Posted by Lisa B on May 9, 2021
-In Gratitude-

Dearest Glenda, you are so deeply missed.
I think of you often and would like to 'thank you’ … 
Thank you for the genuine kindness and presence you always showed me.
Thank you for your joy and that incredible laugh.
Thank you for your resilience and unwavering positivity. 
Thank you for your bold creativity and deep wisdom. 
Thank you for reminding us all to live to the beat of our own beautiful rhythm. 

With Mothers Day in mind today, I have to thank you for bringing a most incredible gift to this world- your daughter Sarah (my dearest friend) You will be forever missed but please know the LOVE and light you brought to this world shines bright and grows ever stronger. 
Thank you. Xo
Posted by Karen Rollins on April 25, 2021
When I moved to Edmonton in 1979 Glenda was there to help me make the transition from small town to big city, which was more than my surroundings. It was a way of thinking and perceiving the world and about finding my place in it. I think those years were what solidified our relationship: friend and mentor, tending towards mother/daughter. With that influence in my young adult years, Glenda will always be a part of me. She challenged me to think outside the box before it was popular to do so and often I find myself wondering what Glenda would think.

I’ve always known Glenda. She used to babysit my sister and I. Mom and Ina were great friends. Mom helped tutor Glenda in high school French. Our families would get together at Christmas. I was at Glenda’s wedding. When I was fifteen, Mom and Shannon and I visited Glenda in Edmonton and she helped me shop for a good winter coat. Another time we visited when Sarah was a wee baby and they lived in a very small apartment on Jasper Avenue. A few years later I lived with Glenda and Sarah while I was job hunting.

Glenda encouraged my music. When I was just learning to play the guitar and singing not very well, I played a song by Elton John for her and she listened and smiled and nodded. Maybe she heard the flaws, but saw the musician I would become.

Despite her many setbacks she moved through life with grace and dignity, turning everything into a lesson and an accomplishment. With a passion for life, love and laughter, Glenda accumulated a treasure of experiences that she was always willing to share. She was generous, enlightened, and always optimistic and she will be greatly missed.
Posted by Shannon Smith on April 3, 2021
I have known Glenda pretty much all my life. Her Mom, Ina, and my Mom, Joan, were great friends so I would see Glenda occasionally when our Moms visited each other. I remember her as "the girl with the horse".
At one point, Glenda was my babysitter. Once, when my parents returned home with a gift for me, I apparently wasn't as appreciative as I should have been. I can't even remember what the gift was but I do remember that Glenda told me I was a spoiled brat. Her comment has stayed with me and I think that I became more grateful person thanks to Glenda giving me a little "boot in the behind". 
Glenda inspired me to escape the expected in life, to travel and to experience what the world had to offer. After she and Terry married, they spent months traveling around Europe and when I heard of their adventures I was absolutely hooked and, in later years, set out to see as much of the world as I could, just like her. 
When I graduated high school, Glenda invited me to stay with her and Terry in Edmonton so that I could look for a job and work for a while before I decided what I really wanted to do in life. When I moved on and began a career, we stayed in touch mostly at Christmas and on birthdays. But it was when I visited with her in Mesa that we became especially close. Every morning at 7 a.m., Glenda served coffee and we hugged, visited, discussed current events and solved many of the world's problems. I will miss those mornings. 
Such great memories. Glenda was a truly generous person with a shining spirit. I will think of her whenever I see a butterfly.
Posted by Linea Patterson on April 2, 2021
Glenda and I lived in the same building a floor apart for five years. She was here much longer than I. We had been acquainted but didn’t become friends until last July. We had many great “happy hours” together drinking tequila while sitting on her deck or watching music videos. We shared good conversation and lots of laughs. Glenda totally loved my little dog Karma. She gave her Reiki treatments which the dog just loved. I miss Glenda very much. She was the sweetest, kindest and most generous person I ever met.
Posted by Myra Crone on March 20, 2021
I remember when Glenda was born as I was 10 yrs old, I loved to visit and help with Glenda and later Gary. In the summer I would go and stay for a week or 2. I have been close to my cousins all my life.
When I was married and lived in Edmonton, I invited Glenda to come and stay, and we’d show her Edmonton and take her to the Exhibition. She told me it was one of her most exciting childhood memories.
We’ve had many happy memories in Mesa, always had Christmas together.
She loved her family and was such a caring, loving cousin with a hug for everyone. Everyone has a little shiny rock to bring them luck. I truly miss you Glenda. 
Posted by Zayden Williams on March 18, 2021
Dear G.G

  Thank you for all the musical support you have given me. Even though I never fully got into anything you tried yet, thank you for trying many times. Even if I did not continue the instruments, the instruments taught me hand-eye coordination and the beauty of music that could be created by my own hands. Next of all, thank you for all the support and help you have given me in creating my rock collection. Without you, it would not be even a fraction of what it is today. 

  Also, thank you for all the gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and the other holidays. Thank you for the little traditions that you have created in our family like sending us pyjamas that we would open and put on Christmas eve.

  I find it hard that I will never see you again. Thank you for all the great memories that you have given our family and the amazing experiences we have had together. I am glad that you got to have Mama to support you to the next chapter of your life.

  I love you so much G.G that I find it hard to put it into words to express to you. I wish that I could say goodbye to you and hug you one last time before you left us in this world and moved on into the next. Thank you for being a loving grandmother, that is more than anyone could ask for.

Love forever and always,
Posted by Rainbow Williams on March 17, 2021

Wow, where to begin.  As Glenda's son in law I was blessed with a lot of attention. In the 25 years that I was fortunate enough to know Glenda we grew exceptionally close. 

During the first decade of our time together, Sarah and I moved around a lot, and travelled internationally.   That never stopped Glenda from sending care packages filled with goodies, love filled treats and letters.  Glenda's communication was amazing with us as I would imagine it was with many others visiting this memorial.  She was a wealth of knowledge about her family lineage and kept up to date with all her immediate and extended family. 

As our family grew, Glenda grew into GG.  Probably one of the best grandmothers one could ask for.  Her love for our children was amazing, her patience commendable, and generosity outstanding.  Our kids know how to bake and jam on various instruments, as well as knowing the importance of a thank you card.

I think one of Glenda's most endearing qualities was her positive approach to life.  During many moments of confusion, she would always take my call and help me see a different, positive side to what was happening. 

The loss of Glenda in our live has left a large void.  Her presence, though a province away, was felt each and every day in our house. It's quite difficult to summarize just how much we miss her.  While we have many reminders in our house and hearts it's been so hard to not receive her texts, quirky email forwards and great phone calls. I plan to continue keeping her spirit strong with happy memories, laughter and good music playing. 

Glenda; thank you for always being my #1 fan. For keeping me grounded and aware that we're all on this journey of life together.

Love always and ever,
With gratitude,

Posted by Wilma Jean on March 17, 2021
"Glenda" has been such a Beautiful Blessing to her family and friends; showing true "Love, Respect and Support"; through humbleness and with Christian Care. 

I am missing Glenda's (specially chosen) regular email forwards, that continued to show her GENUINE COMPASSION for others!

I prayed with Glenda, by phone around the 1st of March and was So Blessed to realize "her strong faith in the Creator God and of His Mighty Saving Power for her, and for all of us"!  
With Much Love.......Cousin Wilma

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