This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Grace Domike, 64 years old, born on June 18, 1956, and passed away on March 21, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Uloma Okoro on July 13, 2022
I had no idea till a year later. This woman was one of the role models that framed my childhood. Aunty Grace! Is this how it went? God will accept your beautiful wonderful soul. You must be dinning with the angels now. Rest in perfect peace Ezigbo Mmadu ❤️

Uloma Emenyonu
Posted by Michael Iroh on March 21, 2022
Being a calm person, you bowed to the power of the divine will for good. Keep resting in God’s blossom where death will be no more. We pray God to console all of us! Rest In Peace dear
Posted by Kenechukwu Onwudinjo on March 21, 2022
One year has gone by since I last heard your voice over the phone.

The love you brought to so many people still remains.

I miss you so much.
Posted by Obii Ugorji on July 1, 2021
De Grace ,everyday seems like a dream that I will never get to see you again. Till date I still fight that reality . You treated me like your own child. Your legacy will linger for a long time . Keep resting in the Lord.
May your soul and the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen
Posted by Michael Iroh on June 20, 2021
You will continue to be remembered with great awe. A woman of faith. Rest In Peace doc nnem
Posted by Anselm Nnamdi on June 20, 2021
Continue to rest with your creator my dearest sis.You were my inspirator while you lived. I'll continue to love you even in death. Posthumous happy birthday to you though belated.
Posted by Kenechukwu Onwudinjo on June 18, 2021
Happy birthday.
You are sorely missed.
Posted by adamma odee-nwafor on May 24, 2021
De Grace it took me this long to write this because i dreaded the reality that you are gone. I will cherish those our long phone calls talking and laughing about everything. I cringe whenever i have to add your name to prayer for the dearly departed. But i take solace knowing you lived a good exemplary christian life. You were a good person through and through. You will be sorely missed. Continue to rest in Lords bosom till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Uwa Daniel Uche on May 3, 2021
To my lovely grandmother.. Nwanyi Ka nwoke nma na ihe nile....

You are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read by all men;
clearly grandma you are an epistle of Christ, ministered to us, written not with ink but by the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of flesh, that is, of the heart.
Grandma am short of words because I can't express it in writing but one thing is sure ..
I can talk about you for however long time permits me..
My prayer partner..
A lover of heavenly realities..
An intercessor per excellent..
A woman with a golden heart..
A woman of virtue..
My grandma wey sabi....

Your legacy is beyond life but also in eternity...
You are a testimony to this generation of young people..
Thank you for choosing Jesus and Making the Holy Spirit your best friend...

Adieu grandma wey sabi..
Till we meet again in heaven..
I promise never to loose the fire of God in my life but to keep on burning for Jesus..
I love you ...

Posted by Dionne Ewurum on April 24, 2021
If someone told me that I would be writing a tribute to you this day, I would not believe it. The news I received concerning your demise is something that I still can't imagine. Oh grandma, you were a strong woman, you loved the Lord with all your heart, you were so kind both in words and in deeds. Never for once have I seen nor heard you say anything bad about anybody, even when people provoked you, you would go to your alter and say a good prayer for the person. You prayed for your enemies.
    Oh grandma, the memories with you are still stuck in my head and can never be forgotten, it's like a movie that goes on and on. I spent basically all my life with you to the extent that people would think that you were my mother. You were so young and you loved to be around young people, I was super proud of you Grandma and still am. You also loved education, even at your age, you'd still wake up at night just to read, you achieved so much in this life and I'm super proud of you Grandma. Oh how I wish death can be averted. Those nights you would wake up from your sleep just to anoint my forehead while I sleep, or how you would drive down to my school whenever I forgot my sweater at home, or how you would always drive me to school whenever I had early morning exams, or how you would tell me stories mostly about your life and when you were growing up. Anytime I travel, you always call every one hour of the journey to know where I am, you make my birthdays special, even when I don't feel hungry, you'd tease me and say, "I know you na, I know you just want me to help you," and then you'd go and make the food and bring to me. How you would always pray for me each time I want to leave the house, oh how I wish, I wish I can hear your voice just one more time. How I wish I can just hear you call me "Dabby" once more. You would always say the Holy Spirit is your bestie and can never be replaced, you'd also tell us to make the Holy Spirit our best friend too. You gave us so many advices one of which I can never forget, "hardwork plus prayers equals success". You loved me like a mother, you cared for me and showed me kindness. Oh grandma, you were just the best. You were admired by so many women and how they would always say they wished they'd be like you. You were a strong and elegant woman, a virtuous woman indeed, a woman of Faith, a rare gem. You showed love to people and you gave encouraging words to so many which helped them in one way or the other. Even at your dying bed, you still prayed for others, you wore your heart on your sleeves. You were the mother Theresa we saw here on Earth. I'll miss you Grandma but I'm consoled because I know you're in a better place, dining with the angels.
Goodbye grandma the grandma
Goodbye professor grandma
Goodbye HOD emeritus
Goodbye my number one grandma..till we meet to part no more.
From your number one granddaughter, Daberechi.
Posted by Ngozi Ibe on April 23, 2021
De Grace... hmmm. I am still unable to process this fully. I wish I could so I could fully pour my heart on this space. Just know that you will surely be missed. I am so glad I had one more chance in recent time to see you and enjoy some moments with you. Those are the memories I will cling on to. Journey in peace my dear De Grace. May your soul along with that of daddida and all the faithful departed Rest In Peace. Amen
Posted by Michael Iroh on April 23, 2021
A great woman of faith goes home in peace. May the Angels lead you to paradise where there is neither sickness nor pain.
Your legacies of faith will remain in our hearts.
Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine; et lux Perpetua luceat eis, Amen!
Fr Michael Iroh,CM
Posted by Winifred Uchehara on April 23, 2021
De Grace, I find it difficult addressing you as someone who is late. I will always glance through my Whatsapp to see if you gave me a chat as usual. But it seems I will wait till eternity. Aunty, you became part of my family from our sojourn at Enugu. We are not only indigenes of Ihitte Isi Mbieri, but you became my mum's best friend, brides maid more than forty years ago and a mother to to my siblings. Aunty, you are the last of the Enugu entourage that has left this painful world leaving my family with so many unanswered questions. You became part of my academic journey but couldn't stay to share my successful story. De Grace, Mbieri has lost a priceless jewel and an academician! Prof, my family bid you farewell with pain and mixed feelings. Rest from the wickedness and thorns of this world. May the Holy Spirit your Greatest Friend lead you safely to God's presence for a peaceful rest. Fare thee well De Grace. Rev. Sr. Winifred Chinyere Uchehara DDL.
Posted by Emeka Sunday Chukwu on April 23, 2021

I still can't believe you are gone. Why should a quintessential human being like you be taken away from us?

You had a magnetic aura, you drew people to you. You were kind.

A great educator, patient and enduring.

A mother to all. You nurtured me like I was your own son such that people thought you were my mother because the bond was strong.

Why didn't you wait to see the great man I will become?

You taught me love, forgiveness and patience. You taught me humility. You yourself had no airs around you.

We loved you greatly just as we are going to miss you greatly.

I can go on and on but words aren't enough to capture your angelic persona.

I feel nostalgic and I'll always remember you with teary eyes. I will honour you always by keeping the principles you inculcated in me.

You were a mother extraordinaire. Just like your name, you were an embodiment of GRACE.

I know you are resting in the Lord. I know you are with the angels. I know you have joined the heavenly choir.

Jee nke oma.

Adieu mummy
Posted by Emeka Sunday Chukwu on April 23, 2021
In my darkest,
You were my sunshine.
You turned my life anew.

In my weakest,
You showered me with motherly love.
A love so pure and so true.

Now at my brightest,
My precious sunshine is gone.
I'm left to ask God why?

At my strongest,
You couldn't wait to see me succeed.
Before your soul chose to fly.

Adieu mummy
Posted by Kenechukwu Onwudinjo on April 20, 2021

-by Mrs. Chinwe Ewurum

Mom, it is difficult for me to find the right words that can relay what I feel in my heart for you. All I can say is that I count myself most privileged to have passed through your womb and to be nursed by you.
You were the mother Theresa I saw with my eyes, a peacemaker whose meek and humble nature remind people about Christ Himself. Even when what is due you was being taken away from you, like Jesus Christ you remained silent and prayed for those who hated and persecuted you. You loved everyone around you, praying and showing love to everyone that came your way.
Life was cruel to you, you suffered in the midst of plenty but your countenance and utterances never showed it because your Bestie, the Holy Spirit was ever resident in you and you obeyed His leadings. No wonder you were full of joy even on your sick bed. Those who spoke with you over the phone were shocked when they visited because your positive confessions and utterances on your sick bed did not rhyme with your physical state at the time. When I asked you "why are you quiet"? You would say " I am talking with my Bestie" and I remembered that when you were strong in the body, you always spent time almost daily at the Chapel. I remember how excited you were when your son Fr Mike hosted you in Abuja and gave you a room near the chapel, you told your grandchildren and I, 'my Bestie is my neighbor'. Those were your happiest moments in this wicked world.
You were my sister, my friend, my pillar, my everything. You were there for me in good times and bad times, you denied yourself pleasure for me to be comfortable. I won't say am alone in this world because you left me and my children with your Bestie.
Jesus family now has an angel in you interceding for us. My promise to you is that I will not let the legacies you left to die. I won't refer to you as late because you will forever live in the hearts of Jesus family (your grandchildren and I).
Rest on mummy
Rest on Ezinne
Rest on Odibeze
Rest on Nwachinemere
Rest on Grandma de Grandma
Rest on church grandma
Rest on Grandma wey Sabi
Rest on HOD Emeritus
Rest on my Associate Professor
Rest on Bestie Holy Spirit

Your only Surviving Child, Chy girl

-Mrs Chinwe Ewurum
Posted by Uhuegbu Anthonia Oluchukw... on April 10, 2021
On my first day in school you accepted me and immediately called me ur daughter, gave me accommodation... Your heart is open to all, I would never imagined this will ever happen
I will forever miss u, thank u for your care and advise
May your gentle soul rest in the bossom of the Lord
                    With love from
                The UHUEGBU'S Family
Posted by Ucie Iwumune on April 2, 2021
De Grace, I am and have been at loss for what to pen down. No words are enough to eulogize your person. Hard to believe I won't hear your gentle voice call me Bobo Bobo again. The way you loved and worshipped God only reassures me you're in a better place. You're loved even in death. Eternal rest grant unto you, o lord, and let perpetual light shine upon you. May the soul of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen
Posted by Anselm Nnamdi on April 1, 2021
Dede,i am bereft of words to express how pained i am to come to terms with the bitter truth that you are no more.I thank God for affording me the privilege to have you as a sister and also for allowing our parts to cross in the land of the living.I also thank God for allowing me the last opportunity to be with you during your last days at St Benedict monastery,Ewu,Edo state.The parting that day was well made and that is part of my consolation now that you are no more.Your simplicity,honesty,humility,modesty,above all your ABSOLUTE TRUST to the will of God almighty were second to none.You suffered so much deprivatiins,disappointments and monumental losses while you lived on earth but you accepted every experience with high sense of submission to the will of God and optimism. If there is a second chance,please always remember that all that glitters is not gold and at moments of FUNDAMENTAL DECISIONS caution should not be thrown to the winds.You persevered till the end.You won in death.You came,you saw,you conquered. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.
We depend on the Holy spirit for the grace to bear your departure. God be with you till we meet again. Amen
Posted by Jnr Christiantus on March 31, 2021
Grandma grace,

Since your junior sister & my grandma late Mrs franca ihuegbu died, you took up the role of a grandma and cared for me as a grand-son.
You we're a role model, caring and loving.
Word can't explain how I feel. But I wish to say thank you for the caring and the good relationship we shared together.
Goodbye is the saddest word I will ever say but it hurts me to say goodbye. 
Rest in peace grandma.

Adieu my amiable professor
Jnr Stephen Ejimadu.
Posted by Azuatalam Joseph on March 31, 2021
Indeed you were an angel in our midst, your kindness and love couldn't be contained. Your love spread wide, touched and had a great impact on everyone in ways we could never imagine. Meeting you in this lifetime was a privilege I will never get to have again I pray we get to meet in another lifetime. Your kindness and joy was just too infectious, you are a mother to all and I only wish I had more time with you, more time to know you more and bask in the love and kindness you illuminate. We all miss you and wish you had more time with us in good health. Just because we can't see you doesn't mean you are gone, you shall live on forever because we shall carry you in our hearts and mind, that is true immortality. We shall carry on your legacy of peace, love, kindness and hard work, keeping our faith alive and strong in Christ because I know you are resting in his bosom, in eternal peace and happiness where you shall know no suffering or fear. We shall carry you everywhere we go as a reminder of the great amount of kindness and love we are capable of, as a teacher and as a mother. Watch over us as you rest eternal. I love you grandma, we all love you.
Posted by Joy Atu on March 31, 2021
Mma Domike, You were our voice of caution and wisdom at olph cwo meetings. You were cheerful with a beautiful smile always and never wore your pain on your sleeve. You loved leading the Rosary and Thank you Jesus chaplet recitation at our cwo monthly prayer meetings.You left us the way you lived quietly and gently without creating a fuss. Heaven indeed has gained a beautiful calming soul.
Rest in peace Dr. Domike Grace Emeritus OLPH UCTH CWO President.
Posted by Ify Afulukwe on March 31, 2021
My mumsie la la! My mma baby girls! Words fail me. I have cried and cried but eventually decided to stop because I know you would have told me to stop and trust the Holy Spirit. I am consoled for I know you are sitting nicely in heaven and you will continually watch over us. Jee nke oma, mumsie till we meet again.
Posted by kachiside Ugorji on March 31, 2021
A loving and kind woman well loved to ever be forgotten. Rest In Peace De Grace. I know you’re definitely in a better place.
Posted by Ngozi Asinugo on March 31, 2021
To a wonderful lady. A true lady. You fought the good fight. Have your rest from all the troubles of this world. We love you. Till we meet. Good night; beloved sister.
May God continue to console your daughter and all the people who are touched by your passing. In Jesus Christ's name. Amen
Posted by Felicia Omonya on March 31, 2021
A Tribute to Mummy Baby Girls
I am short of words because my heart is heavy and tears clouding my eyes. From the first day I met you in church(olph), you called me "baby girl" and next "Aunty children"
You have touched my life with your loving and soft spoken words of love and inspirations.your daily prayer for me has been answered and behold you heard it but not here to celebrate with me.
Words has failed me Mama. I am consoled because I know you are in heaven. I will always say God takes the best for himself. We'll miss you as no one can occupy the vacuum you've left behind.
Sleep on mother to all.. sleep on our prayer warrior.. you have faught a good fight and God will rest your soul. We love you Mama.
Posted by Julius Ukah on March 31, 2021
Death though an evitable end often comes unexpectedly. But can there be an expected time? The answer all of us knows. Ma was was such an amazing and unassuming woman. As a woman of Great Faith we are sure where you be by now. We pray that God receive your soul and present it to God the Most High. Rest in perfect peace- Amen
Posted by Irhose Apori on March 31, 2021
I only knew her for a couple of years, but in that little time, she was kind to me and always willing to help. She treated me as a son even though she barely knew me. She'd call me over to her house and offer me food and words of advice. She often prayed for me too. Even when I moved out of the neighbourhood she used to call to check up on me. I bless God for her life. She touched a lot of lives
Posted by Franklin Ekeopara on March 31, 2021
I can't exhaust my experience with you as a person. You are an embodiment of grace, always ready to advise, direct and instruct where necessary. Your faith and commitment in your bestie is out of this world.
Above all, your life of humility is an example to all that encounter you.
My encouragement in all is, you have prepared your path to heaven before hand. I pray your soul find rest in the bossom of the Lord.
Rest on ma, till we see to part no more.
May your soul and the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace,amen.
Posted by peter obi on March 31, 2021
My Nne, my prayer partner, my heart is broken. I remembered the first day we met in calabar in my office with your friend. It was a great day and meeting a woman deeply inspired by the Gospel. You continue to encourage me even I left calabar for my formation in Rome and Kenya. I had so many challenges and you stood by me. During my many surgeries of appendicitis and spinal cord surgeries that kept me on the wheelchair you told me that God will make me walk again and today I am out of the wheelchair. Thanks to your prayers and support. Nne my heart is broken and I need someone to wake me up from this sleep and tell me it's not true that you are gone. Rest with the lord Nne. Rev. Peter Obi
Posted by Oluwatobi Okonofua on March 31, 2021
May your legacy be forever etched in the lives of generations unborn. May we carry on loving in return as you have loved many. May we remember that time is short and we can only redeem as much as we sow. Rest in glory.
Posted by Kenechukwu Onwudinjo on March 30, 2021
Memories of you flood my heart and soul. I have no words. I just have tears. Just tears.

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Recent Tributes
Posted by Uloma Okoro on July 13, 2022
I had no idea till a year later. This woman was one of the role models that framed my childhood. Aunty Grace! Is this how it went? God will accept your beautiful wonderful soul. You must be dinning with the angels now. Rest in perfect peace Ezigbo Mmadu ❤️

Uloma Emenyonu
Posted by Michael Iroh on March 21, 2022
Being a calm person, you bowed to the power of the divine will for good. Keep resting in God’s blossom where death will be no more. We pray God to console all of us! Rest In Peace dear
Posted by Kenechukwu Onwudinjo on March 21, 2022
One year has gone by since I last heard your voice over the phone.

The love you brought to so many people still remains.

I miss you so much.
her Life



About sixty-four years ago, a promising lad named Grace Adanna Chikaogwu was born into the family of late Innocent and Marcy Ejiogu of Umuomeniho Umudagu Mbieri.  Her birth took place in Port-Harcourt where her parents lived. She was the first child/daughter of twelve children from her parents.


She started her primary education at Holy Rosary Primary School, Harbour Road Port-Harcourt and finished at St. Anthony Catholic School Igwurita, all in River State.

Young Grace Chikaogwo Adanna proceeded to Uzoagba Girl’s Secondary School in Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State. She was there until the civil war broke out. At the end of the war, she got enrolled at Ovim Girl’s Secondary School (now in Abia State) where she concluded her studies at Secondary School level.

She obtained a teacher Grade 2 Certificate after her studies at Teacher Training College Uwani Enugu, Enugu State. She gained admission into Alvan Ikoku College of Education (now Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education) Owerri, and bagged a National Certificate of education (NCE).

In 1984, her husband encouraged her to go for a degree programme because it was his wish for her to become a professor.  he wanted her to become a professor. In obedience to her husband’s desire and in response to her burning ambition for higher education, she secured admission at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, where she obtained her first and master’s degrees in Early Childhood Education.

Grace later on proceeded to University of Calabar where she bagged a Doctorate degree in Curriculum and Teaching.

At this juncture, it is noteworthy to mention that this biography of Associate Professor Grace Chikaogwu Adanna Domike will not be complete without acknowledging the major contributions of Professor Ernest Emeyonu and Dr. (Mrs.) Martina Ugorji while she lived as a mortal.

These two key figures helped to shape her key decisions that facilitated her achievements in life.

Please permit me to mention here that when she gained admission for her first degree programme, she got pregnant for her child of promise late Collins Iheanyichukwu Obumneke, she was tempted to drop the programme because of pressures but Dr. (Mrs.) Martina Ugorji encouraged her to continue.

On the part of Professor Ernest Emeyonu, he was always her mentor and counsellor and even offered her employment at Alvan Ikoku College of Education (now Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education) from where she rose to the rank of Associate Professor before her demise.

May God, the rewarder of good deeds bless them and also many other personalities so numerous to mention here for their different roles in adding value to the life of the great amazon, Associate Prof. Grace Domike.

Grace Chikaogwu Adanna got married to her husband, Nze Bob Felix Duru Nnanyeugo Domike (JP) in 1972. They wedded at Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral Uwani Enugu, now in Enugu State in 1977. The union was blessed with three biological children out of which only one survived. Until her death, she was a peace-lover, God-fearing and a straightforward person who had no room for grudges no matter how she was hurt. Though, she didn’t have many biological children, she adopted so many children and found joy and satisfaction relating with them.

Grace Domike started her career as a Primary School teacher in Enugu and Onitsha in the present Enugu and Anambra States respectively where her husband served at different times as a Customs Officer. When her husband retired voluntarily from service, she returned home and taught in so many Secondary Schools in Imo State.

When she got a master’s degree, she secured employment at Alvan Ikoku College of Education (now Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education) Owerri and became a lecturer in the Department of Early Childhood Education.

 In July 2006, she transferred her service to University of Calabar where she lectured until her demise on 21st of March, 2021.  She rose to the rank of Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching, Faculty of Education. She was the immediate past Head of the Department of Curriculum and Teaching.

Associate Professor Grace Chikaogwu Adanna Domike was a practicing Catholic and committed herself to the service of God in various capacities during her lifetime. Her commitment to God grew when she relocated to Calabar, a prayer God answered her when she had a burning desire and urgent need to leave home due to much pressure and pains.

When she lost her only son to a mysterious circumstance, she clung to God and made the Holy Spirit her best friend and even named Him her “BESTIE

She could spend hours in the Chapel conversing with the Holy Spirit.

She was the marriage class coordinator in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chaplaincy Calabar from 2015 till her demise. The first couple that wedded in the Chaplaincy got counseled by her.

Grace Domike was the first and immediate past President of Catholic Women Organization (CWO) of the OLPH Chaplaincy and also a member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Group in the Chaplaincy. Until her demise, she was a member of the Chaplaincy Pastoral Council (CPC) in the OLPH Chaplaincy Calabar.

1.Award of excellence (2008) by Curriculum and Teaching Students Association (CUTA).

2.Award of Universal Service (2009) by Curriculum and Teaching Students Association.

3.Award of NWACHINEMERE by Umuonyeali-ugo YOUTHS.

4.Award of honour as Dynamic Daughter (2018) by Catholic Women Organization (CWO) of St. Benignus Catholic Parish Ihitte Isi Mbieri.

I.Member, Curriculum Organization of Nigeria (CON)

II.Member Organization Mandate Pour L’ Education Preschola (OMEP)

III.Member Reading Association of Nigeria, Calabar Branch (RAN)

IV.Member, European Centre for Research, Training and Development (UK).

She attended several conferences within and outside Nigeria where she presented papers.

She authored and co-authored several books and also wrote many articles for both Nigerian and Foreign Journals.

She is survived by her husband, an only daughter, twelve stepchildren, five grandchildren, six brothers, two sisters and a host of adopted children, in-laws and relations.

May her gentle soul find repose in the bosom of her creator where we shall meet to part no more. Amen.

Adieu Nwachinemere

Adieu Adannaya.

Adieu Great Warrior for Christ.


Nze Bob Domike

For the Family

Recent stories
Shared by Azuatalam Joseph on March 31, 2021
I can never forget the first time I met you,  it was a fulfilling moment indeed. The kindness and welcoming spirit you showed is beyond words. We've never met, but yet you opened your loving home and warm heart to me and inspired me in ways I can't begin to describe. I remember driving right behind her till she got to church and I waved her bye bye!!  She was so happy to see me and gave me some words of wisdom and inspired me with her struggle and success stories. Mma, you are superwoman, a woman of substance and I only pray everyone you touched will be inspired by you and aspire to reach greater heights.

Amazing Grace

Shared by Kenechukwu Onwudinjo on March 30, 2021
I remember how she would fondly call me "baby" and I would say "I am not a baby" and she would respond "you are my baby". 

Craving for a mother for most of my life, I met mummy Grace at Sacred Heart Cathedral in 2008. I did not speak to her right away. She would always sit a few pews in front of me. I watched her in silence. I knew her, but she was yet to know me. I was friends with Obum. I watched her at every Mass. She was beautiful. He laughter was like a warm embrace. She had impeccable style and she loved to hang around and speak with people after Mass.

I met her officially at the bus park on the day that Obum was to leave for Ibadan for NYSC. We chatted for hours, we chatted as though we were long lost friends. We talked and laughed. We talked about ASUU and about everything else. We laughed so hard. It was easy to love her. She was graceful and kind. She wore her heart on her sleeves. So we forged a lasting relationship that came to include many wonderful people on both sides of the family. Her friends became my friends and her family became my family. Her love and prayers followed me about, from Nigeria to Canada. She never stopped praying for me. She always let me know that I was loved. But it wasn't just me, it was everyone around her. She gave what she had in excess, a heart full of love and gratitude. 
I remember speaking with Prof. Emenyonu in 2016 and he told me of the wonderful things mummy had said about me. She was kind. I am not sure what she exactly she had said to him but I know that good people bring out the best in all of us. 

Being so far away from Nigeria, I have cried alone, wiped my tears and sniffled my sorrow away. There is so much the heart can hold and so I have created this memorial website to take what I feel from my heart and put it somewhere, while I share the beautiful memories of mummy Grace with all those whom she loved and those who loved her. 
she had a big heart, she loved her family and friends. She loved people and she welcomed so many into her heart. The song you hear in the background was her favourite song. Jesus was her anchor. She always spoke about the holy spirit as her friend and comforter. She knew that she was loved and she made sure that she spread her love to touch everyone.

Her passing may never be real to me, being so faraway, all I had left was her voice and our conversations over the telephone. All I have left are memories, beautiful memories.  However, a voice deep in my heart tells me that she is at peace. She is at peace.

Rest in peace.
Rest in love
Amazing Grace.