Shared by Xiaozhong Xu on July 13, 2020
The Palmers were the host family for my wife Jing, when she arrived in Princeton for the first year as an international student. He (and Sue) has been more than that for over a decade to both of us. His life with passion and excitement, his love to Sue over half a century (and still there), his constant curiosity to embrace new things in life... all established what I know about Glenn over the years as a great person, a friend and a life idol. Maybe it is better in another language to put some words here that my vocabulary is so limited to express my appreciation and admiration to this gentleman.

Life is busy, and life is sophisticated. Most of the time we do things for today or tomorrow. Somehow we don't even have a chance to think about what we need and how do we get there. It really is my pleasure to get to know him because he showed me a way of great life could possibly be as an ordinary human being.

I am thankful for the time we spent together. But I don't miss Glenn. I don't have to. He is with me, as always.

Glenn was a wonder.

Shared by Kent Ashworth on May 13, 2020

Glenn was a wonder.

He demonstrated a unique and unlikely combination all the years we knew him: mischievous provocateur and earnest listener.As a teacher, he liked to raise hackles just enough to boost young people to their better levels of thinking.He did that as a friend and neighbor, too, but with a detective’s interest, investigating a new viewpoint enough to accurately weigh it on the scale of rationality.

Those lucky to have been in classes with devoted educators forget neither them nor the stirring experiences that made them unforgettable.Having Glenn and Sue as neighbors – and as mentors to our sons and all the neighborhood kids on Renfrew Avenue – regularly fomented the idea that thinking can be fun, such that it became a norm to grapple with hard problems even in a brief exchange, in the hope that knowledge could be widened and deepened sufficiently to yield a solution or two.In today’s new normal, it will be comforting (if not vital) to rely on this particular Palmer method for rigor.In Glenn’s memory, we will try.

With much love to Sue,

Kent Ashworth and Alison Cumming

Shared by Jody Lutgen on May 5, 2020
You will be missed Uncle Glenn. So many memories. This photo captures one of them. I took it of you in NY on our family trip to visit you and Sue. You took us to many places and this has always been my favorite photo from the trip. There was a man laying there on a bench and you ran over to sit by him so I could get this photo. 

We love you ❤️

Pete, Jody, Dylan and Tyler
Shared by Jesse Robitaille on May 4, 2020
Lost an incredible part of my family. My uncle Glenn passed away. He was an amazing man with a smile and a sense of humor that could fill a room. I’m so thankful for Christmas in New York and having had the opportunity for some amazing final memories with you. I know you’re in a better place - finally reunited and relaxing with your brothers. Love you Glenn and I’ll miss the hell out of you.

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