Her Life

The best Grandma ever!

Malakai and Israel LOVE their grandma. She helped raise them to be loving, happy, and protected. She would drive 2+ hours to come see us in San Antonio often and would stay several days to ensure we were all taken cared of. She alwaysprayed over us and would read the Word to her grandsons every night. She was selfless and would drop anything to be with us and see us comfortable...even when she wasn’t. Selfless Mom and Grandma. We love you and thank you.

My best friend.

My Mom and I went everywhere together. Since I was a little girl, she ensured I’d have the best childhood. Almost every weekend we would go someplace fun like the swimming pool, Chuck E. Cheese’s, the playground, or the indoor fun gyms. I was always happy because of her. She shown me what motherly love truly meant. She was, and will always be, my best friend.