~Gregory Mammoser~

To Know him
was to love him!

I miss him so much!
  • 46 years old
  • Born on May 15, 1956 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on November 18, 2002 in Mableton, Georgia, United States.


Wish you were here!

I still love you with all my heart!

Thank you for making me your bride.

I can't wait to see you again!

I miss you so very much!

Time passes and I long to see you again!
I miss you sooooo much.

On this day, we became one!
Happy Anniversary, my darling!
August 8,1987

I was so blessed to have you in my life!

It's autumn now. The leaves are changing colors and falling like rain.
It's Thanksgiving time again!

Time for family and friends
to get-togethers and "remember-whens?"
Time for football, big parades, and telephoning friends,
Time for Thanking God for all the special gifts He sends.

It's been difficult these last few years without you here on earth.
I know you are with me
I feel your spirit and your love when I think there's days that I can't go on...

Time has marched on and everyday I miss you so much!

I still see your gifts with each and everyday!
I still love you more than I words say.

I miss your infectious laugh and the way you could always make me feel better.

I still treasure everything about you and everything we shared togetherI

I thank God for you!
I was so blessed to have you in my life.

I invite you to share your memories, videos and photos of Greg and any stories that may have special meaning to you. If you have digital files, email them to me at JolynnWagoner@aol.com or you can call me and I will help you to post them . If you have pictures or videotapes,convert them and post them here for all to see and share.

My hope is all who view this will find stories that make you smile or laugh or just warm your heart. Please be patient with me as this comes together. I will be adding more music and stories as time goes on to celebrate his life.

The best way to view this site would be to click on the picture and watch the slide show. The picture is enlarged so you will be able to see more. Then hit play button.
Then you can go to other tabs to view and read other stories.

We will remember Greg forever.

Posted by Jay Darwin on 20th November 2017
I'm touched every year seeing these tributes to Greg picturing those days amid the laughter and loyalty of a true friend . Greg truly possessed a gracefulness and compassion beyond his years, and he is certainly missed by more than you know. God bless you Jolynn for keeping his memory and love so alive.
Posted by Catherine Burns on 19th November 2017
Greg, please send Jolynn a sign of some kind that you are with her as she deals with one bad issue after another. I remember so well how much in love you two were and still are. She is still there waiting to see you again one of these days....but not too soon.
Posted by Janis Wagoner - Eby on 18th November 2017
Greg, I can't believe that you have been gone for 15 years. There isn't a day that goes by that Jolynn and I mention your name and how badly she misses you! As I know you will without being ask to continue to watch over her and if you can every so often just send her a sign. Right now we are going through so much so if you can pray for our family and send us guidance will be greatly appreciated. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Please give mom hugs, love and prayers from her 3 daughter's.
Posted by Jolynn Wagoner on 8th August 2016
August 8, 1987 about 9:00am, the doorbell rang and when I opened the door there were twelve beautiful red roses and a card that Greg had written... "I can't wait to start my life with you! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! See you to night when you will become my Bride. My love always, Greg.
Posted by Catherine Burns on 15th May 2016
Greg is still watching over you as is your Heavenly Father. They are well aware of all that you've been through and are still dealing with. No one wants you to give up....keep hanging on. You have many friends here on this earth to lift you up. I am one of them and always will be. Greg is smiling at you right this very minute! He lives on because of Jesus' blood.
Posted by Carol Reddaway on 18th November 2014
This was a very sad day 12 years ago. It doesn't seem like it could be that long ago. I still miss Greg tons - especially his laughter and sense of humor. I'm sure he's enjoying Dad's company in heaven now that he's there with Greg and Mother. I pray God watches over the rest of our family while we're here on earth.
Posted by Catherine Burns on 15th May 2014
I love looking at the pictures again and listening to the words of the music. Can you picture Greg and Vodka playing at some park in Heaven and having Jesus right there to enjoy it with them? They both look down at you at this very moment and feel your loneliness and comfort you from afar....close your eyes right now and feel their love.
Posted by Linda Brownlee on 15th May 2014
These special days bring the memories closer. Greg was a dear. He loved Jolynn so much. We were grateful for the time she brought him back to the family. I'll bet the birthday parties in heaven are a blow out!
Posted by Janis Wagoner - Eby on 18th November 2013
It is hard to believe that it has been 11 years. You must be so proud of Jolynn as she is a real trooper. Greg you are in the memories of so many and you will continue to be a part of everyone's life cause you will continue on as for you are in our hearts forever. As for you who has now been reunited with our Mom and your Dad where life is forever and free. With out saying please continue to watch over Jolynn and keep her safe. Which I know she carries you with her where ever she goes. Greatly missed but never forgotten. Love and prayers.
Posted by Jay Darwin on 1st June 2012
We both shared similar interests in building, rehab, being gym rats and appreciation of friends enjoying a cold beer. My fondest memory is Gregs invitation with my young Son Ryan to the farm for a day of 4 wheeler rides with him. This was toward the end of his illness, yet we all played together without a word regarding it. I believe it was his parting gift in our friendship. I miss him.
Posted by Dennis Ergle on 1st June 2012
Greg left too soon. He was a friend and a very caring individual. Always a smile on his face and upbeat. So sorry for your loss. He was one of a kind. Dennis 'N scheduling Ergle
Posted by Genie Ayers on 28th May 2012
I worked in In-Flight Scheduling and knew Greg well, he was always such a nice person and respectful. I retired in 2000 and did not know Greg had passed and am so sorry to learn of this. He was such a wonderful person, I am sorry for your loss.
Posted by Kim Sharp-Rose on 28th May 2012
Jolynn, what a beautiful website and tribute for Greg. So touching. I met Greg only once, but I know you and Greg shared a deep love for one another. Your pictures tell how special you two were to each other. Take care and thinking of you. Kim Sharp-Rose and Troy Rose
Posted by Janie Guggenbiller on 23rd May 2012
Scott and I only met Greg a few times but in that time knew he was so in love with you, Jolynn. His eyes lit up and he never stopped smiling and laughing when you were with him. I know you felt that love and gave it back in return. This is a beautiful testament to the love you shared.
Posted by Catherine Burns on 15th May 2012
How very beautiful! Greg must be so proud of you for keeping his memory alive here on earth. Love the pictures. What a great job you've done, Jolynn.
Posted by ChiP Kaye on 15th May 2012
Jo, What a wonderful partnership you both had and .have, and have, and have. I am soo proud to know you and as it turns out-- greg as well.Considering I spent only a half hour with him on earth, our spirits are bonded for ever.
Posted by Carol Reddaway on 15th May 2012
I thought about Greg all day today. I miss him tons. I wish JD, Michael, and Darby knew him more. Thanks for posting these pictures. What a great way to share him with our family. Thank you Jolynn and Linda.
Posted by Janis Wagoner - Eby on 15th May 2012
Dearest Sis, I am so proud of you and I am really impressed with what you have done with the memories of Greg. Thank you for sharing with your family and friends. He will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Great Job, sis!! Love your sis, Janis

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