Glenn Morris Ellis
  • 57 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 2, 1956
  • Place of birth:
    District of Columbia, United States
  • Date of passing: Dec 21, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Maryland, United States
Let the memory of Glenn and his Music, as he played the Jazzy Bass Guitar be with us forever. Keeping that smile in our hearts until eternity.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Glenn Ellis, 57, born on November 2, 1956 and passed away on December 21, 2013. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Howard Franklin on 4th November 2016

"Stopping by to say Happy Birthday big bro. I miss you so much. Now I don't have anybody to call me everyday and cuss me out when I'm slipping. I am so mad at myself for not doing more recording with us. Me, Mike Pryor, Jr and Foxy Rob were talking about you on your birthday. Your name always comes up today as if you are still here with us and you are. I know you are glad to see BJ and Ice there with you. I love you forever bro."

This tribute was added by Bernard Grobman on 14th March 2016

"I worked with Glenn a lot between 1994 and 1997 in NYC. We worked on a lot of recording sessions. He was a great bass player, one of the best, and wonderful friend. As happens in the music business, we lost touch and I'm very sorry to have finally caught up with him here. Rest in peace Glenn."

This tribute was added by Adebayo Folarin on 3rd November 2015

"Rest in piece to an innovator and musical genius! are missed young man!"

This tribute was added by Marguerite Sings on 3rd November 2015

"In loving memory of Glenn Ellis on his Birthday, Happy Birthday my friend and thanks for the many laughs and smiles and hugs too! You might be gone but never - ever will I forget you. Kisses up to heaven beloved. Happy Birthday Glenn!"

This tribute was added by Wayne D on 2nd November 2015

"Hey Bro,

Happy birthday to you and I wish that you were still here.  I remember how you would call and check on my Mom.  Even though she hadn't met you in person, it meant the world to her that my friend would check up on her.  You both are now looking down on me and I promise to make you both proud!  Thank you for all of your bass wisdom that you've left here for me and others to learn from.  When I play certain songs I can't help but think about you and how you would approach the song.  One of a kind musician and soul!  Peace & Love,"

This tribute was added by Carol Ellis on 26th November 2014

"Hey Bro. I just stopped by to say I miss you so much. You know we used to talk each & everyday. 5, 6 times a day. My birthday was Friday. We've been doing great. Tomorrow we celebrate our first Thanksgiving without you. It will not be the same of course but I am making my favorite cornbread & sausage dressing so stop on through & get some..LOL! Love you Bro..I'll Ttyl. ❤️"

This tribute was added by Carol Ellis on 2nd November 2014

"Happy Birthday Glenn!!!!!!!! Miss u so much & my feelings keep me in prayer for our entire family as we continue to heal & gain more understanding while trying to have the peace we all desire. Man I have heard so much Chuck on the radio this month, I guess you have been talking to me so vividly. Hey.. Big Smiles today you still "OLD" Nigg..LOL! thats us & thats how we used to joke it up, hahahahahah. I really feel you are in paradise Big Bro. I can hear your voice less & less so I know u R still around in spirit but your R Resting for now. Hey Play me a song. U know I alway's want to hear you do the Woody Wood Pecker line on your Bass. It makes me happy to hear it. Well, not gonna stay too long. Big Giant {HUGS}..Keep your Love in our lives & Hold us tightly as we keep going forward, living our Blessings each day. LOVE YOU & MISS U but I  pray for ur eternal peace everlasting. See u later Big Bro.."

This tribute was added by dorothy ellis on 2nd November 2014

"Happy Birthday big brother just stopping by haven't been by in a while but you know I think of u everyday and second and minute by the hour. I miss u more then words can ever explain. I'm lighting a candle for u on your day I hope u having the time of your life in heaven partying with all your love ones and friends. No I don't have a gift but I ask god to give you a big hug from us and to let u stop by today for awhile only if u come by through my dreams or in my spirit or by one of your songs I'm grateful and thankful. I love u bro and I just want u to know I'm thinking about u on your special day today. Singing and saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.....  LOVE  YOU from your baby sis and LuLu, KEON, KEVIN, and u know our Lil white snow dog said hi SUGAR LOL. And CAROL, DANNIe , PEACHES and all the rest of the bunch you know who they are. But most of all my message to you is continue to rest in peace big brother. I don't want to keep u long on ur day I know a lot of folks coming by. Save me a piece of cake. Sorry I'm all in tears right now while typing but there happy ones. Cause I get to still see u and talk to you. All my heart and LOVED to u on this day and I pray for us and all until I see ur face again and hug u. This is my tribute to u."

This tribute was added by althea fuller on 9th July 2014

"Hey Glenn!  Just dropped by to say hello!  Was cleaning out my email and ran across your tribute.  I still can't believe you have left us but as I have always said....You are in a so better place than where we are now.  Yes, we miss that radiant and infectious smile that you wear so so well!  When I look at your photes, it is like you are right here with us!  My eyes tear when I hear "Gone too Soon" but we all have to realize that we had your awesome and contagious spirit with us for 57 years so now we are sharing you, and will not be selfish,  with the Angels and all those family, friends and loved ones that have gone before you.  Tell your mom Ms. Sarah, Mr. Bud, Jonah and the rest of the fam I said hello.   All that Ellis talent 'up there' showing off with you augmenting with your 'strings' and bubbling spirit!!!   Love you, miss you and you will always be in my heart! Your adopted sister/friend.... 'Thea"

This tribute was added by Carol Ellis on 4th July 2014

"Happy 4th 2014 BRO. Still Missing u. Just like that Jamal walked up yesterday while Peaches & I were at the Mall. He favors you a Lot & we hugged him forever. LOVE U. R.I.P."

This tribute was added by Josephine Bynum on 22nd May 2014

"I feel like my Big cousin Glenn's spirit still lives on.  In fact, I know it does.  I have so many warm memories. I think of Glenn as a quiet storm.  He was very observant, and he could make a joke, and follow up with such a big smile and laughter.  He was so intuitive, and was an awesome musician. I miss you Glenn.  I am grateful that you live on in me, and all of your family. R.I.P. Glenn."

This tribute was added by Carol Ellis on 10th May 2014

"Hey Bro! Man I miss u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, much! I just talk to u when I need to hear you say, What up Caroland! I sure never expected you to leave me but it was ur time & "GOD HAS A PLAN". Keep watch over us Babe, we sure need all the ANGELS we can get. I LOVE YOU & just wanted to say few words to u today. It's been a few minutes and I miss our chats. Today I ran in the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure Global & it was awesome. I know you would have cheered me on. So I heard your voice say come on you can do it..And Bro, I did it. Thanks for your continued love & support from high above. Stay with me & keep me in your wings. Keep us all. We all miss u to eternity. GOD REST YOUR SOUL! Bye & not Good Bye. I'll chat with u soon again. Hey Play me a tune.."I Feel Like Bustin Loose". Better yet, just Send me that "Donald Duck Tune". I hear you, Thanks! Love you..:-)"

This tribute was added by Carol Ellis on 13th April 2014

"Hey Bro! Happy Palm Sunday LOVE U! I know you hear me do just had to say God Bless & ur spirit is Alive today as always. WAtch over us. Still listening to ur sounds. Ur are still an awesome musician. Met Jimmy Haslip in NY CITY Tuesday, he said he was so sorry to hear you had passed. U know he plays with Joco Pistorious, we had a gray time at his workshop in Chelsea. I really got to hear about his new projects & Mike took pics with him & asked about u & Rick Welman. U guys are so well known all over the world. Ok my love..Ttyl. ❤️U! (hugs)"

This tribute was added by Carol Ellis on 13th April 2014

"Hey Bro! Happy Palm Sunday LOVE U! I know you hear me. I had to say God Bless & ur spirit is Alive today as always. Watch over us. Still listening to ur sounds. U R still an awesome musician. Met Jimmy Haslip in NY CITY Tuesday, he said he was so sorry to hear you had passed. U know he used to play with Joco Pistorious, we had a great time at his workshop in Chelsea. I really need u to keep a Watch out for us. I got to hear about his new projects & Mike took pics with him & asked about u & Rick Welman. U guys are so well known all over the world. Ok my love..Ttyl. ❤️U! (hugs)"

This tribute was added by Carol Ellis on 10th April 2014

"Glenn..Brother just stopped by today, missing our chats so much more today. You see all the goings on left down here? You are in such a better place & I'm glad you are resting peacefully in the eternal arms of our heavenly father. I know today is something called "National Sibling Day". I guess u are looking at that note and joking on it. LOL!!! Love you, still not completely ok with it all yet but better each day. I'm trying. :-) Ttyl"

This tribute was added by Thomas McLeod on 7th April 2014

"Hey. CUZIN, THIS Is Yoi 1st Cuz R onnie, YES I chose the candle 4 my emblem, because you were my light...@ all times.
When ever heard a song with serious bass, I always said GLENN can play this just as good or better.  Not many we new could hold a CANDLE 2 YOU...WE WERE BROTHERS & ALWAYS WILL B...CAN'T WAIT 2 SEE U AGAIN! LOVE YOUR BROTHER/COUSIN.   RONNIE."

This tribute was added by Carol Ellis on 4th April 2014

"Hey Glenn, It's Friday April 4, 2014. Man it's been 3 months since you got your wings and flew up high above us. I sure miss our chats. Well this Friday went pretty good for me. Lot's of rest today & more to come. I heard from uncle John/Bob that he dreamed about you on Wednesday night. He called me & I spoke to him just yesterday about it. Well he has really vivid dreams and he is a dreamer. Some folks never dream. He saw you & he spoke to you. I guess you know all about it and had to speak to him about some things. We all miss you. I'll be checking on you again soon, OK..LOVE YOU Big Brother. Keep your spirit right here. Ttyl!"

This tribute was added by Carol Ellis on 30th March 2014

"Hey Big Brother, what's up. Just sending my Love. Miss u! Keep ur spirit coming it's so relaxing. It's snowing pretty heavy right now. Ok, I'll check on you later. ❤️❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Carol Ellis on 30th March 2014

"Hey Big Brother, what's up. Just sending my Love. Miss u! Keep ur spirit coming it's so relaxing. It's snowing pretty heavy right now. Ok, I'll check on you later. ❤️❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Tia Abner on 27th March 2014

"I think of you every single day...It's still hard to believe that you left us so soon but your smiles, your laughter, and your cherished love for us all remains.

We miss you so very much. You were a light for us and the nucleus of our family. You kept us all together and reminded us all that tomorrow wasn't promised. Your words echo sometimes in my head, I thought I heard your voice the other day, it was just a bird in the tree as I left to go to work and I responded, yes Uncle Glenn, I will slow down. My tires were bald and I could hear you chastising me about taking some time to get them fixed because sometimes the world has to wait.

I couldn't believe it when they told me that day, but we pray for peace. I'm glad that we got a chance to tell you I love you and hear you say it back.

Each morning, the phone would ring and I could hear your voice on the other end speaking to my mom. You brightened her day with sunshine before she could even see God's works. It made all of our day's just a bit better.

I will never forget you and all the memories we shared. You've left footprints in my heart that will never ever fade. I love you so much I hope you know I cared. You instilled in all of us the promise of gratitude. Being grateful every day for every breath. Your positivity was infectious. It was never precocious or haughty. You were grounded and your wisdom helped us all troubleshoot those low moments.

I cherish your memory and your legacy. I love you. I miss you."

This tribute was added by Carol Ellis on 21st March 2014

"Hey Man! What's up? Just had to stop by today..Yes it's Friday!!! You know how we chat it up on Friday's and I want to know where the Gig is @ tonight?..LOL! You alway's @ someplace cool. Especially on Friday's. I know y'all up there throwing down. You, Chuck, Lil Bennie, Rick, Leroy, Uncle Jonah and all the Greatest Player's of our time. Did you see that  your son.. Bryan is starting to play Bass? I know you are so proud of him. Well, you keep your smiling spirit right here and I can hear that Bass Line, it's sounding even better. Kiss Mom & Daddy for me.

Sister Carolyn"

This tribute was added by althea fuller on 21st March 2014

"Glenn, I know you are in a special and awesome place...looking down on all your family and friends with that awesome smile, radiant and gleaming spirit while working those "strings".  Can't believe it has been 3 months because your spirit remains here with us!! It looks like yesterday when you would allow Carol and I to join you all on gigs--even though we were under age!! You watched out for us and always threatened us to stay at the table. Eventhough you are sorely missed, it brings me great relief to know you ARE okay....smiling down on us and of course cracking those jokes!!!  Love ya, Thea"

This tribute was added by dorothy ellis on 18th March 2014

"Just thinking bout u this morning lay a flower bro. Its seems like I'm crying a Lil more now. Maybe its hit me ur gone. But not forgotten. A lot of people leaving love on here for u that's real I thank all of u who leave messages on this memorial page. U all let us know u love him and love us. Now I know y'all are real niggas. Thank you. From our hearts to yours. Missing my big bro right now. Lord help."

This tribute was added by Ronnie Greene on 18th March 2014

"Wow I didn't know Glenn passed away. RIP my friend you will be truly missed and my prayers go out to the Ellis family keep yall head up"

This tribute was added by dorothy ellis on 16th March 2014

"Hey bro stopping by say I had a dream about last night u were healthy and ur weight was back but u were looking good. That how u let me know u are happy. Miss u every second of the day. Got to stay on our niece and nephew cause they think the grown but trying so I'm keeping my eye on them. U know I keep the radio on and every day one of chucks song comes on yea I know its u. U always there with me. Letting me know ur still here. I cry for u every second seems like I wont stop still I keep trying to move on. It not easy. Still don't know if I ever will. I love u. I'm hurting right now Glenn I'm hurting very bad. I guess I'll be fine. I heard u laughing  around my house today u still here wow I know I heard ur laugh its real. We do stay connected with our love ones even in death. Thanks for everything u have done for me I appreciate everything. I'm blessed to have had u. Never be another brother like u. I'm cooking ur favorite today cabbage and bake chicken. For u. Enjoy it in spirit. Love u forever and ever AMEN.. Ur baby sis. Hope u visit my dreams again I enjoy talking to u."

This tribute was added by Toney Rowe on 14th March 2014

"I did not know Glenn passed away.  My prayers are with the family.  I knew Glenn and his family when they lived on 50th st. Ne Washington dc. They use to live next door to my grandparents.
R.I.P Glenn"

This tribute was added by Gina Johnson on 14th March 2014

"Glenn , think about you alot. The new addition to the family is beautiful.  When I first held her I could only think of you and how you loved your family they ment the world to you."

This tribute was added by Jill Greenleigh on 14th March 2014

As I sit here looking at your photos, I can almost hear you laughing!  Your smile spoke volumes without even saying a word.  I'm not sure that I ever saw you without that huge cheshire cat smile!  You were always so kind and genuine... there aren't too many people like that who just have that wonderful spirit about them.  You, my friend, were one.  Just know that you are missed here on Earth, but your legacy will live on forever through your music, your family and all of those that you inspired... Rest in Paradise...."

This tribute was added by Adebayo Folarin on 14th March 2014

"Brother Glenn we've crossed paths so many times and I never got to formally introduce myself to you..probably because I was in awe of folk's like you Lil Benny and Pop's (Chuck Brown) ...who knew you were a pioneer? They didn't ....I did! Who knew how instrumental you were and still are to our genre? They didn't but I sure did!... you will truly be missed my brother! R.I.P"

This tribute was added by Howard Franklin on 14th March 2014

"Dear brother,
I miss you everyday. Things are not the same without you. As the jazz standard says, There will never be another you! I love you, your brother for life!"

This tribute was added by aliyah ellis on 14th March 2014

"my uncle i love him so much. i still couldn’t believe that this happened. but then i had to realize that it happens. and could happen to anyone. and anyday. but i try to move on. :’) <3 some reason i don’t sad i feel like he’s home. and thats exactly how i feel. love you uncle glenn. my last words to you i remember: “i love you and i won’t stop doing my music”"

This tribute was added by Marguerite Sings on 14th March 2014

"I light a candle in loving memory of you my beloved friend, as you were much like a beacon of light for many of your friends, family, and peers. Your smile could light up any room and bring a smile to anyones' damper day. Your jolly laugh was contagious and in it was the sincerest  of kindness and love for humanity. God blessed us with you my friend in many ways, in which we all hold our own special moments in life with you Glenn forever dear to heart. And though I might still shed a few tears from time to time thinking of you, I will always have a certain peace in knowing you are in God's divine love watching over us. I love you beyond the heavens my friend. Until we meet again, soar in paradise and shine angelically."

This tribute was added by Wayne D on 14th March 2014

"Glenn, you were a real friend for over 30 years and most people cannot say that they've had friendships that long.  You always made sure that we kept in touch.  Even when our schedules would get busy, you would call to check on me and mines.  While I'm still dealing with the reality of your passing, our many conversations and your memory will live on.

Thank you for taking the time to assist me with my playing as well as giving me the nod that I needed to be encouraged in my playing.  When we first met, you gave me the best advice that a musician could give another (learn your theory).  I'm still hearing those words.

Even more than the music, you were real people and for that I will always love you like a big brother!.

Peace & Love"

This tribute was added by Carol Ellis on 14th March 2014

"TODAY..I stopped by to Lay a Flower for you Glenn, A RED ROSE.

R.I.P. Brother"

This tribute was added by Karen Franklin on 13th March 2014

"You were a complete FOOL and I say that with so much love. I have one biological older brother but many other older brothers, and you were one of them. The one that I could spill my guts to and get some big brotherly advice. Whenever I needed a sound ear, you were there. I miss you cussin' me out and talking crazy as soon as I pick up the phone. I love you Glenny-Glenn and I miss you so much! Continue to rest in paradise."

This tribute was added by Carol Ellis on 13th March 2014

"You were the Light that captured our lives. The way you smiled said so much and it made this world more beautiful. Play your Awesome Bass Guitar & make Blessed songs and music forever in Heaven brother Glenn. In our Hearts you will never be forgotten. R.I.P. 3>"

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