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Shared by Abbey Renee on August 2, 2011

Hannah, i remember when we'd go to the ball park and youd be there and you would always play with us,i miss those times baby girll. i miss you bunches. there isnt a day that goes by that im not thinking of you, hannah you had a tun of stuff planed in your life. it shouldn't of been you that left. i would always go back to that nite if i could and tell you NOT to go to that party. Hannah, babygirl, we all love you and you were a hero to all your friends. rest in peace babygirl, your gone but NEVER EVER forgotten.<\3 it breaks my heart that you had to go.<\3 i miss you babeeyyyy girll. see you soon <3

rest in peace,<3


Bestfriends. <3

Shared by Teauna Johnson on June 11, 2011

Hannah and I were bestfriends, well yu know what we still are . i loved that girl to death. <3 she always knew what to say to me when i was going through a tough time . we NEVER got into an arugement and if we did it was about who loved each other more or who was prettier . and honestly, Hannah was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay prettier. <3

babygirl, i miss yu so much . we always had the best times at the skating rink . i loved how when yu went around and then yu saw me yu would scream out "i love yu teauna" <3 (: haha, or heeeeeey shawtyyyy, can i get yo number (; haha, memories that will NEVER EVER be forgotten .

yu may be gone, but yur NEVER forgotten. <3

rest in peace babygirl. </3

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YUUUUUUUU. <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

A little memory

Shared by Kristen Bieber on May 19, 2011

I remember we used to fight a lot but the next day we would always forget about it. You would always tell me who you had a crush on and what new song Justin Bieber has come out with. (:  I remember at the Justin Bieber concert, I was texting you because we were trying to find eachother and I told you to stand up and you replied "No I'll just put my foot in the air." :)  I still couldn't find youu. You were super crazy! I'm sure you have God and Dylan by your side and they are laughing so hard <3 You were such an amazing person and if I could go back into type and teleport then I would have went back to that Saturday night and told you not to go to the party. There is not a day that goes by where I don't think of you. Your on my mind all the time. We never really hung out any but the first time we actually met was at Dylan's funeral. </3  Ugh I miss you soooooo much boo and I hope to see you soon ♥   I love you baby girl

& tell Dylan not to be hitting on you . (:

Shared by Destiny Keen on May 8, 2011

i remember the first time we met. We immediatly were friends. We spent so much times togehter, even if we had our rough patches. I remember when me and you went swimming at that hotel and you were sitting there laughing at me and when i told you Scout's brother was cute, you laughed even harder. Then, when we climbed up that muddy hill, i slipped and we were both laughing. Then, when we would run to take the trash out or when we would sing. My favorite song was when  you starting saying " i can make your pole rock " that was too funny. Oh, and then when we would talk about boys, that went on forever ! you were always too pretty for all of them. i love you babygirll. & i'll see you somedayy <3


Shared by emily carlton on April 11, 2011

gahhhhhhh tht gurl is gorgouse <3 missed with thoughts of yu in my mind every second every minute of the day<3

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