Gregory Curtis Kamm
  • 57 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 15, 1950
  • Place of birth:
    Slopjar, Michigan, United States
  • Date of passing: Jun 3, 2008
  • Place of passing:
    Saudi Arabia
It is finished. The wicked witch is dead.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Gregory Kamm, 57, born on October 15, 1950 and passed away on June 3, 2008. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Bothwell Boothe on 26th March 2015

"Alex Mcgehee had to be one of the most stupid, boring pedestrian minds on the planet. Before meeting Leonard Graff scatterbrained Mcgehee thought an Israelite was in actuality a lamp. (Please 4 days. ) So what could Miss Mcgehee do well??? Duh.  She wasn’t any good at writing poetry. Her “Ode To Fellatio” just plain sucked.  The piano playing wasn't much better. Everything she played sounded like “Ah Sweet Mysteries Of Life.” Lastly she failed at fashion. Everything either came from Chess King or International Male and reeked of “Jade East.”  But I suppose where the dizzy queen hailed from you could grow up eating peas with a knife and still be accepted into society."

This tribute was added by Consuelo Exotica on 23rd March 2015

"There was something about Greg Kamm that gave me the creeps. The guy was positively out of his fucking mind and left behind bad karma wherever he went.  He also farted a lot. Greg also had odors. Nothing soap and water wouldn’t cure. But Greg was cheap.  Speaking of East Lansing /MSU trash - I haven’t seen Greg Kamm’s sisters, Leonard “Havalah” Graff and Alex “Mazy” McGehee in years. The last I knew Graff worked as night manager at Hotel G San Francisco. The dizzy bitch was always sending me coupons – 10% off on a deluxe room. Mazy Mcgehee on the other hand has had her share of ups and downs. She was  last working as a hair stylist at the Borthwick Mortuary/Honolulu. She was fired from there for getting into a bitch fight with a co-worker, Kamele Kekaula on what shade of blue looked best on a particular corpse. They were both fired on the spot. Kekaula got a job instantly as a fry cook at Denny’s but poor Mazy is still looking for something suitable. Selling Watkins products door to door just doesn't pay the bills."

This tribute was added by Rudy Stober on 21st March 2015

"Every year like clockwork, on the day of Misses Kamm’s passing to another planet, Leonard Graff & Alex McGehee make the pilgrimage to Manistee – to pay homage to their dear departed Auntie Kamm. A far cry from the way they used to look both Leonard Graff and Alex McGehee look absolutely ghastly these days. Leonard, who in his youth liked to think of himself as a butch bottom now looks like a six thousand year old version of Whistler’s mother. Leonard’s face wrinkled and careworn, his fondest hope is cashing in WalMart stock, relocating to Miami and dying amongst other old kike queens like himself. But not before wrapping up tight in a prayer shawl and screaming to the high heavens אני כל כך עצוב שאני יכול פשוט חרא . Then placing a concreate block on Misses Kamm’s grave. Alex McGehee, a little more upbeat , looks like a  very old bloated version of Britney Spears – in fact they take the same meds. Not to be outdone by Leonard Graff’s tribute, Alex McGehee has a local florist shoppe deliver a wreathe made of Cali lilies with a ribbon that says “gone but not forgotten.” When asked about rekindling the relationship with Leonard Graff, McGehee pauses for a moment, thinks it would be a swell idea but on second thought Leonard’s payot would only get in the way. So sorry Miss Thing."

This tribute was added by Jerry Jacuzzi on 19th March 2015

"Misses Kamm’s reunion visits to East Lansing were a bit much – very reminiscent of Queen Victoria visiting the colonies when she didn’t have anything better to do. Along with Misses Kamm were dozens of steamer trunks filled with her favourite frocks from Goodwill, a well stocked medicine chest full of heroin, cocaine, marijuana  & a pint of Old Mr. Boston’s apricot Brandy – just in case there was a change in the weather. Lastly there was Misses Kamm’s houseboi, Chop Chop who not only operated her rickshaw but also wiped Misses Kamm’s ass every time she shit. It was unreal the crowds that turned out.  Even the fags that hated Misses Kamm  were only too willing to take a number, stand in line just for the opportunity to get inside Misses Kamm’s Palanquin & genuflect.  Of course Leonard Graff and Alex McGehee had to put in an appearance more or less for show. Leonard would go on and on what a famous lawyer he was. When in actuality he was an unemployed one who to make ends meet was live-in companion for ninety something or other Don Bag who besides being a troll also toted a  colostomy bag around wherever he went. Alex McGehee, on the other hand, tried to impress everyone with she was engaged to royalty and soon would become Lady Von Trash. Hell the bitch was already trash + forty pounds overweight without having to go through ceremony to make it legal. After a month or so Misses Kamm left for wherever with Chop Chop  with a lot less heroin, cocaine & marijuana. Then it was back to business as usual, getting drunk & sucking cock and regretting none of us were young anymore and in most instances had to lower our standards if we ever had any in the first place."

This tribute was added by Joseph Covello, MD on 18th March 2015

"Greg Kamm aka Misses Kamm aka Lois Kamm was a patient of mine at the Adult Inpatient Psychiatry Unit/Sparrow Hospital/Lansing, Michigan off and on throughout the 1970s. In addition to everything else Greg Kamm also suffered from multiple personality disorder syndrome. 65 personalities to be exact. The two most prominent, his deceased alcoholic mother, Maxine & Mother Joan of the Angels aka Mother Superior Jeanne des Anges. The latter – the demented nun who denounced Father Urbain Grandier of sorcery to one of Cardinal Richelieu’s henchmen during the 16th century. Consequently the good father was burned alive for witchcraft. Also a patient in and around the same time – Greg Kamm’s friend, John Mathison who went by the alias, Johanna Van Ryn. Unlike Misses Kamm – John Mathison only suffered from a couple of multiple personalities. Of course there was his alter ego Johanna Van Ryn. Also included, depending on mood and meds, Martha of Bethany (the sister of Lazarus) & Magda Goebbels (wife of  Nazi Germany's Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.) After dealing with these two kooks makes you wonder what kind of criteria is used to get into grad school at MSU.  If these two are examples the obvious answer is demented queens from another planet.  Joseph Covello, MD"

This tribute was added by Father Paul Lucerne on 18th March 2015

"I totally agree with Mark Smith: The Greg Kamm papers should have been destroyed years ago. The infamous writings certainly should not be on display in a museum – for the general public to see. Gregory Kamm was a sick, sick, sick transsexual who suffered from a variety of emotional problems. His way of getting even with the world was keeping these very detailed diaries and journals – including names, addresses and phone numbers of everybody Gregory Kamm had a bug up his ass about. The content of the diaries and journals are the ravings of a lunatic who should have been institutionalized. (No truth to the shit.) The papers do not present a wholesome picture of society in general. Neither do the diaries present a positive image of gay culture. Other things in the exhibit include hundreds of casket photos Gregory Kamm took over the years if he knew the people or not. Gregory Kamm was obsessed with death. He made a habit of visiting mortuaries when no one was around – especially if the deceased was male, young and attractive. Kamm was into necrophilia.  He would sit corpses up in the casket, play with genitals and try to finger sewn up assholes. For the life of me what in the hell is this shit doing in a museum and classified as being historically significant. If these items are significant of anything –they prove once and for all Greg Kamm was fucked up in the worst way. Other photos in the collection show some of Gregory Kamm’s warped friends shooting up heroine Greg Kamm sold them. There are also pornographic images of individuals engaged in oral sex and beastiality.  Lastly, Gregory Kamm had a love/hate relationship with the Roman Catholic church. His prize possession – A bigger than life 3D image of the Christ being crucified. If you look at the image one way drops of blood ran down the cheeks. If you placed two double AA batteries in back the eyes roll, the mouth opens wide and makes grunting noises.  The whole Greg Kamm trip is so unreal it is the thing horror movies are made of. Greg Kamm ranks right up there with Ed Gein and Albert Fish. I for one am glad the crazy bitch is dead."

This tribute was added by Mark Smith on 16th March 2015

"I urge everyone and their respective families who have fallen victim, either mentioned in Gregory C. Kamm’s infamous journals or diaries in a slanderous manner to join the countless others in a class action law suit against Michigan Historical Collections Bentley Historical Library University of Michigan for accepting the writings of this raving mad psychotic  transsexual. Then putting the shit  exhibit for the general public to see.  Greg Kamm’s papers should have been destroyed years ago. Thet serve no useful purpose. Displaying this sick twisted shit in the name of academia is just plain stupid. Greg Kamm  aka Misses Kamm was one sick fuck and that’s all anyone needs to know about the sick, twisted mess other than the bitch is dead & can’t hurt anyone else."

This tribute was added by Mercy Williams on 14th March 2015

"I think Misses Kamm’s estate should be forced to pay back the thousands of dollars the demented bitch received in the form of Federal & State loans, both while she was in Kalamazoo and in East Lansing, that did not go to fund her education but served as the needed capital to promote her illegal drug trafficking operations.  In short Misses Kamm was about as low as they come. She was lower than dog shit if there is such a thing.  Years before,  Misses Kamm’s dad, Jack and the dad’s brother, Harry founded a small appliance store in Muskegon.  Harry was an old bachelor and never married. It was Misses Kamm’s dad’s wishes that since he and the brother founded the business that when Harry was old, if he had no place to go, he could live out his last days in the family home. After Misses Kamm’s father died the evil bitch put a stop to that in a hurry. She hired a slick lawyer to undo the terms of the will leaving Harry penniless. Misses Kamm then had him evicted out of the family property. With nowhere to go Harry spent his last days in foster care. When Harry died he had a small burial policy through Polish National Alliance in the amount of $5,000. that was supposed to be used for his burial.  One problem: Misses Kamm was beneficiary. She simply cashed out the policy, used the money to pay for a trip to Warsaw with a fag hag friend. As for Harry’s remains they ended up as unclaimed body status. His church finally foot the bill on a modest mass & burial. So when Misses Kamm died who ended up with the thousands of bucks she hoarded all the years??? Misses Kamm left most of it to some transgender organization in Thailand.  How thoughtful of the fucked up piece of shit. Mercy Williams"

This tribute was added by Alex McGehee on 13th March 2015

"Words cannot express how I feel since Misses Kamm died. Taking a shit does. I feel better immediately. http://i.imgur.com/SVtTXuv.jpg"

This tribute was added by Roger Messer on 13th March 2015

"It never ceases to amaze me that someone so twisted and fucked up as Greg Kamm, aka Misses Kamm managed to elevate herself to Gay icon status and have otherwise intelligent people who should have known better sucking up to her and kissing her reeking asshole. Making a Saint out of Greg Kamm is the same as a shrine to Aileen Wuornos or Jeffrey Dahmer. There is a common thread though –  all of the above were really sick individuals who were so far removed from the mainstream of society they should have all been put to death years ago. Fuck Greg Kamm. I for one am glad the demented bitch is dead."

This tribute was added by Leonard Graff on 12th March 2015

"Oh how I remember, way back when, when Misses Kamm broke up me & Miss Billie (Alex) McGehee I was a total mess 4 days. I soon drifted down the trail of Aunt Clitt Achins like in the song…..down the trail of Aunt Clitt Achins where no one is bringin’ home the bacons. You left me there my ass is breakin’ down the trail of Aunt Clitt Achins’. Then Misses Kamm introduced me to the book of Mormon and changed my life around. Now instead of sucking cock on weekends I was knocking on doors and spreading the word. These days thanks to the Mormons I have my own law practice in San Fran where  I handle cases for little old ladies from Pasadena who are falsely  accused of shop lifting at Walmart. Aint life grand."

This tribute was added by Misses Jack Fritscher on 11th March 2015

"Everyone I am sure has their favorite Misses Kamm story. The dizzy, demented bitch was so fucked up tis said she turned the absurd and macabre into some sort of twisted reality. Misses Kamm’s rather bizarre funeral was certainly no exception. Originally Misses Kamm wanted twelve nullo Thai boiz under sixteen years of age to sing “One” from “A Chorus Line” at the grave site in Manistee, Michigan. Unfortunately that could not be arranged. So one of Misses Kamm’s unbalanced, transsexual friends, John Mathison arranged for a drunk from a local bar to dress up in a clown’s costume,  blow noise makers & pinch everyone in the ass. Then for a grand finale take a humongous dump on Misses Kamm’s grave.  Not to be outdone  Alex Alicia McGehee read from the 1928 Book Of Common Prayer in French nevertheless. (merde arrive) Just to be all inclusive Leonard “Gertrude” (Dirty Gertie)  Graff brought along her festive pride colored yarmulke & recited Kaddish  i.e. ייתכן ששמו הגדול לגדול נעלהומקודש – as if anyone even gave a shit. Then afterwards, diesel dyke, Donna Clark threw her idea of a real going away at the local VFW - where beer flowed like piss, and the air reeked of baked bean farts coupled with C & W music. And wasn't that a party."

This tribute was added by Barbara Beason on 11th March 2015

"Greg Kamm was a fucking mess. I just viewed the Greg Kamm aka Misses Kamm papers/memorabilia on display at the Michigan Historical Collections Bentley Historical Library University of Michigan that supposed to personify gay life in these here United States. If those boxes of shit supposed to be an example of what being gay is all about someone is very warped.  So just exactly what does the Greg Kamm/Misses Kamm exhibit consist of? Box one contains her infamous diaries – striking out at anyone Greg Kamm /Misses Kamm had a bug up his ass about. One must realize these writings are  Greg Kamm/Mrs. Kamm’s version of what happened – and we’re talking about a very delusional, psychotic person who was high as the moon on Thorazine when he/she/it or whatever wrote this shit. Box 2# contains all of Greg Kamm/Misses Kamm’s memorabilia when she was President of the David Cassidy fan club circa late 1960s Kalamazoo, Michigan. How nice if you are into flea market kitsch.  Box# 3 is a hodgepodge of shit. It includes nude photos she took with her trusty Walgreen’s Kodak Starflash camera of her two favourite sisters in the whole wide world, Alex McGehee & Leonard Graff frolicking around au nudie & playing with each others “thingies” as if anyone could possibly care. Also included are taped phone conversations with Leonard Graff when he came down with ass warts for allowing a black bubba to fuck him in the ass not once on several occasions behind a dumpster at a McDonalds in Detroit. However the crowning glory of the Greg Kamm/Misses Kamm exhibit has to be the bigger than life itself, starving artist portrait of  Misses Kamm herself, Boudoir pose with a Gardenia covering her uglies. Mother Of God whoever painted the abomination should have been put to death immediately for crimes against humanity. What an eye sore."

This tribute was added by Misses DeCoCo on 10th March 2015

"Too bad there isn't a piece of shit to lay in memory of Gregory C. Kamm. One of the reasons the crazy faggot was so fucked up, she wined and dined & kept this male prostitute, Richard Deaux. At the time Richard was about 15 and living in Kalamazoo, Michigan. When Gregory Kamm found out Richard was giving away for free what she was paying for all hell broke loose.  So much so Gregory Kamm took a vacation to Tijuana with two fruits, Lorraine Jordan and Pixie Trixie. Upon returning  Gregory Kamm simply packed her suitcase of illegal drugs plus lube, dildos, her mother's clothes an assortment of women's wigs, albums full of post mortem photography and then moved to East Lansing & reinvented herself."

This tribute was added by Muriel Duplisses on 10th March 2015

"It's comforting to know that Mrs. Kamm finally died. She was so fucked up there was no hope for her whatsoever."

This tribute was added by Santus Emporium on 10th March 2015

"Mrs. Kamm was born Oct. 15, 1950 in Slopjar, Michigan. From there she went on to become the biggest trouble-maker, dysfunctional piece of excrement the world has ever known. Mrs. Kamm suffered from severe emotional problems – more or less  brought on my her addiction to urine and feces. One minute Mrs. Kamm thought she was Mrs. Kamm. The next minute Mrs. Kamm thought she was her delusional mother, Maxine.  On June 3, 2008, after years of not knowing who she was going to be from one moment to the next Mrs. Kamm dressed up like her mother, stuck a gun down her throat and pulled the trigger. Being a show girl first class no one can say Mrs. Kamm didn’t go out with a bang.  Since no one would have ever thought of attending Mrs. Kamm’s funeral her executor, Michaek Shellcross carried out her last wishes, all of Mrs. Kamm’s kiddie porn, lubes & dildos, unopened bottles of Rid-X and Draino Douche were donated to the Michigan Historical Collections Bentley Historical Library at the University Of Michigan – to exemplify what gay life is all about or what it should not be about. Use your own judgment."

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