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Love from Liz

August 31, 2009

   Aunt Grace was more like a sister to me. She was only a few years older than me. I always looked up to her. She took care of us at times when we were young. I remember making fudge together.

    Yes, she had a very shiny belt named "Jenny". She never used it, but it kept us kids in line. Not an easy job as there was so many of us. We all always loved her. I remember she got burned badly over a large part of her body, but she stayed very proud of her appearances. In fact she was always very beautiful inside and out.  I went to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's. I would watch Eva and Grace get ready for dates. They would both look so pretty. I wanted to look just like Grace when I got grown up.

   One time Grace came to our house, she told me about a record called " The Three Bells" by the Browns. It was very old. She wanted to see if listening to it would make her cry. I am sure it did because she had a very tender heart. Like I said, she was a beautiful person and I will miss her a lot.

Love Elizabeth

Wonderful Example

August 26, 2009

Grace was a wonderful, quiet example of a person who exemplified the essence of kindness and love for everyone.  Her strength was amazing, and he capacity to love immeasurable.  Meeting her was like experiencing a sacred memory of peace and dignity.  I will never ever forget her.  Carolann Rolison

My Memory of Grace

August 17, 2009

The first big problem I had with Grace was where she came from.  I could not figure out if the doctor brought her in his black bag, or what.  But she was always there.

I remember walking her to school on her first day of Kindergarden....And letting her drive my car to learn to drive.


She was at our wedding and I was too broke to go on a honeymoon, so 3 months later my wife and I and Grace with her friend Sharon went to Buffalo for the week-end to a revival crusade for our honeymoon.  So grace was always there, and I could not miss her more.

Late last October we got to go back to New York and visit Grace and her family.  Grace and I went to Grandps's and Grandma's graves and spent some precious time together.  Thank the Lord.

                                                                 Her brother Lohn

Great Aunt Grace

August 16, 2009

When Emily and Jenna were small and we needed a place to live Great Aunt Grace had a place for me to buy land contract on low monthly payments and a cheap interest rate. When I left my exhusband and he defaulted on the house she still offered it up to me for the rest of the purchase price.  She said it helped her out too, but she could have gotten more for it and she could have had it all at once. I didn't take her up on it due to my job situation, but the offer was there. She was the one who was there for all of us if there was a time when our parents couldn't get us from school.   She was always there with a big heart and I loved her for it.  I just wish I'd made more time for her in my life the last 6 years and I'll never get that back.  I believe though that I can make a connection with her through god and send my love.  I'll never forget her.  I love you my Great Aunt Grace.

Immense admiration to one of the strongest women I have ever known

August 15, 2009

I will always remember Aunt Grace and our great conversations, which is how I know what a steadfast, loving, and loyal person she was to those she loved and cared for.  I will always hold immense admiration for the strong woman she was and am proud to have known her.  She loved her children and was a good mother and devoted grandmother.  I enjoyed hearing her talk about her grandchildren and the latest funny things they would do and say to her.  She was very proud of them.  I will hold her in my heart and she will be forever missed and never forgotten.

My mom

August 15, 2009

If I had to choose one word that described my mother the best it would be "decent". I cannot remember one time where my mother ever did anything that was hurtful to another person.  She was simply good. I have so many fond memories of time spent with her. My mother did her best to instill that goodness into both her children and her grandchildren. My daughter Zoe spent almost every day of her first seven years with my Mom while I worked. The pride was apparent on Mom's face everytime she taught Zoe how to spell a new word or learn the capitals of the States. I am so grateful for the relationship that the two of them had a chance to form. 

Mom was at every sporting event that Todd and I were in and she attended every school function. Whether it was little league or high school we knew our mom would be there to watch and support. Just about every weekend when I was young my mom and I would go shopping. Not that we ever needed to buy anything but it was fun to spend time together.

During her last days I told my Mother that she was the strongest person I knew. She went through a lot in her life and I never once heard her complain.Even though she was quiet about it she drew her strength from her relationship with God.

I cannot put into words how much I will miss my Mom. I talked to her everyday. I take comfort in the fact that my Mother is in Heaven now. I can feel her in my heart and I know she is always with me.

To know her is to love her, memory from Ruth

August 14, 2009

Aunt Grace was a wonderful person. As a child I wanted to be just like her. Some people say that I am. like her now. She was always loving, caring, but yet stern and courageous. I don't think she was afraid of anything .Aunt Grace loved her wild animals as well as strangers or people she would take care of bring them food or drink when they had nothing or nobody. .She had a heart of gold.She took care of my sister taking her to the store or buying her clothing for her kids or doctor appointments when she had no car and her husband was on the road driving truck for months at a time. I use to go stay with her during the summer when school was out. We use to deliver food to people who lived in no where out in the woods.She also babysitted another little girl and talked about how much she loved kids and I know we loved her.I was so glad when she was able to have her own I know how much she wanted them.and that she would be a wonderful mother. I also remember going to a few of her parties as I got older she loved to play card. I am so thankful that I got a chance to know her and  spend the time I had with her. To know her you couldn't help but to love her .                                                               

Memories of Aunt Grace

August 14, 2009

Aunt Grace was very giving and a very loving person.  I was so very glad I got to see her last summer, and I told her then, how much I appreciated the way she looked after my sister Laura.  Laura had the utmost admiration for Aunt Grace.  My memories of Aunt Grace were mostly as a child when I would visit her.  She would send me out fishing across the street from where she lived.  Sometimes I would steal her cigarettes but she would always catch me.  Life is so very busy sometimes, and we do not keep in contact with the ones we love as much as we should.  It has been a privilege being her nephew.
Nolan Mullin


Sister's remember

August 14, 2009

   When Grace and Eva was small, Mary and I would load them into a double stroller and take them for walks up and down the road. Mom would ask us to do this because grace was pale like and needed sunshine. Sometimes a rain storm would come up and we would have to hurry home. We would all laugh and laugh as we would try to beat the storm. Sometimes getting wet....

    Being the eldest sister I would sometimes tell stories to my younger siblings.  I told the story of "The Three Little Kitten's" When I got to the part where the three kitten lost their mittens and they began to cry, so did Grace. She always had a very tender heart and a real love for animals.

     Grace would say a baby should be potty trained by a year old. She ment what she said and even before her kids could walk she would put them on the potty chair. She did train them well. She was very devoted to her kids. A wonderful Mom who urged her kids to do thier very best in everything.


Aunt Grace the Baby Sitter

August 14, 2009

       Aunt Grace would baby sit us from time to time before she got married to Uncle Jerry.  I remember when I was 4 or 5 years old and Aunt Grace lived up stairs at Grandpa & Grandma's house at 605 John St Elmira NY. I was visiting for a week and Grandma at that time worked at the Salvation Army so Aunt Grace watched me while grandma was away.  Well I had brought a little money in a piggy bank for candy.  When Aunt Grace was not looking I pulled a chair to the buffet and got the money out of the piggy.  When I got back there was Aunt Grace she was angry at me and she introduced me to percy a name she gave her belt.  She never punished me with it but that was her way of letting me know she meant bussiness.  As I grew older I found that she had a large heart and was so sweet.  She always loved animals and I always knew that if I needed her She would do what she could for me. I will miss her so much but I will love her always.  

                                                                      Victor Jesse

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