Missing You

Shared by Billy Joe Crapse on June 3, 2013

   I met Glenn the Summer of 95' (what a summer xoxo) I came back to Beaufort from Fayetteville NC. I had started working at the Huddle House, he worked there too......to make a long story short, we started dating <3 He use to tell people this corny story of how we met :) (I use to hate that story, now I hang onto every word)      
  We were BestFriends!!! He was my Soul Mate, my other half....<3 We were together for the better part of 7 years!! Glenn was Funny and Smart and the Most caring, wonderful person I have ever known. We had our ups and our downs but, we were always there for each other. Forever in LOVE.
   When you were taken from us so soon, my life came to a crashing halt. My friend, my partner, my everything was gone. I was numb for years.....I still am. I miss you and I know someday we WILL be together again and that's what keeps me going day by day. 

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