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The teacher in her.

Shared by Claudet McCown on January 27, 2022
So Aunt Grace gifting is to teach. A memorable moment was over  ten years ago. As we were at a family reunion at Dunn’s River Falls, she commenced to share how the geographical shape of Jamaica has changed due to the constant hurricanes at that time. So I knew she fulfilled her destiny and calling by being a teacher.

Well done Aunt Grace.!!!!

She epitomizes her name by glorifying God with her gift whether at school,  church or with family and friends. 

Tribute To Grace Lawrence

Shared by SONYA ARMSTRONG on December 29, 2021
Grace Lawrence – A Proverbs 31 Woman! A woman of Grace, Gracefulness and Graciousness.

I am truly blessed to have known Grace Lawrence (Aunty) for almost half a century. What a blessing!

Did her parents know 96 years ago that when they named their newborn girl “Grace” that she would live into her name? Did they know that she would grow up to epitomize the many meanings behind her name? Did they know that there are more than 206 references of the word grace in the King James Version of the Bible – and that all 206 would describe Aunty?

One of the Many Meanings of Grace – and the one that I will highlight is: “Something that is good and given without requiring anything in return”. That is who Grace Lawrence was. A woman who gave of her time, her treasures, and her talents. – The hundreds of students she tutored from her Veranda or (over the phone during the Coved_19 Pandemic) will agree with me that this definition of grace truly describes the woman “Grace Lawrence” Auntie to most. Even in her 90’s and just a few weeks before she returned to her maker, I watched and listened as Auntie “Grace” gave accolades to students who were recipients of scholarships from the “Grace Fund,” a charitable organization that bears her name.

From the Young People’s Dictionary of Religious Terms – I found the following statement: “Grace is a wonderful word! – But to experience God’s grace is the most wonderful of all”

I thank God that I was able to experience “Grace” Lawrence.

May her soul forever rest in Peace and May Light Perpetual Shine on her.

Sleep on Aunt Grace take your Well-deserved rest.

Sonya Armstrong, Ph. D.

Friend, honorary niece, and mentee.

The Ubiquitous Auntie

Shared by Vilma Campbell on December 25, 2021
I met Auntie many years ago through her niece/daughter Cindy who is my bestie.  She embraced me like another daughter.I have interacted with her in Jamaica, New York and Fort Lauderdale. Myself and my young daughter stayed in her home a night or two many years ago. No Cindy.  I sent my daughter to spend a part of her summer with relatives in Kingston and I made arrangements for her to receive tutoring from auntie while she was there.  I was with her and the rest of the family at Charissa's undergrad graduation. I have been with the family to Dunns river falls and a district in St Ann where aunt  Grace  had relatives (forgot  the name of the district I think it  is Clermont).I took her to a recital of the Bethune Cookman University choir in Lauderdale Lakes Florida (just us two) many years ago.   Need I say more? She was auntie to everybody and I called her the ubiquitous auntie in her birthday cards.She got a kick out of it. Rest in peace dear auntie
Shared by Dennis Francis on December 15, 2021
My name is Dennis Francis. I was born in Enfield, St. Mary and attended Enfield Primary school until 1960 when I left to attend high school in Kingston. I was most privileged to be under the private tutelage of Miss Lawrence for many years. Unfortunately, she departed for Oberlin High school before I left. She was the most caring and dedicated teacher I ever had. Her expectations of me were extremely high. Consequently, it motivated me to reach for the sky.
Although I have not seen her for many years, she has left an indelible influence on me. Today I am a retired Computer Scientist and all my successes in life can be partially attributed to her. 

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