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Shared by Teresa Geiger on 14th February 2019

One of my favorite Greg the Great memories that I think of often is from the lake. All the kid cousins would pile into the boat and take turns being pulled around in the intertube. Only the kids with the most guts were brave enough to ride when Uncle Greg was driving. The ride was over after the grand finale 'sling shot' manoeuvre that left us rolling over the top of the water for what felt like a mile. Those were the good ole days :D

Shared by Marc Peckham on 6th February 2019

I first met Greg when I was 7 years old while attending Church which is the starting point of a life long adventure. I have so any stories about our times together; I could fill a book about Lake Blackshear alone.  The most important lesson I learned growing up with Greg was "the measure of a man's station cannot dictate the measure of the man" (I'm pretty sure that came from P.R.) But when we were in a room with guys from Atlanta, "these boys are from Tifton, ha, ha rednecks, ha!" Greg would have them build a fence, have them pay for it, lease the equipment to build it, charge them a licensing fee, rent advertising on the fence wall, and then have them buy us lunch! 

Greg was brilliant, funny, and had the business acumen of a shark. To the end. his mind was still sharp as a tack, it's only that his body failed him. So sad to see you go my brother!  You will never be forgotten.

6/18/2018 text from Greg

Shared by Holly Quinney on 5th February 2019

" 3 poodles in a minivan, ( me and My doodles ) " , when asked by me to repeat the " slogan " which created the lovely visual I had of said..

Driving with Wireless

Shared by Gerry Wilson on 5th February 2019

So just when the story was getting deep, it seemed I was either passing over a river or the battery died! Greg and I would both be hollering, "You're cutting out! Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?" then Greg laid out the plan, "Let's make a deal, my buddy Don has the same problem passing over creeks, so we just holler "Creek!" and laugh like hell and hang up. SO... "Creek" has further become code for any reason we need to get off the phone  out of (dropped phone, traffic, or simply tired of talking) the brothers and sisters use it, buddies use it, and now some of you guys can start using the code. Remember: holler "Creek", laugh like hell, and think of Greg. 

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