This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Grace Lawrence, 96 years old, born on August 14, 1925, and passed away on October 8, 2021. We will remember her forever.  She will be forever remembered through her family and the Scholarship Fund named in her honor -

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I'm found
Was blind, but now I see

'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace my fears relieved
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed

Posted by Claudet McCown on December 10, 2021
….on the passing of Aunty Grace.
What an amazing lady!
I’d like to forward you a few of what some of the “girls” wrote when I emailed this morning to advise she’d passed peacefully!
I know she was special to you & you were very special to her.
May her soul Rest In Peace.
Love & blessings
Posted by Claudet McCown on December 10, 2021
She meant so much to us who had her for Geography. She really did bring her class alive with her enthusiasm and unrelenting spirit. I can still remember when she described the trade winds and drew the directions they blew; or when she described and named the different cloud types. It made you run outside and look up at them. The one class that will always stick with me was when she taught about fjords and sounds. I knew about fjords but not about sounds; she used the Milford sound as an example so off I went to get more information on it. Some 45 or so years later when my Friends and Family travel group decided to visit down-under I requested that they include a visit to Milford Sound in New Zealand, even though it would add another day to the itinerary. Off we went on a 3-hr journey, and about half-way there the scenery completely changed, as we entered a gorge with steep snow covered mountains on both sides and rushing glacial blue waters falling everywhere into the river. There were so many oohs and aahs and cameras clicking; and this was all before we got to sail on Milford Sound. So Carol, they asked, how did you know about this place; we've never heard of it. I proudly them about my wonderful teacher Grace Lawrence who, in a way, was teaching a class in real time. I did tell her about it and she said she hoped it had lived up to our expectations. Of course it far exceeded it; and was one of the highlights of our trip. As I said to Hyacinth, her legacy is secure and endures. May her soul rest in peace.

Posted by Claudet McCown on December 10, 2021
When we first met Miss Lawrence, she seemed to be a strict, no-nonsense teacher who would hold our feet to the fire if we didn’tcomplete the required readings for class. However, as we got to know her better, we found her to have a genuine interest in the subjects she taught, especially geography. She was the person who first introduced me to the city of “Tampa”, telling us that it is the 8th largest port, tonnage wise; a fact I treasured since I’ve lived in Tampa for the last 44years. She instilled a quest for knowledge into us ordinary students and made us feel we were capable of achieving anything we wanted. Miss Lawrence treated her students with dignity and respect no matter whothey were or where they came, and in turn created a standard by which she was regarded by all of us. It is for this very reason that I consider her an extraordinary person with endless influence…she was a teacher who taught from the heart.

Saints of God, come to her aid
Hasten to meet her, angels of the Lord
Receive her soul and present her to God the most High.
Posted by Claudet McCown on December 10, 2021
Dearest Cindy:      
       That was a beautiful celebration. Everything said was spot-on accurate. Brought me to tears listening and remembering how I often tested Miss Lawrence’s patience in Geography class and she never once displayed any hint of exasperation or need for retribution, unlike my other teachers, including the nuns and St. Maureen Clare. I genuinely mean it when I said that she was my best teacher. I know God has welcomed her with open arms to her eternal classroom. I know she must have influenced your choice to follow in her footsteps as a dedicated educator. You are her legacy and I pray that you will always draw strength and comfort from your memories of your time together.❤️
Posted by Claudet McCown on December 7, 2021
Good afternoon
My condolences on the passing of your Aunt Grace.
I used to call her 'Amazing of all the Graces'
She certainly was. May the angels lead her into paradise.
May her soul rest in ☮️ Peace.
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Posted by Shemar Smith on February 28, 2022
Ms Grace Lawrence Aunt Grace as she was affectionately called was a dynamic woman. She touched and inspired many lives including mine. I am sadden by her passing, I am grateful to have been a recipient of her great foundation. May her soul rest in peace.
Posted by Daniel Nelson on February 17, 2022
I am sorry for this loss for the family. She inspired the Grace Scholarship Fund that will remain as her legacy to show her love for education. As a recipient of one of the awards I am forever grateful for the opportunity presented to me because I don't know where I'd be right now if I wasn't given that start to help me ease myself into university.

May she rest in peace as she lived a good life
Daniel Nelson
Posted by Camille Barrett on February 13, 2022
To Miss. Grace Lawrence, May your crown be full of stars and may you rest in arms of our everlasting father. As a 2018 recipient of your Scholarship Fund I know first hand what a graceful person you are. Thank you for impacting my life and helping me secure higher education. You have inspired us all.
her Life
Grace Leonora Lawrence (Auntie Grace, Auntie) was the third of seven chiidren and the second of two girls born in a quet district in the bread basket parish of St. Elizabeth.   Her parents were Mary and Leonard, who both were esteemed educators.  Her father was a headmaster and her mother was a senior teacher - so, it was no accident that Grace decided to pursue teaching as a way of life.

Her early education started in rural Jamaica where she excelled at school -- from the primary level to the secondary level.  She did her early teacher's training at Shortwood Teacher's College. She spent years working as an educator in Westomreland and.St. Mary.  Then she moved on to the seondary level where she taught at Oberlin High, ST. ANDREW  .  After this, she emigrated to Canada to further her  studies where she graduated with a degree in Education from Canada’s or prestigious .....Queens Univerity.  After returning to Jamaica, she made her indelible mark as a teacher at Immaculate Conception High School where she worked as a teacher for  well over 30 years.  She was a versatile teacher who taught, English, Mathematics, Geography,Spanish.  Ms Lawrence was the Girl Guides leader for years.  She volunteered her lunch time at a school with disabled children then she would return punctually on campus to put on a stellar performance as usual ,as a teacher.

Then came  retirement which she wasn’t anxious about  however she insulated her mind against senile decay by founding her  Verandah based school  she named, HopeRidge Academy.  From that small verandah she helped nunerous students -  school age and adults, usually @ no charge. She supervised and proctored exams   Auntie Grace also enhanced  her own   education and became a student of French, piano lessons, sign language...she even dabbled a little in German! 

Her love for teaching was also shared with her church as she was a Sunday School Teacher and  Superindent right here at St. Johns for many years.  This church nurtured her spirtufal growth for almost 5 decades. Covid restriction not with standing, she attended church.    In fact, Saturday August 14th was her 96th birthday and Auntie Grace went to church the day after to make sure receive her blessings  She came home blessed and elated that the congregation regailed her with a beautiful rendition of the "Happy Birthday" song.  Ironically, until now, that was her last appearance.... alive at this church.   

Outside of the academic arena, Auntie Grace was a mother to many of her relatives and community friends.  Her spiritual philantopy of giving back was very alive in her.  She helped people none of us even knew about until after her passing.  She loved her family. She had a special love for her six siblings and all their offsprings.   Many of you in this room lived with her for some years and in some cases, many, many years.   Some had financial help from her, some had academic help but ALL of us have benefitted from her wisdom and advice.  She loved her family—those here in Jamaica,, those in the USA, Those in Canada and in Europe.

Auntie was loved by all of us.  in fact, she was loved by Jamaica in general.  Although she would be considered an unsung hero, she recieved the Butch Stewart Community award in the sector of education,  the Royal school of music award and  awards in other areas.  She did none of her  hard work for recognition, she was a real silent giant.
As they say, all good things must come to an end.  In this case, I should say all GREAT  things come to an end.  Because, Grace Leonara Lawrence, a Phenom of her time was genuinely Great.  She ran her race and finished with an A. Finally,  the Lord called her home peacefully on Friday, October 8th, where she will now join the others around Gods golden throne. ....goodbye auntie

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The teacher in her.

Shared by Claudet McCown on January 27, 2022
So Aunt Grace gifting is to teach. A memorable moment was over  ten years ago. As we were at a family reunion at Dunn’s River Falls, she commenced to share how the geographical shape of Jamaica has changed due to the constant hurricanes at that time. So I knew she fulfilled her destiny and calling by being a teacher.

Well done Aunt Grace.!!!!

She epitomizes her name by glorifying God with her gift whether at school,  church or with family and friends. 

Tribute To Grace Lawrence

Shared by SONYA ARMSTRONG on December 29, 2021
Grace Lawrence – A Proverbs 31 Woman! A woman of Grace, Gracefulness and Graciousness.

I am truly blessed to have known Grace Lawrence (Aunty) for almost half a century. What a blessing!

Did her parents know 96 years ago that when they named their newborn girl “Grace” that she would live into her name? Did they know that she would grow up to epitomize the many meanings behind her name? Did they know that there are more than 206 references of the word grace in the King James Version of the Bible – and that all 206 would describe Aunty?

One of the Many Meanings of Grace – and the one that I will highlight is: “Something that is good and given without requiring anything in return”. That is who Grace Lawrence was. A woman who gave of her time, her treasures, and her talents. – The hundreds of students she tutored from her Veranda or (over the phone during the Coved_19 Pandemic) will agree with me that this definition of grace truly describes the woman “Grace Lawrence” Auntie to most. Even in her 90’s and just a few weeks before she returned to her maker, I watched and listened as Auntie “Grace” gave accolades to students who were recipients of scholarships from the “Grace Fund,” a charitable organization that bears her name.

From the Young People’s Dictionary of Religious Terms – I found the following statement: “Grace is a wonderful word! – But to experience God’s grace is the most wonderful of all”

I thank God that I was able to experience “Grace” Lawrence.

May her soul forever rest in Peace and May Light Perpetual Shine on her.

Sleep on Aunt Grace take your Well-deserved rest.

Sonya Armstrong, Ph. D.

Friend, honorary niece, and mentee.

The Ubiquitous Auntie

Shared by Vilma Campbell on December 25, 2021
I met Auntie many years ago through her niece/daughter Cindy who is my bestie.  She embraced me like another daughter.I have interacted with her in Jamaica, New York and Fort Lauderdale. Myself and my young daughter stayed in her home a night or two many years ago. No Cindy.  I sent my daughter to spend a part of her summer with relatives in Kingston and I made arrangements for her to receive tutoring from auntie while she was there.  I was with her and the rest of the family at Charissa's undergrad graduation. I have been with the family to Dunns river falls and a district in St Ann where aunt  Grace  had relatives (forgot  the name of the district I think it  is Clermont).I took her to a recital of the Bethune Cookman University choir in Lauderdale Lakes Florida (just us two) many years ago.   Need I say more? She was auntie to everybody and I called her the ubiquitous auntie in her birthday cards.She got a kick out of it. Rest in peace dear auntie