Let the memory of Gregory be with us forever
  • 35 years old
  • Born on January 12, 1978 in Shaw AFB, Sumter, Sumter,, South Carolina, United States.
  • Passed away on July 31, 2013 in Lake City, Tennessee, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Gregory Campbell 35 years old , born on January 12, 1978 and passed away on July 31, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 24th March 2019
Hi honey, Michelle and family are back from Disney World and by the pictures she posted they had a wonderful time. They went to Cocco Beach first and the kids playing in the ocean brought back good memories for me of you and Mark playing in the ocean. Honey I love Rodney as a son and I am very happy that Michelle has him but I can't help wishing it was you with her. Those two babies are my grand babies and I couldn't love them anymore if they were my grandchildren, so very proud of them and being able to watch them reach their milestones is wonderful. Keep watching over them and have the angels keep them safe. I love and miss you everyday ❤️ Momma
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 12th March 2019
Honey it must be wonderful living in Paradise. With all the rain here, flooding has destroyed homes, businesses, roads it's bad. I've been depressed a lot but a few days of sunshine has helped. Mark took me out and we went to Knoxville West Town, East town has closed. We ate at a new burger place and they had the best hamburgers, we really enjoyed it. Michelle and family are going to Disney World in a few days and all are very excited. You know she is like you doesn't like the heat. Well will close for now I love you honey Momma
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 3rd March 2019
Hi Sweet pea, this winter has been nothing but rain, so much rain that East Tennessee is flooded. So dreary but we did have a few days of beautiful sunshine and it felt wonderful, brought everyone's spirit up. You have such a wonderful place to be, the everlasting beauty of Heaven. Looking forward to seeing it one day. Seeing Jesus will be wonderful. Hayden lost his first tooth, had a big smile. Mark and I miss you everyday love you honey, Momma.
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 15th February 2019
Honey wish you were here to see Hayden with his little girlfriend on Valentine's Day, they exchanged gifts on the bus, they were so cute together. Can you believe he has a girlfriend? Michelle posts pictures of him and Lilly, that's how Mark and I watch them growing up. You would be some proud of them. I'm sorry but I still think of you with them. Michelle is doing well but honey she still loves you, it has to be hard on her. She and the kids and Rodney are our family. You are always in my heart. Love Momma.
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 14th February 2019
Gregory, Happy Valentine's day sweetheart. Love and miss you. I wish you could have seen how excited Hayden was to give his little " girlfriend" her valentine. I gotta bring him up right and teach him how boys/ men should treat women. I can't believe he's old enough to even be thinking about girls in that sense. I love you
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 23rd November 2018
Hi sweet pea, well another Thanksgiving has passed and it was just Mark and I, hopefully Michelle and family can come Christmas. We all miss you very much. You are always in my heart and mind, I love you honey.
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 22nd November 2018
Gregory, Another holiday without you here, one would think it gets easier, well their so wrong. My heart hurts just as much now as it did 5 years ago when you unexpectedly left us. However you did teach me to slow down a bit and see all of God's amazing beauty that he created for us to enjoy, the moon,starts,the sun, the trees and to see the good in ppl when they've given one so many reasons to see the bad.. thank you for giving me all of that and Happy Thanksgiving sweetheart. I miss and love you to infinity and beyond
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 31st July 2018
Hello Sweatpea, today is your 5th year in Heaven. We all here on this earth miss you so very much. Yesterday Mark and I got to take Hayden out by himself for the very first time. We had so much fun with him, Mark took him to a play area well there was so much to describe, they enjoyed it very much. I sat and watched, my thoughts kept going to you on how much you would enjoy doing all of it with your son. We took him to his school for football practice, got to see him do tackles and such. It meant the world to us. I talked with Michelle, honey she still loves you. I truly believe you two would have been so happy together and I love her and her family very much. Although we don't see each very often, it means the world to us knowing we have family. It comforts her knowing that you are watching over her and the family. Mark misses you so much. We love you, Momma
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 5th July 2018
Hi honey, my heart is falling apart missing you so very much. Yesterday was the 4 th of July and knowing how much you enjoyed the holidays just make them harder on me but with knowing that helps me to remember you with so much love. I love you Gregory Allen Campbell, see I put your whole name here because that is how you always signed cards you gave me. Will be seeing you one day soon, Momma
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 5th July 2018
Gregory, 5 years ago I was spending the 4th of july with the 2 most important people in my life just enjoying watching you & Hayden filled my heart with happiness and I was so excited for our future together. Yesterday as I spent the day with Lilly & Hayden the. 2 most important people in my life now. My heart was filled with pure joy & happiness watching them enjoy their day, but at the same time it was breaking all over again because you werent here to share this with me. I miss and love you every day
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 23rd May 2018
Gregory, This has been a very busy month between field trips and field day and then today was Kindergarten graduation I sure do wish you were here to share in the jou of watching my little man walk across that stage and get his kindergarten diploma I am beyond amazed at how much Hayden has learned this past school year he is more outgoing highly intelligent and never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge I know you would have been so proud of him today.miss you today and every day
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 9th May 2018
Hi honey, it's almost Mother's Day and I'm talking with you because I go tomorrow for my 3rd eye surgery and just don't know what may come. Greg I miss you so very much, at times it is almost unbearable, you are my baby, so much we have missed as a family, you are a very big part in our lives that can't be filled. Mark still having a difficult time without his "ADMIRAL". Michelle is doing the best she can, she also misses and loves you. Hayden is so perfect, growing up so fast and Lilly is such a beautiful little girl, both are smart as can be and love each other.Honey Mark and I will be with you someday, give Mammaw a big bear hug and kisses from us. Will talk with you soon. Momma.
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 29th March 2018
Hi honey, missing you very much. I have been remembering your handsome face, your beautiful laugh and smile, miss your jokes, I just miss you, sure could use a big bear hug right now. I hang on to the memories and know that one day soon I will be there with you.love Momma
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 14th February 2018
Gregory, Happy Valentine's day sweetheart... I got the most specialist Valentine today, Hayden hand made one from school, I literally had tears in my eyes... I miss & you love
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 13th January 2018
Gregory, its so hard to believe that this is ur 5th birthday in heaven. I truly hope that. You had a wonderful day celebrating your 40th with ur family there. I miss & love you dearly
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 12th January 2018
Happy Birthday honey, you are now 40. Wish you were here with us to celebrate but I know you are watching over us each and every day and to me you are the biggest, brightest star in the sky, I will always think of you when I see the north star and I know you are also watching over Michelle and her family. With love forever, Momma.
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 27th December 2017
Merry Christmas sweetpea, we continue to miss you so very much. Michelle, Rodney, Hayden and Lilly came for Christmas dinner and opening of gifts. Hayden was so cute for he could read the names to pass out and Lilly helped along with Hayden opening up the gifts. I'm a proud nana to 2 beautiful children and Mark spoils them like a uncle should with to many gifts, he also loves being a uncle. Honey enjoy your holiday in paradise.
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 26th December 2017
Gregory, its so hard to believe that it has been 5 Christmases withoit you here with us.. But I know in,my heart your up there watching over us. Protecting us & keeping us safe.. We spenr the evening with mark & debbie. Of course they spoiled Hayden & Lilly I'm so grateful that they want to include my daughter as part of their family. Your mom & brother are wonderful kind hearted ppl with nothing but hearts of gold and I'm proud to call them my family.. Merry Christmas sweetheart.. I love & miss you every day
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 29th July 2017
My son, my son, tomorrow will be 4 years that you left this earthly place when you answered the Master's call to be with Him in Paradise. I know it was hard for you to leave the ones here on earth that loves you the most but we understand that you are free of pain and of the problems of this world and are walking the streets of gold, listening to the angels sing and is in the arms of Jesus. Honey we will all be together again when it's our turn to answer the Master's call and that will be a blessed day for Mark, Michele and I. You would be so very proud of Hayden, he starts kindergarten this year, it's hard to believe. He is a handsome little man and we love him as our own. Lillie is a beautiful, happy little girl, she is ours also. I am so very thankful that Michelle for letting us to continue to be in her life, she and the kids are family. With all my heart and soul I love and miss you today and forever, Momma.
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 5th July 2017
Gregory, Well another 4th of July has come & gone. I took the kids to the ballfield this evening and standing there with Lilly watching the fire works brought back memories of been there with you & you holding Hayden in your arms watching , she really enjoyed watching them, my girl is fearless.. Miss you so much
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 11th May 2017
Wonderful news honey, the judge signed the papers Monday, Hayden is now officially hers. She has been waiting for this a long time. I know that you see them, keeping your arms around them and I know you are doing the same for Lilly. They love each other so very much, I remember asking him if he wanted a baby brother or sister and him saying I want a brother, don't want a sister. He takes very good care of her and she wrestles with him like a boy. she is a very beautiful little girl. Just sitting here thinking that they would be your family. I know that we aren't to question God but it does hurt still I can see how very proud you would be to say that these are my children and I remember seeing to way you looked at Michelle, the love in your eyes I can still see and the happiness you had with her. In my heart I know that one day you will be reunited with Michelle and the children in paradise. With all my love, Momma.
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 4th May 2017
Gregory, As I lie here and reflect on my day, parts of it has been joyous spending some much needed quality time with Hayden & Lilly and now that I'm alone with my thoughts its just sad & lonely as I recall the last birthday you spent with me, we had so much fun dancing, laughing and just enjoying each other's company & the unquestioning love that we had for each other was beyond anything that I have ever experienced or will ever experience again in this life time, there's times I still get angry that you were taken from me and I'll never understand it, but I guess God knew what he was doing it doesn't make it right in my eyes but it's what I have to live with. I really wish you could see Hayden and how much he's grown, he's so smart, he's funny beyond words , he's a great kid and loves everything & everybody. I wish you could be here to watch him play baseball & see how much heart he pours into it, or see the look on his face when he got to hold an alligator, a baby tiger and a big tiger, it was worth every penny I paid to see that look of sheer happiness on his face. I wish you could meet my sweet, loving, out going, rambunctious Lilly, her smile is Absolutely contagious, her mind is sharp, and she's very smart( gets that from her momma) she loves ppl & animals after she warns up to them. She's so funny and there's never a dull moment with the 2 of them.. They love each other so much it absolutely makes my heart melt... I miss you every day & ill love you always
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 23rd April 2017
Hi sweetpea, you have been on my mind more than usual. Michelle had wonderful news a few weeks ago, Hayden is officially her son now, the birth mother finally signed the papers. I was so happy for her and I did cry realizing that you could have been celebrating with her for being able to adopt him as his father. Mark and I love him and Lily as our own, boy you would loved to see Mark at the holidays and birthdays being Uncle Mark to them. Honey we miss you so much and Michelle loves you still. I enjoy having her as a daughter and we love her. Well continue to watch over all of us with all my love, Momma.
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 14th February 2017
Happy Valentine's day sweetheart, hope you enjoyed your day.. Miss & love you bunches
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 14th February 2017
Happy Valentine's Day honey. Makes me sad that you aren't here to celebrate with Michelle. She misses and loves you. You would be very proud of her on how she takes care of her children. She loves them. Hayden is growing up so fast and Lilly is beyond her age. Mark bought me a dozen yellow roses, my favorite color roses. Honey keep your watchful arms around all of us Momma
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 12th January 2017
Happy 39th Birthday Sweetpea, this is your 4th year in Heaven. Just sitting here thinking of you and how happy you must be in that beautiful place. You are with our family and they will help you celebrate, Jesus is there with you. oh how wonderful it is to look into his face and talk with him. Mark bought your lasagna last night and will fix it today in your honor. We love and miss so very much. Michelle and her family are doing well, she misses and loves you also. I am so happy that she found Rodney, they are happy together and have the beautiful girl. Hayden loves his little sister. He is 5 now and growing up so fast. You would be very proud of him. Honey keep your arms around all of us and keep us safe. One day we will see you again. Love Momma.
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 1st January 2017
Gregory, Its my 4th, New year's eve without you, just doesn't seem possible. I sent it hanging out at home with hayden & budda.. Haha guess I'm not as young and exciting as I use to be.. Hope you had a great time in heaven.. Miss you bunches
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 1st January 2017
Happy New Year honey. It's 2017 now, a new year that begins without you, Mark and I just sat around he doesn't like watching tv without Dick Clark hosting says it's not the same without him. People say that with time all will get better but I beg to differ, our hearts still break without you, we love and miss you. Saw a cardinal the other day and I thought of you visiting us, someday we will meet again in paradise Momma
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 25th December 2016
Greg Christmas number for Has Come And Gone without you it's not a day that passes that you're not in my thoughts we got to spend Christmas night with Nana and Mark and of course they just overdone it with the gifts and spoiled the little children again warms my heart and makes me happy that they include Lily is part of the family and they still want to be part of our lives I sure hope that you had a glorious time walking the streets of gold with all your family there I also hope that you look down upon us today with a smile on your face because nowadays when I think of you it's not with all heartache I will treasure our Memories Forever Merry Christmas Gregory I love you
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 24th December 2016
Merry Christmas sweetpea, this is your 4th in Heaven and I know that you will be celebrating Jesus's birthday along with Pappaw, Mammaw, and Uncle Tom. Michelle and her family coming Christmas night to help us celebrate Jesus, we will share a good meal, watch Hayden and Lilly open their presents and just enjoy being family, of course there are love ones on both sides that won't be with us but will be in our hearts and greatly missed. Mark and I love you honey, enjoy your day with Jesus. love Momma
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 17th November 2016
Gregory, At this time a year ago I was in the hospital in active labor with one of the most precious Gift that I have ever gotten. It just blows my mind that a year has already gone by, it's been long sleepless nights, lots of diapers, bottles, sweet smiles, sloppy kisses, her reaching new milestones from her first tooth, her learning to crawl, then her walking even before she was a year old. Hearing her say momma momma just absolutely melts my heart and makes all the sleepless night and dirty diapers worth it a million times over, I'll admit it's not been the easiest year but I wouldnt change it for nothing. I've stressed my self out over her first birthday party because you know me,and know that I want it to be perfect just one she is. I know your watching over us and,keeping my family safe and,for that I'm forever greatful. I hope you are looking down on us Saturday and I hope you smile that wonderful smile and I hope you can feel all the love & happiness that I know I'll be feeling. I miss and love you always
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 7th November 2016
Hi honey, haven't wrote to you in awhile but that doesn't mean you are not in my thoughts everyday. The holidays are getting near and sitting here thinking how much you loved them. Mark and I still miss you very much, our lives have not been the same without you. Michelle and her family are doing well, Hayden will be 5 yrs old soon , just finished football, he is just perfect, you will have been so proud of him and baby Lilian will be 1 yr old and is walking, she is such a beautiful happy baby Honey I wish you could be with us but I know that you are watching over all of us. In my heart forever, Momma
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 31st July 2016
Wow it's already been 3 years since you passed, it just seems like only yesterday. This day will forever be etched into my heart for this was the day that my life changed and my heart was completely ripped from my chest, for a very long time after that even when I'd sat in a room full of people, I felt all alone, I'd cry myself to sleep at night, asking God why he choose to take you when when we were only about to begin our lives together and of course all I ever got was slience which just made me a angry, bitter person but looking back now I know that God needed you and I was only allotted a small amount of your time, and that possibly my time with you was to show me that there were good men in this world and that love still existed. Our memories will forever be tucked away in my heart. I see red cardinals All the time and I smile because I know that's a sign from you letting me know that you are watching over us and protecting my little family. I will always miss & love you but I couldn't think of a better guardian angel.. RIP Gregory Campbell❤
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 31st July 2016
July 31, 2013 is the day that you entered the gates of Heaven to be with our Lord and savior Jesus. That is the day that half my heart left with you. It is also knowing you are safe, free of pain, living in paradise with Mammaw and Pappaw and Uncle Tom. Mark and I are doing ok, he still having a rough time without his " Admiral". Greg you are very missed by those who love you. Michelle still has a big piece of her heart for you, she is happy now with Rodney and her beautiful daughter Lillian. She is the most perfect baby, Still I often wonder that she could have been yours and Michelle. I am so very happy for her that she found Rodney. He is a good man and he loves her very much. He loves and take care of Hayden and he loves him and calls him Daddy. I told Michelle is was right that he calls him Daddy now because he needs a daddy. To Mark and I you will always be his Daddy. Rodney is ok with us being Nana and Uncle Mark to Hayden and Lilly. They are our family now with you always in our hearts and minds. Honey please always keep your big strong arms around all of us. I love you, honey, Momma .PS Hayden loves his little sister.
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 5th July 2016
Gregory, Well it's fourth of July again, and this will always be a sad & fun day for me because this was the last holiday we were able to spend together, I recall watching you with Hayden at the ball field and just the look on both of your faces while watching the fireworks this imagine of you is and will forever be etched into my heart, today my Lilly got to ride her first pony and watch her first ever fireworks, she did great. I know this sounds nuts but I feel like you had a part in picking the most precious & most perfect angel that god could create to give to me. Sometimes when I least expect it i look around and see a cardinal sitting near me and I've always heard that this is a sign that a losted love one is visiting and it always brings a smile to my face because I know it's you. Thank you for watching over me and my family. Miss & love you always
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 23rd May 2016
Gregory, Tonight as I was able to witness something that hasn't happened since1985 and will not happen again until 2033, I was able to look up into the sky and actually see Saturn & mars with the naked eye which was pretty awesome, and I was flooded with some very sweet & cherished memories of us just standing outside, you were going on & on about which star was where and what' it's name was, and how we should adopt us a star (lol) even tho I love this memory the best part is that you were standing behind me with your arms wrapped around me for a good 20-30 mins, no matter how silly at the time I thought your idea was on us adopting a star, I would've stood there all night wrapped in your arms, because that was my most favorite to be. We miss and love you Gregory
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 8th May 2016
For my son that I greatly miss. It's Mother's Day again. I am so sad that you are not here with me. Mark is working both jobs today so it's lonely here. Honey I am at peace knowing your are with Jesus, Give Pappaw, Mammaw, Uncle Tom a big hug and kiss you me. I love you with all my heart sweetpea. Momma
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 18th March 2016
Hi honey, as I sat in front of the living room windows last night, seeing the little league ball lights on, brought back so many good memories of watching you [and Mark] playing ball. You went from being a little afraid to a very good ball player.Hayden should be getting ready to play again. Wish that you could have been here to help and teach him to play. Rodney is good with him and also makes him mine, I like Rodney and am very happy for him and Michelle. Honey keep your watchful eyes over them, protect them and if you can send some kind of message to Michelle that you are with her, that would make her so happy to know that you are there. Well guess I will stop for now, doing this helps me to feel closer with you. I love and miss you very much. Momma
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 14th February 2016
Gregory. As I sit here and watch P.S. I Love You. My mind wonders to you and us because I can relate so easy with the lady in the movie of her Husband passing in his 30s and just like every time other time ive watched this movie my eyes fills with tears and my heart breaks all over again because you were taken way too soon from us. Happy Valentine's day Gregory, miss you so much
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 12th January 2016
Happy 38th Birthday, Sweetpea!!! What a glorious day it is in Heaven and celebrating with our family. Mark and I had the lasagna it just don't taste the same since you left us. Michelle went back to work, she has a beautiful family, Hayden is getting so big, he really enjoyed being here for Christmas, he and Mark had a very good time together. Lillian is such a beautiful baby, to me she has her mother's nose. Mark and I really like Rodney, they are happy together. Well guess I will close for now, keep your loving watch over all of us. Love Momma
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 12th January 2016
Gregory, It's hard to believe that your celebrating your 3rd birthday in heaven. I hope that you have had a glorious day celebrating with your family. I do wish you could see, meet and hold my precious Lillian I know you would just love her, she so sweet. Hayden is finally starting to settle down. I so wish. You could see how big his gotten and some days he's too smart for his own good.. I know you are watching over us and,keeping us safe and,for that I'm so grateful. Know that I. Still miss and love you!! You will always have a special place in my heart. Happy 38Th birthday sweet ❤
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 25th December 2015
Gregory, Wow this is our 3rd Christmas without you, seems like yesterday we were making plans, laughing and enjoying each others company. We had Christmas with Debbie & Mark tonight and of course Uncle Mark & Nana spoiled Hayden and Marks a pro with Lillian. It warms my heart that they've accepted Lillian as their family and will love her as they do Hayden. It's very compassionate of them both to accept Rodney and welcome him into their home and treat him with respect. I hope you have had a grand time celebrating in heaven with your family. I will always love & miss you. Merry Christmas Gregory♡♡♡
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 21st November 2015
Gregory, Wow this has been a very busy few past weeks. From running to and from doctor appts and trying to get haydens 4th birthday party together I've barely had time to think.. I want to thank you for watching over me & Lillian during my pregnancy and keeping us both healthy and safe from all the stuff that could have gone wrong. I gave birth to a very beautiful, healthy and perfect baby girl on Nov 18th and of course I fell instantly in love with her. As this was one of the happiest days of my life my mind couldn't help but wonder if you hadn't been taken from us would we have had any children by now and who they would look like. Today as we celebrated haydens 4th birthday debbie & mark got to meet and love on my little miss Lillian, they looked so at home and natural holding and loving on her I'm so glad that Lillian will have them as part of her life. Hayden just loves playing and goofing around with uncle mark. Hayden's party went pretty good he had a great time and that's what matters to me.. we love you and I think of you often.
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 19th November 2015
Honey, Michelle and Rodney had their baby at 2:25 am Nov. 18, 2015 at MMC. Lillian Sophia Smith weigh 6 lbs 5 oz., 20 " long. She is a beautiful baby i left note on FB that she had Michelle's nose. Michelle is so happy she finally found someone else to love.after 2 years but she has told me that you will always have a special place in her heart. I'm so happy for her, she deserves to be happy again. At times during her pregnancy I often thought of this should have been yours and Michelle. but she's not. All I want for her is happiness and I still consider as a daughter. I love her as one. We hope that we can be Uncle Mark and Nana to Lillian.as we are to Hayden. Well I know that you are watching over Michelle and Hayden, now you can watch over her to. I love and miss very much.. Momma
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 1st November 2015
It's Nov. 1st now, which means the holidays are coming. This will be the 3rd without you. It is hitting me a little harder now, with the cancer, not having you with Mark and me, your wise words of wisdom, your big bear hugs, hearing you say " I love you, Mom." I just keep remembering that you are in the most wonderful place to be, HEAVEN, being with our Lord and Savior JESUS. Tell Momma, Daddy, and Tommy that we love and miss them very much. All of you will be remembered on those special days coming. With all my love, Momma
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 23rd October 2015
Sweetpea, I miss you so very much. This year has been rough year, with the cancer, knowing that I will be on the cancer pill for 5 yrs, I am very thankful to GOD that it was caught early, that He was with your brother and I that He calmed our nerves, comforted us and that we know that what lays ahead it is in his hands. Saw Michelle in Sept., at her baby shower, she looks so good, she's happy and healthy She and Rodney are happy and that was always my prayers that she would find someone else to love. You will always have that special place in her heart. Hayden is such a handsome little boy, those blue eyes are beautiful. He played little league football this fall, in the pictures that she posted he looks so small, he's # 4. He still remembers you, calls you daddy and points to the sky saying Daddy's in the stars. Michelle said that at times he'll call Rodney daddy and I told her that was OK, let him start doing that.for Rodney is his daddy now. We are still Nana and Uncle Mark and we love him as our own. To me Michelle will always be a daughter to me. We love her Lillian Sophia is due in Dec and I want to be Nana to her too. Well talking with you like this always brightens my heart, keeps you with me. Mark and I love and miss you so very much, Love you, Momma.........
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 15th September 2015
Honey I had the surgery 6-30-2015, everything turned out fine, been released from surgery Dr., seen cancer dr. once will see again in Oct. I did not have any pain at at surg. site healed well. Don't have to take chemo or radiation but I am on a cancer pill for 5 yrs., will see cancer dr. on regular basis & hopefully everything will be alright. I write this to you to let you know that I am fine and that I love you dearly, helps me to be able to talk with you Momma
Posted by Matthew Campbell on 31st July 2015
Greg, this has been the longest two years of my life. We miss and love you so very very much. We remember you daily and how you always made us laugh and smile. God knows I would have freely and lovingly taken your place had God answered my prayer. At least we know we will see you very soon in heaven. I'm sure you and Jillie are having lots of fun.
Posted by Deborah Campbell on 31st July 2015
Honey you left us 2 years ago today. My heart still aches for you. My tears are less but you are never out of my mind. I think of all the good memories of your life that always brings a smile and a feel good moment. Mark and I will always love and miss you. We know that one day we will join you in Heaven. Love Momma
Posted by Amanda Daugherty on 31st July 2015
Gregory, Two years have come and gone since you left us, I'm so very thankful for the time that god let us have you with us and I'm greatful for you showing me that real love does exist and that not everyone has bad motives. Even 2 years later sweet lil hayden still looks at the sky and says " mommy" daddy is in the stars. It amazes me that you had such a huge postive impact and he knew the love you had for him, that even at this young age he still remembers you.i think of you often and what our life together would have been like. You and our precious memories will forever be tucked away in a very special place in my heart. As I carry this precious life inside of me, I feel a sense of peace because I know you are watching over us and keeping us safe and loving us from heaven. We miss & love you dearly♡♡♡♡♡

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