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Shared by Xochitl Galvan on July 18, 2021
I miss you so much and can’t stop crying. I don’t understand why you are gone. Mom says that you needed your wings like a butterfly. I will keep you in my heart forever. I’ll take care of Daddy and Granpa.
Shared by George Galvan on July 18, 2021
This is for my beloved wife, Gloria Galvan. Mother of my children, grandmother of my grandchildren. I will miss you forever and this is not goodbye, we will be together again, just wait for me, I’ll be joining you, we will see each other again. I will be up there with you with all of our family, friends and everybody.  I will stay here and watch over the kids and the grandkids. I just miss you and love you forever.

Best grandma-Drake Galvan

Shared by Cynthia Galvan on July 18, 2021
I wish you were still here. You spoiled me and loved me so much. Thank you for baking my chocolate cake on my birthdays and special holidays. I will miss that the most. Thank you for the hugs and kisses you always gave me. Also, Thank you for buying me an IPAD against my parents wishes. I will always love you and remember you so much!! Drake Galvan
Shared by Morgan Galvan on July 18, 2021
Grandma thank you for loving me  with all of your heart and being the best grandma in the world. I will treasure our lovely memories together. Thank you for going to Crazy Disney rides with me. Such as the one in this picture. Thank you for watching movies with me a bunch of times, even though you didn’t like some of them. I will always love you
Shared by Maria Newbolds on July 18, 2021
Mrs. Galvan was like my 2nd mother. In fact, I told her things I couldn't even say to my own mom. She was fun and a joy to be around. How she will be, light, and peace sent your way, Mrs. Galvan. Love you!


Shared by Diane Cormier on July 18, 2021
I am forever grateful to have met Gloria and her family at Our Lady of the Atonememt Academy. Such a happy and wonderful lady. She adored her family and doted on her grandkids. We had so much fun sharing the duties of being room mom’s and watching our kiddos in class. You will surely be missed. We love you and will always remember your amazing grace and courage. 
Shared by Alfredo Lozano on July 17, 2021
Thank you Mrs. Galvan for being part of my family’s memories, especially the first couple of years of Andrea when she would be hanging out with Olivia. Meeting you for the first time I knew you were “the loving grandma”, and thank you for offering your help and allowing my kids to be part of your inner circle. Your love, your smile,were contagious and you will be missed and not forgotten! 

Best Mother in Law

Shared by Cynthia Galvan on July 16, 2021
I am so heart broken that you have left us. Words cant describe the pain and sorrow I feel right now. You are the best thing that happened to me. I have share with you so many memories, laughs, cries, stories. You were my right hand and my true sister soul mate. You helped me raised your grandkids. I will miss your daily phone calls during my drive to work.  I will be expecting our "secret little sign" that we agreed on.  I will hold "the fort" for both of us grandma. Rest in peace. Until we see each other again, keep shopping a lot in heaven. We will be together again soon laughing. I love you so much!!
Shared by Madeline Glass on July 16, 2021
I first met Mrs. Galvan at my twin daughters 1st birthday. I remember when she introduced herself and began to describe her grandkids. Her face lit up on how she loved being with her grandkids and helping as much as she could. She also talked of her admiration of Cynthia and George in balancing it all. She always had smile and always so kind.  She raised a beautiful family and she will go on living in our memories. Fly high Mrs. Galvan. We will miss you
Shared by Olivia Galvan on July 16, 2021
Grandma was always ready to do anything for us at the drop of a pin, if we had a volleyball game she would take us, a last minute school thing she would drive us, and if we need someone to talk to she would be there. Grandma was the best grandma I could ask for, she was like no one else, she spoiled us, told us her stories and best of all, gave us all her love. When I think of her I think of a flame she never stopped fighting and was a little “spitfire.” Grandma has helped raised me into the person I am today she will always be with me. I love you so much, can’t wait to see you again.
Shared by Adelita Castillo on July 16, 2021
I think I first met Gloria when she worked  at St. Catherine's  Hospital, so long ago hard to remember. So thankful for all the years of our friendship. So thankful we were able to get together at several Lonestar Reuions.and made great memories.. I thank God for putting us in the same path to become  great great friends. Gloria, me, along  with our other great friends, Natalie, Helen, Jan, and Maria, are and always will be "the golden girls". I will cherish all the great memories we had together. Gloria will always be in my thoughts and in my heart. Until we meet again. 
Tu Amiga Della

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