This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Grace Lawrence, 96 years old, born on August 14, 1925, and passed away on October 8, 2021. We will remember her forever.  She will be forever remembered through her family and the Scholarship Fund named in her honor -

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I'm found
Was blind, but now I see

'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace my fears relieved
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed

Posted by Shemar Smith on February 28, 2022
Ms Grace Lawrence Aunt Grace as she was affectionately called was a dynamic woman. She touched and inspired many lives including mine. I am sadden by her passing, I am grateful to have been a recipient of her great foundation. May her soul rest in peace.
Posted by Daniel Nelson on February 17, 2022
I am sorry for this loss for the family. She inspired the Grace Scholarship Fund that will remain as her legacy to show her love for education. As a recipient of one of the awards I am forever grateful for the opportunity presented to me because I don't know where I'd be right now if I wasn't given that start to help me ease myself into university.

May she rest in peace as she lived a good life
Daniel Nelson
Posted by Camille Barrett on February 13, 2022
To Miss. Grace Lawrence, May your crown be full of stars and may you rest in arms of our everlasting father. As a 2018 recipient of your Scholarship Fund I know first hand what a graceful person you are. Thank you for impacting my life and helping me secure higher education. You have inspired us all.
Posted by roxanne lawrence on February 4, 2022
Thank for always thinking about others and remind us about kindness and generosity.
Love Roxanne
Posted by Richard Scott on February 3, 2022
To Aunt Grace, Auntie, Grandma - I love you, I miss you. Thank you for being a strong and positive in present in my life. I have been blessed to have received your nurturing. 

Your Nephew/Grandson
Posted by Paula Martin-Scott on February 1, 2022
Recalling my memories with you makes me smile. You are truly an angel who we miss tremendously. Love you Aunt Grace.
Posted by Richard Gordon on February 1, 2022
She was an inspiration, to many and the love that she showed for orthers. She will be miss at this time Grace is smiling down from above and the Grace foundation will live on to help many and more to come. Love you Grace.
Posted by Marcia Lewis on January 29, 2022
I was so impressed by Ms. Lawrence's wealth of knowledge and her commitment and dedication to SJE throughout her many years of membership. I truly admired her. May her soul find eternal rest in the arms of the Lord.
Posted by Pauline Hutson on January 27, 2022
I met “Auntie”, as she was affectionately know by so many, through her niece, Hyacinth, in Brooklyn, New York. Auntie impressed me as a mild-mannered woman, whose humility was a trait I witnessed from meeting her around 1987, until the time of her passing.
Auntie willingly shared her intellect with students of every age, and pursued hobbies and other activities well into her nineties! What a remarkable woman! She was so selfless in her giving to others, and I pray her legacy will serve to motivate us into serving others. May her soul rest in perfect peace❤️.
Posted by Suzette Scott on January 25, 2022
To my Auntie Grace ….. Your life has been a inspiration to me with your kind but stern words that encourage me when I mess up. You always promote family time and you better have time  to sit and listen to history stories of who is related to who . A small lady but big heart who is will be miss … love always
Posted by Rissa L on January 22, 2022
From June(niece):
Words cannot capture the fullness of Aunt Grace's life. She had set gold standards for us to follow and many of us have done so through her love and guidance. As we all know Education was her greatest passion: so most of her life she spend as a teacher.
She taught students up to a few weeks before her final moments. It didn't matter if one could afford tuition or not: she taught for free when she spotted the need to do so. She also taught the mentally challenged: such a gesture is near and dear to my heart seeing I have a mentally challenged son. This attested to the great quality of her character.
While her contribution to Education was memorable it did not define the extent of her commitment to help others.
She was intently involved in her church and in the community: was awarded by Butch Stewart for her Community Service.
She loved her family and had raised some of neices and nephews and have given great financial help to family, friends and strangers.
These are just a few of the many contributions she made in her life: a life well spent. Although a woman of small statute there is no doubt she stood tall in our lives.
Rest in Peace Aunt Grace.
You are greatly missed.
June (Niece)
Posted by Bella Morris on January 20, 2022
"When we lose someone we love, we must learn not live without them. But to live with the love they left behind."
My sisters and I were blessed with a golden gem who heard about us over the radio. She then came into our lives and taught us alot. Thou weary sometimes she never gave up she kept on going. Miss Grace Lawrence you will forever be missed and loved by many. My sisters and I will never forget you, not even in a million years. Your memory will forever live on and will be talked about for many generations to come. You were a blessing to us and for the support and love you gave us I just want to say thank you.
Rest Well Golden Gem
3rd of 3ssss
Posted by Anna-Kai Morris on January 20, 2022
“How can the dead be truly dead when they still live in the souls of those who are left behind?”
Carson McCullers

Miss Grace had a heart that cared completely, that brought so much pleasure, and she had love that brought joy beyond measure. She took my sisters and I under her wings expecting nothing in return, she loved us as if we were her own. She was an angel sent to bless many with her gift of LOVE and especially EDUCATION. I am lucky to have met you and to have been loved by you.
2 of 3sss
Posted by Chantalle Mair on January 20, 2022
What a lovely and dynamic lady Aunt Grace was! Although she is no longer with us physically, her legacy is eternal through the love of her family and of that in return, her bond with Rissa (my dear friend), and the innumerable blessings and life-changing impact that will continue through Grace Scholarship Fund. I am honored to have in her presence (albeit virtually) at the annual GSF Scholarship Reception only a few weeks before she passed. What a force she was! Sending love to Rissa, Ms. Cindy, and the entire family. I am envisioning Aunt Grace chatting it up with my Aunt Globs, who was also a teach and who recently passed away...also at 96. Rest in light, love, and peace Aunt Grace. 
Posted by Anna-Faith Morris on January 20, 2022
"For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Sovereign Lord. Repent and live!" - Ezekial 18:32
Although unheard, I want to thank you for your undying love, your support, guidance, teachings and most of all you being a mother to me and also my best friend. It’s been a privilege to have known you.
Miss Lawrence was an ICON and will remain an icon. She is more than a blessing. My sisters and I were very lucky to have gotten a Gold in human form. What I want to say cannot be summarized so I’ll say no more. Miss Lawrence I still love and respect you dearly.
You are in paradise, God bless you.
1 of 3sss
Posted by Adam Bogle on January 17, 2022
I am saddened to hear about the passing of such a respectable person who has personally assisted my advancement in university studies. It is without any doubt Ms. Lawrence has positively impacted the lives of hundreds if not thousands of students, whether through her work as a teacher or philanthropist.
My condolences go out to her loved ones at this time.
Posted by Gilbert Scott on January 17, 2022
Gone but not forgotten.. memories will always linger. You have left a legacy and day by day they are revealed... Harry
Posted by Lori-Ann McPherson on January 17, 2022
Gone but still remains in our Heart ❤️
We little knew that morning;
God was going to call your name,
In life we loved you dearly,
On death we do the same.
It broke out hearts to lose you,
You did not go alone,
For part of us went with you,
The day God called you home.
You left us beautiful memories,
Your love is still our guide,
And though we cannot see you,
You're always at our side.
Our chain is broken,
And nothing seems the same,
But as God calls us one by one,
The chain will link again.
We miss you dearly Aunt Grace.
Rest Well Queen
Posted by Tanesha Lawrence on January 16, 2022
In honor of Aunt Grace,
The Bible tells us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Aunt Grace truly lived out this command to completion. She lived selflessly sharing her wisdom, natural gifts, time and love to countless people around her. She has left an amazing legacy and life to model.
May she enjoy her reward of eternal life healed and whole in the Father's love.
With love,
Posted by Nadine Lee-Ricketts on January 16, 2022
Rest In Peace my Spanish teacher. You’re one of the two teachers at Immaculate who made me love learning Spanish and who eventually inspired me to become a Spanish teacher in Jamaica. Heaven has another Angel. My condolences to all the family.
Posted by Cherry Whittaker on January 15, 2022
My dear Aunt Grace has led a life of caring, graciousness and compassion to the fullest. She was a loving person who opened her arms to all those in need who she encountered. Her contributions to education are priceless and she herself was a life-long learner. She has left an undeniably positive impact on all who had the pleasure of coming in contact with her. I am forevermore proud and blessed to have her as my aunt.
Posted by Elouise Oldfield Demestic... on January 13, 2022
Miss Lawrence, affectionately known as Auntie Grace, was my Geography teacher at Immaculate Conception High School, all the way to A-levels.

She was phenomenal. Miss Lawrence was soft-spoken and gentle, yet firm and authoritative. She gained the respect of her students and got results from them. What is more, she influenced many of our lives well beyond the classroom.

Amazingly, Auntie Grace and I remained in contact and spoke with each other up to just a few weeks before her passing. With the help of Hyacinth, her niece, I saw Miss Lawrence whenever she came to visit her in Florida.

Miss Lawrence enjoyed her birthday parties, hosted by Hyacinth, well into her nineties. She called me at least twice a year. It was such a joy for me to hear about her teaching/learning activities and to bring her up to date with mine. Miss Lawrence often inquired about some of her former students with whom she wanted to contact, and would solicit my help. I felt so good when Miss. Lawrence met my daughter a few years ago. She certainly positively influenced the lives of many, spanning generations. She will live on in my memory. May her soul rest in peace in God’s loving arms.
Posted by June King on January 12, 2022
I met auntie as a child. She seemed to be always sharing, HERSELF, with others. As a lucky recipient of that kindness;I remember her patiently listening as I expressed my fears and concerns about life.Her input was to challenge me to find my inner strength to conquer my fears. Learning that from her I was able to share this strategy with others.To all of us that have had any encounter with her,I will dare to say we are are lucky God loaned her to us for awhile. 
Posted by Tamara Stephenson on January 11, 2022
Good day...... I am Tamara Stephenson a former Grace scholarship fund recipient. On behalf of my family and friends, I want to thank you all for being here today. Ms. Grace has lived a life that was filled with  joy , happiness and so much to give ❤ . I met Ms. Grace on the 31st of August 2019,she was such a strong  and beautiful lady with such a beautiful smile. I was so nervous when I went to the reception, but when I saw her  smiled at me I felt comfortable. I know I only met her for a day but for that moment It felt like years . I'm saddened to hear the news about her passing ,it is a blessing that she was present in our lives  and for that I'm grateful.  Words can't explain how much she meant to all of us ,It is indeed sad to lose a loved one but we won't forget how much she bless all of us . My condolences to Ms Grace family and friends and all who knew her. she will always be remembered in our hearts.
Revelation 21:4 .... He will wipe every tear from their eyes and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain . All these things are gone forever. Amen.
Posted by Jeanne Croskery on January 10, 2022
Miss Lawrence, Aunty Grace, taught me Geography at ICHS for 5 years , 1967-71.
Small in stature, she easily kept the class of 30+ girls controlled & entertained. Her love for the subject & her immense skill at imparting not only the required material, but many other interesting facts endeared her to all of us. She managed to be strict, whilst letting us know she cared about us individually, so naturally we loved her in return.
After she formally retired, we stayed in touch, & for the last five years of her life I visited fairly regularly, as I was so inspired by her gentle, unassuming ways, & her independent spirit, not to mention her mind & memory which were undiminished by time.
She left an amazing legacy, this woman who could lovingly call hundreds of people “her children/students”. She will never be forgotten
Posted by Rissa L on January 9, 2022
On behalf of family friend: Norma

Tribute to Auntie Grace Lawrence
It is a privilege and honor to pay respect to Auntie Grace Lawrence. She was a trailblazer, an icon, and an individual whose generosity knew no bounds
  She was fearless, strong, wise, kind and a passionate advocate for the betterment of humanity. She always did everything in her power to assist the people especially the children in her community to be the best that they can. In many respect through her work and her deeds she was to me the embodiment of the often used phrase “ No child left behind.”
  Yes she was an A one educator by day, but she worked around the clock to make sure all her students received a solid education and the tools necessary to navigate real world experiences. The world will miss this shining star but her legacy lives on.
     R. I. P Auntie Grace
    Much Love ❤️
Posted by Jackie Smith on January 8, 2022
When I think of Aunty (Aunt Grace to many), I think about the way she lights up when she share about teaching and helping children in school, at her home and her Sunday School classes. I once told her that she should write a book because she had so much to share and was thrilled when she shared that she was putting her story in a book ( a note book written in pen not typed). I remember when she visited me one summer while I served as Acting Principal at summer school and she would call me every few months and we would talk mostly about school and she would tell me all about the students she was tutoring. She felt that she had so much to give and so she never took for granted her role as a teacher.
My last face to face contact was us enjoying a fish dinner in Florida. Aunty, you are one of a kind and I can bet you have a group of young people tutoring in heaven! May you Rest In Peace!
Posted by Kemona Nelson on January 8, 2022
Aunt Grace was a very beautiful soul that impacted persons from all walks of life including the education sector. It was a pleasure being able to meet Aunt Grace before her passing. My condolences to all her family members and closest friends. Aunt Grace will always be remembered and her impact will never be forgotten. A life that touches others goes on forever. Rest in peace Aunt Grace.
Posted by Monique Shakes on January 8, 2022
I just want to express my condolences to the family. Aunty Grace lived an exceptional life and she left a great legacy for her family. I have no doubt that she has a special place in heaven.
Posted by Davon McKenzie on January 8, 2022
A role model, an inspiration. She was dearly loved by those whom she knew and knew her. She left a lasting mark on lives, a mark that is cherished and deeply valued. An educator that was passionately not just about teach, but that those whom taught learnt. 
Posted by Lourdez Anderson on January 7, 2022
Blessed greetings all. My condolences goes out to the immediately family and friends of our beloved Grace Lawrence. May her beautiful soul rest in perfect peace.

Having met Grace for just a short period, I could tell of the wonderful lady she was. She was a woman full of wisdom and courage, she was so kind hearted and helpful and I am beyond blessed and honored to have met her and to have benefitted from the good that she have done.

As she is no longer with us in the living, and now watches over us from above, may your hearts be bless knowing that you have lost an angel on earth which now watches us from above.
sleep on my love. You are greatly missed.
Posted by Shemar Cunningham on January 7, 2022
What an honor it was to have known you for such a short yet a memorial time ❤️ Great are things you’ve done in your time here on this land, now you’re home with your Father, hand in hand
You’ll be greatly missed by many love ones, but we all know you’re in a better place, high above the odds gracefully loving us from a distance…
Posted by Toni-Ann Baker on January 7, 2022
A truly wonderful and amazing woman she was. She will be greatly missed. She left an indelible mark on each and every life she encountered and touched. Ms. Lawrence was truly a woman of GOD and may her soul certainly Rest In Peace.
Posted by Odean Anderson on January 7, 2022
My sincere condolences to the family of Grace Lawrence. While I was never able to meet her in person I was, through her life and her example granted her Grace in name and action. Thank you for the life you lived and the love you gave, the time you invested on Earth was not wasted and your memory and example will live on through all your light touched.
Posted by Judy Eller on January 7, 2022
It was my good fortune to have have known Grace. The name describes her best. She was a lady of Grace with many talents. She was an inspiration to all who knew her. She had a life well lived, sharing her love and knowledge and reaching so many. She will be missed.
Posted by Colleen Warner on January 6, 2022
My Aunt Grace was a very loving and caring aunt. She built a path of good that we all can follow.


I remember when I was small,
And you were kind and sweet.
You really haven't changed a bit.
You put everyone at ease.

I knew that you were thoughtful,
And, today, you're still the same.
You showed your love to others,
And that has never changed.

You've always been right there for us
In good times and bad.
You laughed with us in happy times
And cried with us in sad.

You've always been a special aunt,
As special as can be.
More than that - you've been a friend,
A cherished friend to me.


Your niece
Posted by Patricia Lindo Lawrence on January 5, 2022
Forever in our hearts. We love and miss you aunt Grace!
Posted by Tafari Kelly on January 5, 2022
It is of great importance that I take this time to express my sincere condolence to the Bereaving family and friends of Aunt Grace. I’m one of the Scholarship recipients of the GSF who has gotten the opportunity to meet her and it was truly a blessing to listen to her as she encouraged and motivated us to excel and reach our full potential. It’s saddens my heart as I wasn’t expecting her to leave us so soon but as they always say, “ God always take the best.“ Sleep well Aunt Grace, you’ll always be in our hearts ♥️.
Posted by Daniel Carnagie on January 5, 2022
My deepest condolences go out to Aunty Grace family and friends. I am a recipient of the Grace Fund scholarship and I am happy that I got the chance to meet a wonderful friend, mentor, family, and teacher. Aunty grace is a mighty women who have touch so many with her inspirational story. When I got the email that I received the Grace fund scholarship I immediately burst into tears. Aunty Grace as help me understand that there are caring, kind, loving, and helpful people in the world. Love you auntie, I know you are dancing with the angels in haven.
Posted by Mikaela Mitchell on January 4, 2022
My deepest condolences to Aunty Grace’s family and dearest friend. We are all very blessed to have experienced first hand the impact Aunty Grace has made. I am a recipient of one of the numerous Grace Fund Scholarships of which I am grateful. Sitting here and reading all about what Aunty Grace has done for us all has truly touched me. It is a true blessing when someone is as selfless as Aunty Grace and continuously pours out into others the way she has. She is an amazing woman and all that she has done for us is well appreciated and she will continue to live on, through us, as we continue to apply all that we have learnt from her. Thank you so much Aunty Grace.
Posted by Chavoun Miller on January 4, 2022
My dearest condolences to the family and friends of Grace Lawrence. I had the honour to speak to her before her unfortunate passing and her words of encouragement did not fall on deaf ears. Earth has truly lost an angel and she has definitely impacted the lives of many including myself. May her sould REST IN PEACE.
Posted by Rissa L on January 1, 2022
Love you forever and always, Auntie!!
Posted by SONYA ARMSTRONG on December 31, 2021
Miss you very much Aunty:
I reached for my phone to give you a call -
Then I remembered you were now a Triumphant Aunt. I do miss our conversations that traversed all fields of study.
Posted by Marcia Magnus on December 30, 2021
Miss Lawrence was the epitome of GRACE! She loved her students and her love oozed out of her in the classroom to her students.

She was one of my favorite memories at Immaculate.

Her students have been the beneficiaries of her grace. A blessing indeed!
On behalf of all her students, we are forever grateful to have been blessed by her presence!
Posted by Hyacinth Lawrence on December 30, 2021
Tribute to GRACE LAWRENCE on behalf of her former colleagues and students of the Immaculate Conception High School

Miss Lawrence, “Gracie” was loved and respected by all her colleagues who recognized her as a “teacher par excellence” who was truly gifted. Teaching was not just a career or vocation for her, it was her life. Every student was able to learn from her—the most distracted, unco-operative and unfocussed, was able to learn what “Auntie Grace” taught in Geography and Spanish which were the two main subjects areas in which she specialized at Immaculate. She did not just teach subjects—she taught students—she taught them to learn and to love to learn.

A confident teacher, she was gentle , humble, kind, but firm in maintaining a high standard of discipline at all times. Miss Lawrence was creative and innovative and brought many excellent ideas to our Senior Teachers’ meetings, thus enhancing the growth of the entire school. She is remembered most for introducing the idea of a Prize-Giving Ceremony for Grades 7 to 10 as well as Grades 12 & 13.  This gave the good, hard-working, high-achieving students a chance to shine throughout all their school years and not just at Graduation. She felt it acted as motivation and competition for all, and she was right.

She always wanted to play the piano and so after her retirement, she could be seen once or twice a week, walking up the driveway to the Music Hall for her piano and theory lessons from Miss Pauline Gordon. She was very much admired for this, especially as she went on to do the Royal School of Music examinations, both in Theory as well as the Practical.  

We know that she never really stopped teaching until recently when she fell ill. She stands out as one of our unsung Jamaican heroes who quietly brought about significant change in the many, many young lives she touched.

To her family, especially her niece, Hyacinth, a former student at Immaculate, the Immaculate family sends our sympathy, condolence and prayers for strength and the hope of being re-united with her in heaven when that time comes. May her soul rest in peace.

Posted by Hyacinth
Posted by Shayna Wedderburn on December 29, 2021
Aunt Grace,

I miss you dearly! Your memory lives on through all of us, especially through Rissa & the Grace Scholarship Fund. Your life impacted so many, and will continue to change lives through educational support. You've left a legacy to be so so so proud of! It was an honour to know you & be loved by you.

Love always,
Posted by Hyacinth Lawrence on December 29, 2021
Amazing Auntie Grace,

You will be missed forever by all whose lives you have touched.

Posted by Claudet McCown on December 11, 2021
Hyacinth and Charissa,
From: Valerie Williams

There are no words of condolence that can comfort you both at this very sad time.  I pray, however, that you wil receive comfort knowing that Auntie, a devout Christian, humble servant of God, influential community leader and selfless educator has finished her course with an A* grade.  She is now with the One to whom she belongs.  The One whose path she emulated.  The angels escorted her to Paradise where she is resting in Peace and Power with that little smile on her face and sparkle in her eyes with which we all are familiar.

It was a pleasure to escort your proud, strong and resilient Auntie back to Jamaica on that flight which I believe was her last visit with you both.  I was so Blessed to have known her. 

"And He will raise her up on eagles' wings
Bear her on the breath of dawn
Make her to shine like the sun
And hold her in the palm of His hand"
Posted by Claudet McCown on December 10, 2021

She was wise and calm and kind. She understood each of us and managed all the personalities in her own unruffled way. She never raised her voice but commanded us with quiet dignity to observe all her rules. We knew what she expected from us and she never backed down from those standards. A great lady and a patient, understanding mentor.
May her soul rest in peace. Walk good Auntie Grace.

Lynda Mair
Patterson Mair Hamilton | Attorneys-at-Law
Posted by Claudet McCown on December 10, 2021

From Jennifer Peel/Yong
> So sad, a part of all of us has moved on and as we share this solemn moment, I smile as I remember sharing birthday cake with her, getting a special tour of her castle, hearing her in the present as we did so many decades ago - treasures. May she find peace and happiness
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Posted by Shemar Smith on February 28, 2022
Ms Grace Lawrence Aunt Grace as she was affectionately called was a dynamic woman. She touched and inspired many lives including mine. I am sadden by her passing, I am grateful to have been a recipient of her great foundation. May her soul rest in peace.
Posted by Daniel Nelson on February 17, 2022
I am sorry for this loss for the family. She inspired the Grace Scholarship Fund that will remain as her legacy to show her love for education. As a recipient of one of the awards I am forever grateful for the opportunity presented to me because I don't know where I'd be right now if I wasn't given that start to help me ease myself into university.

May she rest in peace as she lived a good life
Daniel Nelson
Posted by Camille Barrett on February 13, 2022
To Miss. Grace Lawrence, May your crown be full of stars and may you rest in arms of our everlasting father. As a 2018 recipient of your Scholarship Fund I know first hand what a graceful person you are. Thank you for impacting my life and helping me secure higher education. You have inspired us all.
her Life
Grace Leonora Lawrence (Auntie Grace, Auntie) was the third of seven chiidren and the second of two girls born in a quet district in the bread basket parish of St. Elizabeth.   Her parents were Mary and Leonard, who both were esteemed educators.  Her father was a headmaster and her mother was a senior teacher - so, it was no accident that Grace decided to pursue teaching as a way of life.

Her early education started in rural Jamaica where she excelled at school -- from the primary level to the secondary level.  She did her early teacher's training at Shortwood Teacher's College. She spent years working as an educator in Westomreland and.St. Mary.  Then she moved on to the seondary level where she taught at Oberlin High, ST. ANDREW  .  After this, she emigrated to Canada to further her  studies where she graduated with a degree in Education from Canada’s or prestigious .....Queens Univerity.  After returning to Jamaica, she made her indelible mark as a teacher at Immaculate Conception High School where she worked as a teacher for  well over 30 years.  She was a versatile teacher who taught, English, Mathematics, Geography,Spanish.  Ms Lawrence was the Girl Guides leader for years.  She volunteered her lunch time at a school with disabled children then she would return punctually on campus to put on a stellar performance as usual ,as a teacher.

Then came  retirement which she wasn’t anxious about  however she insulated her mind against senile decay by founding her  Verandah based school  she named, HopeRidge Academy.  From that small verandah she helped nunerous students -  school age and adults, usually @ no charge. She supervised and proctored exams   Auntie Grace also enhanced  her own   education and became a student of French, piano lessons, sign language...she even dabbled a little in German! 

Her love for teaching was also shared with her church as she was a Sunday School Teacher and  Superindent right here at St. Johns for many years.  This church nurtured her spirtufal growth for almost 5 decades. Covid restriction not with standing, she attended church.    In fact, Saturday August 14th was her 96th birthday and Auntie Grace went to church the day after to make sure receive her blessings  She came home blessed and elated that the congregation regailed her with a beautiful rendition of the "Happy Birthday" song.  Ironically, until now, that was her last appearance.... alive at this church.   

Outside of the academic arena, Auntie Grace was a mother to many of her relatives and community friends.  Her spiritual philantopy of giving back was very alive in her.  She helped people none of us even knew about until after her passing.  She loved her family. She had a special love for her six siblings and all their offsprings.   Many of you in this room lived with her for some years and in some cases, many, many years.   Some had financial help from her, some had academic help but ALL of us have benefitted from her wisdom and advice.  She loved her family—those here in Jamaica,, those in the USA, Those in Canada and in Europe.

Auntie was loved by all of us.  in fact, she was loved by Jamaica in general.  Although she would be considered an unsung hero, she recieved the Butch Stewart Community award in the sector of education,  the Royal school of music award and  awards in other areas.  She did none of her  hard work for recognition, she was a real silent giant.
As they say, all good things must come to an end.  In this case, I should say all GREAT  things come to an end.  Because, Grace Leonara Lawrence, a Phenom of her time was genuinely Great.  She ran her race and finished with an A. Finally,  the Lord called her home peacefully on Friday, October 8th, where she will now join the others around Gods golden throne. ....goodbye auntie

Recent stories

The teacher in her.

Shared by Claudet McCown on January 27, 2022
So Aunt Grace gifting is to teach. A memorable moment was over  ten years ago. As we were at a family reunion at Dunn’s River Falls, she commenced to share how the geographical shape of Jamaica has changed due to the constant hurricanes at that time. So I knew she fulfilled her destiny and calling by being a teacher.

Well done Aunt Grace.!!!!

She epitomizes her name by glorifying God with her gift whether at school,  church or with family and friends. 

Tribute To Grace Lawrence

Shared by SONYA ARMSTRONG on December 29, 2021
Grace Lawrence – A Proverbs 31 Woman! A woman of Grace, Gracefulness and Graciousness.

I am truly blessed to have known Grace Lawrence (Aunty) for almost half a century. What a blessing!

Did her parents know 96 years ago that when they named their newborn girl “Grace” that she would live into her name? Did they know that she would grow up to epitomize the many meanings behind her name? Did they know that there are more than 206 references of the word grace in the King James Version of the Bible – and that all 206 would describe Aunty?

One of the Many Meanings of Grace – and the one that I will highlight is: “Something that is good and given without requiring anything in return”. That is who Grace Lawrence was. A woman who gave of her time, her treasures, and her talents. – The hundreds of students she tutored from her Veranda or (over the phone during the Coved_19 Pandemic) will agree with me that this definition of grace truly describes the woman “Grace Lawrence” Auntie to most. Even in her 90’s and just a few weeks before she returned to her maker, I watched and listened as Auntie “Grace” gave accolades to students who were recipients of scholarships from the “Grace Fund,” a charitable organization that bears her name.

From the Young People’s Dictionary of Religious Terms – I found the following statement: “Grace is a wonderful word! – But to experience God’s grace is the most wonderful of all”

I thank God that I was able to experience “Grace” Lawrence.

May her soul forever rest in Peace and May Light Perpetual Shine on her.

Sleep on Aunt Grace take your Well-deserved rest.

Sonya Armstrong, Ph. D.

Friend, honorary niece, and mentee.

The Ubiquitous Auntie

Shared by Vilma Campbell on December 25, 2021
I met Auntie many years ago through her niece/daughter Cindy who is my bestie.  She embraced me like another daughter.I have interacted with her in Jamaica, New York and Fort Lauderdale. Myself and my young daughter stayed in her home a night or two many years ago. No Cindy.  I sent my daughter to spend a part of her summer with relatives in Kingston and I made arrangements for her to receive tutoring from auntie while she was there.  I was with her and the rest of the family at Charissa's undergrad graduation. I have been with the family to Dunns river falls and a district in St Ann where aunt  Grace  had relatives (forgot  the name of the district I think it  is Clermont).I took her to a recital of the Bethune Cookman University choir in Lauderdale Lakes Florida (just us two) many years ago.   Need I say more? She was auntie to everybody and I called her the ubiquitous auntie in her birthday cards.She got a kick out of it. Rest in peace dear auntie