Posted by Rocky Cumbie on June 13, 2021
It has been along time old friend. I wondered where you moved onto. It has been a life time since we worked our way through eastern . Pushing each other to do the best we could. It was always good to tell each other to "pay attention to detail ". I have always felt we only have a few true friends in life and I feel lucky to have called you one. You were truly a gifted person. You will always be a part of my continuum. I remember we were working on the old Mercedes and then you showed me your new guitar. .....
Posted by Terri Fristad on June 2, 2021
For Greg’s Families by relation and of Heart.
Greg, the day you left us I’d been listening to your music. I needed something that would soothe me and center me as I was experiencing a challenge and needed to focus. I listened to Wings four times through. As I was wrapping up my day’s task, dancing across the room, I thought of how I had not seen you for quite a while. I decided I was going to try to reach you to let you know how much your music spoke to me. The next morning when I opened up my computer, I read you were gone. I’ve felt a heavy heart daily. Being able to come together as the South Whidbey community to honor your life has helped some. You are always here when song and dance make a presence. Never to be forgotten. 
Posted by Shirley Jantz on June 2, 2021
In music and memory, you are in our hearts and thoughts, Greg. Thank You for your gift of life, your compassionate soul; the Blessings you gave this world.  May you be in the Light of Peace, all your days. 

To family and relations of this gentle man.. he goes with you ever so graciously in the Spirit of Love.  Blessed Be to You, too...  Shirley
Posted by Jamie Whitaker on June 2, 2021
My condolences to the family. I only knew Greg through my job in public service but the impression he left on me was indelible.
He always showed respect and asked little but in a matter of minutes he expressed a witty and genial personality that was instantly likable. Whenever Greg came through the doors of the library he always acknowledged staff at the circulation desk with a smile. I’m so sorry for your loss.
Posted by JOHN PORTER on June 2, 2021
What a loss for our Whidbey community!  What a kind, artistic man. Certainly been a difficult year, particularly for those who are sensitive souls. Let's start today by reaching out to those who may feel isolated, just one more day could have made a difference.
Posted by Laurie Keith on June 1, 2021
I fell in love with Greg at an Open Mic at the Raven (now the Braeburn) 20+years ago.  Barbara Dunn had just played/sang an amazing powerful feminist tribute song. Way to go!  Then,Greg was next. He got up and proceded to sing the most beautiful heart warming song inviting  the masculine and feminine to honor and respect each other and find the beauty in each other....something like that.  It was a Wow.   I went up to him afterwards to share how I was so struck by the beauty of the song and how amazing he had the perfect song at the perfect moment all ready to go. "Who wrote that song?" I asked.  HA! That was Greg's gift and genius. HE wrote that moment...for that moment ...only.  No recorder . Only those there were gifted with that brilliant creative offering.  I would always bug him to record those spontaneous original compositions but he felt that took away from their power and the moment.  Those of you that were blessed to witness/receive one of these know how blessed we were....and are. I trust your blessing is continuing on in the hearts of so many. Thank you Greg....Still love ya!  
Posted by Dana Consuelo on May 31, 2021

my love,

when my time comes
    to step through
     death's door
meet me on the threshold
     and waltz me into heaven

and laugh again we will

laugh again
we will

knowing the dance never ends

the dance
Posted by Dianna MacLeod on May 31, 2021
Many, many thanks to those who put together the tribute to Greg and who got this website up and running. You gave our community a chance to grieve, celebrate, and heal together. I'm touched that Greg's family was able to attend and to experience the great amount of love for him present here on Whidbey. If it offsets their shock and grief even a tiny bit, and if it is part of what they remember about Greg's place in the world, I'll be heartened. So, thanks to all who played a part in Greg's commemoration ceremony.
Posted by Bruce Perler on May 31, 2021
Bittersweet feeling for our brother Greg. Irene and I are with you all in spirit during this beautiful and sorrowful time.

Greg left so much love and gift with our community. The Goodenough's hold him dearly.

Posted by SIRI Bardarson on May 31, 2021
I will miss you. Thanks for making the cello sound great!
Posted by Dianna MacLeod on May 31, 2021
Greg Garbarino -- poet and jester, singer of song, teller of truth, servant of community, artist of honesty, troubadour of our deep and profound selves -- you always were and forever will be dearly beloved.
Posted by Laura Hudson on May 30, 2021
With Greg’s passing I have been reflecting on how lucky I feel to have grown up with people always playing music at our house. I loved when Greg would sing. I hope he knew how much I cherish those memories. Love you Greg, rest easy❤️
Posted by Karin Blaine on May 30, 2021
Rest in Peace, Greg. Thank you for your beautiful music. I will always remember you and your songs' beauty. Karin Blaine

"They are not long - the weeping and the laughter
The love, the desire, the hate.
I think they have no portion in us after we pass the gate.

They are not long the days of wine and roses.
Out of a misty dream our path emerges for a while, then closes
Within a dream."

– Ernest Dowson, from "Vitae Summa Brevis" (1896).
Posted by Gülüm Hatun on May 30, 2021
Oh, My Beloved Friend,

Thank you for twenty blessed years of knowing you.

I will forever treasure the many times that you and I sang and played music together. You were my buddy of the spontaneous nature, co-creating out of thin air ... always something more beautiful than we could imagine.

Just wow. I will miss you and always think of you fondly.

Ya Salaam Ya Salaam Ya Salaam.........

Peace. Peace. Peace.

Posted by Jim Riley on May 30, 2021
Sing on forever bro in gentleness and sensitivity
Posted by Joe Arnold on May 30, 2021
What an amazing man. I've known him for 25 years. He was such a generous man. I played a song for my friend today.
Posted by Christine Daverio on May 30, 2021
Sadly, I will not have hope of seeing you again or hearing you sing, live in your beautifully bodied being. Your sound waves and memories will live on.
I remember the uplifted heart I felt when you joined in our gatherings. Its been decades now since I have lived on Whidbey--but seems like yesterday thinking of you and your wonderful loved ones on the island. Rest in deep peace and love.
Posted by BillDonna Humphreys on May 29, 2021

Greg Garbarino - In Remembrance

Gregory Garbarino, dear friend, musical colleague, and long-time member of our South Whidbey Island family, has departed this life on eagles’ wings, and wings of song.  Sadly, we can no longer lift a glass together to a wonderful musical or artistic success, or walk together through the beautiful Whidbey landscape.

Greg was such a part of the social, artistic, musical fabric of our lives.  He danced with us, sang with us, played instruments with us . . .  and he skillfully recorded our concerts, recitals, shows, and so many other special occasions. Always available to help in any way, from running errands, to moving household furniture, Greg had a big heart, a great sense of humor, and total dedication to excellence and detail.  

Our times together, in our home, on Ireland trips, in concerts at Langley UMC, Whidbey Institute, WICA . . . Greg’s amazing and beautiful “on the spot” song improvisations . . . such precious memories. Our hours spent together editing concert recordings and listening to Greg’s latest acquisition of sound equipment . . . searching for treasures at Good Cheer! 

And now we are left with only our own “memory recordings” of this remarkable man.  Precious remembrances that will not quickly fade, but will last as testimony to the beauty and strength that one person can bring into the world.  Dance, sing and play on, dear friend.  

Bill and Donna Humphreys
May 2021
Medanales, New Mexico

Though we need to weep your loss,
You dwell in that safe place in our hearts,
Where no storm or night or pain can reach you .

Let us not look for you only in memory,
Where we would grow lonely without you.
You would want us to find you in presence,
Beside us when beauty brightens,
When kindnes glows
And music echos eternal tones.

Stanzas from “On the Death of the Beloved”
By John O’Donohue
Posted by Judyth Reichenberg on May 28, 2021
Dear Greg,
May your spirit soar into timelessness and infinite space. No limits, no chains, no bounds. May you close your eyes, release your body, and find the peace and rest that eluded you here. You are deeply loved and will be missed and remembered by so many in this precious community. 

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