Posted by Bryce Barnes on June 17, 2021
Hey buddy just wanted to let you know we are doing big things out here. You would be proud man. Your mom is sticking through everything with us. I am sure you are looking down and already know all of this! Love you man see you in about 50 years!!! Hopefully 50 years anyways lol! Love you brother!!!
Posted by Courtney Moniz on June 7, 2021
Greg, missing you has become a continuous truth of my life. When this World lost you, I gasped for air, the loss of your greatness knocked the wind out of my soul. The kindness you’d shown me, the laughs we’d shared, the plans we’d made, the music we’d jam to, the venting we’d do to one another, the acceptance we had for one another - the memories, what I’m left with, mean everything. I’ve gotten to know, love and value your Mother, Greg. What an amazing human, no shocker there, either! She keeps your memory going, she always will. I will forever love you, Greg. Every Daytona Beach experience, I think of you, every Parkersburg visit, I miss you heavily. We’re forever intertwined and I know we will meet again. Forever missing you Greg, thank you for being a part of my life, then and now.

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