Lifetime Memories

Shared by Katie Owens on 13th January 2019

When I think of my Uncle Glenn, I think of someone who exuded happiness — someone’s who’s laugh is contagious and made everyone else laugh too. The worst “goodbyes,” “I love you’s” and hugs are when you don’t know that, that is the last time that you will see and/or speak to someone. At the same time, I have to remind myself that we all have memories and experiences that will prevail. Yes, some will make us burst out into tears, but those tears should also be of happiness — because we have had the opportunity to experience them. We lived them; we are who we are because we were there.

I know my Uncle Glenn made a lasting impression on everyone he met, and I will do my best to capture some of my memories of him. 

Fun Fact: Many may not know this, but he’s someone who loved “water shoes”...though that’s not what he called them. This was something that was always a joke between my brother, dad and me — why did Uncle Glenn look like he was always ready for adventure...water shoes and all? It’s because that’s how he lived his life. He lived and loved to the fullest; regardless of what he was planning to do, he was always prepared: water shoes, backpack, phone googled-destination — he was ready.

Family: I know how much family means to me. And, I know how much it meant to Uncle Glenn. It all started with my grandparents (Granny and Grandad), his parents (Barbara and Jack). They provided a foundation of love and adoration that trickled down to their children. He has three incredibly handsome and intelligent gentlemen and a wife whose smile lasts for a mile. Their relationship is a close-knit bond that’s inseparable. I know this because I have the same with my mom, dad and brother. What’s more, it’s extended through everyone he’s met — his entire family and friend base.
Georgia Tech: As soon as I can remember any memories, I know that they included Georgia Tech and family. And, that was something that Grandad also instilled in us. No matter where any of us lived, Georgia Tech always brought us together: by phone, via text and in person — it was another family bond. A perfect example is in the picture I’ve shared in this post. Uncle Glenn, Aunt Crystal, Zak and Mitch came and visited me during my sophomore year at GT. We got to go to a football game together, have dinner and take pictures around campus and in my dorm. That was just the first time they came to visit. Anyone who knows the Owens family, knows that we have a plethora of GT apparel and always sport the white and gold and exclaim, “To hell with georgia!” 
Christmas and Thanksgiving: Whether it was my dad, Uncle Glenn or Uncle Clay, they took turns on who would call who. And then, the family pass around game would begin. If we weren’t celebrating those holidays together, our families did via phone. It was passed around and everyone got to talk to one another...and yes speaker phone was available, so, it was always a party. All major holidays, birthdays...we talked, cards were sent, stories were told and everyone had a smile.
Hearts Games: A family tradition was to play hearts; this was a tradition that Grandad passed down as well. These games, I won’t lie, did get heated at times. We have a bit of a competitive nature in us. No matter matter who won...we always laughed and joked that night and laughed even more the next day. And, to this day, we still laugh about those card games any time we get together. 
Seeing what everyone has written has been an amazing tribute to Uncle Glenn’s character. We’ve all laughed and smiled at the memories and also shed tears. While we have tragically lost a friend, father, husband, son, brother, uncle, cousin or neighbor...he is and will always be a part of us all. Our stories and memories will always be a part of us — they embody us and have shaped us one way or another to the people we are today. While we may not be able to say it to him in person or on the phone, I know that Uncle Glenn knows how much he is truly loved. We’re all so fortunate to have known him. 
Love you Uncle Glenn; you will be truly missed!
Shared by David Kitchen on 11th January 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Glen at Toray.  Never a loss for words.  Glen had a very creative way of getting the most out of his people.  He would walk up through the office with what we call “edge trim” hanging out of his pocket.  At which point he would say “What is this? Throw edge trim on the floor day”.  

In a meeting he asked a question about a piece of equipment in our blending process that was giving us problems.  The room fell quiet.  Crickets.  Glen rolled up a piece of paper and acted like he had a microphone. “ hello,hello,hello” as he tapped on the rolled up paper as if his mic wasn’t working.  Obviously he got a response from that.  

I also had the pleasure of playing basketball with him in the Winchester men’s industrial league. (I was on the bench of course). He, along with Jeff Butler and Scott Riggleman,commanded the court.  I think Glen got ejected a game or two.  He was a heck of an athlete.  I also had the pleasure of playing golf with him at his home course Stoneleigh.  I have always thought about Glen and wondered how he was doing.   I looked at the pictures and it sure looks like he was very happy and proud of his family.  

God bless to the whole Owens family.  

The Cribbage Master

Shared by Richard Williams on 28th December 2018

Glenn had a love for the "wager" and in 1985 we had a year long, never ending cribbage duel at $5 a game and 10 cents a point. We would sometimes play for hours, bent over the cribbage board, backs sore, until all hours of night.

In December of that year, he had spanked me to the point where I owed him $600 as the year end tally!!!

We always paid our debts but the gentleman from Richmond let me off the hook for a dinner and a few libations with the promise that I never pick up a cribbage board again! I laugh to think of it.


Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Shared by Crystal Owens on 22nd December 2018

Our family feels so blessed with a continuous stream of heartfelt condolences, precious prayers, gifts of food, flowers, dog walking (thank you Rory), leaf blowing, offers to run errands and hugs ( both heart to heart and virtual). These kind deeds have truly kept our hearts from completely shattering this past week.

Last evening I had a visit with a dear cousin and his wife… you know that cousin with a quick wit, easy laugh and special story? Well, he had just left and my dear sister Judy came over with her gifts of soul and spirit. Sitting in the front room, feeling cozy and comforted we hear singing. Looking out the large front window we see dozens of children wearing Christmas light necklaces and holiday scarves. Woody is barking so I quickly scoop him up and answer the door. Looking upon these beautiful pink faces of happy children joyfully singing Christmas carols and begging to pet my puppy just filled my heart with love. A true Christmas miracle. So “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” And thank you to all the “helpers”! ❤️

Glenn always paid his debts

Shared by Brian LaTonzea on 21st December 2018

I have so many great memories of Glenn.  Here’s one of my first.

I had just started working at Toray and several employeees were participating in some type of United Way bowling fundraiser.  I didn’t know Glenn very well at the time but he seemed to get a kick out me comparing his bowling style to that of Fred Flintstone.   Of course Glenn was a natural bowler just like he excelled at everything else, scoring around 200 in each of his first three games.   After a few pitchers of bowling alley beer Glenn suggest we devise a small wager on the last game to liven things up. If he would won I would have to buy him coffee at work on Monday.  I thought for a bit and then suggested that if I won he would have to cover my phone duty at work on Monday.  Phone duty at Toray was a god awful assignment where each Toray entry level employees would take turns covering for the receptionist during her lunch break.  The tasks included sitting in the small reception area, transferring phone calls and occasional paging people over the intercom system.  Glenn had seen me bowl three games without breaking 100 so he jumped at the bet.   When word spread of the stakes we gathered quite a large audience even before the match started.  I can’t really explain what happened next other than to say I somehow rolled a strike in my first frame.  This was followed in frames 2, 3 and 4 with strikes once again.  I think I ended up with a score close to 190 and edged Glenn out in the last frame.  Glenn was a good sport even in defeat but was stumped a bit as I don’t think he ever expected he would lose.  

At lunchtime the following Monday when I was trudging up to the Toray reception area Glenn came over and said “I never welch on my bets” .   He walked into the reception area and somehow squeezed himself into the desk behind the switchboard.   For the next hour he sat behind the desk answering the phone and transferring calls, all while curious Japanese co-workers secretly peered around the corner staring at Glenn and talking very rapidly in Japanese.  Lots of “Oohs” and “Ahs”.   One person who was not amused in the slightest was our boss Rick Schloesser.   I remember Rick storming around the halls trying to find Glenn to solve some daily crisis, and getting increasingly irratatedthat he couldn’t find him anywhere.   When someone meekly whispered Glenn’s location to Rick he about blew a gasket!  Rick stormed up to the lobby to see the sight with his own eyes, muttered something unrepeatable to himself, then stomped his way back to his corner office. Nevertheless Glenn insisted on remaining at his post for the full hour before leaving.

 I did find a way to have a little extra fun in his final phone duty minutes.  I convinced my wife Patricia to call the Toray desk every few minutes, disguising her voice and asking Glenn to page imaginary Japanese employees with 4 or 5 tongue twisting last names.  Hearing Glenn struggling mightily with pronouncing the first 2 or 3 names might have been the highlight of the entire event.  Eventually Glenn started telling people calling in “sorry but the intercom system is not working today. “

I always enjoyed reminding Glenn of this story.  Over the years we continued  to wager in many other ways but never again on bowling

PS.  Within a week Rick moved me into a salary position and I never had phone duty again. 

A man of character

Shared by Joe Piccione on 21st December 2018

I played many rounds of golf with Glen.  He was a fierce competitor and always a blast to play with and hang out with. One round in particular stands out. Glen and I were partners and in a tight match. He needed to sink a five footer to win a hole and missed. Frustrated with himself, he swatted at the ball and hit the green instead, leaving a pretty nasty divot. He did his best to remedyit but it was beyond repair. After the round, Glen promptly went into the pro shop and told them what he done and apologized. I learned so much about Glen’s character that day. I will never forgot that. 

Put a Bag Over it

Shared by John Duncan on 20th December 2018

We were both living in Richardson, TX in the late 80's, about 1/2 mile apart.  Consequently, we spent quite a bit of time together.  Zak was a new born and with Glenn's schedule, new baby, LIFE, Crystal needed a night out, just Glenn and Crystal.  Glenn asked if I could watch Zak while they went out for a nice dinner AND, would I tape the Georgia Tech V #5 North Carolina game on ESPN, AND, do NOT tell him what happens!  Off they go, I hang with Zak (he loved that automatic swing!) and as it turns out, the Georgia Tech game that March of 1989 was maybe one of the most dramatic games in Jacket history.  With 5 seconds on the clock, Tech down by 1, NC inbounds the ball, Dennis Scott intercepts the pass and nails a 30 foot jumper for a 76-74 Georgia Tech HUGE victory!!  I am running around the house screaming, break into G's vodka stash, celebrating loudly...I then realize that Glenn and Crystal are due home at any minute...I spring into action.  First, write a note to Crystal outlining my evening with Zak, second, cut two eye and one mouth holes in a paper grocery bag...I'm ready...I see lights in the drive-way, they are home!  I meet Glenn and Crystal at the door with the paper bag over my head and hand Crystal the note, I don't say a word...They are like "what??!!@#@!!?"  Glenn stayed up until 2 am watching that game and later told me he was SO glad I did not spoil his juicy Jacket surprise.  Go Tech!!

Uncle Glenn Crashes Andy’s Baby Shower

Shared by Judith Kjelstrom on 19th December 2018

Last spring we had a fabulous baby shower for my daughter Andrea. It was a big girls party! Well, Uncle Glenn wanted to get in on the fun to welcome little Tristan to the family. He loved the rocking chair.

 PS ... when he spent time with the baby this Thanksgiving, his words were, “Now, that is a fine looking boy!”.  We are so happy that Tristan met Uncle Glenn

Shared by Mikell G Calkin on 18th December 2018

Dear Crystal,

I am Barbara Owens cousin, and I was just floored when I just opened FaceBook. I am truly so sorry abut Glenn. He was born the year Red and I were married. And i remember that he was such a good baby. =) When Red was stationed near Washington, DC, we visited with Barbara and Jack often, went to the boys games and enjoyed them as we watched them grow. 

Please know that you and your family are in our prayers. I also pray that you and yours will know God’s peace and be encouraged by His faithfulness. Would love to hear from you.


Mike Calkin

Always an honest conversation punctuated with a great laugh

Shared by David Grealish on 18th December 2018

My earliest recollection of Glenn was at a backyard pool party about eight years ago. He was rocking these Keene sandals and an air of quiet confidence as he mostly sat observing the lively scene around him. We talked about what we each do, and I soon realized that I was with someone “important.”

Many chats followed over the years, including some deep and personal conversations not often had in such settings. He always listened to what I had to say, and treated me like I was the most important person around. His honesty always showed through, even in his laugh, which came from deep within and was always generous.

My favorite memory was from a year or two ago. I was running past his house, and with great care he was out front planting some flowers in a decorative tricycle for Crystal. He offered a beer, and we sat in the warm afternoon sun chatting about nothing at all.

Hiking in Tahoe takes your breath away

Shared by Judith Kjelstrom on 16th December 2018

Our family loves to spend time at Lake Tahoe, especially taking hikes! Some of the ones that Glenn suggested nearly killed me

A Very Special Award

Shared by John Duncan on 17th December 2018

Back in the late 80's when we both worked for Mobil Chemical, we ventured to Scottsdale, AZ and the Camelback Inn resort for a week of meetings, dinners, golf, cocktail receptions and the annual awards ceremony.  One night after a rousing cocktail reception, we all ventured back to our rooms, winding our way through the labyrinth that is the Camelback resort, a place where one can easily get lost.  Well, Glenn could not find his way back to his room and decided to "rest" on a bench at the tennis courts.  That following morning at 6 a m, a group of high level Mobil executives had organized a pre-meeting tennis match and entered the courts, waking Glenn who rubbed his eyes as he sat to attention on the bench.  After a few minutes of warm-ups, one of the executives finally inquired, "Glenn, what are you doing here..?!?"  Glenn, without missing a beat, replied, "I heard there was going to be a high level tennis match here this morning and I wanted to make sure I had a front row seat for the action..." Glenn watched several points and then headed back to his room to get ready for the day ahead.  That night at the annual awards banquet, Glenn received a special award, a tennis racquet with a pillow attached to it...the room howled with laughter as it was the highlight of the evening. Everyone LOVED Glenn.  What a special memory.   

Going Gaga over Lady Gaga

Shared by Judith Kjelstrom on 16th December 2018

Glenn loved to hang out with friends and family. We had a blast at the Lady Gaga concert in 2017 to celebrate Chrissy’s birthdsy

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