Let the memory of Glen be with us forever
  • 56 years old
  • Born on August 14, 1954 .
  • Passed away on June 9, 2011 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Glen Hausinger who was born on August 14, 1954 and passed away on June 9, 2011. We will remember him forever.

Please join us in celebrating Glen's life on Saturday June 25 at 11:00 am

Green Event Center
2000 West Parkwood Avenue
Friendsood, TX 77546-8909

Posted by George McBroom on 14th August 2018
Well good buddy, another year has passed. Just a few words to let you know I'm still thanking of you. Remember our photo, Larry, Mo and Curly? See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil? Till next year my friend....God Bless
Posted by David Paulissen on 14th August 2018
Well dear friend, this would have been your 64th today. We still think about you often and miss your presence and wit here on earth. I think of you each time I pick up a camera. To your family, I just offer my continued prayers for Glen and for you as we remember this day. Vaya con Dios!
Posted by David Paulissen on 12th June 2018
Seven years since you left us to be with Chance. May God keep you in His loving arms and shine His light on you and Chance. Rest in peace dear friend.
Posted by David Paulissen on 14th August 2017
Glen, Once again another Birthday is here. We all miss you here on this photographic stage we call earth. May the peace and blessings of God stay always with you and with your family.
Posted by George McBroom on 9th June 2017
Glen, buddy, another year gone by..... so quickly time passes us by. Thoughts come to my mind of the past, you remember me, David and you setting on a bench like the 3 stooges? Want forget that for a long time. Miss your wonderful mentoring you so freely shared with us photographers.... later my friend. God Bless
Posted by David Paulissen on 9th June 2017
Glen, my friend, it has now been 6 years since you left this earth. I still think about how much you gave me as a photographer. We miss you here and will keep your memory alive. To your family, know that Glen was a great friend and mentor to so many of us. May the Lord bless you and comfort you on this somber anniversary. I say again, Vaya con Dios, my friend.
Posted by George McBroom on 14th August 2016
Glen Happy Birthday my friend, missing you, Still later
Posted by David Paulissen on 9th June 2016
Glen, You have been gone for now 5 years. In some ways an eternity and in other ways just yesterday. Your presence here on earth influenced so many people and your passing still leaves us somber. So Glen may you and your family continue to find peace in the Lord. May He comfort us here on earth and may His glory continue to shine on you and Chance. Vaya con Dios my friend.
Posted by David Paulissen on 14th August 2015
Glen, you would have been 61 today. Now you have forever birthdays. We miss you down here but know you are in the Hands of the Lord. May the Peace of the Lord be with you and your family this day. I will talk to you when my journey here on earth is ended. Happy Birthday dear friend.
Posted by Bill Hausinger on 9th June 2015
Dear Son, It has been four long years. I think of you every day. So many things remind me of you. My prayers for you. Miss you. Dad 6-9-2015
Posted by George McBroom on 9th June 2015
My friend, another year of missing you. Gods plan continues on. I know your work is being admired by your new friends and love ones in Heaven. We miss you and think of you often. Your talent and love for life still holds a place in my memory. Love ya brother.
Posted by David Paulissen on 8th June 2015
Glen, I still miss your company and photographic mentoring. Tomorrow marks another year since you left this earth. Know that I continued to keep you in my prayers. You will always be counted among my true friends. Via con Dios, Glen.
Posted by George McBroom on 10th June 2014
Glen, how time glides on by so fast. 56 was way to young to lose you, but God has his plan. Every day is a blessing to have and you have shown me to take advantage of each and every day, to love my friends and family and take nothing for granted. You had few words....but when you talked I listened. See you later my friend...........love ya
Posted by David Paulissen on 9th June 2014
Glen There is seldom a day I do not think of you. You were the best friend and photography mentor a person could have. You taught me in order to see me grow better. You taught me because you were my friend. You taught me to see my joy when I "got" it. I say again Vaya con Dios, brother Glen. You were the best.
Posted by George McBroom on 17th August 2013
Glen....miss ya man, happy birthday my friend, a lot of folks miss you.
Posted by David Paulissen on 14th August 2013
Glen if they have birthdays in Heaven I hope you have a wonderful one. We miss you here but look forward to seeing you again in the family of God. Happy Birthday, Glen!!
Posted by David Paulissen on 9th June 2013
Glen I woke up this morning thinking of you man. I think of you every time I pick up a camera or go in the studio. Thank you for all of the time you shared as a friend and mentor. You were a wonderful friend and counselor. May your family take comfort in knowing that you touched so many people with your keen spirit, love and talent. Via con Dios, Glen.
Posted by George McBroom on 1st May 2013
Glen, time has marched on as it will do. I was looking through some photos and came across a few of you. Remember those days as clear as I do now, just wanted to say hello my friend and I know someday we will be meeting together again in Heaven...tell then my friend.....
Posted by Johan De Jong on 19th February 2013
Glen, we lost track after i left LBI. We had great fun when i was over there in Houston in 2008-2009. You showed me around and i very much enjoyed your company during these trips. Thanks for the arrowheads, ive put them to bed in the Netherlands soil to be discovered in 2111. See you
Posted by Craig Tinnin on 14th August 2012
Happy Birthday Uncle Glen!!! We love you and miss you so much!! You were so special to all of us. Love, Bobby, Susan, Chelsea and Craig
Posted by David Paulissen on 14th August 2012
Dear Glen, I am thinking of you on your birthday dear friend. Not a day goes by that I do not think of you and miss you. If there are birthdays in heaven, I hope you have a glorious one. Your friend, David P.
Posted by Erwin Veteto on 12th June 2012
It’s hard to believe that has been a year since I heard the news of Glen’s death. The memories of Glen are still so fresh in my mind. I do miss him.
Posted by Dan Patterson on 9th June 2012
Glen was a wonderful man. I cherish memories of our talks together, his kindness and generosity, his wonderful photography. He is missed by all his friends.
Posted by David Paulissen on 9th June 2012
Glen, It seems but a second and an eternity since you left us here on earth. You were my best friend and had such wonderful talent. We all love and miss you. You are likely holding your son and smiling down on us here. I look forward to seeing you again in the family of God. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by George McBroom on 9th June 2012
Dear Glen, I don't know for sure what brought me here tonight but I'm here buddy. I so miss the time we shared, wasn't much time but enought to know we were friends. Life is short...we will meet someday again.............rest in pease my friend, good night.
Posted by David Paulissen on 18th August 2011
Happy belated B-Day Glen. You always helped me celebrate mine and I did not even know when your birthday was. Rest in Peace dear friend.
Posted by Trudy LeDoux on 14th August 2011
Several of us were once at Panera Bread discussing life and photography. Another friend and I learned we shared a birthday the same day. Glen jokingly gave us ideas for celebrating. After Glen passed, I learned his birthday was a few short days after mine. Happy Birthday, Glen!
Posted by Craig Tinnin on 14th August 2011
Happy birthday uncle glen!
Posted by Chelsea Tinnin on 14th August 2011
Happy Birthday Uncle Glen! We love and miss you! We think about you everyday!
Posted by Autumn Teesdale on 14th July 2011
Glen was one of my photo mentors! I met him last year at one of the ranch shoots and I would learn so much from him. More in 10 minutes than a years worth of work! I always looked forward to going on shoots with him because he was always laid back and willing to help! Miss ya RIP
Posted by Rene Brouwer on 7th July 2011
Glen, I bid you farewell on your last journey. Thanks for the friendship and the engagements and exchanges we had. And in full confidence you will be rejoined with your son, I pray the Lord to hold a place for you. Farewell, Rene Brouwer
Posted by Jeanie Phillips on 5th July 2011
I will always remember how kind Glen was and such a good boy.I wouldn't trust just anyone to baby sit Donny but I would not worry when he was with Glen.so sorry to hear of his untimely death,
Posted by Rhonda Lowe on 25th June 2011
I've only known Glen for a short amount but from the beginning I knew I had made a lifelong friend. He was so helpful on my recent trip to Big Bend. Thank you Glen for all the wonderful information you shared with me. You will be missed!!!!!!!
Posted by Mark Gibson on 25th June 2011
I am completely shocked to find out about Glen's death. I worked closely with Glen at LyondellBasell and he was a good friend. Glen will be surely missed. May the Lord provide strength and comfort to his family and friends.
Posted by JoAnne Knodel on 24th June 2011
I'll miss sharing experiences exploring Texas parks. I'll never forget the long list of jokes we kept running through years of friendship. I'll always keep the skills I learned from Glen at work in my IT toolkit. The Queen's wave to you Glen. -JoAnne
Posted by Debbie Dell on 24th June 2011
You will be sorely missed Glen! You were always patient with me and all my questions and quick to be there if you needed him. He was a wonderful photographer and a great person! We will miss you.
Posted by Anita Wright on 24th June 2011
I will miss Glen tremendously. He always had a smile, a kind word, and a positive outlook and spirit. He was one of the best natured and most dependable people I've ever known. I am saddened by the loss of this wonderful colleague and friend.
Posted by Dee McMillan Guinn on 24th June 2011
Glen was a treasured member of our extended family. He was a special, unique person, truly his own person. We will miss him dearly.
Posted by Keri Campbell on 24th June 2011
I met Glen back in my Lyondell days. Glen and I became great friends. I always loved his hunting stories, looking at his pictures, and chatting about Chance. He will be missed - he was a wonderful caring man who always put others first. God bless
Posted by Cindy Mitchell on 24th June 2011
No farewell words were spoken, No time to say goodbye, You were gone before we knew it, And only God can tell us why.
Posted by Steve Wallace on 24th June 2011
Glen was an inspiration to his coworkers. He worked with integrity, always stayed calm, was always willing to help, didn't let the bureaucracy get to him, and knew how to have a little fun every now and then. Crystal and I will miss him dearly.
Posted by Sherry Roberts on 23rd June 2011
We are shocked and saddened over the loss of Glen. So many scouting memories with Chance and Glen. Our prayers are with the family. They are forever in our hearts.
Posted by Glen Johnson on 22nd June 2011
Glen was a great hunter, fisherman and photographer. The help he gave me shooting the bow and the photo tips he shared are things I'll carry with me. He was a good friend.
Posted by Brad Pertl on 22nd June 2011
I met Glen when I was in High School. We hunted, camped, canoed/kayaked with our friend Doug McMillan. One handed push-ups, the Karmangia and Landcruiser trips. These are my memories of Glen. Martha and I miss you but we will never forget our times
Posted by Chuck Grueser on 22nd June 2011
Glen was a true friend - he wanted the best for everyone he met - I will miss him greatly - happy hunting and good fishing with Chance - God Bless
Posted by Trudy LeDoux on 22nd June 2011
Glen was a knowledgeable, incredibly generous, and extremely helpful man who held his convictions close. Glen will be missed.
Posted by Jeff Narron on 21st June 2011
Glen, you will be greatly missed. My condolences to your family and loved ones.
Posted by Erwin Veteto on 21st June 2011
There is no greater joy or greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone's life. Glen made a difference in everyone’s life he toughed. I will never forget Glen and he will be greatly missed.
Posted by Ethan Gekoski on 21st June 2011
I'll miss our conversations about your latest adventures and discoveries. I could learn more from you in 10 minutes than I could ever learn elsewhere. You probably forgot more than I'll ever hope to know about photography!
Posted by Chris Svatek on 21st June 2011
From learning to shoot a bow and arrow in your backyard as kids. To the revolutionary digital imaging database you created for my company, before digital cameras were available, you truly were a man of vision. You kind spirit, and honor will last fo

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