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Shared by Saman Salari on February 23, 2021

هرگز نميرد آنكه  دلش زنده شد به عشق   ثبت است بر جريده عالم نام او 

  در سوگ دكتر گشتاسب آبتين ،انسان بزرگ ،شريف، نجيب ،مهربان و فهيم ،پزشكى متعهد ،بااخلاق، 

حاذق و همسر و پدرى دلسوز ،فداكار و مهربان نشسته ايم و باور نداريم فقدان دوست مهربان و همسايه چهل ساله أمان رأ .

چه زود گذشت اين سال هاى پر استرس ،پر آشوب ،سال هاى هجرت و جدايى و دورى خانواده ها ،خويشان و دوستان. 

دكتر آبتين تنها دوست همسايه همراه و فهيم ما انسانى والا و ايرانى اصيل و راستين كه همواره يادش در  خاطر دوستانش زنده خواهد ماند . ما نيز در سوگ دكتر آبتين با همسر مهربانش بانو دلنواز و فرزندان شايسته اشان دكتر فريدون،دكتر هومن، مهندس فربد و دكتر كتايون ابتين خود رأ شريك مى دانيم وشكيبايىو تندرستى براى خانواده عزيز آبتين داريم. 

آخرين بار كه دكتر رأ ديديمانش آبان ١٣٩٨ بود زمانى كه دكتر و دلنواز عازم آمريكا بودند و ما هم عازم اروپا ، سمر براى چند روزى آمده بود ايران ، باسمر براى انجام كارى از خانه خارج شديم و دكتر رأ ديديم ، دكتر شادمانه به سوى ما آمد و گفت هر وقت سمر و سمن مى آيند احساس مى كنم بچه هاى خودم آمده اند و به همان اندازه خوشحال مى شوم ، و جالب است كه آمدن كتى و فربد هم همين حس و حال رأ به ما مى دهد . 

چهل سال همسايگى با دكتر آبتين و دلنواز و بچه ها ٤٠ سال خاطره است از روزهاى أولى كه فربد كودك بود ، از نگرانى دكتر براى فريدون و هومن زمانى كه جنگ بود،از زمانى كه هنوز فرحزاد فرحزادى بود و دكتر باحسين صبح هاى زود مى رفتند قدم مى زدند ،تا شادى وصف نشدنى دكتر وقتى كتى متولد شد ،تا هياهوى بچه ها  در استخر ،  سفر شمال و... بعد  كم كم همه رفتند   ،دلنواز و بچه ها ،سمر و سمن ،و دكتر و ما هم گاه در سفر و گاه تنها ،سخت است دل كندن از ريشه ها ،دكتر هم ريشه بود كه همواره هست و مى ماند .

شهلا ،حسين ،سمر و سمن
Shared by Mike M on February 21, 2021
I always looked forward to Doctor Ghostasb visting Vancouver because I loved sitting down and having a conversation with him about anything from politics to philosphy.  Doctor Ghostasb was an excellent listener and respectiful of other people's point of views.  He was always very calm, receptive and engaging.  He was happy and enthuisastic about life with a great smile on his face.  It was fun going for walks on the sea walk with him.  I know anyone who knew him will miss him a lot.

Manucher Mehraein

My dearest father in law

Shared by Nahid Meh on February 21, 2021
My father in law or as I used to call him "Doctor jan or Aghayeh doctor" was the most ideal father in law I could ask for. From day one he welcomed me into the family with open arms and made me feel comfortable. He was caring, kind, loving, respectful and non judgemental. When he stayed with us during his visits to Vancouver he always respected our privacy and never interfered in our lives. He was full of positive energy. I have never heard him gossip or complain. He loved Vancouver and its clean air and nature. When we would all head to work and school in the mornings he would go for long walks on the sea walk and then to the library. He found a new Farsi speaking friend each time he visited. He would try and connect with different people based on their unique interests. "Doctor jan" I will miss our conversations about medicine, memories of Yazd and family and I will always credit you with teaching me how to cook the best persian rice with tahdig:-)

  May you rest in peace

  Love, Nahid Mehraein daughter in law

Memories with Amu Goshtasb

Shared by Neda Azizi on February 21, 2021
I remember Amu Goshtasb showed me this game when I was really young. We had to connect lines to make boxes until there were no more dots to connect, and whoever had the most boxes would win the game. Every time I saw Amu in Vancouver, we would always spend hours playing this game together until I grew out of it. As minuscule as this moment seemed, it showed me a lot about the qualities that Amu carried. I always admired the patience he had with me and others. Even though he did not speak fluent English, he always made an effort to learn it as we would converse. He would also teach me Farsi. Last summer, he spent hours sharing stories about how he would make wine from scratch and the process that was involved. I will forever cherish the memories, stories, and his beautiful smile that he shared with everyone.

I was lucky enough to call this wonderful man my uncle. I never saw him without a smile on his face. The happy energy that he carried would transfer to every person he spoke to. He changed so many people’s lives and left a powerful impact on everyone. Knowing Dr. Abtin was truly a privilege. May his beautiful soul Rest In Peace. Love you forever Amu ❤️

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