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Little Gracie

March 3, 2019

Gracie was taken way too soon.  But the memories I have of her is always in her mothers arms.  The few times I saw her she was attached to her mother.  A very happy and loved little girl.  Since then I have gotten to see many Photos and videos that definitely told the same story.  I am thankful her family has those photos and videos to remember her by.  I know she is watching over her family in heaven and feeling all the love.  God bless and hug and kisses!  

March 3, 2019

I only got to see Gracie a few times but when I did, she was full of life. Her smile could literally light up a room and immediately make me smile. She was so outgoing strong for her age. I have seen so many pictures these past  few months and each one had made me smile knowing she loved life and her wonderful family. She was cute, funny and all around just a perfect little girl. You guys should know that she loved you all and would want you to be happy each and everyday. I love all of you guys:

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