the living room. That's where he approached the elderly lady whom he had never met. He sweetly tapped her on the shoulder and asked, " Can I eat these?"  In a loving tone she answered, "Of course."  Wondering back into the kitchen with lips full of icing and crumbs, Amanda's friend asked Zayden why he had asked that lady permission the eat the goodies. Especially when  he didn't even know her.  In innocence and the kindness of a child who knows not what he says, he responded, " Well, Grammie' s not here, who else  am I gonna ask?!"  That lady was blessed! She had later reported that it had been a very long time since a child has come to see her.  

We don' t always see how God works. 

But He has a future and a plan for us. And it is perfect.