Shared by Aneacia Cummings on January 28, 2019

I remember your friendly phone calls and your genuine interest when asking me how I have been and what I've been up too. I picture you resting easy with my papa today, listening to music and having good laughs! 

Rest in Peace Uncle Gordon

Shared by Gregory Cummings on January 26, 2019

A devoted family man that always had encouraging and positive words for all that he met. A man with an infectious smile that loved to laugh and share a good joke or two. There was never a dull moment with Uncle Gordon in the room. Uncle Gordon will always be remembered for his many stories he would share. He particularly enjoyed regaling in walks down memory lane reminding the younger generation that regardless of what obstacles he faced he was able to triumph and so could they by keeping family in their hearts.

I remember visiting my Uncle in New York as a young boy. On a particular visit I took my new football to play in front of the house and was devastated I lost it on the roof  of PS 161 while playing. I remember my Uncle Gordon giving me a hug and a smile while letting me know that everything would be alright. Years later I was able to witness his compassion and true empathy as he gave comfort to other family members. My Uncles kindness made others want to be better.

Seeing the 718 area code on the phone display will ALWAYS have me saying,"HELLOOOOOOOOO CANADA" as he cheerfully did when he called to speak to my father over the years. I will never look at another "ACE" in a tennis match without thinking of him.

His strong love towards his family will always be treasured.

May God bless and comfort you. Rest in Paradise Uncle Gordon

Shared by Wilma Dublin on January 25, 2019

Gordon always stayed in contact. Our conversations and his cards on special occasions reflected the importance he attached to maintaining contacts with individual family members. In his interactions, he emphasized the need to be positive in our outlook on life and, in this context, he encouraged us to show love, provide guidance, and support to younger family members as they pursue their career aspirations. In facing his health challenges, he demonstrated patience and hope and was cooperative in following the guidance of his care givers.

These words on the Mortley chair cushion illustrate a major part of Gordon’s life philosophy.                             

May his soul rest in peace.

Wilma, Keith and family.

Pleasant demenor

Shared by Gem Jewsbury on January 24, 2019

his pleasant  s.

Smile will forever be missed 

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