This memorial website was created in memory of our friend, Graham Harris Graham. We will remember him forever and invite you to share your memories here.


Graham had a place in all our hearts and will be sadly missed. We all knew that when we brought tour guests into his studio, they would come out smiling. 
He welcomed everyone who stepped over the threshold and more often than not was able to relate a personal connection to where they were from leaving them and us stunned.
Graham's pictures hang in homes and offices all over the world creating joy and reminding folks of that special time in Scotland.  Do you have a picture of Graham's - where is it hanging, what made you choose that piece or perhaps did he share an amusing story with you?
Thank you Graham and we will miss you. Your legacy truly is a global one.
Much love from
Your Tour Guide family

Posted by Andrew Mcalindon on September 2, 2022
Hi mate
I miss you!!
Heading to Skye for 3 nights.
I’ll have a dram or 5 in your honour.x
Posted by Marine Rolland on August 31, 2022
I've just learned of Graham's passing and I can't imagine how hard it must be for his loved ones.
It was a shock for me, I used to come to Culross just to buy Graham's pictures. And we liked to chat in French (I come from France), he was passionate, kind and generous. Sending you all my love, I bought new frames to honor his amazing work today. He won't be forgotten. ❤️
Posted by Lori D Carlson on March 2, 2022
Happy Heavenly birthday to GHG…so happy I have some of your lovely photographs hanging in my home. Blessings and prayers to you, Lora.❤️xx
Posted by Andrew Mcalindon on March 2, 2022
Happy birthday my friend.
I’m having a dram of whisky in your honour just now.
Miss you mate !
Posted by Lora Graham on March 2, 2022
Today is your 57th birthday.

I love you babe.

Posted by Grant McGregor on March 1, 2022
Graham was a true character and friend of Culross. He is missed and mentioned often.
Posted by Stacy Fett on January 8, 2022
I was shocked to hear about this. I was one of his monthly winners on Twitter after finding him through Outlander. I even asked and he allowed me to paint one of his pictures that hangs in my house now. Please know he is missed and our prayers go out to the family and close friends.
Posted by Susi Galley on July 23, 2021
I am shocked to find this page after trying to reach Graham in vain this last few weeks.
What a talent the earth has lost.
His memory will life forever in his stunning photos - I just wished I had more.
RIP Graham
Posted by John McCabe on May 7, 2021
I have just learned of Graham's passing when I visited the studio in Culross to purchase another of his brilliant prints. I looked forward to my visits knowing I would be welcomed, informed, and entertained . Culross will never be the same for me.
Posted by Andy Marjoribanks on April 29, 2021
A stop in Culross was not complete without a visit to Graham's gallery and an opportunity for a chat and a bit of banter. He always had a story to tell and he was always so great with my little tour groups. My wife loved his photos and on every visit she would purchase at least one of his photos as gifts or for our house.
He has left a large hole in Culross and it won't be the same without his cheerful and positive welcome. He has touched so many people over the years that his legacy will be his photographs and that so many people will remember him with fond memories. RIP
Posted by Rozanne Morel on April 4, 2021
What a terrible loss... My husband Nabil and I will never forget Graham.
9 years ago we went to Scotland to visit our friend Michele and she introduced us to Graham and his wife. We were in their beautiful house and had tea . I remember it very vividly as they were very warm and kind. That day, they decided to be our guides in Scotland for a few days ! We could not have dreamed of better guides ! Graham was fantastic ! He knew so much about History ! He always had an anecdote to share.
At the end of one day, we all went to their house, had a delicious cocktail prepared by Lora and ended this great day chatting in their living room. The next morning Graham was busy preparing porridge for us. What a wonderful host ! When I think about him, I see his warm smile. Adieu cher Graham.
Posted by michele phelan on April 3, 2021
I am so sorry to hear of Graham's passing. I enjoyed his tweets and the photos he posted. He was a gracious and kind person who was so willing to share photography tips to this amateur photographer. I recently purchased several of his photos for my office. Due to the pandemic our scheduled trip to Scotland was cancelled but we were looking forward t next year and a visit to his gallery. 
Posted by Susan Bamford on April 1, 2021
I was so shocked and saddened to hear of Graham’s tragic death. He came to our camera club in Largs and gave a couple of very inspirational talks about his love for photography.
I have visited his gallery in Culross a few times and he was so helpful to me as I was just starting up my photography business. He gave me a lot of tips and addresses of various companies he used.
Last time we were over in Culross, we popped in to see Graham, he shut the gallery and came for coffee with us. He will be sadly missed. RIP Graham.
Posted by Michèle Dillon on April 1, 2021
Graham was like a friend, father figure and mischievous mentor all rolled into one for me. Since I met Graham and Lora 11 years ago, we have spent so many fun times and trips together. Graham and Lora jumped right in when I had dear friends visiting from France and took us all touring around Scotland for 6 days. Visiting Graham and Lora - wherever they were living - was one of my main happy places. I adored the fact they lived and built their businesses in beautiful Culross. Graham and I helped each other with our photography and businesses. We were so geeky when we got together. Lora - always a gracious host - always ensured great food and welcome drinks were on offer for our get togethers. We all always seemed to end them having put the world to rights. I was so looking forward to helping Graham and Lora getting their business les back up and running after the pandemic. I will be miss you, your cheery smile, your granddad jokes and your unique sense of humour (and dress sense) so much, Graham x
Posted by Janice Beaton on March 31, 2021
So sad to hear about Graham, was privileged to hear him talk at our camera club in Largs. It was so interesting to hear his stories about how he took his photos and also his star gazing photos. Anytime we went to Culross, he was a true gent and more than happy to talk to all of us.
He will be greatly missed.
Posted by Mandy Tait on March 31, 2021
My visits to Culross will never be the same, bought a few of Graham’s pictures not only for myself but for gifts, both Graham and his wife always chatted away, such a nice man, sympathies to his family
Posted by Callum Collins on March 30, 2021
I first met Graham back in 2019, when I first started off as a tour guide. Culross was one of the main spots on our Outlander tours and was always one of my favourites because I could stop by Graham’s gallery and talk to him about photography and see what new work he had.
He actually helped me edit one of my own photos of my dog, and printed and framed it to give my mum for her birthday. Still the best money I’ve ever spent, without a doubt. And over the next year I’d returned many times to buy more of his work!
Absolute legend of a man, and was beyond gutted to hear of his passing. My thoughts are with his wife who I’ve also had the honour of meeting many times and can say she is just as fantastic a person as Graham!
Posted by Maureen Scholes on March 30, 2021
I had the pleasure of meeting Graham when he came to speak to our Camera Club in Largs a couple of times. He was such an inspiring man and I took my husband to see his work in Culross. In his warm and friendly manner he explained to us how to capture a good night sky photograph
Graham took the time to describe a photography shot that he was hoping to capture in the early hours of the next morning. He was so excited his enthusiasm flowed.
On another visit with friends Graham closed the gallery to show us a wee coffee shop where he joined us for coffee and cake. So easy to talk to we felt like life long friends.
I hope you RIP Graham, knowing you inspired so many and your images were a magical insight into the Scottish countryside.
Posted by Neil Clark on March 29, 2021
Can't believe this. Graham, we'll miss you. Thanks for all the help and advice you gave us over the past few years. We have three of your pictures and will be thinking of you every time we pass them. We'll always treasure THE picture that you took when we first met. We use it for just about everything, from business cards to posters. We'll never get a better one. Still can't believe you weren't coming out to complain about the noise!
Posted by Ian Pratt on March 29, 2021
His photography was second to none and Graham if not busy in the shop would talk with great enthusiasm to you all day about his work and the history of Culross . RIP Graham. 
Posted by Lorna Edmonds on March 29, 2021
Martin & I were shocked & saddened to hear that we would not be meeting up with Graham again. Our regular Grand Tours to Scotland from the Flatlands always took us to his Gallery for a purchase or three, and a good dose of putting the World to Rights. Only last year, we visited and met his wife for the first time. His beautiful pictures on our walls will have even deeper meaning now. The mountains, lochs & all of us whose lives you touched, will miss you Graham.
Posted by Lesley Barone on March 28, 2021
I am so sorry to hear this news. I first met Graham at the Highland games in Stone Mountain Georgia USA in I think it was 2013.
Then many yrs later I visited Culross and his studio. After chatting we both had the feeling we had met each other before and realized it was 2013. He was so nice and treated you like you had been a friend forever. I have many of his prints around my house in the States, mostly of the surrounding area of My home town, like the Ochil Hills for eg. I am truly going to miss coming and chatting with him whenever I am home.
Posted by Justin Lamont on March 28, 2021
I met Graham back in 2019 while visiting Scotland and he instantly struck me as a great man. Welcoming to all & a joy to be around, he took his time spending some of his afternoon with us - cracking jokes and getting to know us. My deepest condolences for your loss. I'm grateful to have met him and have his art up in my home. Love from Canada
Posted by Leila Campbell on March 28, 2021
I never knew Graham personally, but always made a point of visiting his gallery whenever I went to Culross. Greeted with a warm hello each time, he always seemed to remember me, we would chat about his photography and locations, I particularly loved his pictures from Skye, sadly I never got round to owning one of his collections, as I could ever make my mind up, they were all so beautiful.
I know my next visit to Culross won't quite be the same. I am Genuinely shocked and saddened to hear of Graham's passing and sending my sincere Condolences to his family.
Posted by Jenni Steele on March 28, 2021
Graham was such a friendly and welcoming guy and was so keen to share his love of Scotland with others and encourage them to experience it. I enjoyed taking people to his studio to see his stunning work as well as for the banter. He’ll be sadly missed by a lot of us.
Posted by Fiona Mcrae on March 28, 2021
I am so very sorry to read this sad news. I met Graham when I was in Culross doing a photo shoot. He kindly showed myself and 2 young college students to the Cathedral, then out to the old church. Such a kind and extremely talented man. We kept in touch from time to time via photo pages, commenting on our work and a joke here and there. My sincere condolences to his wife and to all his family. 
Posted by John Williams on March 28, 2021
I've never met Graham but have enjoyed his wonderful photographs for a while now. When I first got in touch with him, he gave me some excellent advice on how to improve my own photography skills. A sign of a true professional photographer.
Posted by Simon Coates on March 28, 2021
I only had the pleasure of meeting Graham once, in 2018, when visiting Culross for the first time.

Wandering into his shop I was struck by the warmth he greeted me, and everyone else, with. He went out of his way to tell me about the village and what I should see and do in the area, and the efforts he made to welcome a complete stranger were greatly appreciated.

I'm glad I have some of his marvellous work to remember him by, and I'm very sorry for everyone who really knew him, and the people of Culross, for his loss.
Posted by Lindsay Maccallum on March 28, 2021
Such a Gentleman. He had so much time for people and that was such a gift His pictures hang proudly in my house and several houses worldwide. So sorry to hear to hear of his passing 
Posted by Catharine Goodwin on March 28, 2021
I am shocked and saddened to hear of Graham's untimely passing. I met him in his lovely shop in Culross Sep/19. He was warm and welcoming, gave us some suggestions for places to see on our trip thru the Highlands. I followed him on Twitter and was amazed that he responded to my comments. Graham was a talented photographer that captured the essence of Scotland and all her beauty. My deepest condolences to his family.
Posted by Lori D Carlson on March 27, 2021
Was stunned and so saddened to hear about Graham’s passing...I met Graham in 2018 with Andy the Highlander on a Novel Adventures tour. He was such a conversationalist about his work, but was able to connect with me, coming from Wyoming USA, telling me about traveling to Jackson Hole. We also talked about my father-in-law being a photographer and using a dark room, which I thought he mentioned he did still do at times? I enjoyed tweeting with him, always responding to my questions, and trying to win a print in his monthly drawings...I wish now, I’d purchased all my favorites. Was hoping to see him in Culross in Oct., a place that stole my heart, partly to his graciousness in his interactions with the many visitors coming there. I will always remember him fondly, but with a tear in my eye, and tug at my heart. Prayers to his family.❤️
Posted by Lorraine Cullin on March 27, 2021
Graham was always the highlight of my visits to Culross. We spent many times chatting about life and photography. His sense of humour and welcoming style made you feel like you were an old friend. His gallery of photographs, many of which hang in my own home were beautiful, his skills as a photographer were stunning. I was looking forward to the photography lessons he was going to share now that we have moved to Scotland. To say he will be missed is an understatement and my heart goes out to his family and many friends. The sadness I feel upon hearing of his passing has no words. Rest well Graham
Posted by Marjory Brown on March 27, 2021
So sorry to read this sad news. Graham spoke at our camera club on two occasions. He was so enthusiastic and down to earth about his approach to photography he really inspired us all.
Just over a year ago I was with friends and we visited his shop in Culross where as always, we received a warm welcome. We asked for a recommendation for a local coffee shop which he didn’t only tell us but he closed his shop and came with us for a coffee. Such a lovely person, a true gentleman, an expert in showing Scotland’s beauty and a true ambassador for Scotland.
My sincere condolences to his family and friends.
Posted by Tracy Rabaiotti on March 27, 2021
We only met once, whilst visiting Culross on a day tour. But it was an absolute pleasure meeting this lovely man and chatting about his amazing photography. Thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time.
Posted by James Mckinlay on March 27, 2021
I had the pleasure of meeting Graham over the years as a tour guide when we visited Culross on our tours. Over that time we became good friends and he became an instant highlight to our trips for our guests. He was kind hearted and a true gentleman and I will miss him. My thoughts are his family and friends during this difficult time.
Scotland misses you Graham.
Posted by Glen Moyer on March 27, 2021
Graham and I met, like so many other friends I’ve made in Scotland, on Twitter. I loved his photography. In 2016, when we were barely acquainted, he graciously answered my plea for a donation to our local Louisiana Scottish Society Burns Night silent auction. Arriving by post were two beautiful prints of Eilean Donan and Kilchurn castles. This past year on one of Mary’s Meanders virtual tours his name came up and I vowed to accept his invitation to meet on my next trip to Scotland. I’ll never know that pleasure now. RIP my friend.
Posted by Jane Mason on March 26, 2021
I had the pleasure of meeting Graham in ‘18 while on tour with Andy The Highlander and Novel Adventures. My house is a tribute to his work. He will be sorely missed. My condolences to his family. God Speed G2.
Posted by Sherri Wiegman on March 26, 2021
Years ago, I learned about G2 from a friend who had met Graham at an art show in Virginia. Both my friend and I are of Scottish ancestry, and the rest is history. Graham, in my opinion, knew no strangers and from our first communication I knew what a fantastic Scotsman Graham was. I bought several of Graham’s works of art. I sent him some essential oils when he fought his battle to come back from Lyme disease. I relished his Facebook posts which always had his fantastic wit and humour.
The world lost a great man with a huge talent. My sympathies to Lora. RIP Graham. 
Posted by Kirsty Daly on March 26, 2021
I only just met Graham earlier this year when I purchased one of his wonderful pictures (the first picture purchased for my first flat)
Even in that short meeting standing outside his studio he had such an appreciation for life, took no day for granted and had stories to tell. Thoughts go out to his friend and family. Rest in peace Graham
Posted by Daniela Biela on March 26, 2021
I'm so devastated to hear about this tragedy, have been writing with him multiple times last weeks, just sent an email today that will remain unanswered... I helped him with the German translation of his website and he gave me some discount on pictures I ordered, didn't receive them yet and was already planning on ordering some more and visiting him again on our next trip to Scotland and Culross in summer... I'm so sad I don't know how to express. I will miss him, we will miss him, Scotland will miss him....
Posted by Andy Middleton on March 26, 2021
Sad news. A real character lost. Brought many an Outlander fan to his shop when touring Culross. I will miss his cheer. Sad loss
Posted by Bertien Kl on March 26, 2021
So very very sad to hear... I never had the chance to meet Graham, but I was and ,am a big fan of his beautiful work. Just received my first photo last week from Graham, framed with so much love and dedication❤
My deepest condolences for his wife, family and friends. RIP Graham
Posted by Sam Thomson on March 26, 2021
Loved popping in to see Graham, loved his work and his sense of humour. I’m going to miss the chats and the help he was happy to give. I’ll never forget him.
Posted by Jeanne Langston on March 26, 2021
We met Graham on two occasions at his studio in Culross and left each time feeling uplifted and more knowledgeable about Scotland. The manifestations of his love for Scotland, will of course live on in homes all over the world. I am thankful to have met him and to have three of his photos to cherish.
Posted by Steven Thomson on March 26, 2021
It was always a pleasure to visit Graham's with guests, not just because of his amazing artwork but because he always had such a warm welcome for everyone. His ability to connect with people from all over the world and probably have a story about where they were from was second to none. He was such a nice guy and will be sadly missed. RIP
Posted by Ellen van Agteren on March 26, 2021
I met Graham several time when I was in Schotland. I always went to see him in Cullross
He liked to tell stories about his work and hobbies
He liked to give me tips how to make a photo and where to go for the best places to take the photo.
He always told the story about the dakpannen from the Netherlands. And that all the houses of Cullross has them.
The last time I was with my daughter who was never been in schotland before. He showed her his photos an told her some stories. It was nice that he took the time for us.
He wil he missed. I love his photos. Cullross will not be the same next time that we can visit.
RIP Graham.
Posted by Lora Graham on March 26, 2021
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Graham would be so touched. We consider you all dear friends. Lora
Posted by Andrew Mcalindon on March 26, 2021
Graham we such a great guy.
I saw Graham almost every other day, while taking guests from all over the world around Culross.
Graham’s beautiful photography is on walls in peoples homes all over the world.
He shared so many wonderful stories and lots Scottish history to everyone who walked through the door.
He will be sadly missed and for me Culross will never be the same.
RIP my friend!
Posted by Emma Chalmers on March 26, 2021
Graham was a great character and made an impression on anyone I introduced him to - guests, family and friends. You always had a great chat in his company and more often than not a good laugh. I have bought a number of pieces of Graham's work and they bring me so much joy. I will be raising a glass in your honour in front of one of them tonight. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Anne Daly on March 26, 2021
Graham was such a good friend. I will miss him so much. Many happy memories and discussions of where he should go next for his photos. I'll always have my precious Callanish to remember him by. RIP

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Posted by Andrew Mcalindon on September 2, 2022
Hi mate
I miss you!!
Heading to Skye for 3 nights.
I’ll have a dram or 5 in your honour.x
Posted by Marine Rolland on August 31, 2022
I've just learned of Graham's passing and I can't imagine how hard it must be for his loved ones.
It was a shock for me, I used to come to Culross just to buy Graham's pictures. And we liked to chat in French (I come from France), he was passionate, kind and generous. Sending you all my love, I bought new frames to honor his amazing work today. He won't be forgotten. ❤️
Posted by Lori D Carlson on March 2, 2022
Happy Heavenly birthday to GHG…so happy I have some of your lovely photographs hanging in my home. Blessings and prayers to you, Lora.❤️xx
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Loved his work

Shared by Helen Dennis on March 28, 2021
First time we popped in after going to Culross Palace. I bought one of his pictures. I had went back a few more times and always bought his fabulous work. Was so easy to talk to and was always nice to speak with everytimw we went in. Will sadly be missed. RIP.
Shared by Ian Walker on March 27, 2021
It was always a pleasure to take clients to Graham's Gallery / Shop. Graham was always happy to spend time chatting with my clients. Over the years many of my clients have taken Graham's photography along with local crafts home as a memento of their visit to Scotland. Graham and his photography will be sadly missed in Culross and throughout the tourism community.

Always a big part of Culross

Shared by Will Robb on March 27, 2021
No visit to Culross was complete without a chat with Graham, whether we found him in his studio or on the streets he always had time to talk to our guests, had usually visited where they were from and always had a great story or two to tell. On leaving Culross people always talked about how great the village was and how Graham was a real character. Culross won't be the same without him.