His Life
Greg "radio" was a very caring person we met 11 years ago and got together on 10.31.08 he used to crack me up because every day when I would walk to work he would be outside washing his van (he was my next door neighbor). Then he would offer me a ride and would pick me up at the time I had visitation with my kids and had a car but someone had it and greg went to try to get it for me but I didn't want problems so instead he would give me rides to my visit.  I was so grateful for his kind ❤  then we moved in together. He was a caring and loving person. But like every couple we had our problems people don't see what's behind close doors.  As a friend he was always there to help  shit even when he passed away he helped out we gained a angel and he saved 3 lives. Thats how the dr told me when they called me.  And to this day on my phone I don't have service on i get a phone call at 415pm and at 1010pm its crazy I feel its radio cause the time 415 is when they pulled the plug and 1010 is when the dr called me. Sorry if this bored you guys but its something I wanted to let you guys know.  Thanks for your time.