Help us celebrate Grant's short but full life by sharing your memories of him
  • 13 years old
  • Born on November 17, 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.
  • Passed away on September 11, 2016 in Park City, Utah, United States.

Grant Walker Seaver, beloved son of Debbi and Jim Seaver and adored younger brother of Luke, died unexpectedly at his home in Park City on September 11, 2016.

Grant was born on November 17, 2002, and was in the eighth grade at Treasure Mountain Junior High School. Grant was a kind, creative, accepting boy whose beautiful smile brought joy to everyone he met. Grant had a zeal for skiing and this past spring had finally executed a backflip! He loved dirt biking, trampolining, canyoneering, karate, drumming, travel, speaking Spanish, wearing a suit, cuddles and, most of all, his family and friends. Luke and this “happy cool dude” shared a passion for music, especially the Beatles and the Eagles.

Grant will be deeply missed by his parents and Luke, his grandmothers Betsey Skudder and Mary Louise Seaver, his many aunts, uncles and cousins, and special buddy Keith Brown.

The family would like to thank the amazing Park City community for their love and support during this sad time.

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to

Team Park City United

Grant Seaver Fund

PO Box 2220

Park City, UT 84060
Posted by Lara Kalt on 19th November 2017
Dear Debs, It was so lovely to spend the day with you a few weeks ago. We spoke of Grant of course, your last visit to Las Vegas with the boys, all the best and beautiful qualities about both of them, and you shed many healing tears. You are an exceptional mother and person because you have allowed others to honor his memory to help others. Your courage and giving heart are astounding. I love you cuz!
Posted by Christian Gennerman on 17th November 2017
Just thinking about you's snowing. It snowed last year on this day too. I hop you are surrounded by love.
Posted by Dana Noonan on 12th September 2017
Sending you tons of love and light today Debs. xoxo Dana
Posted by Pennel Bird on 12th September 2017
Grant ~ I only met you once, but that once was enough to feel the absence of you, one year later. I've been in contact with your lovely and wonderful mom more often since you left us, so maybe that can be looked upon as a silver lining - however slight. It put a hole in our hearts to lose you, but you're never really altogether gone since we remember you and keep you alive in those memories. All love to you, your brother, your mom, your dad, and the many family members and friends whose lives you touched. Will think of you when i see the first snow this year, my young friend.
Posted by Tess Bird on 11th September 2017
Words at many times can not express the deep feelings of sadness when a loved one has passed. A special very young boy who is deeply missed and this is where my words and feelings choke up. What I can say to lighten the pain is: Butterflies are messengers from Heaven letting us know that loved ones are near. I truly believe in my heart that Grant is with you and his spirited personality ❤️
Posted by Steve Lippert on 11th September 2017
Thinking about you "G" and your family today- Steve & Tristen
Posted by Mary Closer on 11th September 2017
I saw a beautiful butterfly yesterday and thought of you, Grant. I hope you're in peace now, you're missed by many today and always....
Posted by Lisa Needham on 17th November 2016
Thinking of Grant today and sending LOVE & blessings to the family!
Posted by Tania Peterson McIntyre on 17th November 2016
It's snowing- did Grant order this up for us? I think maybe he did
Posted by Dana Noonan on 17th November 2016
Thinking of you today and everyday ....
Posted by Malle Kosk on 17th November 2016
Thinking of smiley sweet Grant on his birthday. Hoping his soul has found the peace in the Heavens.
Posted by Carroll Rodriguez on 10th October 2016
Debbi and Grant visited us in Guatemala. Grant was a happy child open to new experiences, always smiling, always grateful, always polite. He wanted to learn Spanish. He was so happy when my daughter gave him a bill from an African nation for his collection, and he participated in making a flower carpet for a procession of the fallen Jesus Christ on Holy Week. He was such a good athlete! Debbi showed us several videos of all the tricks that he could do on the ski slopes, and my kids (who have not grown up around snow) were awed by his prowess. I met Debbi in college and at the time, neither of us would have imagined the joys of becoming mothers. Debbi had a solid bond with Grant: she was kind, thoughtful, encouraging, inviting, respectful and fun mother who obviously liked Grant as the gift that he was. My entire family is praying for Debbi and her family, confident that Grant is now an angel watching over all of his loved ones.
Posted by Nancy Kiernan on 2nd October 2016
Grant loved to have fun and compete with his family. At the Seaver July vacation in Narragansett RI, Grant was so happy when he was tall enough to drive a Go-Kart by himself. Eight of us climbed into karts to race. I passed Grant showing no mercy. Soon I see Grant coming around the corner pedal to the metal flying by me. He turned with a big smirk on his face which meant " in your face Nanerlou". I cherish all the fun times.
Posted by Lara Kalt on 23rd September 2016
Jeffrey and I feel so immensely grateful that Debbi, Grant and Luke came to visit us again on their annual return trip home from San Diego. En route to Las Vegas, they took a 5 day camping trip high in the Sierra National Forest. It was so obvious how how much fun they had together - not withstanding the 5 hour hike straight uphill with heavy packs, lugging a 40 pd. bear cannister, and sleeping outdoors with no tent, as the boys described (or groaned) to us! Debbi's smiling response to their grumbling was, "I love you guys so much, you're so amazing", and they smiled back. I've never heard a mother tell her children, as often and as sincerely as Debbi does, how much she loves them. Sweet cousin Grant, you were loved so very much by so many people. We're positive your Grandfather David was there to lead you gently across.
Posted by Stephanie Howell on 23rd September 2016
Debbi, Jim and Luke - I've been sitting here thinking about Grant and remembering a long-ago birthday party at your house. Grant was turning 4 or 5, I'd guess. The theme was (of course) Star Wars, and the game was a character guessing game. Wyatt hadn't seen Star Wars yet and wasn't familiar with any of the characters -- so guessing the name written on the card stuck to his back was proving to be quite a challenge to say the least. Grant was remarkably patient and creative, offering clue after clue after clue after clue... not willing to give up on the game, his friend, or his beloved Star Wars heroes. Sending love to you.
Posted by Michelle Shivani on 21st September 2016
We only met Grant a few times, but he forever left an impression, with the kids and us. It was a few years ago at our summer gathering at Dave's our boys went out discovering in the backyard, eating bbq and playing video games as if they were friends of old. Our prayers and hearts are forever with you. Know that you an angel watching over you, loving you always.
Posted by George Baldwin on 20th September 2016
Dear Debbi, Jim and Luke: Jacqui and I are SO sad for you and your loss of Grant. What an interesting and complex young man he was; always full of surprises and with so much promise! None of us can know God's plans; we must trust and have faith that we'll all be together someday, somewhere. We've ordered a Mass dedicated to Grant for Sunday, October 2nd at your St. Mary's Church, from the two of us and from Dianne, too. I am sure Dianne will convey her sadness and condolences directly to you.
Posted by Cindy Lynch on 20th September 2016
This past April Debbi ,Luke and Grant were in Pelham for a visit, I was fortunate enough to have had lunch with Debbi and Grant that day. I was so impressed by Grant, how he interacted with Deb's crazy Pelham friends. Grant was engaging in conversation with ease, he had a bright smile and twinkle in his eyes, he was happy to be here with his mom and her friends. He was more than happy to take a few pictures of us all and laughed along with us while we trying to figure out how to pose. I didn't get to see Grant much, but when I did, he was always smiling and enjoying life. " alone will have stars as no one else has them...In one of the stars I shall be living....In one of them I shall be laughing and so it will be as if all of them were laughing, when you look at the sky at night.....You...only you will have stars that can laugh. The Little Prince
Posted by Maureen Corcoran on 20th September 2016
Thinking of all of you and sending a warm and loving embrace from back East.
Posted by Michelle Stratton on 19th September 2016
Grant was not a 'checked out' 8th grader at 7:30 am during first period. He lit up the room. I miss his confidence, intelligence, and senses of humor and mischief. We are forever changed as a result of knowing him and his passing.
Posted by Mary Louise Seaver on 19th September 2016
GRandsons are special and Grant was very special......thoughtful,loving and so talented and smart. I shall miss our telephone conversations and how they always ended......I love you,Grandma.We always had such fun at the beach and I. Was so looking forward to his visit in October.The last message that I got from him said," Happy 88th,Grandma,I can't wait to see Grant
Posted by Meredith Lynch on 18th September 2016
Debbie and Jim, my deepest heartfelt sympathy at this sorrowful time. i am so blessed i got to see Grant each year on your trips home to Pelham. This past April on your visit, i was so impressed with Grant - his maturity, warm personality, & brilliant smile. As our friends gathered for lunch at Betsy's house to reminisce about our "glory days", Grant sat with us to listen and hear funny Debbie stories and laugh along with us. I will treasure that memory and others, and remain forever grateful I was able to know your wonderful son. With Love, Meredith
Posted by Michele Wallace on 18th September 2016
Debbi and Jim, As an educator, one is not supposed to have favorites, but I have to say Grant was one of my most favorite students at Parley's. He was smart, really smart and talented in a way that left his teachers bewildered at times. I remember Debbi taking him on summer trips to further his language skills, and of course these trips made a huge difference in many ways for him. I remember asking Grant to converse with Governor Shumway in Spanish when he was in 3rd grade. Grant blew him away. While Grant was only with us for thirteen years, he made a life long impact on so many of us. Thank you for sharing your awesome son with us. He will be missed.
Posted by Julie Meers on 18th September 2016
Debbi and Jim, I remember the day you called us to let us know Grant was born! With you both guiding him, Grant hit the road running - from all the adventures, mountains he climbed, and ski jumps he raced down. We enjoy hearing of all the adventures - and seeing your photos. I am so sorry for this incredible loss. I wish there was a way that I could carry your pain for you. Take comfort in the outpouring of love from your community and family. This is a true testament to the full life Grant lead and the love and comfort you gave him. All my love - Julie
Posted by Anne Clarke on 18th September 2016
Grant and the boys always felt like they "ran this town". That is the beauty of a small town. I remember the time when they were quite young that we thought the boys were skiing at PCMR. I was trying to catch up to them. After much searching and getting a little nervous, I found out where they were. They decided to ski down the town lift, get a little pizza, and hop in Jim's hot tub. They thought they were total studs. And they were.
Posted by Anne Smith on 18th September 2016
We do not know Grant nor his family, but feel tremendous sadness for your incredible loss. May the memories of your beautiful son, brother, grandson, and friend bring your hearts some level of comfort now and going forward. Our Park City community grieves with you and for Grant, always.
Posted by Lisa Needham on 17th September 2016
Oh Debbie and Jim My heart goes out to you and your family with so much love. I am so deeply sorry for your loss.
Posted by Jennifer Semenza on 17th September 2016
Jim, Debbi, and Luke, My heart aches for the loss of your beautiful boy, Grant. I will always remember the days when our kids were babies- such special memories. Grant's beautiful baby face and precious, soft eyes is an image that has been etched into my mind. He was a bright light and a sweet soul. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Much love, -Jen
Posted by Annie Wallace on 17th September 2016
My heart goes out to Debbi and Jim. Grant always had light in his eyes. Seeing you a few weeks ago at the climbing gym was a happy moment in a hectic day. I have fond memories of after school French class and you all coming in to hang out and learn some French. Our thoughts are with you at this time and always. Annie
Posted by Hong McDonald on 17th September 2016
Debbi, Jim, and Luke, We will forever hold Grant close to our hearts and remember him fondly for all the great memories of sleepovers, allergic reactions, Halloween carvings, camping/boating, and many many dinners together... Even that time when Grant and Cole we hiding in the bush at McPolin when we searched frantically for them... (Infuriating right Deb?) Grant, you always had a smile on your face, and we'll forever smile when we think of you. Rest in peace, our dear friend... In our hearts you'll always be... With much love, Hong, Connor, Cole...
Posted by Eve Bier on 17th September 2016
So sorry for your loss, may the many joyful memories you shared comfort those he left behind.
Posted by Susan Bird on 17th September 2016
Jim, Debbi and Luke Words can't describe how sorry we are for you all. We have not seen Grant since he was younger but it sounds like he grew to be a wonderful young man. The description actually sounds s lot like you Jim ....happy cool dude. While we wish we could be there to support you please know your friends back east are with you in spirit. Stephen and Susan Bird
Posted by Jill Orschel on 17th September 2016
Sending much love and light to the Seaver family. I have warm memories of Debbi and Jim being dedicated, fun, caring, loving, engaged parents to Grant and Luke. Deep sympathy from Eddie and me. We hope you find comfort it the community surrounding you with open hearts and so much love. xoxo
Posted by Dana Noonan on 17th September 2016
There are no words that could possibly ease your pain, just lots of love and strength being sent your way. You were the other big sister growing up, always laughing with that naughty twinkle in your eye. You are so loved and Grant will be the brightest star in the sky . Love you Debs
Posted by Chris Rock on 16th September 2016
My acquaintance with Grant was only passing, but I am well acquainted with his mom's smile when recounting his latest accomplishment or telling tales of a recent trip. That was one loved boy who will be missed by those who knew him. Sending love and good thoughts to those he left behind.
Posted by Mary Closer on 16th September 2016
My 11-yr old son has been a recent recipient of Grant's hand-me-downs. We received a call from Debbi on Fri night saying she had some to pick up. We were excited as they are always stylish and hip. Sat night I happened to snap a pic of my wee guy wearing most of Grant's clothes, including his funky sox. I sent it to Deb, captioned "a mini Grant." What timing. His spirit lives on....
Posted by Pennel Bird on 16th September 2016
I only got to meet Grant once when I spent some time with him and his family at his aunt's home, few year back. I was impressed by what a kind, cool, thoughtful kid he was at the time. My recollection is that he could roll with my bad joking around and throw it back at me in a sweet, smart, and playful way. In other words, he could hang - which is the highest praise in my book. My heart cracks at this news. I send my deepest sympathies and all my love to his whole family in this time of leaving and farewell. You will be sorely missed by us all, Grant. I hope that wherever you are, you're pulling multiple back back flips right now on a pair of perfect skis. You are alive in our memories and shall be always. To quote one of your favorites: "When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom - let it be. And in our hour of darkness, she is standing right in front of me, speaking words of wisdom - let it be." Godspeed, Grant - godspeed.
Posted by Veronica O' Doherty on 16th September 2016
Grant, Shortly after moving into the 'hood' I went to your house for my first visit. You, appearing as an extremely polite boy, met me at the top of the stairs and instructed me in perfect elocution English ..'Go back down the stairs and remove your shoes'....I have followed that rule since !!....I will miss seeing you crossing through our garden and most of all that rogueish smile. Keep smiling down on us please.!!....Veronica.
Posted by Veronica O' Doherty on 16th September 2016
We have good memories of you chasing us with water guns and squirting us. We hid in the back of my Dads truck, You found us and climbed in and sprayed us. We just screamed and laughed. We jumped on the tramp with you, your flips were so cool...We will miss you!!...From Grace and Lucy
Posted by Paul Seaver on 16th September 2016
It suddenly dawned on me how much alike Grant's cat Homer and my childhood cat Timmy were! Just as suddenly we bonded! The distance between Providence RI and Park City Utah and Heaven itself seemed to blur. And the way Grant held Homer captured for me as it did for all of us his radiant happiness and openness to life. Would that I, his eighty-six-year-old priest-uncle will have touched as many lives when I join him beyond.
Posted by Eric Geaslin on 16th September 2016
I remember just last week asking Grant, "How's your cat Homer doin,? He replied in his cute little way, "He's fine, you can go over to the house and visit him if you want." You'll be missed little buddy. I'll see you on the other side. Jimmy, Debs, and Luke, you guys stay tough. I love you all very much. Uncle Rocky
Posted by Denise Walz on 16th September 2016
My heart is heavy with the news of Grants passing. I regret that I have not taken the opportunity to stay in touch more over the years, but please know that you are all in my heart and prayers. Much love and light to Grant, a beautiful bright star and his loving family.
Posted by Joanna Lamb on 16th September 2016
Granty-Lou how do you do? I can hear Deb from the kitchen now. What a sweet, polite young man. A favorite memory of Grant is a camping trip my sons and I took with Debbi, Luke & Grant in the Uintas. He was the first kid to come up to me and offer help from setting up camp & tents to collecting firewood or cleanup. Grant always said please and thank you and was patient too. He never interrupted. We hiked to Cliff Lake and he fearlessly jumped off that cliff. Like his parents, he had a huge heart. We will miss that young man. Love to you all & Godspeed to you, Grant.
Posted by Susie Johnson on 16th September 2016
This past spring I was visiting with Debbi, her beloved mom Betsy and a host of lifelong friends in Pelham. When it came time to pick up Luke at the train station I volunteered to go and asked Grant if he wanted to come along. With his usual enthusiasm and infectious smile he said yes. So off we went with the windows down, sunroof open and tunes cranking at top volume. He and I laughed and sang and chatted. I felt like I was hanging with an old friend, he just had that way about him. I will cherish those 30 minutes forever. The sky has a new and vibrant star in its midst. I will look up everynight and think of him.

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