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Her Life

Memorial service program, Sept 1, 2023, 11:00 am CT

September 1, 2023
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August 27, 2023
Gwendolyn, born on July 26, 1932, in Washington D.C., was the eldest of four children born to Joseph and Alice Dent— ahead of Claudia, Joseph Jr., and Jeannie.

Some may wonder why Gwen was born in Washington DC when her parents, Joseph and Alice Dent, were living and working on the campus of Oakwood College at the time where he was a biology professor.  Sadly, but unsurprisingly, in order for Alice and the expected baby to receive the best possible maternity care, Joseph decided to leave Huntsville AL for Washington DC 700 miles away because, due to strict Jim Crow racial segregation and discrimination at the time, Blacks were cruelly refused admission to Huntsville hospitals as we were throughout the segregated South. 

Once the young family moved to California, Gwen attended Los Angeles Academy (now L.A. Adventist Academy) where her father served as principal and led out in the building and construction of the present school campus, her uncle, Garland Millet, served as a teacher at the Academy later to serve as president of Oakwood College, her aunt, Ursula Millet, served as second grade teacher, and her mother, Alice Dent, as the first-grade teacher.

It was during her sixth-grade year at L.A. Academy that destiny introduced her to Charles E. White Sr. Their connection deepened through the years, eventually blossoming into a romantic relationship during their eighth grade year.

In 1949, the duo ventured to Oakwood College, embarking on their higher education journey as first-year students. Charles later answered the call of duty, serving in the army for two years before his honorable discharge and return to Los Angeles. On August 4, 1957, Gwen and Charles joined their lives in marriage, creating a bond that led to the birth of Janet White and Charles White Jr. (fondly known as Buster). (See sister Claudia's description of Gwen's wedding day in her tribute elsehwere on this site.)

In 1974, Charles and Gwen reversed her parents' move years earlier from Alabma to California and relocated from Los Angeles CA to Huntsville, Alabama. Gwen's professional path saw her as a part-time registered nurse at the Huntsville city jail and a dedicated faculty member at Oakwood College, where she imparted her nursing knowledge. Her faculty tenure at Oakwood lasted until her well-earned retirement. A survivor of cancer since 1992, Gwen's strength and resilience shone brightly.

Throughout her retirement, Gwen embraced life's joys. Vacationing, cherished time shares with the Doggettes, and family gatherings brought her immense happiness. She also delighted in the role of a loving grandmother, doting on her grandchildren and her great grandchild. Among her passions were gardening, culinary arts, and the companionship of her pet Schnauzers.

Gwen's earthly journey was blessed by her devoted husband of 66 years, Charles E. White Sr. While she now rests from her labors and sleeps in Jesus awaiting the call of the Life-giver upon his 2nd coming to gather the living and sleeping saints for eternity, she is also survived by her daughter Janet White Hampton and her son Charles E. White Jr., who is married to Karen. 

Her legacy lives on through her beloved grandchildren: Kim Hampton, Shannon Hampton, Sharice White, and Charles E. White III, son-in-law Tony Hampton, great-granddaughter, McKenzee White Coleman, brother, Joseph Dent and spouse Judy Dent, sister, Claudia Tibbs and brother-in-law Adrian Watkins, adopted sister and beloved friend, Betty Doggette, are part of the tapestry of her life. Additionally, her impact extends to her adopted son, George Barnes, along with numerous cousins, nieces, nephews, and many close and cherished friends.

A Eulogy, 3 Life Lessons From My Sister Gwen, Pt 1 – "Always Dress for the Occasion"

September 1, 2023
My earliest (but very faint) memory of and important life lesson learned from my big sister, Gwen, takes place when she was around 16 and I was, according to Gwen, 2 or 3 years old since she is 14 years older than I.

Gwen hosted a party at our house in Los Angeles and she was entertaining a room full of her teenage Los Angeles Adventist Academy and the old Wadsworth SDA Church classmates and friends who were over to celebrate what I guess was her Sweet 16 birthday party at our house on 115th Street for food, fun, and games. The year would be around 1947 or 1948 if that’s important for you to know.

All of a sudden during the party, and this is a story Gwen has repeated for the last over 70 years to a mix of both glee and disgust, I burst into the room to join her party!

You see, it’s important for you to know that I was Gwen’s darling, dumpling, well behaved, always composed, handsome baby brother just like our little cool, calm, unflappable McKenzie, Sharise’s 1 year old baby daughter and Gwen’s great granddaughter.Obviously, little Kenzie gets most of her cool from her mom, Sharise, as well as her proud grandmother, Karen.  But I being the older of the 2, claim at least some of the DNA credit for little Kenzie’s cool, calm, and collected manner.

Back to Gwen’s party.According to Gwen’s story, I suddenly without warning burst through the door and ran into the living room on my little 2-year-old legs to proudly introduce myself to her room full of high school age friends in attendance. And to hear Gwen tell it, all her friends were dressed up in party dress looking pretty and handsome, and sharp in their best party attire.

But the problem for me was, no one sent me the message about a required dress code.Because I, and this according to Gwen cause I don’t remember it, dashed into the room dressed up and looking what I thought was my party best ……… in my BIRTHDAY SUIT!  In other words, I had stormed Gwen’s party stark-naked in the nude with not a stitch of clothing on!

And, as Gwen told the story, not only did I crash the party (a) uninvited, and (b) in the nude with no clothes on, but, if you can believe this, I (c) burst onto her party scene naked ………. with a roll of toilet paper in my hand!And (d) to add insult to injury, I unfurled the toilet paper roll and excitedly threw it at her shocked guests to their glee and delight and my amusement. (I had a pretty good right hand pitching arm, even at 2.)

While her guests (and I) were laughing, Gwen was mortified. And angry!She saw no humor in the situation.Now that I am older and a little more experienced and socialized, I better understand and sympathize with poor Gwen.She should have told me how to dress for her party!

But if the story is true, in my 2-year-old mind I’m guessing I reasoned that since it was a birthday party, it would be just simpler and faster and more convenient, to say nothing of appropriate, logically speaking, to dress up for a birthday party in, what else?……….A birthday SUIT!Duhhhh!You get it?Birthday PARTY? Requires a birthday SUIT!

And the toilet paper?Obviously, I suppose that was to make my contribution to the decorations which Gwen had already festooned on the walls about the room!Birthday parties are supposed to be fun and festive, right?With banners and streamers and the like!What better way for a 2 year old to do that than to TP the room!

But, friends, I gotta be honest, I can’t stand up here at my sister’s funeral, and lie to you.I’ve always questioned this story. It sounds a little too incredulous to me.For at least 2 reasons.

Not that Gwen ever lied to me.She’s always been one of the most honest people I’ve ever known with her sweet, angelic, demure, and delightful self, and she was certainly all of that as all of you know.

But between you and me, can I be honest? Or, like her husband, Charles, has always said, “Do you want me to tell you the truth?” If you really knew Gwen, she could be in-your-face brutally, exuberantly, emphatically, honest! Yes, Gwen could be soft and sweet, and she was all that.But Gwen, bless her beautiful heart, was not given to mincing her words, and she could be, and often was, feisty, when the occasion required it! And take-charge-no-nonsense assertive.My sister, like my still gorgeous and beautiful wife, Judy, of 46 years, was one strong, Black woman!

All of us have sinned according to the Bible and fallen short of perfection, and I’m sure in God’s eyes Gwen was less than perfect, but lying was NOT one of her imperfections.So, I’m not accusing Gwen of lying for 70+ years.

I’m simply saying Gwen’s story is a bit farfetched in my mind, for at least 2 reasons:

1.  I’ve never done that since!No one except Gwen has ever accused me in the last 70 plus years of going to a birthday party in a birthday suit!So, if the story were true, and I and her guests had such delight, that should have incentivized me to do it again, wouldn’t you think?If it were true, why would I have had such a good time then, only do it only one time in my life and never again?But as far as I know, for some unknown reason, I never again attended a birthday party, or any party, uninvited in a so-called birthday suit!Much less with a roll of toilet paper in my hand!

2.  Also, if the story were true, why is Gwen the only one who remembers it?My sister, Jeannie who was 2 years younger than I, didn’t remember it. My other big sister, Claudia, who was around 6 or 7 at the time, doesn’t remember it either.And I certainly don’t remember it.

So, for the 1st lesson Gwen taught me which is actually in 3 parts. First of all, you don’ t go to a birthday party, or any private affair, uninvited.Second, before going to an invitation only affair, you want some idea of the expected dress. And, thirdly, at the very least you don’t go to a birthday party in a birthday suit!You go “suitably attired,” to put it another way.Dress for the occasion!

But, oddly, there are still many people, young people today especially, who seem not to have learned that lesson which I evidently learned very quickly at a very young age.That modesty and respect require you to respectably clothe yourself!But what do we see walking around so often today?Thighs out. Stomach out, chest out, cheeks out, buts out, everything out, ….. WATCH OUT!

And I might add this.You have admired Gwen for her strength and determination, her feistiness and sassiness, as well as her patient and confident manner, her motherly and nurturing care and love, and all rightly so.Well, I got news for you!

Since she was a teenager when Jeannie and I were born, 14 years my senior and 16 years Jeannie’s senior, Gwen was not only a big sister to us, and not only was she a regular and frequent babysitter when our parents were gone, she took her custodial responsibilities seriously and she became pretty much a surrogate mother to me and Jeannie. She literally helped my parents raise me to be the person I am.   AND YOU CAN BET SHE NEVER LET ME FORGET IT!  She learned with that experience caring for us in our early years to be wise and strict, yet loving and caring.

But let it be known that she became the amazing person she became with our help since, thanks to our parents, Joseph and Alice Dent, we became her experimental subjects without her permission.

So, as you read and hear all her wonderful and glowing tributes, and they’re all true and she’s more than deserving of every single one of them, please note that Jeannie and I get at least some of the credit for helping Gwen become the wonderful, Christian professional woman, wife, professor, friend, auntie, and grandmother she was!Because she developed and honed all those wonderful skills on me and Jeannie before she ever met Charles or became the mother of Janet and Buster!……….(You’re welcome!)

Anyhow, I’m digressing, but that’s the 1st lesson my sister, Gwendolyn Dent-White, taught me. Always dress appropriately for the occasion.…Oh, and make sure you have an invitation! …….And leave the toilet paper in the bathroom for its intended use!

A Eulogy - 3 Life Lessons From My Sister Gwen Pt 2 – "Be Kind to Kin"

September 1, 2023

There is another valuable lesson Gwen’s life taught me. And it stems from an unforgettable experience one day back when I was a college student at Pacific Union College, and I was home for break when Gwen and Charles invited me to paint their little pink house on Myrhh Street in Compton CA.

I had started my own house painting business in high school which continued during my college years at both Pacific Union College in California and Columbia Union College in DC/Maryland. Drs. Robert and Elizabeth Branch, Betty Doggette’s parents, a well-known dentist and physician couple in Los Angeles, for example, hired me to paint their beautiful West Los Angeles home.

And as an employee of the late Van Buren Watts, Olga Watts Nelson’s father, I helped paint the interior and exterior of the large University SDA Church in Los Angeles.I’ll never forget painting the soaring ceiling of that church sanctuary flat on my back high and lifted up on scaffolding several stories high. I also had experience painting the luxury homes and mansions of several Hollywood stars at the time out in Malibu and the Baldwin, Hollywood, AND Beverly Hills. Later, when I transferred to CUC in the DC area, I painted several large and prominent churches and apartment in Washington DC and Langley and Takoma Park, Maryland. I was a young professional!And I took pride in my craft!

So, with my good college friend, the late Boyce Dulan (photo above) as my painting partner, and, for that one job anyway, my business partner, I offered Gwen and Charles what Boyce and I thought at the time was a going, market level price to paint their Myrrh St home. (Boyce later became Boyce Dulan, MD and is a brother to Dr. Garland Dulan.) We were proud, hard-working “professionals” who did good work, and we deserved to be paid as such, we didn’t care who you were!  You were not going to play us young entrepreneurs cheap!

Charles and Gwen and Boyce and I entered into negotiations for the job price and shortly found ourselves in a long, loud, intense argument out in their back yard.And if you know and fondly remember Boyce, he didn’t back down easily from an argument, if at all. If you needed a smart and fierce debater on your side of the argument who would laugh in your face as you wilted speechless under his brutal verbal assaults, Boyce was your man!  (I can hear his laughter now, and oh what a joy it will be to hear his laughter and debate topics of eternal and universal significance when we see him again in heaven!)  Gwen and I and Charles and Boyce argued so loud and intensely out in the yard, Charles asked Gwen to go back in the house for fear of embarrassment with the neighbors.

Anyway, as I recall it, Charles finally accepted our proposal with no small credit going to Boyce, my partner negotiator. But Gwen did not back down, arguing past Charles and Boyce directly to me, “Sonny, I am your sister!And I deserve better than this!”Why Gwen and Charles even put up with my uncharitable and churlish attitude I don’t even know, except that it explains how loving and patient and supportive of me they have always been to not only me but to everyone in their sphere.

But what stands out in my mind the most and from it a lesson I learned then and never forgot, is that Gwen took that disagreement over the price of painting her house personally, and when we couldn’t agree, and began disagreeing disagreeably, she, I seem to recall, seemed to be hurt. She, the wonderful big sister and mom to me when she needed to be since my birth! We had been so loudly arguing with Charles outside in the yard for such a long time, and I even remember Gwen tearing up, and disgustedly turning on her heels and walking back in her house and slamming the door in our faces. I told you earlier Gwen was a feisty, strong black woman who did not suffer fools easily or gladly!

Bottom line:When I saw how that argument had wounded Gwen, I relented first, then Boyce, and Gwen got her way, and Boyce and I painted their house.For Gwen’s and Charles’s family discounted price!

But what has stood out in my mind from that incident is the look on Gwen’s face as she hollered at me from the top of her voice in a tone I had never heard from her before.  Or since.

That incident taught me a lesson I’ve never forgotten.That lesson?  Be nice to everybody, but especially to your family members. As I had immaturely and loudly argued for my professional “market” price out there in their yard on Myrrh St, in my immaturity I had totally forgotten all that both Gwen and Charles had done for me, since birth, really.

For example, I had totally forgotten how when I was a graduating senior from the then nearly all white Lynwood Academy, Charles had stayed up late one night after Gwen had gone to bed writing out my student body president election campaign speech.

That amazing speech way back in 1963, part of which I remember to this day, brought the entire nearly 90% all white student body to its feet in a standing ovation in Lynwood Academy’s old Rupp Auditorium with its wooden folding seats and floors, and I, with my sister Jeannie’s able help as my election campaign manager, went on to trounce my white political opponent and fellow Lynwood Academy band member, Fred Hayes, in a landslide win which made me the first black student body president in the school’s history.  Thanks mainly to Charles!

I had also forgotten how Gwen (and my parents) had mercifully spared my life after I crashed and flashed her Sweet 16 birthday party without an invitation in my “birthday suit” complete with an air born toilet paper roll projectile at the age of 2!

So, I owed both my physical life to Gwen and my budding political life to Charles, and I totally forgot the countless other ways they were a blessing to me as Boyce and I greedily argued for more money over a painting job in their yard.

I believe that one incident helped me to acquire such a love and respect and appreciation for my family that God led me in later years to organize our first two Dent family reunions out of my love and admiration for and in the memory and behest of my late cousin, Dr. Carl Dent, who ran the Riverside Hospital in Nashville for many years.

And that endeavor led me to discover and connect with family members from all over the country that we had never met before.(Read cousin Kathy Holmes’ beautiful tribute) And those discoveries led to ancestry research that led to discovering my grandfather who I’d never met, Samuel George Dent, Sr. With the help and encouragement of a cousin, Marcia McAdoo, I discovered that Samuel Dent, a mixed race former slave and son of a white Brunswick GA slave owner and his black slave woman came from Hoffyl Broadfield Plantation, a 1,268-acre former slave plantation which my white ancestors owned on St Simons Island, GA which has been preserved to this day as a George state historical site.

I also discovered that my grandfather, Rev. Samuel George Dent, left his slave home and attended Morehouse College where he graduated and went back to St Simons Island and Brunswick GA to establish a school for the sons and daughters of slaves named Selden Institute which although it only survived for 75 was one of America’s original HBCU’s, a historically Black college or university.

Grandfather Dent was a Baptist minister of the Emanuel Baptist Church on St Simons Island which has a rich Gullah-Geechee history and tradition, and which still exists to this day. Later, near the end of his life, he became a Seventh-day Adventist minister.

Grandfather Dent became a highly respected and well known civic leader in his community, and his school became a stop on the famous “Chitlin’ Circuit”, a list of location venues located mostly in the South that were safe and acceptable places for such African-American musicians and entertainers to perform such as James Brown, Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, and many others during the segregated Jim Crow era of the 1930’s through the 1960’s. Grandpa Dent probably met most of them since Black people came from all nearby counties to be entertained in my grandfather’s college auditorium.

But I can trace a desire to love and want to learn more about my beautiful family from the unforgettable lesson Gwen and Charles taught me in their yard over a painting job dispute.From that time forward for the last 75 years, I’ve tried to be the best brother since then to all 3 of my sisters giving them not just respect and courtesy, but my help and care as best I could whenever they’ve needed it.

I’ve been blessed beyond measure with the best parents any kid could have, and the best sisters any brother could hope and pray for, and the best family any cousin or nephew could ever wish for!I can’t wait to see Jeannie and Gwen and meet my grandfather for the first time and all our sleeping ancestors again when Jesus comes to awaken His sleeping saints and take us to our eternal home with him in heaven and the new earth.Since we’re on the subject of relatives who have passed on I’ll say more about that that in a few minutes.

The Bible teaches us in 1st Timothy 5:8“But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”Some may think this text applies to parents only, but I think it has a broader meaning,It includes ALL your family members whether in need or out of need, siblings, cousins, in-laws, parents, grandparents, not just our children and grandchildren!

And John 15:12-13 commands us:My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lays down his life for his friends.

In this crazy and getting crazier world, families, relatives, kinfolk deserve special treatment, deferential treatment, courteous treatment, preferred treatment, and free and reduced-price discounts whenever possible! My big sister Gwen taught me that!

By Joe (aka Sonny) Dent

A Eulogy - 3 Life Lessons From My Sister Gwen, Pt 3 – "The High Cost of a Lie"

September 1, 2023

Gwen was an avid student of the Bible, and a sincere Christian who claimed Jesus as her Lord, Savior, and coming King.  I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but she did not believe, and neither do I, in the lie contrary to the Bible and inexplicably held for centuries by most religions and most Christians around the world that she was going to heaven when she died, and that dead folks don’t really die. 

Or, contrary to what God clearly teaches in His Word, the Bible, that her body and her spirit would separate and go separate ways, that although her body would decay and disappear, her so-called conscious “spirit” would go on living after death and come back to commune with (or haunt) us after she died.  She didn’t believe the Bible taught that, and neither do I. It's a lie and it is NOT in the Bible!  And she did not believe, and neither do I that, contrary to the clear Word of God, her living spirit would permit us to go visit her gravesite at nearby Oakwood Gardens where we will be able to communicate with her now that she is gone from us.  Or that the rest of us surviving death would be suddenly whisked away to heaven in a secret rapture. 

No, dear reader, Gwen believed according to the Bible and the Bible only, and so do I, that upon her death she would go to sleep till Jesus comes and join the SLEEPING saints along with all our dearly departed relatives, family members and friends.

God says in His Word in 2 Thessalonians 4: 16,17:  For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.  Could God’s Word be any clearer?

LIES LEAD TO TROUBLE - The high cost of a lie

But here’s the thing, dear friend, that struck me as I wrote this eulogy. All, I repeat, ALL, the trouble we as a human race are experiencing now and that we’ve experienced throughout history stems from and is the direct result of a LIE! 

All the trouble that people have been suffering from since the world began in the Garden of Eden 6,000 years ago, the pain, the sickness, the sorrow, the torture, the agonies, the sufferings, the cruelties, the wars and poverty, and fights, and murders, and assaults and rapes, and bullying, and insults, the floods, the fires, hurricanes, the destruction, the immorality and debauchery, the deaths, slavery and racial bias and racial and gang related killings, mental illness, depression, and suicides, ALL that has made life on this Earth difficult, and painful, and miserable, and uncomfortable, and even that blood sucking, detestable mosquito flying around my room and buzzing in my ear the last couple of nights, IS THE DIRECT RESULT OF A LIE! 

All that makes us fearful, and scared, and nervous, and unhappy and uncomfortable and in pain, the immigrant refugee camps around the world housing millions who have fled misery and who are now languishing in poverty and desperation, the hospitals with their doctors and nurses and ambulances, the jails and prisons with their inmates and guards, the courtrooms with their attorneys and judges and defendants, the crematoriums that her husband, Charles, and her children, Janet and Buster sorrowfully sent Gwen’s body to a couple of days ago after her death, and this and all other funerals from the 163,000 people who die every day ARE THE DIRECT RESULT OF AND COME FROM ONE SINGLE LIE! 

And what is that lie?  It is the first lie told by satan to Eve in the Garden of Eden, (and still believed by millions) recorded in Genesis 3 verse 4: “You will not surely die,” the serpent told her. “For God knows that in the day you eat of it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” 

In other words, you won’t die and you don’t have to believe or obey God. You can live independently of God and His Word, and do your own thing, believe whatever you want. Why, you can even be like God.  It was a lie then; it is a lie now, and it will always be a lie until sin and satan and his lies and his lying followers are destroyed forever!

And that lie, which led to the first sin and all subsequent sins and all the resulting evil on this planet as a result of sin, is still believed by most people in the world today, especially Christians many of whom are sincere, but who are, according to the Bible, sincerely wrong!  But because most people believe a lie, does that make a lie true? 

Example: Tens of thousands of scientists in more than 100 countries have amassed an overwhelming amount of evidence that point to a clear conclusion: we human beings are the main cause of climate change and global warming. Yet, a third of Americans still believe the lie that human caused climate change does not exist including 139 elected officials in the 117th Congress  Because so many people believe this lie, does that make it true?  NO!

Similarly, because most of the world and most Christians believe the lie, as satan alleged to Eve, that the dead go on living after they die, does that make it true?  God says clearly in His Word, the Bible, NO!, NO!

Plus!  Satan’s lie doesn’t even make sense!  It defies simple reason and logic for at least 3 reasons:

1. The Bible says in Revelation 21:4 about heaven: “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”  So if, based on this and many other texts (Isaiah 25:8, Revelation 7:13-17, etc.), heaven is supposed to be a happy place of everlasting joy, peace, and contentment as virtually all Christian’s believe, what possible joy, peace, and contentment, dear reader, could dead folks who are still living get being forced to witness from their happy heavenly abode the trouble and pain their still living loved ones are still suffering on this miserable Earth?  What joy, for example, would a grandmother have who is supposedly still happily alive in heaven after her death watching her granddaughter on earth being raped, beaten, abused, and violently murdered by a cruel and sadistic boyfriend?

2. Lying satan, the devil, would have you believe dead folks although they are dead, but not really.  They are still somehow alive and in heaven. But the Bible teaches that the saved saints who are sleeping in Jesus are going to be resurrected when He comes the 2nd time (1 Thes. 4:16,17). So then, here's a question for you.  What possible sense does it make for the dead who are really living on in some so-called spirit realm up in heaven to be forced to leave their glorious existence in heaven and have to come all the way back down to this ugly, miserable earth, crawl into their musty, dusty graves, then somehow die and be dead again only to be awakened again by Christ to be taken back to heaven where they just came from when Christ comes the 2nd time?  Please tell me what sense that makes?

3.  Life after death can’t be explained scientifically anyway.  If an afterlife were to exist, it would require consciousness to be completely distinct from our physical body – a condition that isn't met because it’s never been scientifically demonstrated. Fundamentally, at its core level our consciousness is actually comprised of physical atoms and electrons forming the very physical foundation of our mind. And the laws of the universe do not allow these physical particles to exist or operate apart from the body after we are dead.

Belief in this lie reminds me of the old verse on a tombstone:

“Here lies the body of John B. Gray
Who died thinking he had the right of way.
Oh, he thought he was right, just right as he sped along
But he’s just as dead as if he was wrong.”

No, my friend, Gwen believed the dead are sleeping in Jesus according to the Bible, and I agree with her. Gwen believed with all her heart, and so do I, that according to 1 Corinthians 15:22, “For as in Adam all die (as the result of Satan’s lie) , even so in Christ shall all be made alive (when He comes)! 

I want to be ready to meet her and all our sleeping family who have gone on before us when Jesus comes, don’t you?

If you’re curious to know more about what the Bible clearly teaches us about the perennial lie that the dead go on living after they die, and what God would have us to know concerning the dead, see the Bible lesson here: “Are The Dead Really Dead?”

In loving memory of our Gwen - a verse

September 1, 2023

In loving memory of our Gwen White, so dear,
My cherished big sister, now gone from here.
With heavy hearts, we gather today,
To honor her life that's passed away.

A mother, a friend, a wife so true,
Gwen's love and grace forever grew.
Through sixty-six years, a journey of love,
With our beloved Charles, her soulmate sent from above.

Aunt Gwen, you taught your children and grands to thrive,
In your gentle embrace, they learned to survive.
Your wisdom and kindness, a guiding light,
Through life's highs and lows, day and night.

A nursing professor respected and wise,
You shared your expert knowledge, far and wide.
Oakwood University, where your legacy stays,
In the hearts of former students and today’s nurses, in countless ways.

Your faith was a beacon, a steadfast guide,
In Jesus' love, you chose to abide.
With hope in your heart, you held to the Bible view,
Of resurrection's promise, when skies turn to blue.

And though she's now left this earthly abode,
Back to her Creator her breath has flowed.
When Jesus returns, the second time nigh,
She'll awake from her slumber, reaching eternal skies.

Rest assured, dear Gwen, we'll meet again,
When Jesus returns, breaking time's chain.
In that glorious moment, in heaven's embrace,
We'll rejoice in the light of His wondrous grace.

So let us celebrate the life she lived,
The love she shared, the joy she'd always give.
In our hearts, her memory will forever reside,
As we walk in Gwen’s footsteps, with love as our guide.

  • Joe (aka Sonny) Dent, Jr.