Let the memory of Hailie be with us forever.
  • 13 years old
  • Born on July 13, 2005 in Ontario, Canada.
  • Passed away on January 17, 2019 in Ontario, Canada.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Hailie Masson 13 years old , born on July 13, 2005 and passed away on January 17, 2019. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Rori Jacobson on 14th February 2019
I feel so bad for Hailie and I hate that people would bully such a beautiful loving girl. I first saw her on Tik Tok and I figured out she died by hanging herself witha dogleash...And it’s so sad how I bet the bullies don’t care that now she’s dead and gone. It’s also sad that they probably aren’t ashamed or feel bad and that makes me mad. Happy Valentines Day Hailie and I hope you are doing good up there in heaven sweetheart and you will gladly be missed by plenty of people, friends family fans. RIP beautiful❤️ Heaven has a new angel
Posted by Fighting Severe Depressio... on 14th February 2019
Happy Valentines's Day, Hailie. I hope your doing safe in heaven, did you get a valentine card? We miss you so much, but as along your safe and well.. I just want to say, you are a beautiful and a nice girl. Your fans on TikTok are going up, probably already hit the goal you wanted. Just remember, we love you.
Posted by Eva Fanelli on 13th February 2019
Riposa in pace giovane Angelo, tutti qua sentono la tua mancanza e le lacrime amare che scendono verso il computer mentre guardo i tuoi tik tok, non finiscono... Impariamo da questa ragazza... Impariamo a trattare tutti allo stesso modo, a non giudicare, a guardare nel proprio piatto ma sopratutto a stare attenti a quello che si fa, immaginatevi quei 3 bulletti da quartiere che prendono in giro questa povera ragazza, e che poi,vengono a sapere che per loro, quella ragazza ha perso la vita, che per tutta la farina del loro sangue, ora, quella ragazza non esiste più sulla faccia della terra, ma di sicuro, una parte di Hailie, è viva e felice, nei nostri cuori. Riposa in pace tesoro.
Posted by Manuela Rodas on 13th February 2019
God loves you, your with him, and I know that :(
Posted by Tabouret Lisa on 13th February 2019
Je t'aime de tout mon ❤ te nous manque trop et pourquoi tes partie trop tôt nous t'aimons fort est repose toi la haut Dieu te protége BISOUS
Posted by Alexis Whitlow on 12th February 2019
Hailie you passed to young you are missed so much beautiful I hope the bullies will learn their lesson I miss you more then anything especially your tik toks you seemed so happy I wish I could’ve helped but god planned everything out I send prayers to your family and friends. Fly High gorgeous we all love you❤️
Posted by Amayah Ross on 11th February 2019
Rest easy beautiful:) I love you so much you will be greatly missed by your family, friends, and fans. Fly high
Posted by Camille Roewe on 10th February 2019
Haillie u will be mossed by al and everyone will miss u soo gratley. Miss u boo fly high
Posted by Kylie Boyce on 10th February 2019
May you Rest In Peace hailee I will miss your Tik toks sooooooooooo much everybody in Tik tok misses you especially me the reason that they bullyed you is because they where just jealous of you and they wanted to be like you hailee you had the sweetest smile and laughs people and making edits of you because they miss you so much I know that one day I will see you up there in heaven you Angel make sure to eat ice cream and ride on rainbows for me I miss you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much rip angel
Posted by Demi Dauven on 10th February 2019
Owh no sweetie you were just young... I hope the bullies know now what they did to you and never ever again going to bully...... It's so sad what happens to you I didn't know you in real but I followed you on tiktok since you have 500 followers right know you have 555.6K and 2 million ❤️ I miss you honey when I write this or when I read the other comments I cry soo hard nobody knows how hard.... I have the same problem as you babe I get bullied to but I hope you fly high angel ❤️ WE LOVE YOU ❤️
Posted by Jodylyn Rose on 9th February 2019
Hailie, Comment les gens peuvent t-il trouver "normal" qu'une petite fille soit retrouver pendu avec corde de chien ?! J'espère que les personnes qui harceler cette Ange seront punit ! Voir même *$*×£#,×*1*#;÷¥.... Je ne continue pas sinon je risque de m'emporter. Petit hommage à Hailie et soutient en force aux parents. Repose en paix !
Posted by Jodylyn Rose on 9th February 2019
Je ne la connaissait pas.. Pourtant aujourd'hui elle est populaire. Mais j'aurais aimer qu'elle ne le soit pas pour cette raison là !... Hailie Vous trouver ça normal de retrouver sa fille morte pendu avec une lesse de chien dans son armoire pour cause d'harclément ? Je laisse un petit hommage pour un petit Ange qui ne mériter pas ça. Donc j'espère qu'elle vois ça du ciel et qu'elle remercie tout ce qui pense fort à elle ! Je soutient fortement les parents ! Sincèrement...j'espère que ceux qui l'ont harceler au collège regrette et seront punit... voir même qu'il seront... Je ne continue pas pour peur de m'emporter.! Ce n'est que ce qu'il mérites de toute façon... Hailie Masson, je pense à toi en cette de nuit de Samedi 9 février. Je regarde tes Musical.ly et je me dis que tu avais l'aire si heureuse ! Je...Je ne sais pas comment peux il être humain d"harceler des personnes de sagesse... Jody'lyn Rose
Posted by Lana Vanelderen on 9th February 2019
Hi hailie i go you so very very much missen. You are the gold girl i hate the pesters i hope so hard dat you dere in de universum the beuteful momories ❤❤❤ your ibf and fan lana
Posted by Daniela De Bie on 8th February 2019
hi hailie from the netherlandss i dont know you so good but i cant believe that you are not more here down you are a beautyfull angel and i hope you have now good .. rip.❤️❤️
Posted by Noa Someone on 8th February 2019
She was a wonderful girl! Even if I didn’t know her I knew that she was a kind girl, but some people were cruel and let her down... stay strong! Love you
Posted by Keira Stout on 7th February 2019
Hi Hailie! I’m back.. I keep seeing your face on Tik Tok and other social media’s. I want a miracle.. please come back. I want to meet you, I want to hear your voice, I want to have you in my life.. but that didn’t happen. All because of some stupid people trying to ruin your life. I don’t get it. Why you? Why now? I just want you to come back, please.. you had a wonderful future ahead of you, but people took that opportunity away from you because they were jealous of you, or insecure about themselves. It’s just not fair, at all. You don’t deserve any of that hate, none. People say your in a better place, but what’s better place then being down here with your family and friends?♥️ May you Rest In Peace. I hope heaven is treating you well xx
Posted by Montanna Commane on 8th February 2019
I didn't Know Hailee but i found some of the things that happened to her horrible AND IM SO SORRY FOR HER FAMILY FLY HIGH HUNNY XX
Posted by Leslie Hills on 7th February 2019
I’m so sorry about her death. She was my idol and I hope all the best for her family and friends. No matter what just know that you have given her the best life possible and to never think it was you. She will always love you even when she’s in a better place. Rest In Peace Hailie and the best for your family.❤️
Posted by Amikish Gacha on 7th February 2019
Nobody knew she was happy. Rest In Peace angel. May the lord bless you with so much love. Eres Como La Flor.
Posted by Zanaia Walkerb on 6th February 2019
I never knew her or who she was in till she passed it was all over tik toc and when I found out how she passed it broke my heart her bullies I hope they get what's coming to them she was only 13 she had a whole future ahead of her but some people had ruin it you people ~bullies~ don't know that you could drive them to suicide in till you actually do fly high Hailie I hope heaven treats you well may we meet soon❤ ~my heart broke while writing this~
Posted by Emily Crabe on 6th February 2019
I only found out about her a week or so ago, but when I did it broke my heart. She was such a beautiful girl, and she looked so happy. Although I never knew her in real life and only over social media, I got to know her a bit. Fly high my beautiful angel, and tell me what heaven is like. I hope they’re treating you well xx
Posted by Roos Koning on 6th February 2019
Heyy, ik kende je niet maar iedereen heeft het over je. Je was zo'n mooi meisje! Ily forever en ik kom snel naar je toe! Xx
Posted by Fighting Severe Depressio... on 6th February 2019
Hey Hailie, I'm back. There are alot of people who support you more the bullies and i'm proud to hear that. I am also getting bullied and do regret life few times, i had severe depression for 3 years and i still do. But i always try my best to fight my depression. In heaven it's a safe place now, we miss you so much i think now you have 40.5k fans now i believe, i haven't checked. Anyways.. I hope you are doing safe in Heaven.. xoxo 'Fighting Severe Depression For 3 Years And 2 Months - Elitsa Yordanova'
Posted by Kyla Hunt on 6th February 2019
I still cant bellieve your gone halile i miss you soo much.your gone but never forgotten about
Posted by Deserae Ortiz on 5th February 2019
I never got to meet her I found her on social media she always smiled to keep all her fans happy. Also dont let bullying get to you people just do it because they are hurt in the inside and want to hurt other people to make themselves feel better about themselves. Also bullies do these things because they think it's fun to do. I hope to see you soon Hailie Rest In Peace you will be missed forever and you will never be forgotten❤❤
Posted by Payton Frenette on 5th February 2019
Ugh where do i start. I met Hailie at the park. this is where she became my bet friend. It's actually crazy to hear that this is actually happening. she told em everything, literally everything. i hope that the bullies know that they have to live with this forever and ever! she told me everything. literally everything!! nobody can understand that she had me! i didn't just know her over social media i knew her as my everything! for all the bullies i hope you know that this is actually very very messed up and i hope that someone calls you out for it. no i do not hope the bullied pass away i just hope that they know what they did to me and all of her 40 K followers on tik tok! I cant believe how beautiful she turned out!! i think about you ever night baby girl! i hope you are watching me everyday! there are no actual word to describe how much i love you! fly so so high, just know that you are in a better place now and i will be there to support and defend you from fires that you cant take very very soon! im not saying that i want to die im just saying that i would literally do anything ANYTHING to hear your voice again!! seen you soon hun! i love you so so much <3 I really really hope that the bullies feel terrible about themselves!! im sitting in my bed crying my eyes out rn! good night, sweet dreams baby girl!!
Posted by Keira Stout on 5th February 2019
I never knew this beautiful person. I found out this tragedy on a social app. She passed because she was getting bullied. Hailie must’ve been such a good person.. I wish this never happened.. and yes, I did cry. But, I didn’t cry for myself, I cried for Hailie. Heaven just gained another angel. Soar high, and Rest In Peace bb.
Posted by Demi Royston on 5th February 2019
rest in piece I never got to meet her but she seemed so gorgous and caring bullying should be stopped and it has broken me to hear that she took her life may she rest in peice
Posted by Bobbie A. on 4th February 2019
I never got to meet her but I’m sure she was an amazing person because those who have been hurt the most have the purest souls... may she rest in piece and never be forgotten. Best of wishes to the family and I hope everybody is doing ok... Bullying takes so many lives and it needs to be stopped... May she rest in piece and live in eternal harmony and happiness
Posted by Eli Knopsnider on 4th February 2019
May she rest in everlasting peace and harmony. May she be happy and loved in her new home. For her, I hope that the bullying for all children ends.
Posted by Océane Marechau on 4th February 2019
Je suis désolé pour ses proches elle était si belle la pauvre elle n'a pas connue sa vie entière mais elle à vécue le harcèlement malheureusement faudrait que l'intimidation et le harcèlement s'arrête
Posted by Fighting Severe Depressio... on 3rd February 2019
Bullying takes thousands of lives for alot of years, i'm still sad to know bullying has not been stopped yet. She was only 13, didn't graduate, didn't find a boyfriend and so much.. She was too young to die, but bullying takes lives.. And one day, we all wish for it to stop. But there's a chance that it won't..

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