Birthday Reflections

Shared by Sarah Corker on March 20, 2021

I am celebrating my first birthday without my Mom, definitely missing her a little more and feeling all the feels.

Gratitude, love, sadness, happiness and everything in between.


3 weeks before Mom passed away, I flew to Victoria to be by her side and help navigate and advocate her journey with doctors, nurses and hospitals.

As difficult as it was to see her in so much discomfort, this time we had together was a gift. We cleared some past pain, we shared stories, indulged in delicious food and listened to music. 

A very wise friend encouraged me to ask her various questions (she even wrote me a list).  As we played crib or visited, I would ask her these questions. I learned new things about my Mom- like her prize possession is her collection of original artwork and her one regret in life was not going to interior design school at Ryerson University.

The day before she passed, late in the afternoon, not knowing at the time, I asked her my final question:

“What’s the best decision you ever made?”

Her answer,  “Having Sarah. I had 23 doctors appointments during my pregnancy because of so many previous miscarriages but I believe in miracles and you came.”

I feel extra lucky to have truly experienced unconditional love and support from my Mom.  Through her love-filled, home cooked meals, to her daily check in calls or texts- she loved me and always made sure that I knew it.


Thank you for always believing in me and teaching me that I can do anything I set my mind to.

Love, Your Little Pumpkin

Beautiful Butterfly

Shared by Lana Gray on March 16, 2021

   Knowing Glenda for years I have learned a lot; in a sense she is a mentor in my life and my sons as well. So with heavy heart we accepted the tragic outcome... It is truly sad for me and for Dylan, my son, who also knew her for years as a guide and loving spirit.
  She is a beautiful butterfly with a big and loving heart. We love and miss her greatly. 
  Lana and Dylan. (Glenda met my youngest son Aidan as well when he was a baby)

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