hannah we miss you see you soon <3 now yu got ur wings <3
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Hannah Davenport . We will remember her forever.
Posted by Victor Agamu on 23rd April 2014
Hannah I miss you so much hope to see you someday you're the best friend I ever had, can't stop crying you're forever loved and will never be forgotten
Posted by Abdul Rauf Nisar on 6th August 2013
well, I don't know any thing about her, but young death always make me so sad. My condolence for her family. May God rest her soul in peace. She is really beautiful.
Posted by Sabrina Silvis on 13th January 2013
Rest In Peace. <3
Posted by A'Nayia Hughes on 13th May 2012
Even though i don't know you ! Rest in peace .. you are missed <3
Posted by Jen Fernandez on 9th April 2012
Dear beautiful angel .. You are gone but you are surely missed.Rest in Peace baby girl!!
Posted by Abbey Stacey on 9th April 2012
Hannah , i miss you its been a year! I love you & i started the day off crying. The candle lighting & then your birthday <|3 i miss uou soo much ! Your in a better place now! I miss & love you.
Posted by Peyton Clark on 4th November 2011
Always in everyones mind. See you there someday. R.I.P Hannah Davenport
Posted by Katelin Martin on 28th October 2011
Hannah I miss you and love you very much! R.I.P Babygirl
Posted by Abbey Renee on 2nd August 2011
Baby Girll, every day that goese by people always think bout you. and every day people write on your facebook, i miss you darlin.<3
Posted by Abbey Renee on 2nd August 2011
Hannah, i miss you bunches baby girll,<3 i remember when we'd go to the ball park, you'd always play with us. Babe, rest in peace, i can't belive your gone, but dont worry. your NEVER EVER gonna be forgotten ! everytime i hear a sad song, it brings back memories when you were hurr
Posted by Caytie Gascoigne on 30th July 2011
I miss and love more than words could ever say <3 Save me a spot up there next to you <3
Posted by Tiffany Watkins on 8th July 2011
There is not a day that goes by that i wish i would have got to know you i saw you at the skating ring but never hung out with you but you seemed really nice and everyone i know that knows you was only saying good and this word needs more ppl like you i will pray for you and family
Posted by Alexis Katelynn on 2nd July 2011
Hannah Davenport ! Ihh Love yu<3 We all know that yu are in a better place now . This sonq always reminds me of yu babyqirl : "Holes in the floor of heaven " Ihh miss yu so muchh & love yu !
Posted by Amelia Zeller on 11th June 2011
Hannah, its been a few months now, but not a day has gone by when I didn't think of you. <3 I miss you soo much & I wish there was someway I could bring you back. I LOVE YOU FOREVER, BOOO. <333
Posted by Miranda Cohen on 19th May 2011
Hannah Christinee , babygirl , i love and miss you soo freakin much
Posted by Kristen Bieber on 19th May 2011
amazing person/ friend. You will live forever in my heart. Tell Dylan I miss him dearly too ♥ I miss and love you so much baby girl. See you soon ♥
Posted by Kristen Bieber on 19th May 2011
Hannah I miss you soo much. I can't believe your gone. It just kills me to know I have to wait forever til we get to see each other again. I miss our talks about Justin Bieber and how you used to tell me about the guys you like. You were such an
Posted by Shelbi Wood on 26th April 2011
Hannah Christine, Girl I know your up in heaven laughing with&kissing all over Dylan!Remember what Tyne said youu have to wait to get married.I miss you so much&I am sorry for every mean thing we ever said to each other. I love you Shelbi<3
Posted by Caitlyn O'Brian on 17th April 2011
Hannah, I didn't know you very well but I people say you are such a great person.A very pretty girl you are... You will never be forgotten :( Rest In peace
Posted by Emily Carlton on 17th April 2011
ha i remamber tyhe first time i heard yur name from destiny keen <3 <3 man rip <3 <333333333333
Posted by Emily Carlton on 17th April 2011
i just miss yu... :) but ofcourse why worry when yur in the hands of god i saw the beautiful stars last nite and thought of yu <3 and destiny wow i just gurr.... :( rip <3
Posted by Madison Pepper on 13th April 2011
hannah...i didnt know you very well but what i have heard these past few days about you is amazing. you were always so sweet and nice to everyone you knew i wish that i could say that about myself. you are such a nice girl and i hope that you are hav
Posted by Brittany Buchanan on 13th April 2011
Hannah, I didn't know you very well, but I remember that every time I saw you , you had a smile on your face.God has a purpose for you <3 We will always keep you in our hearts! Love you girl! See you when we get home! <3
Posted by Shelby Sanders on 12th April 2011
I miss you babygirl :'( I cry myself to sleep at night cause you died , I mean , why you ? Why now ? Why so young ? I want you back . I love you baby dollllll , <3
Posted by Audrey Mcateer on 12th April 2011
hannah , I never met you , but according to other people you were a GREAT person . From the pictures that i have seen of you , you were a GORGEOUS person. i wish that we could've met . you & your family will be in my prayers <3
Posted by Destiny Sieloff on 12th April 2011
Girllll your gorgouse ,and still are. You were so sweet and kind and a great friend I wish I got to know you better than what I did. I love youuu and miss youu <3
Posted by Alli Hooper on 12th April 2011
Hannah Davenport- I didn't really know you but, I heard great things about you! From the pictures I've seen you were Beautiful! You are loved by so many. We'll see you again some day soon. <3
Posted by Kamya Brown on 12th April 2011
Hannah Davenport,I really didnt know u but everyone says u were a great girl! And i have seen pics of u and u r absolutley gorgous!! Maybe one day i will see u,but now u have ur wings to speard and fly!! Missed but never forgotten!! <3 Rest in Peace
Posted by Katlyn Vanatta on 12th April 2011
i love and miss you baby girl <3 always remembered and never forgotton <3 R.I.P. <3 Sisters For Life (:
Posted by Megan NicoleLush on 12th April 2011
you are soo gorgeous an amazing person .. if only i could have none you better you are i missed and loved though (: love you hannaahhhhh <33333
Posted by Holly-marie Siegmann on 12th April 2011
"i love you babygirl
Posted by Alex Brown on 11th April 2011
"hannah you were a special person. you were generous, kind, and was always happy. there was no putting you down."
Posted by Destiny Keen on 11th April 2011
effected everybody. but i know you are in a much better place. with no mean guys to break your beautiful heart. i will see you up there someday, i love you with all my heart and soul. <\3. Rest In Peace babygirl <3
Posted by Destiny Keen on 11th April 2011
Hannah Christine Davenport. I love you and i don't know what i'm going to do without youu .. i feel like a chunk of my heart is gone. Babygirl, you are so beautiful and i remember every good memory we've had together. i can't explain how much it has
Posted by Emily Carlton on 11th April 2011
hannah yu are the most gorgouse girl yur loved yu are missed everyone loved you if they didn't they're just CLUELESS<3 hannah i love you <3

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