Her Life


Glenda grew up surrounded by music. Her father, Ralph, was a very talented piano player and loved sharing his music and entertaining others. In the little farm community where they lived, Ralph would play with his band at the weekend dance. Folks from all around would gather for a night out to socialize and dance at the hall.

Music was such a big part of everyone's life back then. When the family got together, there was often a sing along or someone playing an instrument. Glenda learned to play the piano and achieved the highest level of the Royal Conservatory of Music. She was so passionate about music and encouraged this skill to be developed in her grandchildren. So far, Auley Mae seems to have the Corker piano gene, but we will see!

Glenda volunteered for a number of years at the Jazz Festival in Victoria, BC. She loved to be immersed with other people who were also passionate about music. Many of her friends and family are talented musicians and Glenda loved hearing them play and supporting their art. 

Her number one, favourite song of all time was, "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals and if given the opportunity, she would request this song to be played. Under the "gallery" tab, you will see "audio", click it and turn up your volume to hear a few of her favourite songs.

Golden Years

The past 7 years were spent wintering in Mesa, AZ where Glenda truly had the time of her life. She connected with various family that went south for the winter and made some amazing friends that quickly became very close to her. Glenda loved the social time in Mesa, gathering for cocktail parties, playing cards, listening to live music, rock hounding and exploring the surrounding areas on the hunt for treasures. She was very grateful for the time she spent there and the people she met.

Working Years

Glenda had many accomplishments and vibrant careers in her life. After high school, she moved to Edmonton and completed an office administrative program where she found a zest for business. 

With her husband Terry, they purchased ran Mount Whistler Lodge in BC. Glenda managed the books as well as the kitchen and serving staff. Her parents, Ralph and Ina, came to join the fun and worked alongside them in the kitchen and organizing live music each weekend. Her brother, Gary and sister-in-law, Olga also spent some time with them in Whistler. 

Glenda was also a very successful Realtor for many years in Edmonton. She had a natural talent for selling homes and helping buyers find their dream home. 

In Vancouver, she went on to pursue advertising. She loved the arts and was very creative. Glenda created her own jewelry line and participated in many artist craft fairs and markets.

Love, Sweet Love

Glenda was fortunate to meet the love of her life, Terry at a young age. They met in Vancouver and it was pretty much love at first sight. After their wedding, they travelled extensively in Europe and had the time of their lives. When Terry and Glenda returned to Canada, they saved enough money to purchase their first home in Edmonton. Unfortunately, the home was poorly wired and within the first year, it burned to the ground and they lost everything. No one was hurt but it was very devastating. Glenda and Terry were able to get back on their feet and with the help of family, friends and insurance, they found another home. 

Their shared dream was to have a large family but this also became a struggle for them. After loosing 6 babies for reasons that the medical system could not figure out, Glenda’s doctor decided to try something different. In the late 70’s, the research was new and cutting edge on the effects of toxoplasmosis on a growing fetus. It was speculated that Glenda, lover of all animals, picked this up on her honeymoon in Morocco where she befriended many stray animals in the little town they were staying in. Her doctor decided to try a round of antibiotics and thankfully they worked! Glenda became pregnant and gave birth to her “little miracle”, Sarah.

Although they parted ways shortly after Sarah was born, Terry remained a caring support in Glenda’s life.

Family First- ALWAYS

Glenda cherished her family near and far and she truly loved to connect both in person and on the phone. Hearing from loved ones, filled her heart with joy and she felt it was really important to stay current with those she loved. Her positivity and optimism was always felt by those that knew her.

While Glenda spoke with many of her friends and family before she passed, she did not say a formal “goodbye” to anyone, as to her, that would have been giving up and she believed in miracles. She was positive, optimistic and engaging right until she took her last breath. 

Growing Up

Glenda was very proud to be a “Saskatchewan Farm Girl” and was born in Lashburn and raised on the Corker Family Farm and also in Maidstone. Life on the farm was very active and busy...tending the fields, growing food and caring for the animals. Her fondest childhood memories included lots of time with family, riding her horse to school, figure skating and fishing with her Dad at Loon Lake.

Glenda absolutely LOVED animals. She had a beautiful horse named Lucky, a loyal dog named Flag and many other animals that she adopted along the way. In recent years, she became “Auntie Glenda” to her friends pups- Carlos and Karma.