Let the memories of Gloria be with us yesterday, today and forever!
  • 57 years old
  • Born on January 19, 1953 in San Antonio, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on December 26, 2010 in Sugar Land, Texas, United States.

This memorial website was designed and created in the memory of our precious loved one, Gloria Perkins Rylander who was born to Dilcia Brown Perkins and Neal Perkins, Sr. on January 19, 1953 and passed away on December 26, 2010. We will remember her forever and her spirit will live on. This special tribute, for Gloria, is a way to reflect and share the wonderful stories of a woman who selflessly served her life to God, her devoted husband Cornel; her daughter Heleva (Gene); her son Jamal (Marilyn); her grandchildren: Kiauna, Ebony, Jaedon, Joseph, Mason, Imani, Madison, Tanzie, Brandon, Brittany and Darius; her sisters: Ruby Hilliard (Oliver), Alice Snowden (James), Brenda Dillon (Douglas); her brothers: Neal Perkins Jr. and Charles Perkins; her nephews: Undra Jackson (Taneka), Marcus Jackson (Vernice), Jabari Snowden; her nieces: Aisha Adams and Kamaria Snowden. Her brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws: Brenda Williams (Mark), Ronald Rylander (Bobbie), Malika Sabah, Gretchen Dotson (Leonard), Denise Rylander, Jesse Lee Rylander, Jr. (Bea), her maternal nieces, her maternal nephews, her cousins, her friends and her community. Gloria has reached out to so many for so long, our gratitude to her is immeasurable. Please take the time to share your stories, memories, and special moments as a personal way to honor someone so important to us all . . . we love you so much Gloria, but God loves you more. RIP until we come Home!

Homegoing Services: Monday, January 3, 2011 

Holy Trinity Missionary Baptist Church

Dr. Richard Jewel Rose - Pastor/Officiating 

Final Arrangements Entrusted To: Richardson Mortuary  

Posted by Ebony Hights on January 19, 2018
Happy Birthday my love ❤️ I’m sorry I didn’t come see you as much as I should’ve in 2017 & I promise to do better granny! I love talking to you wherever I am just reminiscing on great times with you. I remember when you would always make sure I kept up with my games on the computer lol & if I didn’t you would log in and do it for me. Wow I miss your sweet voice and how soothing you kept everyone! You are one of a kind and NEVER forgotten. I love you to pieces
Posted by Marilyn Rylander on January 22, 2016
Miss you so much, your laugh, the way you NEVER held your tongue, the advise you give me on how to handle your son that made me laugh,he misses you so much i pray that you visit him while he sleeps and leave your print on his heart, he is broken and incomplete without you here and we all think about and pray for you often. love you so much
Posted by Brenda Dillon on January 19, 2016
Happy 63rd Birthday Gloria . . . I miss you so much and I know you are having a great time in Heaven with Momma, Daddy, Aunt Francis, Big Deddie (Mr. Hill), Uncle GC, Uncle Leroy, Mother and all the other family members. RIP my love, rest . . . rest until we meet again.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on December 27, 2015
Hello My Dearest Gloria, yesterday 12/26/2015 makes 5 years for your passing and it seems like only yesterday. There isn't a day that goes by and I not think of you. It is still very difficult and I miss you so much, yes, so much. I know that you, Momma, Aunt Francis and all others that are in Heaven with you are watching over our family. Rest well my sister and I love you with all my heart. RIP Gloria . . . Rest.
Posted by Bobbie Brown on December 26, 2015
Hi Gloria, it's Bobbie Hall Brown your Sister in Christ. Just wanted to send a sincere tribute on this day of your homegoing. Your family especially Brenda will always see to your memory never being forgotten. Such a wonder & a blessing. Your spirit will forever reign. We will all meet again! What a Glori-ous day! May God continue to hold you in His bosom.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on February 22, 2015
Hello Gloria, just stopping by as I was thinking of you yet again. I find myself thinking of you every single day. Today, Aisha and I saw Evelyn from Booth, Texas when we were in Macy's. She looked great and I recognized her. Well my love, I am just sitting here thinking about you and knowing that KyRen talks to Daddy, Momma, you and Mr. Hill all the time . . . KyRen looks up and smiles at you all very often. I sure miss you Gloria . . . RIP my sister.
Posted by Heleva Bacchus on January 19, 2015
Hello Mama, I miss you every single day of my life. Today would have been your 62nd birthday and I'm missing your smile, your laugh, your touch so much. Jamal and I talk on a very regular basis and we see each other almost every week. Even though I don't come here often, your spirit is with me every single moment of my life. I love you and miss you like crazy.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on April 13, 2014
Hello Gloria . . . just a note to say, "I love you and I miss you so much" and to let you know that I think of you every single day. Grover came over and we spent hours talking about us growing up and how much we enjoyed family gatherings with Daddy and Uncle GC bar-b-q . . . yes, those were to good ole days and I hold on to and treasure those memories. I miss you so much Gloria and unbelievably the tears flow as though your passing was just yesterday. It's still so difficult for the entire family. RIP my beautiful sister . . . until we meet again!
Posted by Cornel Rylander on April 2, 2014
Hello Baby, My love for you will never leave, it's forever. Our God carried you home on that day, but even now it seems like yesterday. Gee you are my wife and you will always be my wife until I see you in heaven sweetheart. I've been without a computer nearly a year, now I have a lap top. You are so beautiful, dark and lovely. Time to tell the story of our life together honey. LOVE ALWAYS AND A DAY. Your man Rylander
Posted by Marilyn Rylander on December 27, 2013
I miss you, your loud laugh, the way you'd say GO HEAD, you talking mess about whatever never afraid to speak your mind, your grandbabies miss you as well Madison thinking of you on her birthday remembering the last time she saw you out and crying because she misses you. We pray the rosary for you during lent, and send blessing too, WE ALL MISS YOU rest in peace mother in law rest in peace.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on December 27, 2013
Well my sister . . . I made it yet another year (but not without thinking of you EVERYDAY). Time passes so fast and it doesn't even seem like it has been 3 years. James and Faye came over on yesterday 12/26/2013 . . . we all picked tangerines and grapefruit from our trees . . . I felt your presence. Rest In Peace my beautiful sister. I miss you so much . . . Rest Gloria Rest.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on December 7, 2013
Gloria, my Gloria . . . I miss you so much. I think of you every day, and although I know that God makes no mistakes at all, it's still so hard. Holidays are not the same anymore . . . I wish I had your "calm" spirit as I've met no one else like you! Missing you so much as we embark upon the 3 year anniversary of your passing. I love you so much Gloria, RIP!
Posted by Jamal Rylander on May 29, 2013
Missing you like crazy Momma! I have been trying to do my best to move forward, but it's hard without you! Nothing is the same to me Momma! I have lost my MOMMA and Best Friend! You was just on my mind as you are everyday all day and wanted to post on your web site.

LOVE YOU,      YOUR SON,          JAMAL
Posted by Brenda Dillon on May 7, 2013
Hello my beautiful sister, it's been a while since I have left you a message on this page but you know that we talk everyday. Every time I walk in my back yard and see our grapefruit tree, I remember how much you love them! I just can't believe December will be 3 years for your homegoing . . . yet it seems like yesterday, Gloria. Wow, I miss you so much and part of me went with you. RIP
Posted by Brenda Dillon on November 22, 2012
My Gloria, it's been almost 2 years yet your passing seems almost like yesterday. Although I haven't updated your site in a couple of months, I think about you EVERY day, I think about us growing up and the love that embraced our family. My heart is heavy on today but God never makes a mistake. I love you so much Gloria and you know that. RIP my beautiful sister . . . Rest in His arms, Gee
Posted by Brenda Dillon on May 13, 2012
Well Gloria, this has been a rough year and a day doesn't pass that I don't think about you and Momma. My heart is still heavy and yesterday I finally went to your "old" house in Stafford. As I sat in the driveway the new owner came and initially was a bit startled but after I explained my presence he was so compassionate. I really miss you so much, things are NOT the same. I love you Gee!
Posted by Brenda Dillon on May 13, 2012
Happy Mother's Day Gloria - I know you are enjoying the day with Momma, Aunt Francis, Aunt Sis, Grandma, Aunt Stella, Aunt Fredell, Babysister, Aunt Moosey, Aunt Bessie, Mother [Rylander] and all the other women of God that have passed on. I just never imagined losing one of my sisters or brothers although we know all will leave this earth; it's still a hard pill to swallow. I love you!
Posted by Marilyn Rylander on April 4, 2012
I miss you Mrs. Rylander i pass your picture in our home and stop to say hello or sometimes even vent to you about my problems.You would always tell it like it is no matter who i spoke about. I wish you were here. I need some time away from the stress. I hope your looken down on us with a smile beautiful and healthy. I love you dearly. Your Daughter in Law
Posted by Kamaria Snowden on January 20, 2012
Happy Birthday Aunt Gloria I still miss you very much!!
We made sure mommy had a wonderful birthday, and I know you and mama are always watching over us.
Love you
Posted by Brenda Dillon on January 19, 2012
Happy Birthday to you . . . Happy Birthday to you . . . Happy Birthday Sweet Gloria . . . Happy Birthday to you. We love you so much and it still doesn't seem real. I know your day has been an awesome one, rest my sister, rest in peace.
Posted by Bessie Cockrell on December 29, 2011
Gloria, you were on my mind this holiday season. It still hurts even now, I can't believe that you are gone. Praying strength for your family during this season.
Posted by Tanika Moore on December 26, 2011
Hey T-Glo, just wanted to stop through to say that I love you dearly and you are truly missed. Everything is going well with My Mom and I. Yes, she still the same "Rita" and you know the rest. :-)
Talk with you soon T-Glo...Love you always!!
Posted by Brenda Dillon on December 25, 2011
Gloria, this is truly a difficult day, a day of rejoicing but also a day of missing you so much. This year has passed so fast and yet my heart still aches. I know that God doesn't make mistakes and you are enjoying Heaven and family members that went Home before you. We are moving to our new house and I think of you everytime I look at our grapefruit tree. I miss you so much. RIP Gloria
Posted by Gretchen Dotson on December 8, 2011
My dear sister in law it has almost been a year since your passing. It was hard for me to express how I felt, today I have the strength and courage to speak of my feelings. I have missed you my dear sister and like many others often pick up the phone to call or visit your house but cannot. I have kept in contact with your family, children, grandchildren and my brother we miss you.
Posted by Ebony Hights on November 28, 2011
Hey granny. Wow im missing you so much. Nothing is the same anymore. Thats okay, because now I kno that you ARE in a better place. No more pain that u have to go through. Im moving soon to go live with my dad n oklahoma. I know this is gonna be hard for pawpaw because he doesnt wana see me go, but im gonna pray on it. I love you so much granny I just wanted to stop by and say how I miss u.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on November 24, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving to you my sister, we miss you so much. There are not enough words in the dictionary to express how our family is feeling. RIP my sister, with much love . . . rest Gloria.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on November 19, 2011
Well Gloria, I know the family is greeting and welcoming Deddie [Mr. Hill as you would say] home. Wow, this is yet another difficult time. Take care of him Gloria. RIP my family.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on November 6, 2011
Oh Gloria, today was yet another rough day . . . I heard the song titled "Gloria" by the Enchantments . . . oh my goodness, I cried. We miss you my sister . . . so much, so much, so much. RIP Gloria . . . rest.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on November 5, 2011
Hey Gloria, it is so hard and everyone is really still struggling with your passing. Often, I find myself saying let me call you and then reality sets in. It is so hard Gloria and you know that. Ok sis, until next time . . . I love you and appreciate all that you taught me growing up! In 2012 I am going to start cooking . . . and that's no joke but I am laughing at your response!
Posted by Kamaria Snowden on October 7, 2011
Hey Aunty its Kk coming by to say i miss you a lot but i know that you and MaMa are in a better place. Its going to be hard knowing that you won't be there physically this year for Thanksgiving or Christmas.But i can truly say I am grateful and thankful.Love you Lots
Posted by Brenda Dillon on September 5, 2011
Gloria, today is Labor Day and here on earth it's supposed to be a day of celebration and I think about all your laboring that you did and now you have rest; so rest in peace my sister. I love you and miss you so much.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on August 26, 2011
Well, Gloria . . . today marks the eight month anniversary for your homegoing and it's been a very difficult day but I know your a rejoicing that Babysister came Home and is no longer in pain. I miss you so much, Gloria. RIP my big sister.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on July 31, 2011
Gloria ~ it's been 7 months yet your passing seems like it was just yesterday and is still so painful. Quite often I find myself saying, "Oh gosh, I need to call Gloria and see how she's feeling." Then reality sets in and I am emotionally set back. I miss you, Sis . . . RIP.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on July 4, 2011
Happy 4th of July, Gloria. Holidays are difficult and just not the same. Today you celebrate in Heaven with military family members and other military personnel. What a celebration and joyous event. We love you and miss you so much Gloria . . . RIP my sister!
Posted by Brenda Dillon on June 26, 2011
Hey Gloria, well it's been six (6) month today that you went Home to be with the Lord and it seems like yesterday. Cornel called me Friday and we talked for over an hour; he's trying real hard but I know it's really difficult for him. RIP sis.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on June 21, 2011
Gloria, you know that June has always been a rough month for us with Daddy going home to be with the Lord on June 13th and Father's Day the same week. Yes, I know Daddy was happy this Father's Day because you were with him.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on June 21, 2011
Gloria, on Sunday evening I went to Randall's and I started to drive by your house but I couldn't; I wanted to sit in the driveway but I didn't. I know it's empty now but I wanted to peep through the window but I didn't; missing you Gloria.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on June 20, 2011
Well Gloria, I sit here thinking of you and listening to "Safe In His Arms" . . . I know you were glad to see our cousin Michael when he came Home on June 11th and Mr. Robinson on June 5th . . . it's still difficult and I miss you so much, so much.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on June 20, 2011
Gloria, sometimes I find myself about to call Cornel and ask him how you are feeling . . . the family was at Faye & James' house over the weekend & I almost asked if you were coming. It's hard holding back the tears but I must look to God for comfort
Posted by Brenda Dillon on June 20, 2011
Gloria, I know you are "safe" in His arms and the devil can't harm you. God is now providing EVERYTHING that you need, no more worries about working, no more fighting for your social security, no more pain, no more sorrow, Gloria; just rest now.
Posted by Brenda Dillon on June 6, 2011
Gloria, I know that you were present with us at Kamaria's graduation ceremony in TSU’s Gym. We didn't know what side Kay would come out on but you lead us to sit exactly on the row she was sitting on and the right side of the building. RIP Gloria
Posted by Cornel Rylander on May 26, 2011
I Love You Baby; As I always have and always will, but God loves you more. Our God is an awesome God. Honey, I just sit back and look at the frames with lots of pictures of our fun time together. It's very relaxing for me, I know you can see me.
Posted by Cornel Rylander on May 26, 2011
Mrs. Rylander it's that time of year again for seniors graduating. This one is special because our grand daughter Kiauna is marching across the stage, so proud and so happy with her diploma. Baby my heart is smiling. Now we only have six more to go.
Posted by Cornel Rylander on May 26, 2011
SWEETHEART; I believe I'm slowly getting stronger but it's going to be a long haul. GOD is keeping me and blessing me with the strength and the comfort I need. Baby I took some time off from work, and it really helped me. Now I'm moving out from here
Posted by Brenda Dillon on May 8, 2011
Happy Mother's Day Gloria. It's almost 5 months, yet yesterday seems as though it was December 26, 2010 when Aisha and I received the call. There is not a single day that goes by and I don't think of you. You will forever be in my heart. I love you.
Posted by Michael Johnson on May 7, 2011
Isaiah 25:8 He will swallow up death in victory and the Lord God will wipe away tears from your faces.
Graceful Loving Obedient Respectful Incredible Available Gloria was all that and will remain...
   LOVE from Kiauna, Ebony & Imani's Gran
Posted by Brenda Dillon on April 24, 2011
Happy Easter Gloria, I know it's the BEST Easter that you have ever had. Douglas & James both were out of town so Faye & I spent the weekend at the beach house in Gavleston. We talked about growing up and the great family times we had. Love you!
Posted by Cornel Rylander on March 28, 2011
Hello Gee; it's not to many things we didn't discuss about our marriage, our strong love that we showed each other and to any and everyone that was close to us. We can't thank GOD enough for making our marriage in heaven. Thank you Jesus, amen
Posted by Cornel Rylander on March 28, 2011
Hey to my love, my all and all. Baby I put together a collage, but I'm not finished. You know we have over a thousand pictures since we met. Right now I have 5 frames, and nearly 260 pictures on the wall. The first 4 is the 70's and 80's, now the 90'
Posted by Grace Mosley on March 26, 2011
Dear Brenda, Aisha, Faye, and the Rylander Family, I must say that I am DELIGHTED to get another opportunity to light a candle for your love one, Mrs. Gloria Rylander.I am moved to express my feelings of admiration concerning the love you all share.

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