Gregory Conrad Cook
  • 48 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 22, 1966
  • Place of birth:
    San Jose, California, United States
  • Date of passing: Jul 25, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Sacramento, California, United States
Let the memory of Gregory be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Gregory Cook, 48, born on October 22, 1966 and passed away on July 25, 2015. We will remember him forever.

A Celebration of Life will be held October 10, 2015, 11 am at Sierra View Country Club, 105 Alta Vista Roseville CA, as Major Cook is commemorated with Military Honors.


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Stephene Carrington on 22nd October 2016

"I always miss my big brother... Today is a little harder because we should be celebrating together. I miss our conversations, I miss the laughter, the advise... just hanging out."

This tribute was added by Bri Barhorst on 22nd October 2016

"Today would have been your birthday Uncle.  I love you always, you were an inspiration to me in life, and a treasured memory in death. One of my fondest memories with you was going to the movies.  We went to the movies all the time!  Pizza was normally the dish of choice before hand, and I remember this one time, you took me and my friends to see the new Underworld movie, and we snuck a WHOLE pizza box in everyone's jackets... and when we were done eating, we threw the box in the seats behind us lol. I miss you every day... R.I.P."

This tribute was added by Doug Carrington on 22nd October 2016

"Thinking of you on your Birthday. We miss you!!"

This tribute was added by David Wear on 22nd October 2016

"50 years ago today my nephew was born and I wish I could celebrate this birthday with Him today.  Greg was 10 years younger than me and his Mom was 10 years older.   This made it easy for me to always keep track of their ages.  I remember those early years visiting Joan and her family. Greg was always a great little guy with lots of energy.  ❤️"

This tribute was added by Chuck Wear on 25th July 2016

"WOW the pain is still alive - yet there are the all those sweet and admiring memories
Your sister and her family is remembered in our daily prayers for her support in this thing we call "life""

This tribute was added by Ginger Burgess on 7th May 2016

"I know this is coming late but it is coming from a complete blind-side.  My husband and Bill and I had lost touch with Greg's father Stephan.  We thought we would try to find him on the Internet.  I can't express the sorrow that we felt when we saw the information on the loss of Greg.  We were neighbors for many years in San Jose and Greg was the epitome of what an officer and gentleman should be even before he become one.  To see that his life was cut so tragically short is heartbreaking.  Our hearts go out to his family and especially to his father who was our friend.   Greg is the type of person who had great potential, was meeting that potential and would have continued to do great things.   He will be missed but remain on in our hearts.   Ginger and Bill Burgee"

This tribute was added by Chuck Wear on 22nd October 2015

"Yes yes yes the world is a better place because of you in ALL you did for this country the Great United States of America.
I am honored to be your: uncle - fellow combat US Army man - fellow country man - fellow human being.
I only wish you had more years pain free to do the thing that you did so well - serve your fellow humanity in the most outstanding professional manor, unequaled on every segment that you endeavored.
You are honored - admired - esteemed - loved and will be missed until that day when I return to our maker - even Jesus Christ."

This tribute was added by Thomas James on 6th October 2015

"I first met Capt Cook in early 2004, during my hiring into California National Guard’s Office of International Affairs.  After I returned from an early Iraqi Freedom deployment in 2003, I realized as a Senior Noncommissioned Officer, that I didn’t know a lick about conducting staff work.  I only knew I needed to.  It may be worth pointing out that good military staff work is little more than the art of little teams influencing much bigger teams to get stuff done.  I wanted to learn how to be a part of that.  Well, in addition to knowing very little about working in in a staff office, I knew even less about security cooperation and the business of International Affairs effort within the California Guard.  It did not take me long at all to realize that I was way over my head.  However, having gone through the hiring process and subsequent office indoctrination with Capt Cook, I realized he would be a great supervisor during this opportunity for professional growth.  In April 2004, LTC Rigello led the office with Capt Cook running operations, and me in as administrative support.  My first lesson in the office was that conversations did not occur while standing, only while walking which I thought was pretty strange.  I should also mention if you hadn’t guessed, they both walked really fast.  But it was just part of the experience, Capt Cook and LTC Rigello were always on the move.  These two were all about getting a lot done, and making sure those big teams did their part. I was privileged to be a part of it because I could tell how important the work was to Capt Cook. Building trust and alliances with Ukrainian officials who shared a common interest in security and peace mattered to him greatly.  Capt Cook was in his element in that office.  His Russian speaking and writing abilities along with his cultural understanding made him accessible, as well as responsive, to both U.S. and Ukrainian officials who held very senior positions.  My job was just to try to keep up.  One aspect of the aforementioned, “always on the go” theme, was that Capt Cook traveled a lot between home and Europe. Whether scheduled or unexpected, he always made time for delegation visits in the United States, or engagements in Ukraine.  Always selflessly and without any questions asked.  I recall one such trip was when California really needed a Bilateral Affairs Officer to work in Kiev.  Capt Cook took that trip on short notice and he stayed for more than 20 months in doing so.  I respected his commitment then, as much as I do now.  But what he did in that unique position, better than anyone I had the occasion to work with, was he balanced his duty and obligations between the officials in Kiev, and the leadership in the California National Guard.  To know the responsibilities of a Bilateral Officer, that was no easy task.  He just made it look easy.  And in doing so, he got many big teams to get a lot of stuff done.

With respect and gratitude, Chief Thomas James"

This tribute was added by Joseph Righello on 6th October 2015

"Where do I start?  If I only had one word to describe Greg, it would have to be DEVOTED.  If you were his friend, Greg was devoted to you. If there was a mission, no matter how crappy, dangerous or unpoplular, Greg was devoted to the mission.  He had a heart that was truly larger than life.  His enthusiasm, passion and devotion were his trademarks.  My fondest memories are of Greg putting so much into everything he did, especially if he thought i meant something to you.  I used to tell him the word gregarious was developed from his name.  Greg was my best man when Olga and I were married in Kiev.  He was truly the best man any guy could hope to have!  He made everything happen...he wrote and executed an OPORD for the wedding, with at least 3 FRAGOs and it all went pefectly!  Gregory, you were more than any man could hope for in a friend.  For me, you were my brother, and I will forever miss you!"

This tribute was added by Sylvia Sylvester on 28th September 2015

"I had very little opportunity to know Greg, but know his sister Stephanie, and I believe his influence and their love of each other was a beautiful thing. It hurts that Stephanie has lost him, my love to you Stephanie, and may you see him again one day."

This tribute was added by Therese Burkhardt on 6th September 2015

"My first memories of Greg are when He used to call me Dad. Mom Joanie would tell him they were going to her mom and dad's him it was my I was dad!! It was cute and endearing for me as a six or seven year old.
He would carry my beloved Dolly around by the hair, it made me sad, but  I loved him alot more than I let him do it!
When he first started running it was my job to make sure he stopped before the street. He exhausted me and I'd complain(at SIX) that i was an exhauted old auntie!   But one day I was watching him at the playground at the school across the street and suddenly i couldnt see him.  I called his name and he yelled "Here DAD!!!" There he was, forever the daredevil, standing on top of the 10' slide.  Everyone was very curious when i went running(I was a bit embarrassed!!) One of the many moments he made me so scared...he was maybe barely 2 or not quite!! Love always Aunt Therese(aka DAD)"

This tribute was added by Kyle McCreary on 31st August 2015


I have reached out to others in DLI class RU 08-88.  You were the catalyst for so many good times and great memories.  Hearing of your passing ripped my heart out.  You were there for me at a pivotal point in my life and I truly would not be who I am had I not known you.  I know we only saw each other once after graduation, but I thought fondly of you often.  You always had a gift for exiting and entering the scene at the wrong time.  Reach out to me if there is some unfinished business I can take care of for you.  Namaste."

This tribute was added by Bryan Sato on 31st August 2015

"Greg was a good man and an outstanding military officer.  I met Greg when he was a 1Lt with the 184 Infantry and he offered to let my Special Forces A-team train with his men at Fort Hunter Liggett.  We spent half a day fast roping out of a Blackhawk Helicopter.  I also remember doing some close quarters battle training with Greg at Camp Parks.  Fond memories of training with a stand up officer that strived to be technically and tactically correct.  It was an honor to serve with Greg and it was a bigger honor to call him my friend."

This tribute was added by Gabrielle Stevens on 31st August 2015

He was such a sweet soul. He had a huge heart and a smile that could light up the room. You will be missed!
Much love to friends and family-
Gaby Stevens"

This tribute was added by Mary Leonard on 31st August 2015

"I remember when Greg was first in the military he came home for a visit.  Our family spent the night with Joan up in the Santa Cruz mountains so we could spend the weekend with him. In the morning Greg woke up, crawled out of his sleeping bag on the floor and immediately started doing sit ups and flutter kicks.  We were barely awake and he was into a major workout routine.  He was in amazing shape.  We all marveled at his commitment to fitness.  Greg had a good heart and a kindness about him that added so much to the family gatherings when he was able to attend.  He had a genuine laugh and we will miss hearing that expression of joy from him.   We loved you, your aunt, Mary"

This tribute was added by Igor Bulgakov on 31st August 2015

"It is so sad to lose such a man. We are in war in Ukraine and loosing people everyday. In vain. Greg, for those periods of time we spent at ODC, I knew you as a brave soldier and a patriot and a great partner to look up to. Good enough for a country. I've  been honored to learn from your experience and being a part of our working tributes to both of our countries. Did not expect such a loss. too quick, too soon. My sincere condolences to your family. Real friend. I salute you."

This tribute was added by Ruslan Miroshnichenko on 30th August 2015

"We were working close and on daily basis during your service at the Dept of defense cooperation of the US Embassy in Ukraine. You were responsible for tightening cooperation between National Guard of California and Ukrainian ARMY. The Sincere, Honest, Enthusiastic, Courageous and Selfless soldier of your Country - this is how I remember you, Greg.... We all knew those days, how you were suffering your injuries received in Iraq, but you never were showing this up ... But you were always demonstrating a perfect example of an Army Officer remaining in the ranks and doing everything possible for the good of Your Country, Your Army and Your Family. You entirely devoted yourself for the benefit of your homeland security strengthening cooperation between the Ukrainian and American Armies and your efforts are and will be unforgettable. We miss you, Brother, as we lack officers of your kind these days especially .... Thank you, dear friend and colleague, for being the loyal friend and brother-in-arms! We salute You, The Soldier! Rest in peace! Your friend Ruslan, Colonel of Ukrainian Armed Forces (retired)"

This tribute was added by Michael Six on 30th August 2015

"I met Greg when he was a Captain and I was a Lieutenant in the Navy in Kiev Ukraine.  I worked very closely with Greg and  I really appreciated his kindness and help he always gave me.  I only worked with him while I was TDY to Kiev but kept in touch with Greg for a long time.  

Though I knew Greg only a short time I remember him for his hard work and compassion for everyone he worked with.  In my case he had no reason to help a Navy guy visiting Kiev on 2-3 week trips.  But he was always the one I could count on.  

I have nothing but good memories of Greg, he will be remembered for his service of country and leaving his mark on peoples lives."

This tribute was added by Dan Smiley on 29th August 2015

"I had just heard about Greg's passing yesterday.   We will miss him.  I remember many fun experiences in Ukraine with Greg.   Most fondly I remember a rainy 4th of July celebration at the Aerodrome in Kiev.  He was a huge integral part of that community. I will treasure those times with him.


This tribute was added by Daniel Markert on 25th August 2015

"I met Greg when I was the executive officer and he was a brand new second lieutenant platoon leader at B Company 1-184 Infantry (Air Assault), in Lodi in those days. He was an energetic leader and made us laugh a lot with his energy and enthusiasm. I lost track of Greg sometime after his tour as the bilateral affairs officer in Kiev, Ukraine. My condolences to those who loved him, family and friends."

This tribute was added by Jack Rebolledo on 25th August 2015

"I was just thinking of Greg.  So sad to just hear about this. In 2002 Greg gave me a "fatal hookup" at 90' while I was about to repel from a helicopter.  Thankfully he caught it and I lived to spend a weekend near Tahoe where we swam across Lake Donner. I've never been so cold and almost drowned, save Greg's encouraging me to make the final 100' of the lake. Never thought he'd go before me."

This tribute was added by Denise Varner on 23rd August 2015

"Greg was one of the first people I met after moving to Calif in 2002. We worked together at the CA Military Dept for many years and he became a great friend and comrade.  He loved to perfect recipes, and bartended and barbequed at my parties back in the day—always a hit!  His friends gave him the call sign “Shadow.”  He had such a passion for creating good times for all.  I am blessed with many laughter-filled memories.  We enjoyed off-the-chart good times in Tahoe (where he taught me to repel) and Ukraine.  He was a crazy-hard worker and so dedicated to the military.  I miss you buddy.  Rest well."

This tribute was added by Chuck Wear on 22nd August 2015

"Greg's touching moment to me was some twenty-nine years ago this past June.

On June 18th 1986 I had a catastrophic accident leaving me paralyzed from the chest down. Dad, brother and Greg rallied to my hospital hospital bedside some four hundred miles from Northern California three days after the accident.

After some visiting Greg announced that he was going to give me a shave. I did not know how I looked at that time without a mirror - it must have been gross - on one job I was required to go home at lunch time and shave because my facial hairs grew so fast.

Greg knew the loving thing to do was give me a shave - I am thankful that he had that caring nature"

This tribute was added by David Wear on 21st August 2015

"To My Nephew;

Greg will always be remembered as someone who lived life to the fullest. His outlook on life was extremely positive despite adversity.  I remember one time talking to Greg about the affect of his many injuries sustained while in service to his country.  His response was without any hesitation.  He said that considering all he was able to accomplish and experience that the cost was worth it.  At the time, I could not imagine all the life treating situations he must have encountered during his time in the military.  The cost was indeed quite high for Greg and we are humbled by his many sacrifices.
We salute you and will remember you always.

Dave & Silvia"

This tribute was added by Doug Carrington on 21st August 2015


Our time was short together was and not on the best of terms. I have learned more about you these past few weeks setting up this memorial then I knew by becoming a part of this family. As one sided as it seems, am grateful to be a part of it so I am able to continue our relationship and honor you."

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