A Detour to Phoenix

Shared by Joan Christenson on October 11, 2020
In 2018, Bill Fischer and Dan Repas were in California on business and made a detour to stop in Phoenix to visit Greg before returning home to Ohio.  What a gift to Greg and a treasured memory as the boys went to the park next door to smoked cigars and shared stories.  This was the note that Dan sent along with this picture that was so precious to me I had to share some it with all of you.

Dear Joanie:  Words can’t describe the sorrow and pain I felt when I heard about Greg’s passing.  I hope that you are ok.  It’s never easy dealing with losing a loved one, especially one who was a tremendous person like Greg.  I read this once before and had to find it again because it made me think of Greg.  “When we lose someone we love, we must learn not to live without them, but to live with the love they left behind.”  I was truly blessed to meet Greg. He was such a source of knowledge in the business and more importantly shared with me how he always treated the customers and everyone else for that matter with kindness and respect.  We’d spend time sitting in his office and talk 5 mins of business and 55 mins of life.  Glad we got to stay in touch these past few years.  I have attached a photo of the time Bill and I paid you and Greg a visit. You can tell by the wide beaming smiles there is a mutual love for one another.  A copy of this photo is now hanging in my office. I was touched that when Greg heard I had relapsed that he made extra efforts to reach out – even though he couldn’t use the phone anymore.  Every time we talked he would always ask me first, “So how you doing?  How you feeling?”  and I’d fill him in on the details.  Then when I asked him, it was always,  “Joanie and I are doing great! She’s working hard and  I’m trading stocks and smoking cigars!”.  He never filled me in on his struggles. One thing we didn’t talk about when we worked together was our faith.  Over the past few years, it was comforting to have conversations with him about his faith and I know one day we will all be reunited together in eternal life. I send you nothing but love and compassion at this time.  Greg is gone but will never be forgotten.

Love, Dan Repas
Thank you Dan for passing along a great photo of the three of you that I did not have and will treasure.

South Africa

Shared by Joan Christenson on September 30, 2020
For four years Greg researched and planned a hunting trip to South Africa to pursue and adventure of a lifetime.  I kept telling him I didn't want to go to South Africa and he kept saying, "You want to go, you just don't know it yet."  

Well sure enough in 2002, I went to South Africa to join Greg on his adventure.  He was right I wanted to go, I just didn't know it as it was a trip of a lifetime and a trip that Greg never could have done later in life due to his muscle disease.  The memories of that trip were amazing and it was truly a dream come true for Greg to be able to have such an awesome hunting experience.  

I am so glad he talked me into going as I cherish those memories.  I will especially remember hearing Greg and his professional hunter singing and laughing as they were driving into camp after Greg shot his cape buffalo.  You could hear them from a mile away and it was so contagious the entire camp was laughing by the time they arrived back.

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