May God bless Glenn and welcome him home
  • 67 years old
  • Born on February 3, 1947 in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, United States.
  • Passed away on February 24, 2014 in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Glenn Robbins, who passed away on February 24, 2014 at the age of 67.  He will live on in our hearts forever.

Glenn was an exceptional man in many ways.  He was a man of few words, yet had the best (and driest) sense of humour around!  Glenn had a variety of interests, and was equally passionate about them all.

Glenn's family was really important to him and he worked hard at being a loving and devoted son, brother, husband, father and grandfather.  

A combination of natural ability and hard work resulted in Glenn excelling in whatever he undertook.  He loved music of all kinds and learned to play several instruments, including the guitar, banjo, autoharp, trumpet and harmonica.  He also had a beautiful singing voice, but was a very reluctant performer.

He was a natural athlete.  He loved to play tennis, basketball and baseball.  Glenn also liked more solitary activities like swimming and biking.  Even with his natural athleticism, he still managed to break multiple bones over the years!

Glenn loved the ocean and learned to sail when he was a young adult.  He even built and sailed his own boats off the California coast.  He remained passionate about sailing, even while living in the middle of the prairies.

Glenn was a master carpenter and a perfectionist in every project he completed.  He built several homes from the ground up and did countless renovations.  

Glenn was good with animals and had a number of pets over the years, starting with a desert turtle that wandered into their yard when he was a boy.  Many years later, he honored its memory with an extensive turtle collection   When he lived in the country, he raised sheep and always had a dog and numerous cats .

Glenn was predeceased by his father, Fred Robbins, who passed away in 1985.  He is survived by his mother, Lois Robbins; his sister, Leslie and husband Jack Huber and their two daughters, Emily and Katie; his wife, Susan (Asplund); his son Gregg and wife, Jennifer (Lund), and their daughter Gabrielle; his daughter Leah and husband Ryan Schreiber.

On Susan's side of the family, Glenn is predeceased by Susan's parents, Leah and Wendle Asplund, and her brother Peter.  He is survived by the following members of Susan's immediate family: Jim; Allan and wife Diane; Peter's wife Shirley; Wendy and husband Darrel Campbell; Linda and husband Randy Mayne; Pat and wife, Shirley; Lauretta and husband Tom Olsen; Joe and wife Deb; Jaye and wife; Annette; Mark and wife Kenna; Anita and husband Lake Duncan; Lisa and husband Don Takaguchi; and Shirley Asplund.  Glenn also had numerous nieces and nephews on Susan's side of the family.

Posted by Nadine Indenbosch on 4th February 2018
We sure miss you Glenn our thoughts and hearts.
Posted by Rosemary Gregoire on 3rd February 2018
Glenn had such quick wit. He was a man of many talents. I remember comparing recipes for the drop cookies that we had both made. I remember Glenn fondly.
Posted by Rolland Gratton on 17th June 2015
Not sure why, but I thought of Glenn crossed my mind and I thought I would Google his name to find out more about his death. I'm a contractor/carpenter from Bonnyville and I really enjoyed working with him and miss him. We got along famously because I think that we shared a lot of the same characteristics. I wonder what he's working on up there.
Posted by Peggy Koshykar on 3rd February 2015
Dear Susan, Gregg, Leah and family, Today is Glenn's 67 heavenly bday. You are all missing him dearly. As I read through all the wonderful tributes- it reminds us of the -full of life person he was. So talented in many ways. He is missed by many. Hugs Peg XXOO
Posted by Leigh Pylypiuk on 17th March 2014
Remembering a man of great integrity. I feel so fortunate that Glenn came into my life. He taught me so much and will leave a lasting impression on my life and others. It has been three weeks since he passed away and I still find it hard to find the words that I want to share. Know that I will always remember Glenn and the Windsor Plywood family will never be the same. We are all better people to have known him.
Posted by Lyndsey Olsen on 10th March 2014
Dear Susan, Gregg, Leah, and family, This is a lovely tribute to Glenn. I am so sorry for your loss, and hope your memories will bring you comfort and peace through this difficult time. Glenn was a dear friend of my mom's (Leigh), and I always enjoyed going into the store and seeing him leaning over the counter smiling. He is so kind, and I am grateful to have known him. Mom always speaks so highly of him. You are all in the thoughts and prayers of our family. Lyndsey Olsen
Posted by Bill & Victoria Wakulchyk on 8th March 2014
Susan, Gregg, Leah & family we were very saddened to hear of Glenn's passing and extend our heartfelt sympathy. Our thoughts are with you as we viewed the slideshow and enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane reminiscing when the kids were small & you were Iron River neighbours. As friends it was comforting to see Gregg & Leah as adults and rewarding to view you Susan & Glenn enjoying grandparenthood. May every cherished memory of Glenn bring you deep and lasting comfort in the days ahead.
Posted by Ina Smith on 7th March 2014
I am so sorry to hear about Glenn's passing. I met Glenn when he served on the Bonnyville Municipal Library Board. He was a great advocate for the library and I appreciated his support. Thinking of you all with sincere sympathy.
Posted by Bernadette Sharun on 6th March 2014
Dear Susan, Gregg, and Leah and family, We are so sorry to hear about your great loss. We send our deepest sympathy to all of you. Dave and I will always remember the great suppers, fun and friendship we shared together. Berni and Dave
Posted by Sharon Fersovitch on 5th March 2014
Our deepest sympathy for your loss. I remember Glen driving us to St. Paul on extremely icy roads. Alex always appreciated Glen's help at the lumber yard.
Posted by Rosemary Gregoire on 4th March 2014
Glenn was a teacher's aide for my son in Duclos School in Grades 1 and 2. I volunteered at school so got to know Glenn for his sense of humour. We compared methods of making cookies and we agreed that drop cookies were the fastest. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. I hope all the warm memories bring his family comfort.
Posted by Denise Hofman on 3rd March 2014
Dear Susan and Family, Thinking of you at this difficult time. Glenn was a wonderful, caring man and we are so grateful for his friendship as well as our coffee times we shared together. We will forever miss those times. Neighbors are people you can turn to at any time... please know we are their for you Susan. Edward and Anne Erickson
Posted by Bruce Olsen on 2nd March 2014
Dear Susan, Leah, and Gregg and your families. We hope that all the great memories will help to comfort you and ease the aching in your hearts. You all belong to a truly wonderful family. Support and strengthen each other and you will find peace. We love you and are always thinking of you. Bruce and Kathy
Posted by Julie Pike on 2nd March 2014
We are so saddened to hear of Glenn's passing. Such a talented man. Those who were fortunate to know him were truly blessed. Our love and thoughts go out to dear Sue and family. Gary and Julie
Posted by June Anonson on 1st March 2014
Dear Susan, I am so very sorry to hear of Glen's passing. I have special memories of meeting you in Bonnyville through the Campbells and what a special couple you and Glen were. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time, June.
Posted by David Rynenberg on 1st March 2014
So sorry to hear of Glenn's passing. We worked together at Lethbridge Ironworks many years ago, and I came to appreciate his company and sense of humour very much. Our condolence to Susan and family. David & Sonia.
Posted by Helen Wakulchyk on 1st March 2014
Susan, Gregg, Leah and families, It is with great sadness we write on this site. We are so sorry to hear of Glenn's passing but know he is in a better place now. Glenn was a uniquely, special person to us. As a employee at the mill we was always reliable and prompt taking his responsibilities seriously. His work as canter or sawyer was as preciously and careful done as his carpentry. The finished product mattered. At the coffee shack the men reminisced about how easily he was able to step over the logs when others struggle to climb over. He is remembered for consistently bringing peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and somehow fitting his large frame into the smallest trucks. He was a good worker and was missed when he could no longer do the job. As a personal friend to Tom and I we remember a person who was always there with a serious face but a mischievous smile. You knew he was either thinking about something profound or wryly witty! My visit at your home in Nobleford made me even more aware of the carpenter's skills Glenn had and of course the creativity you lent to the home, Susan. So much was done often with so little to make a wonderful home. Glenn was truly a master carpenter! It is with sadness that we heard of Glenn's failing health earlier in the year but hoped that he would pull though and would once again be the Glenn we knew. Know that our hearts are heavy for you. Wish we were closer so we could help you through this time but know that you are surrounded by people who love you. Hugs and prayers, Tom and Helen
Posted by Joan MacDonald on 1st March 2014
My condolences to Susan and her family, I have fond memories of many years ago (40+) of sitting around various living rooms in Lethbridge with Glenn on his banjo and others playing their own instruments and Glenn singing John Sebastian's song "I'm just a daydreaming boy." 35 years ago, I remember going to Iron River to visit Susan and Glenn who were expecting their first child. Glenn was raising sheep and I still have photos of Glenn and Susan holding the young lambs. Glenn seemed to be able to do whatever he put his mind to: building houses, making furniture, baking bread from scratch and even making his own shirts. He seemed to be always following his own path in life -- he always seemed to know how to live a simple life, but one rich in meaning.
Posted by Nadine Indenbosch on 28th February 2014
I feel like I was just starting to get to know Glenn a bit better - but one thing I know for sure about him - he was a really love-able person. He had such a quiet way about him. He was someone I always looked forward to seeing and talking with. I'm so sad that he's gone. I am truly blessed to have known him, and I wish I would have been able to know him longer. My deepest sympathies to Susan, Gregg, Leah, Mrs. Robbins, and the rest of the friends and family who loved him. Thank you for making this wonderful page about him. It's been really nice to learn more about him and see how he's touched other people's lives too. I miss you Glenn. I hope to see you again.
Posted by Audrey Campbell on 28th February 2014
Dearest Susan, Gregg, Leah and your families. So deeply shocked and saddened by the news of Glenn's passing. So many memories come to mind of many dinners, visits, trying to keep an eye on the boys. Glenn's carpentry skills with building our two homes. Such a wonderful, intelligent and practical man. He was so accommodating when we were building, always ready to "get the popcorn". My heart is breaking for your loss. My prayer is that God give each of you peace in the knowledge of Glenn's love and devotion for each of you and how proud he was of your work, your talents, your lives. We lost touch when you moved but there are those wonderful memories of so many wonderful visits. If there is anything we can do please let us know, hugs and much love from our family to yours.
Posted by Alex Pavlenko on 28th February 2014
I just learned of Glens passing, so sad, I hope he didn't suffer much towards the end. My condolences Susan. I knew Glenn from the old Art Barn days way back when. The last times I used to run into him at Windsor Plywood when I went for supplies. Great guy, he would help me pick out either wood products or hardware and sometimes help me load it into my truck. I'll miss seeing him and our chats. All the very best and please don't hesitate but to call on me for any help or any reason at all, you're always welcome over to my place.
Posted by Dave Primrose on 28th February 2014
Our condolences to Susan and family, we remember Glenn for his unfailing sense of humour and his cheerful perserverance in the face of adversities, major and minor. He had a superb sense of the absurd. -Dave and Elaine
Posted by Jon Hummel on 28th February 2014
Good bye my friend. I will always appreciate your wisdom and calm way about things. Glenn was a good friend and a great man I learned so much from him and am eternally great full for his help in my life. Susan Greg Leah I'm sorry for your loss let me know if I can do anything to help you guys I owe Glenn that for sure.
Posted by Karen Noel (Hansen) on 28th February 2014
My thoughts are with you Mrs. Robbins, Gregg and Leah. I remember being in elementary school and Leah would bring "Mr. Robbins" awesome cookies. We would all try to barter anything we could in our lunches to get our hands on these delectable cookies. Every time I bake chocolate chip cookies I think to myself how they never taste as good as "Mr. Robbins" cookies. I'll think of him every time I make chocolate chip cookies.
Posted by Jen Litzenberger on 27th February 2014
As a child, when Uncle Glenn and Aunt Susan came to visit, I remember always being amazed by how tall Uncle Glenn was and the size of his shoes. I don't know if it was because I was just a child, but I thought he was a giant. I have so many fond memories of time spent with Aunt Susan and Uncle Glenn, and spending time with Gregg and Leah. I have always admired his creative spirit and I am sure that he is resting in peace and smiling down with pride and love for his family.
Posted by Colleen Graves on 27th February 2014
I remember having some great times with Glenn when he was involved with the Iron River Junior Forest Wardens. Our condolences to Susan, Gregg & Leah.
Posted by Betty Jo Radley on 27th February 2014
My Dear Friend Susan, I will always cherish the memory of my visit to Iron River . Glen was so smart, kind,genuine and gracious (just like you). He didn't need to say much. We are so blessed to have such people in our lives. My sympathies to you and the "kids" and Loretta and Jim and all your families. I think Jane Sibery said "This believing in something is such a hard way to go....but then you would have missed the beauty of the light upon this earth and the sweetness of the leaving" (Calling All Angels).
Posted by Lisa Takaguchi on 27th February 2014
Iron River!! Such great memories!! Being young, me, Anita, and Shirley, along with mom and dad, spent some time there; Lots of stories from Glenn about bears, wolves, etc. that made our sleep overs quite exciting!!! Gregg, you look sooo much like your Dad when he was young!!! And thats a compliment!!! If you have any stories to tell, please bring Jen and Gabbi out any time!!!! Would be so fun to exchange memories and stories!!!
Posted by D Reddekopp on 26th February 2014
Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Remember I am always here if you need to talk.
Posted by Shirley A Asplund on 26th February 2014
This was so beautiful- as Pat and I viewed the pictures along with the great music we were so touched. It's so good to see Glenn's growing up years, with his parents and his own family. A great man of many talents, a kind heart. Thank you for writing this great story for all of us to love and enjoy. Glenn made a difference for good in our lives. All our love to each of you- Susan, Gregg, Jenn, Gabi, Leah and Ryan and to Glenn's family. May you feel peace and comfort.
Posted by Audy Leavitt on 26th February 2014
I always remember Uncle Glenn being so kind. It was really special to read more about him. After reading about his character, talents and abilities it is clear that he was humble too. My family will have Aunt Susan, Gregg, Jennifer, Gabrielle, Leah, and Ryan and all the rest of his family in our thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Lisa Takaguchi on 26th February 2014
Our family has many good memories of Glenn. From visiting his and Susans home in Bonneville, to helping us here at our home with installing a new roof; He was always pretty quiet, but when he did open up, his knowledge and intelligence came through in spades!! My son, John was very fond of his uncle Glenn as he had several conversations that were beyond us in those departments!!! Every time we play Guitar Hero, or Rock Band, we will think of Glenn, and only wish he had participated more because of his musical talents. A man with many talents he was, and will be missed!! Love to his family who will miss him the most!!!
Posted by Candice Gulkiewich on 26th February 2014
I'm so glad I got the opportunity to know Uncle Glenn much better over the past few years. Such a kind, amazing and talented man. I am so happy I visited Nobleford a few times and got to see the gorgeous work Auntie Susan and Uncle Glenn did to their home there...and not to mention the Milne's street home in Nobleford... WOW... As I was in total awe of the Work and craftsmanship that was done with you all as a family. It was perfect. It was so special to see the photo book of the progression.. and I hope you cherish the memory of working on that place together forever. The last time I saw Uncle Glenn he was not feeling very well; but still amazingly pleasant and smiling and even took the time to ask about me... It really goes to show what a kind, selfless spirit he has. Rest in Peace!
Posted by Helene Severyn on 26th February 2014
Helene first met Glenn as a teacher aide at Duclos School some 20 years ago. Glenn was a very friendly and enjoyed working with the kids very much. Glenn and Ray sat on council together and I can honestly say that Glenn was not the most outspoken councillor but certainly one of the most informed.. His questions to administration or to a fellow councillor were well thought out and direct.. I always found him to be the voice of calm and more often than not the voice of reason. It was indeed a pleasure to have worked with him on council for four and half years. Im glad I had a chance to talk with him on his 67th birthday. Our thoughts and prayers are with Susan and the family. May the good times you have shared with Glenn help ease the pain and sorrow that you feel today. Ray Prevost and Helene Severyn
Posted by Natalie Asplund on 26th February 2014
Such a great uncle and so talented! The work I saw that he and aunt Susan did in their home and on Milne street was so awe inspiring! I remember uncle Glenn always saying hi when we came to visit in Nobleford. Thinking of all of you in my prayers.
Posted by Anita Duncan on 26th February 2014
It must have been so bittersweet to write this memorial and gather the wonderful pictures but you did an awesome job. There was so much about Glenn that we didn't know! He was a wonderful person and we will miss his quiet presence and dry humor but he left much to remember him by. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Lake and Anita
Posted by Rose Kurek on 26th February 2014
Susan, Greg and Families We are so sorry to hear of Glenn's passing. Our condolences, thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Memories are golden. Thinking of you during this difficult time and always. Rose and Frank Kurek Ryan and Jen Kurek.

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