Godwin Addo Tagoe
  • 61 years old
  • Date of birth: Mar 14, 1950
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of passing: Dec 12, 2011
  • Place of passing:
Let the memory of Godwin be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Godwin Tagoe, 61, born on March 14, 1950 and passed away on December 12, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Suomo Dear on 12th January 2016


Our brother, Dr G. Addo-Tagoe, joined us in Prempeh College in October 1969.
He had come from Accra Academy, Accra,where he had his Ordinary Level education and excelled enough to qualify for his Sixth Form course in Prempeh College, Kumasi. He read Physics , Chemistry and Mathematics ; and was one of the pioneers in a special Maths syllabus being tested on their class.

Bubbly and friendly, Addo-Tagoe spent no time at all in becoming one of the boys. He never shied away from any difficult situation and was ever-willing to admit his weakness in any of the subjects openly. He was ever ready to learn from his mates. Make no mistake he smartly came away as one of the best in his class with a direct entry into the Ghana Medical School,Korle-Bu.

He virtually “crucified” the Twi language, anytime he made an attempt to express himself and he would quickly add that he was “Ga nyo”.
Here today lies one of us ; once vibrant and one who will readily give us all the morbid details of our disease and quickly show us how we are to go about it.

At our 40th anniversary luncheon Dr Addo-Tagoe was loudly present and ensured he pitched the highpoint of our joy and happiness with his remarks.

When we last visited him, though very, very sick and heavily depleted in weight, he made all the effort , he could to make us feel at home. That was to remind us of the ever bubbly, ever grateful Addo-Tagoe.

May his soul rest with our Lord in heaven."

This tribute was added by Suomo Dear on 12th January 2016

Despite the fact that death is an inevitable event and will come when it will come, little did we expect it of our dear Dr. G A Tagoe and the news was received with great shock.
When many Specialists refused to work at the Regional Hospital in Sunyani in the 1990’s, Dr G A Tagoe agreed to give his services as an Obstetrician Gynaecologist to the Brong Ahafo Region and particularly to the Regional Hospital from 1993 to 2000.During this period he trained several up and coming Medical Officers in basic Obstertrics and Gynaecological skills. Women with uterine fibroids had surgeries to suit their needs.
Laparoscopy for infertility was introduced and many women were able to have their babies. As the head of Engender Health, family planning needs was met. Maternal mortality was drastically reduced because of improved emergency Obstetric care during his time.
Dr Tagoe served as chairman of the BA division of the GMA for two terms. He also served as a member of the Medical and Dental Council during this period.
To crown his good work in the Region, he was appointed the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital after the retirement of Mr C J Oppong- a surgical Specialist and the then Medical Supretendant. He ably handled the post until finally leaving the Region in 2000 to join Engender Health.
The Regional Hospital Sunyani deeply mourn the sudden demise of the dedicated and hardworking Gynaecologist. It is our prayer that the good Lord consoles and takes care of his wife and children and gives him a peaceful rest.
May his soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Suomo Dear on 12th January 2016


Friends are family one finds along this way of life
How lucky I am to have found you along my way!
Addo, we go a long way……
I have been part of your family, and you mine,
Since you met your wife, Elizabeth.
From NTC to Liberia to Ghana to Sakumono to Ashaley Bostwe

You were a friend first
Then you became a brother
Fiercely taking care of me
Pinching me playfully
Quarrelling sometimes over silly stuff
But always loving me nonetheless

I admired you as the brainy doctor
Everyone trusted around the world
Patients lucky to have you
Nurses happy cos they knew you were in control
The Big Man people looked up to
My sister Aku’s rock.

Difficult as it was for me, I flew in and
Watched you battle with your illness
Through it all you retained your sense of humor
You continued to be your playful self
Through it all you remained the Addo I knew
You continued cracking jokes and arguing over whether I put pepper in your soup or not

To Know you was to learn Patience
To Know you was to know Fun times
To Know you was to have a sense of Humor
To Know you was to Love you
To Know you is to never Forget you
Rest easy until we meet on the other side.

The second time I came to Ghana my mom, my sisters and I stayed with Uncle Addo and Aunty Aku. Uncle Addo always had a light hearted way of behaving, always joking with my mom, and teasing me about being quiet. I remember a time that I fell asleep when we were all in the sitting room watching tv and Uncle Addo put a piece of bread in my mouth and took a picture. It is still one of the funniest pictures I have of myself. Uncle Addo was always a very lively person who didn't seem to have much time for seriousness. Every day was bright when he was around joking and laughing. I thank him that his life has made me remember not to take things so seriously, and to really enjoy each day I have.

We grew up knowing Uncle Addo and Aunty Aku’s house was where we went for respite from Grandmother’s strict house rules. Sure they too were strict, but they were fun and allowed us to be kids. There, we were allowed to go “pasare” in the Sakumono flats’ neighbourhood. There, we were allowed to help pound “purple” fufu.
There, my usually shy little sister would answer to her nickname of “laa” when “Shee” was belted out by Uncle Addo or Aunty Aku. There, we had voices and these two encouraged us to use them.
After years of living abroad, I still know of their house as the place where I can be myself. I feel privileged to have had the chance to spend more time with Uncle Addo during the past 6 months. We were able to crack jokes while I rubbed him with Baby Oil or coaxed him to drink just a little more of my experimental fruit smoothies.
It was a sad ending to my 6 months in Ghana to lose him two days before my departure.  Difficult as it is, today I am choosing to dwell on this privilege to have had a chance to re-know and re-love my aunt and uncle instead of my loss.
We will miss you, Uncle Addo, but you live on in our memories of our times together.
Kuukua and Sheela"

This tribute was added by Suomo Dear on 12th January 2016


What appropriate words can we find to pay tribute to our beloved father? Oh!! Daa, we miss you so so much. Why? Can we question God? We can only thank him for the privilege of having you for a father.

Those who have lived a good life do not fear death, but meet it calmly and even long for it in the face of great suffering. The challenge is to live our life so that we will be prepared for death when it comes.

One thing that Daddy used to say was how he didn't know nor remember his given name Godwin, because the father who gave it to him, he neither knew nor remembered. We are glad that that cycle ended there.  Since his father passed away when he was still young, it was very important for him to spend as much time as possible with his children to offer us the very best of himself. Daddy was a man of principle, his yes was his yes and no was no, through his amazing sense of humour he still insisted on what he believed was right.

He was a devoted Christian and loved his Hymns, even in his times of suffering he sang with tears in his eyes still believing in God for good health. It turns out God had other plans, plans to take him from his misery to the Heavens above where he could still sing his favourite hymns with an assembly of angels but this time with no tears in his eyes.

The legacy that you leave behind is not only the many people you’ve touched, not the many places you’ve been, nor the insults you throw at us when you deemed it fit, but some part of you that you have left within each of us. Whether it was your charm, your boisterousness, but hopefully not your gallivanting. We are also thankful that we can depend on each other to ensure that each one makes it in life as you taught us.

You always said the greatest inheritance you could leave us was the quality education you could provide, but you taught us more than we could ever imagine, your humility in your selfless service to your profession and the special affection you had for us your children and all other children that came your way, your determination to get things done as soon as possible, even if you had to go out of your way to get them done.

We would always cherish every memory of you in a special way, how you woke us all up in the early hours of the morning with Hymns playing loudly from the sound systems, how you would see our examination results and would just toss it aside saying “we could do better” even when we had straight A’s, just to bring out the very best in us, all the trips to Sunyani, all the family dinners we had and all the rib cracking moments you shared with us.

We are thankful to have found a place that we call home, we are thankful to have known you, Daddy. We are thankful that you got the chance to know the Christ. Your final words to us were “Don’t be afraid” and “Thank you” and this memory we’ll forever cherish.

Words cannot say how we feel at this moment, but we know you can see through us, our hearts are bleeding but we can only thank God for keeping us strong through this difficult time. As we mourn your passing away we also celebrate a life well-lived and take heart, knowing you have fulfilled your God-given assignment and in the fact that you are free from all your pains and suffering. May you sleep soundly in the bosom of the Lord till we meet again.  Rest in Perfect Peace...
Daddy  Yaa wo jogbaa”..."

This tribute was added by Suomo Dear on 12th January 2016

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works together for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose.
Addo or GA as I called him was a man of strong conviction who would not barge to any pressure when he was convinced about a step he wanted to take thus earning him the title “Rainbow speaking” by me, Suomo and Cynthia.
Punctuality was very dear to him and we were always ten to fifteen minutes earlier to the start of functions and church service. He was a lover of music – good music, hymns, classical and gospel songs. He never missed Unique FM Sunday morning programme – hymns and their meaning turning the volume so loud that we at times thought it was a nuisance.
Ga valued education and encouraged anyone who came his way to take seriously his/her education seriously from a “recognised institution” and this also became our nickname for him. He loved good food and had a very good appetite and that was why he was so robust until he fell ill when he was not eating much. He would say that after so much toil at work one would have to settle down at table and enjoy food.
Addo despite his bully nature had a soft heart and this was exhibited when I fell ill four years ago. He did all he could to make me comfortable. Sometimes he even had to cancel his clinic just to take me to hospital when the need arose. GA, I really appreciated all he did for me and I thank you for your dedication, care and support.
It was my hope and prayer that he would survive his illness but alas it was not meant to be and today I find myself paying this tribute to him. I know he is at peace now free from pain.
Go on and take your rest, sleep on my dear till that beautiful day when our Lord shall return to earth and take us all to heaven to be with Him where there will be no more pain and weeping.
Wo jobgann."

This tribute was added by Suomo Dear on 12th January 2016


Dr Godwin Addo-Tagoe, a renowned consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist (O& G) joined the division of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the 37 Military Hospital on the 1st of July 2007. His dedication to duty and quick response to emergencies even late at night soon became so obvious. Even though he lived very far from the hospital his immediate response to emergency calls amazed everyone.

Dr Addo-Tagoe blazed the trail as a pioneer post graduate candidate for the West African College of Surgeons (WACS) in Ghana and opened the floodgates’ for the training of Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologists in Ghana. Hither to such consultants were trained abroad and as such Drs from poor family backgrounds who were unable to obtain scholarships could not become specialists. The success and expertise of Dr Tagoe encouraged many Ghanaian Doctors to enrol in the WACS to be trained as consultants thereby minimising the brain drain among doctors at the time.

He contributed significantly to the training of post graduate candidates of the WACS in 37 Military Hospital. He was always keen to transfer his knowledge and surgical skills to his junior colleges. Due to his dedication to training along with his colleague consultants, the division of O&G has produced 6 new specialists who are all currently working in the hospital.

Dr Tagoe was the most experienced and skilled surgeon in Obstetric fistulae repairs in the hospital. An obstetric fistula is a condition in which a woman leaks either faeces or urine or both through the genital track after a difficult child birth. It is a dehumanising condition. The surgery is technically difficult and there are very few surgeons with the expertise in Ghana. The last pending fistulae patient was fortunate to have had hers repaired barely one month prior to his falling ill and could not return fully to the job that he enjoyed doing so well.

Dr Addo Tagoe was a man of strong character and conviction who never succumbs easily to adversity and ill health. While he was still seriously sick, he made efforts to attend the Thursdays teaching ward rounds and the Tuesdays post graduate presentations to contribute his quota.The man NEVER gave up until the last moment when he got called by the Lord.

Dr Godwin Addo Tagoe, you will be forever be remembered by your patients, students and colleagues. You have left an indelible mark in our conscience and we shall keep your principles alive.
May your soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Suomo Dear on 12th January 2016


When the day of toil is done,
When the race of life is run,
Father, grant Thy wearied one
Rest for evermore
MHB 975 vrs 1

The shocking news of your death left me motionless and speechless. After sometime I asked myself whether I was dreaming. I didn’t know what to say but I only came to the realization that many more like me, have also started to think that we shall also leave the scene, whether young or old. Only God knows the time for the exit – He is His own interpreter.

Daddy, the vacuum you have created in my life is too big. Dr. Godwin Addo Tagoe, Koranteng thanks you so much. Who will stand in for me when I need you? I always remember when you said to me that, the only legacy you can give me is education so I should hold fast to it. My welfare was always your priority. You demonstrated this in a way I cannot state here but our close family knows it.

Daddy, as I affectionately called you; how can I mourn you? You have made me what I am now, and I am so grateful to you. The whole family cannot believe that you are no longer with us. It all happened suddenly at a time I least expected.

Indeed we have lost a great man that cannot be replaced. Yet our consolation comes from the fact that God says in his word that you are not dead but sleeping in your Saviour’s arms and that we shall meet again on the resurrection day.

Daddy, you promised to pay me a visit in the Bia District, where through your help and kindness I work as a District Health Information Officer  but ………… Mmmmm.  Anyway, God loaned you to us for a period and we shall always be grateful to him for the love you showed to everyone.

Bro Addo, I miss you; ALREADY………
Rest in Peace
“Bro Addo” Nyame nfa wo nsie"

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