This tribute was added by Patricia Flores on July 15, 2020
Although Glenn and Sue chose to move away from Hiltonia for a more convenient work commute, they never really abandoned us. It was always
a joy to welcome them back for our social activities. 
Our friendship is lengthy, for they took me on-board the tennis bandwagon, and I played with the Sunday night women's group. Glenn was always the
spark for the annual "banquet." 
We also had a North Woods connection; they, Wisconsin, I from the UP, Michigan. He and Sue had a wonderful life together. 
Sue, you will continue to be my friend forever. Sending love, Pat
This tribute was added by Lori Berry-Mitchell on July 10, 2020
I can only imagine how difficult it is to navigate life without your soulmate at your side. Even as I write this I feel like grieving for you but I also feel the grace You had of having Glen for so many wonderful healthy years and such a full life you two had together. I am going to choose to remember all the wonderful stories of your travels and studies. You two were such a great inspiration as a couple still holding hands and playing tennis together helping each other finish the sentence. I also could see that you stood on your own and hope that you can find peace in this next phase of you knowing he will always be at your side. Hope we can see you soon. Love Lori and Steve
This tribute was added by Kristen Bateman Burgoyne on June 16, 2020
We moved in across the street from Glenn and Sue in 2016 and our son, Gavin, was 5. Within the first few weeks of moving in, Glenn found out Gavin is a Green Bay Packers fan and without hesitation, Glenn went into their house and came out with one of his Packers hats to give to Gavin. Gavin absolutely adores Glenn and Sue and would run over to talk to them every time he saw them outside. Glenn was such a treasure with his warm smile and kind heart. He always had a story to tell. We will miss you, Glenn.
The Burgoyne Family
This tribute was added by Jerome Williams on May 30, 2020
I met Mr. Palmer when I was about 12 years old (I am now 57) through Mrs. Palmer who was my Guidance Counselor when I was in the sixth grade. He has been part of my life ever since. He is the only reason I went to college (Rider) regularly checking in on me and always seemed to know when I was veering down the wrong path and stepped in to straighten me out :) He has always been a father figure to me and had so much impact on my life. I love him and will miss him dearly. 

Mrs Palmer; I love you both and greatly appreciate the love, kindness and attention you've shown me through all of these years. Jerome
This tribute was added by Cathy Sharpe on May 8, 2020
What a beautiful tribute!! I thought I knew a lot about our dear neighbor, Glenn, until I read this. What a fascinating life, and obviously one well lived!  No wonder he always walked with such a a big smile on his face. We will certainly miss seeing him around the neighborhood.
The Sharpe Family
This tribute was added by Sean Allen on May 2, 2020
Glenn quickly went from a distant relative to the first person I’d be asking about before going on our family trips. He brought the right energy for every occasion; never stealing the spotlight, but keeping the conversation alive and everyone included. He always brought something to the table, be it unique insights, fun/interesting travel stories, something new he learned shadowing classes at Princeton. You name it. There was never a dull moment when he was around.

Getting to know Glenn (and Sue) also got rid of any fears I had of getting older. All the downsides of age you hear about didn’t seem to affect them at all. He had all the wisdom and experience without even a hint of slowing down. He set a great example of what a life well lived looks like and it’s one we all are blessed to have been a part of.

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