This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Grant Garner, 60 years old, born on March 2, 1954, and passed away on February 17, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Bryce Garner on March 2, 2022
Wishing you a happy Birthday! You are loved and missed.
Posted by Pranay Nath on April 28, 2021
Still Remembering your greatness, Miss you Grant
Posted by louise garner on March 3, 2018
Still missing you, Grant. Hope you can read this from where you are and understand how much you are loved and missed. Waiting for the other side of the veil.
Love always, Louise
Posted by Bryce Garner on March 2, 2018
Happy Birthday, Brother! You are still loved and missed.
Posted by Cara Garner on February 22, 2017
I still miss him. There has been so many changes in my life in the two years since his passing. I've had two jobs, one failed engagement, a move half way cross the country and new great relationship. And none have I been able to share with my dad. But I also know that my dad has been there with me all that he can be, and always shared my joy and sorrow all the way. I miss you dad everyday. I keep your memory with me in my heart and I love you!
Posted by Tom Saksa on February 17, 2017
I was surprised when I received a notice reminding me of the date of Grants passing, because I have been thinking a lot about him lately. I am working on a project to improve an aspect of our printing, and was thinking about how I used to collaborate with Grant on similar projects in the past. Grant had great technical insight, and I really miss being able to discuss these types of engineering problems with him.
Posted by Lynne Wright on March 20, 2015
I worked with Grant for many years as his admin support. What I remember most about him was how easy going he was, and that great smile of his! He seemed to possess a bottomless well of patience for all of the people who came to him for help, and believe me that was many, many people. We used to ride the bus together, and whenever Grant got out first he would always hold the door for me - a true gentlemen to the core. Sometimes it's the little things, you know? I really miss Grant and his gentle ways, and trust that he is enjoying his heavenly reward.
Posted by Ed Pisano on March 6, 2015
I have many fond memories of working with Grant. He was one of the most pleasant and most brilliant people I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my career.  His memory recall always amazed me. And despite his amazing memory and amazing command of a variety of computer and software engineering disciplines, he never talked down to me nor got short with me. No matter how many times I asked the same dumb questions. I especially remember that infectious laugh of his. To this day I still chuckle when I think of Grant laughing loudly in the office the day he, Steve Dixon and Bill McConnell ran my embedded software demo program for Rover3 in which I had embedded Bill McConnell’s phone number to call for support on the simulated error condition I put into the demo.  This memory brings a smile to me as I write this. My sincere sympathy and prayers go out to Grant’s family. Grant will be greatly missed.
Posted by William Sr. on March 5, 2015
I first met Grant while working on the IBlaster line in the 1998 timeframe, while he was working for David Land. Grant was the ultimate repository of information about the innermost working of pen technology, and was always available to share his expertise and go the extra mile to help with issues that arose. He was a Giant of a man and person! He always took personal ownership of things, and was very apologetic if something in the Firing Systems needed to be corrected. I am privileged to have been able to know Grant and to be guided by his patient wisdom on diverse subjects! He will be sorely missed by the World!
Posted by Puneet Dhir on March 5, 2015
Grant was gem of a person. I got to learn from all of my interactions with him. When he visited India last time, it was "Ganesha Chaturthi", an Indian festival time. He was so curious to learn about that.
I remember, people used to do their home-work very well before they speak to Grant on a technical topic, so that they would gain most from their interactions with Grant. I can only say that, we have lost a great human being from earth.
Posted by Cara Garner on March 2, 2015
It's been fun reading all the tributes to my dad. Though I've had a hard time dealing with his death it is comforting to know how cared for and loved he was. I know that he loved his work and those he worked with.
Posted by Bryce Garner on March 2, 2015
All of the tributes are wonderful and so true of Grant. I'm his brother, Bryce, and it is great to know he was so loved and appreciated by his coworkers. We knew him as family and it was impossible to fully "get" what he did at work even though he tried to explain it many times... And he would pull that handshake trick on us as well! I miss him. Today is his birthday, and I want to honor him as he deserved. Thank you to all of you. Please know, he always expressed his love for his work and his coworkers.
Posted by Bill McConnell on February 28, 2015
Two days ago, a comedian on the radio made an insightful and clever pun. “Remember this,” I thought. “It’s perfect for Grant!” He liked puns and harmless jokery. After I left HP, he was quick with a smile and a handshake. However, he would clench my hand and use his strength and bulk to yank me towards him. I always stumbled, my nose planting near his chest. I looked like a bumbler, while he wore his happy, “I got you” face.

Grant made his amazing technical capabilities evident on his first interview in Corvallis. I gave him the same engineering questions as nearly twenty before him. The questions were tiered in difficulty so only half the applicants could answer half, or more, of the questions. No one had ever got all of them correct. Grant breezed through them and added explanations such as problems interfacing with other circuits, frequency effects, etc. I sat in shock, only to later find that his real strengths and passion were software and embedded design.

Although I lobbied him to take our opening, he accepted another, only to be “out on the street” again when his group disbanded. With a promise that he will work, and stay, in our group’s design and development, he accepted our offer.

As so many others, I appreciated Grant’s kind and patient manners, as well as that 12 cylinder engineering engine he had tucked away.

I hope to see him again and be ready for that darn handshake trick.
Posted by Ambrose Rajendram on February 27, 2015
Grant has been a friend and mentor to me over the past many years. He was always willing to share of his encyclopedic knowledge of pretty much anything under the sun. More than anything, I was impressed with his humility in spite of his vast knowledge. And of course, we all enjoyed the quick humor.
He visited India last year and I am glad for the opportunity that we had to get to know each other a little better. He was one of the smartest people I have ever known, and he will surely be missed.
Posted by Siddhartha Ghosh on February 27, 2015
Grant had the best engineering brain I have ever come across. It was simply amazing to see how he remembered and explained in detail about the stuffs he worked on years ago. I feel myself very fortunate and privileged to have got the opportunity of working with him and learning from him. During his visit to Bangalore in 2012, we went on a day trip to Mysore. Sweet memories of that trip will always remain with me. It is impossible to find a person like Grant, who was so knowledgeable, yet humble and friendly. He will be greatly missed.
Posted by Dale Magnuson on February 27, 2015
One of lifes biggest blessings is to have had the privilege to work and be friends with Grant.
Grant was the master designer, his technical prowess unrivaled. He somehow knew the solution before others even recognized a problem.
Grant was eternally patient, unbelievably humble, always courteous, gracious and thoughtful, and had a great sense of humor.
Grant's contribution's to firing systems are too numerous and valuable to enumerate.
A perfect combination of characteristics for a truly extraordinary man.
Grant will be greatly missed.
Posted by Bill Saltzstein on February 27, 2015
Never have I met a person with the combination of intellect, grace, patience, humor and gentleness that Grant possessed. He was a mentor to me and set the example of how to work with huge complexity. The world has lost a wonderful soul.
Posted by Kavyashree JS on February 27, 2015
I work in HP India. Since the day I joined HP I heard stories of Grant- both his technical abilities and what a good person he was. I meat him two years later when he visited India. I then found out that everything I heard was true and that he was an even better person than what I had heard.
Even though I was a fresh college hire, Grant was very patient and has always had time for me. I have learnt so much from him and will always remember him.
Posted by Stephen Cooper on February 26, 2015
I worked with Grant in McMinnville. My best work memory of Grant was when he was working on the battery charger for the Xpress defibrillator. He was writing code of course and the processor he was using did not have enough memory for his code. Everyone was in a stir and there was lots of hand wringing going on. Grant said that he would take another look. The next day he had reduced the code size, maintained the necessary functionality and had like six bits to spare. My best life memory of Grant was at church. We were assigned to help wards keep the financial data on their computers up to date and secure. We got a call for help from Dayton. When we checked their computer Grant said, 'the data is gone and their backup corrupted, we are hosed'. Grant suggested a prayer might help. Somehow Grant was able to recover the data on his next attempt. I'll always remember his powerful faith and that when Grant needed something beyond his natural abilities he had a direct line to heaven.
Posted by Andy Nousen on February 24, 2015
Grant was always friendly, patient, humble, helpful, and appreciative with me, even when I was asking naïve questions about his wealth of past experience and knowledge. Thank you, Grant. I'm sorry we will be without your physical presence, but we'll still feel your personality for the rest of their lives.
Posted by Jack Lavier on February 24, 2015
In life you meet special people. Grant was one of them. He loved to play at work. He will be missed.
Posted by Linda Amedo on February 23, 2015
I only knew Grant a short while but during that time I came to know how well respected and appreciated he was by all who knew and worked with him. He was a giant of a man with a shy smile, kindness of heart and such a gentle spirit. I shall miss seeing him in the halls and up front in the various meetings I was in with him.
Posted by Nirdesh Saini on February 23, 2015
I had the opportunity to work and interact with Grant for a while. I was touched by his brilliance and more from his humility. He was an inspiration for me and all of us here in Bangalore team. It's a great loss of a talent and a fine human being.You will be missed Grant!
-Nirdesh, HP-Bangalore
Posted by Kalwant Singh on February 23, 2015
I worked with Grant in the mid-80s in Corvallis designing CMOS analog circuits for integrated circuits used in HP calculators. Grant was always ready to provide guidance to newly hired engineers like myself. I am shocked to learn of his passing. He will be deeply missed.
Posted by Mathew Jacob on February 22, 2015
Grant has been a very friendly, open and down-to-earth person. His willingness to share the deep knowledge and expertise was a true reflection of his character. The team will really miss you Grant !.You have been a great mentor.
Posted by Wim Velsink on February 22, 2015
I was the clinical nurse specialist at HP McMinnville. Grant and I worked together on the defibrillator team. I remember his great laugh. He had a wonderful sense of humor and he was always patient in his explanations to my questions. I am so very sorry to hear of his passing and such a tragic accident. My deepest sympathy.
Posted by shane stueve on February 20, 2015
I will greatly miss the status updates coming from the Firing Systems team of... "Grant is working on it".
Posted by Ed Dozier on February 20, 2015
I worked with Grant for 19 years. He's the smartest person I ever met (move over Stephen Hawking). I never knew anyone more willing to share his time and knowledge. Grant will be sorely missed and I will never forget him.
Posted by Tom Dragnes on February 20, 2015
I was sincerely saddened to hear about the loss of our friend and coworker Grant. It has been such a pleasure working with someone so extremely intelligent and yet humble person as Grant. My deepest condolences to his family. Please know how much Grant meant to all of us here at HP. His technical contributions will be with us forever, and his spirit will live on through all of us. Grant, we will miss you!
-Tom Dragnes, HP-San Diego
Posted by Tom Saksa on February 20, 2015
Thank you Grant for the friendship, advice, and humor you shared over so many years working at HP. No one will ever be able to take your place in more ways that I can express. And everyone who has known you for any length of time will not quickly forget the kind and gentle soul that they depended on for so much.
Posted by Shawn Gibson on February 20, 2015
I first met Grant a little over 15 years ago. He was one of the interviewers for my first engineering job. Grant was a giant of a man, and at that time he had a giant of a beard. He made a lasting impression on me that day in how comfortable he made me feel. He could sense I was nervous, and I feel he went out of his way to calm me and guide me through the process...a giant yes, but a gentle giant at that. Grant without a doubt your technical prowess will be missed, but even more so your kindness.
Posted by Nicholas Stevens on February 20, 2015
It has been an honor and a privilege to work with Grant at HP. Every time I needed his assistance, he was more than willing to help. His deep knowledge in many technical areas made me certain he would have the solution. Where do you go when the go to guy is no longer around? He will be missed for his engineering skills, but most of all I will miss his smile. A smile that could brighten any day. Thank you Grant for being a part of my life.
Posted by Carl Benvenga on February 20, 2015
I worked with Grant on defibrillator products at HP McMinnville and on inkjet manufacturing test at HP Corvallis. He was a talented engineer, a kind and gentle soul, and an exceptional human being. I will always remember him fondly.
Posted by Peter Klammer on February 20, 2015
I have had the great pleasure of working with Grant for close to 25 years, first in McMinnville and then Corvallis. Grant taught me so much over the years and I always enjoyed stopping by his desk to reap his deep knowledge in a given subject. As I approached, he typically looked up and said "What can I do ya fer?" in his typical friendly manner and he would drop everything to answer my questions.  Grant certainly had a vast and deep knowledge in many technical arenas, yet his friendly manner and genuine caring heart were truly boundless.

Grant, you will be truly missed and always remembered.
Posted by Judd Rook on February 20, 2015
Gentle. Generous. Sincere. Kind. Humble. Humorous. Intelligent. Friendly... A man who could be measured by his virtues, which were many.
Posted by James Galvan on February 20, 2015
When I was first assimilated into the group that Grant was a member of, Bill McConnell took me around. When he got to Grant's desk, he said "Grant is our R&D Department." Over the next 5 years, I learned how true that was. But I also learned that Grant was never too busy to answer a question, help with any problem, or just bestow kindness. He was "mentor to the world" as far as I knew. He was truly one of the good guys. I am saddened that he will not be able to continue being a Grandpa, which I'm sure he would have been very good at. I am still stunned by the fate he has been dealt. I will miss him greatly, but I will have many memories.

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Posted by Bryce Garner on March 2, 2022
Wishing you a happy Birthday! You are loved and missed.
Posted by Pranay Nath on April 28, 2021
Still Remembering your greatness, Miss you Grant
Posted by louise garner on March 3, 2018
Still missing you, Grant. Hope you can read this from where you are and understand how much you are loved and missed. Waiting for the other side of the veil.
Love always, Louise
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Shared by Dale Magnuson on March 4, 2015

We liked to tease Grant about his Cheetos and associated 'Cheetle', dust/residue left from eating Cheetos.

I will miss Grant, we will miss Grant

Shared by Steve Dixon on February 20, 2015

Grant was so brilliant, so helpful, always cheerful and always humble. As an engineer Grant made inventing and building a true experience of joy and shared accomplishment. I will miss Grant, we will miss Grant,  but we are so blessed to have known and be touched by Grant.