Glenda lived without limits. To the end she traveled, worshiped, sang, volunteered, taught and loved.
  • 82 years old
  • Born on November 24, 1934 in Bridgeport, Nebraska, United States.
  • Passed away on June 17, 2017 in Lobeda, Jena, Germany.


The old rocking chair is empty today
for Grandma is no longer in it.
She's off in her car to visit or shop
and buzzes around every minute.
No one shoves Grandma back on the shelf
for she's versitile, forceful, dynamic.
That's not a pie in the oven, my dear
her baking today is ceramic.

You won't see her trundling off to bed
from a place in a warm chimney nook.
Her typewriter clickety-clicks through the night
for Grandma is writing a book.
Grandma never takes a look to the front or back
to suggest that her age is advancing.
She won't tend the babies for you anymore
for Grandma still loves her dancing.
She's not content with thinking old thoughts
with old fashioned second hand dreaming.
Don't bring your mending for Grandma to do
for Grandma just left -- tires screaming.

-- Myrle Dobson

Posted by Carol Todd on July 7, 2017
I have had the privilege of working with Glenda and knowing her through our shared Merrill Lynch connection. She was almost never home when I called her, out doing all the things she loved, and would fill me in when she was back from her many travels and volunteer activities. I appreciated her no nonsense approach, and her great zest for living life to its fullest, making every day count. My sympathy goes out to all the family and friends whose lives she touched.
Posted by Joyce Deem on July 3, 2017
Glenda was my buddy. She was my first friend at First Pres, having connected with me when I joined the choir. She was my buddy there, at the symphony, at many church activities, and , most importantly, now, on our trip to Germany. She shepherded me through many things as she always remembered the where and when, knew lots more about using the computer, and helped me face common frustrations with a philosophical and "don't sweat the small stuff" attitude.
It was truly an honor to have her in my life and I miss her greatly.
Posted by Darlene Lewis on June 30, 2017
dear departed Glenda; and, family:
as I heard of your accident, I instantly remembered you filing in with the choir and being "drawn" to a sensation of kinship with you like "what is it about Linda?" - I was so aware of your presence. I can't get it out of my mind. I had recently stood beside you to cube bread for communion at church. Your on line tribute is beautiful, Mickey.
Posted by Tamye Oshman on June 27, 2017
Carol and Mickey - So sorry and sending thoughts and heavy hearted-condolences for both you and the family.

Posted by Teddee Martin on June 27, 2017
Glenda was a Dear PEO sister. she will be so missed in Chapter DY.Her parent's were special friend's of my mom and dad Dick and Edythe Swain. That is how I first met Glenda. She was such a special lady. I will miss her so much.
Posted by Anne Reed on June 26, 2017
I loved singing with Glenda. We always had a moment or two to talk grandkids and just share some fellowship. Choir will not be the same without her. But I'm sure she will be singing right along with us high in heaven.
Posted by Sue Vw on June 26, 2017
Aunt Glenda has always had a special place in my heart. She was always so kind and gentle. She was there for me when I went off to college at Mesa College in the 70's. She invited me to dinner and just a place to hang out. She would meet me for lunch on a whim when she moved back to GJ, she was my contact person when I wanted to know what the family was up to. I will miss her dearly! I love you Aunt Glenda! God be with you till we meet again!
Posted by Elaine DeuPree on June 26, 2017
I not only lost a sister, I lost my best friend. I shall miss terribly those early morning phone calls to make sure we were both up and at 'em.
Rest in peace. Till we meet again.
Love,  Elaine
Posted by Karen Tuinstra on June 26, 2017
Glenda reached out to me at First Presbyterian Church, and I certainly appreciated her and her gentle spirit. She was especially kind when I had questions about the library at church. So precious as a choir member, and while we are singing in Grand Junction, she will be singing with Jesus.
Posted by Sue Vw on June 26, 2017
My mom (Jean Moore Taylor) wanted me to send you her condolences. Though she has not talked to Glenda for years she thought of her often with fondness!
Posted by MARILYN OLSON on June 23, 2017
Mickey, Paul, Elaine, and the rest of the family,
I feel that I, too, lost my mother and sister all in one. I loved Glenda dearly and my prayers are with all of you. We were so fortunate to have spent the time together since 1993 with the four cousins. And I thank God we didn't pass up the chance. And we know that Glenda did not leave this earth with any "would of, could of, or should of" thoughts. She lived life to the fullest and God bless her for that!
Love, Marilyn
Posted by Vickie Smith on June 23, 2017
Elaine, Mickie, Paul and family,
I was weeding my flower garden today and had such a peaceful visit with Glenda and my cherished thoughts of her. She has ALWAYS been apart of my life. As a little girl I just thought she was so cool. We all grew up and all went differant directions. Then when she lost Bob she, Elaine, Marilyn and myself vowed to have a cousin week-end every fall. There are so many memories in my heart of those special times. She loved her family so much. She was so proud of each and everyone of them. She was devoted to her family, friends and to her faith. I am blessed to have had her in my life and the sister cousins week-end every fall will continue......her funny little laugh and twinkle in her eye will be with us always! This is a loss that truly impacts my life. I am looking forward to seeing all of her family in July. Until then. . You are all in my prayers

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