Let the memory of Grace be with us forever
  • 93 years old
  • Born on July 13, 1923 .
  • Passed away on September 1, 2016 .

This lifetime memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Grace Cooper, who fell asleep in the Lord on September 1, 2016. 

Grace now awaits the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and the resurrection from the dead when she will be reunited with her loved ones in the Kingdom of God on the earth. 

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Posted by Jen Vortriede on 29th August 2017
Almost one year ago today, my beloved Mom took her last breath in this life. I have called my husband Eric my “true love,” but my mom was the love of my life. I miss her every day so much, and it hurts like no other pain. She was the best person I’ve ever known – so kind, so supportive and encouraging, so loving, so Christ-like. She was not only my mom – she was also my favorite traveling companion, my confidant, my cheerleader, my mentor and, in many ways, my friend. We laughed together, cried together, discussed God’s word together, hugged each other and were there for each other. Deep down in my heart, more than anything else, though, she was my Mommy, and I miss my Mommy. I rest in my blessed hope that I will see my beloved Mom again, by God’s grace. In the meantime, I will continue to miss her each and every day. I love you, Mom!!!
Posted by Sharon Feola on 19th October 2016
Grace an my mother were friends throughout their lives, born 1 day apart. Even since Mom's passing in 1996, Grace has written faithfully to me. The hand-written notes were filled with her kindness and light. Fare Well to Grace.
Posted by Peter Wisniowski on 5th October 2016
Thank you for sharing sister Jen. Now I see where you got that Hollywood smile and lovely looks from! What a lovely lady and apparently a sweet gal. I wish all of us Christadelphians can also gracefully grow to be an example of kindness and positive spirit. A picture is worth a 1,000 words and I see a proud Mom and her making it a happy home. God bless the Cooper family. May the Lord comfort and keep you all.
Posted by Lois Vandenberg on 2nd October 2016
Hello Jen & Eric - a lovely tribute to your mom. When I visited with you I remember going to visit her & doing the readings with her & how much she enjoyed it. Of course I love her name as I have a sister that shares the same name. She was so sweet & I will always remember visiting with her & how much joy it brought her. She is now asleep awaiting the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was nice that Joey could be with her while she passed. She really liked it and he was good to her. Take care. All the best to your sisters too. Hugs to all of you. Love Lois
Posted by Jen Vortriede on 1st October 2016
My beloved Mom was the most optimistic, loving, kind, compassionate, encouraging and spiritual person I’ve ever known in my life. She was always there for me, so very supportive of every decision I made. When I was a child, she wanted to know about every detail of my time at school. As an adult, even when I lived at a distance and we were talking over the phone, she wanted to hear about everything going on in my life – the ups and the downs. My mom truly loved people and was always interested in what made a person tick. When she was having a conversation with anyone, she asked a lot of questions to get to know the person better. She did that right up until close to the end of her life. I was blessed to coordinate her care for the past four years, and when I would take her to the doctor, she would even ask the doctor about their family so as to get to know him or her better. She was the best example I’ve ever had of a Christ-like person, and she is irreplaceable. Mom raised me to love the things of God and taught me all about our Heavenly Father, His son Jesus Christ, and our precious hope. During the past few years while she was living in Palm Desert, I would read the Bible to her each time I saw her, and she would often comment on what I was reading. Even though her short-term memory was no longer sharp, she remembered about the things of God and the people she loved. They were most important to her right up until the end. We both loved to travel, and I was blessed to go on many trips with Mom during my life (besides our many happy camping trips growing up), including trips to England, Scotland, Wales, many of the Canadian provinces, and several U.S. states. We also went on many trips to the Oregon Coast where we could get what we called our “ocean fix” during the 10 years I lived in Oregon. I miss Mom so very much. I spent time with her on average four to five times a week during the past four years, and my life has been turned upside down since her passing. I am confident, though, that I will see my beloved Mom again when Jesus returns to set up his Kingdom and wakes her from her sleep. I take great comfort in knowing that we will be together forever from then on. Rest in peace, Mom, until we meet again. I will always love you.

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