Let the memory of Hannah be with us forever.
This site is in memory of our beloved Hannah Kathleen Turgeon who touched the lives of many, and is forever in our hearts. Please add to it with your thoughts, memories and photos.  

Hannah Kathleen Turgeon, 27, of Denver, Colorado, was suddenly and tragically taken from us too soon while visiting South Bend Indiana on Sunday, October 13, 2019.

Born in Inglewood/Los Angeles California on Christmas Day, 1991, Hannah was the daughter of Paul and Debra Turgeon (nee Walsh).  She will be missed by her siblings Riley (Sarah) and Ella, grandmother Greta Walsh, niece Audrey Baird-Turgeon, Aunts/Uncles Laurie, Mimi, Leo (Mike), Steve (Jean), Mike (Mindy), Pat (Hope), Mark and Marilyn, and many cousins. She is predeceased by her grand-parents Doctors Leo and Kathleen Turgeon and James Walsh.

Raised in the Westchester area of Los Angeles, Hannah attended Notre Dame Academy Los Angeles and was active in the Girl Scouts where she earned the top honor Girl Scouts Gold Award. Hannah moved east and graduated in 2014 with Magna Cum Laude Honors from the University of Notre Dame. She was very proud to be amongst the third generation Turgeons to become Fighting Irish. After college Hannah moved to and worked in Chicago, then eventually relocated to Denver Colorado. She was most recently serving as Executive Assistant to Denver businessman and former state treasurer candidate Brian Watson.  

Loving her new environment in Denver, Hannah spent plenty of time outdoors hiking and enjoying the Colorado scenery.  The beauty of her natural surroundings further inspired her creativity found in Hannah’s hand-crafted greeting cards business. A kind and loving individual, Hannah was loved by all who knew her. Hers was a young, happy life that was filled with friends and family, and with a bright future.

Hannah always kept her family closest to her heart, always in touch.  She connected with them frequently, whether flying home for family gatherings in southern California or joining in on family trips. Notre Dame football games were top of list, right up there with Hawaii.

Funeral mass will be held on Saturday November 9, 2019, 11am, at St. Anastasia Catholic Church, 7390 West Manchester Boulevard, Los Angeles CA, 90045. Reception immediately following in the Pastor's Plaza at St. Anastasia.  Many are choosing to wear blue, gold or green (or Notre Dame attire). The family welcomes this participation, which is completely optional.

 The Hannah K. Turgeon Memorial Scholarship Fund at her beloved University of Notre Dame.                                                                                                                                        ONLINE: Go to: https://giving.nd.edu/                                                                                        ~ Enter donation amount                                                                                              - Click “Continue”                                                                                                                      ~Click “Giving Societies or Other Areas”                                                                                    - -Scroll to bottom -- click “Other” then click “Continue”                                                             ~  -Enter “Hannah K. Turgeon Memorial Scholarship” where it says to “specify how your gift should be designated”                                                                                                              --  -Additional Details About My Gift:                                                                                            -----Enter: “Hannah K. Turgeon Memorial Scholarship”                                                                   ~ -Click “Continue”                                                                                                                         ---Enter name and contact information                                                                                             IGNORE “In Memory Of” area                                                                                                   ~Click arrow for “Matching Gift Info” (if your employer will be matching your contribution)      and enter requested information.                                                                                               ~ -Check out – click on Credit Card or PayPal payment options.         
 or  CHECK payable to University of Notre Dame mailed to :                                                              1251 N. Eddy Street South Bend, ID 46617                                                                                   ATTN: Amy Plotkin                                                                                                                         Memo field: “Hannah K. Turgeon Memorial Scholarship”
Once fully endowed, this fund will provide much needed sup-port to students of McGlinn Hall – Hannah’s dorm, students from Los Angeles and Denver, and students who volunteer in local South Bend schools. While at McGlinn, Hannah started a big/little sister program with a local elementary school to “get to know the girls outside of the classroom so that we could better understand their needs inside of the classroom when we tutor them during the week.”
This donation is tax-deductible.
Posted by Mike King on November 25, 2019
My daughter, Madison, was two years behind Hannah in McGlinn. She said Hannah was always so helpful. I am so sorry for your loss. You have my deepest sympathy.
Posted by Catherine Kromkowski on November 14, 2019
Hannah and I lived in McGlinn together at Notre Dame and both were in the Class of 2014. Her smile and joy for life were infectious throughout our McGlinn family. I vividly remember spending Carol Christmas with her one year, dressing up in Christmas sweaters, walking to Carol Hall in the freezing cold, and singing with the other McGlinn girls. After graduation, I loved following her family adventures and surprise visits, her hikes in Denver, and her card making business. Hannah is the best example of someone who lived their life to the fullest - with deep love, joy, and excitement for her family and friends.
Posted by Christina Schuler on November 13, 2019
I'm a current resident of McGlinn Hall, Hannah's home under the Dome, and I want to extend my deepest sympathies to the whole Turgeon family! Please be assured of our whole hall's continued prayer for Hannah and her family, especially during this month of November as we are celebrating the memorial of All Soul's. Hannah's name is on our prayer tapestry in the chapel and she is remembered in our hearts and in our prayers at mass and will always be a fellow Shamrock!
Posted by Terry Moriel on November 12, 2019
I am a Parent of a Notre Dame graduate and on the Board of the Notre Dame Club of Los Angeles. Paul has been a part of the Notre Dame Club of Los Angeles for many years and I was so happy to welcome Hannah to the Notre Dame family at our Send Off.  This is so heartbreaking and I cannot imagine what the Turgeon family is going through. Please know that we are all praying for the Turgeon family and the loss of their beautiful Hannah.
Posted by Eva Herrera on November 12, 2019
Seashore Construction Inc.’s Bill Tucker and Eva Herrera and Staff, send
our dear friend Paul Turgeon and Family our deepest condolences.
Posted by Patricia Stahl on November 11, 2019
We can’t begin to express our sorrow for the loss of your sweet Hannah. We know how close you all are as a family and your strong faith in The Lord will always be your rock to help you carry on. It’s sad but you seem to learn so much more about a person after they are gone. We knew the little toe head blonde baby girl that you waited so patiently to have and we muddled through our pregnancy enjoying our new motherhood together! And in a blink they grew up but what a testament to the kind of parents you are to raise such an amazing young woman! We are so inspired by her devotion to help others and her unselfishness, and her love of life! I regret not knowing the adult Hannah but through this beautiful family of hers and all the people she touched she WILL continue to live on through her legacy and her love of all humans will spread. God Bless Miss Hannah in Heaven and her family! Our love and prayers will be with you always.
The Stahl Family
Posted by Damian Dering on November 7, 2019
We are so deeply sorry for your loss. Your family has always been so wonderful to our family and our prayers are with you in such a trying time.
The Dering Family
Posted by Nelida Ruiz on November 5, 2019
Dear Turgeon Loving Family
I had the pleasure of meeting Hannah when she would visit her mom Debbie at Dr.Sison office. I would say how beautiful she is with a pretty smile and nice teeth a mini version of Debbie. We became the work family, we all would share stories of our kids. What a loving family always. When I heard the tragic news My heart broke and I felt the pain. To Paul,Debbie,Riley,Ella and the rest of the family May you find tranquility and know that many people are praying as you endure this process. Unimaginable...Hannah will definitely be MISSED.
Posted by Tori Leamy on November 5, 2019
To Paul, Debbie, Riley, Ella and all the extended Turgeon and Walsh Family.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you now and always.

To find one story would be so difficult since our lives have intertwined from so long ago. I (Dean) attended grade school and high school with Debbie and my mom and Greta worked together at the local Westchester Bank of America when banking was still a local thing. So as Westchester does, our families connected from early on.

I guess however, we all became closer because of the Christmas holiday, which is so unique since it was also Hannah’s birthday. Like many families do, we would make our quest to the local tree lots in search of the perfect tree! Paul and Debbie with Hannah and Riley in tow and Tori and I with Blake and Rachael in tow would always seem to run into each other at the Christmas tree lots. We would scour through the trees, give opinions and recommendations of different lots if the perfect tree had not yet been found.

It was at the tree lots where I first met Paul. As the kids were getting to Little League age we decided we would coach the boys and of course Paul wanted Hannah on our first DRALL PC team! From there our friendship blossomed, with many gatherings, parties, and Tower nights... we had the good fortune of watching all the kids grow up together and truly being part of their lives.

Hannah was such a bright light and positive inspiration to all she came in contact with. Her smile was contagious and while she was taken far too young, the impact and impression she made will always be with us.

Rest In Peace Hannah, you are loved and will be missed.

Much Love,

Dean, Tori, Blake and Rachael Leamy
Posted by Barbara Jacobs on November 5, 2019
To Those I Love - Isla Richardson

If I should ever leave you whom I love
To go along the silent way,
Grieve not,
Nor speak of me with tears,
But laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you there.

(I'd come - I'd come, could I but find a way!
But would not tears and grief be barriers?)
And when you hear a song
Or see a bird I loved,
Please do not let the thought of me be sad
For I am loving you just as I always have
You were so good to me!

There are so many things I wanted still to do

So many things to say to you
Remember that I did not fear
It was just leaving you that was so hard to face
We cannot see beyond
But this I know;
I love you so
‘twas heaven here with you!

I've read this at a few memorials, but feel this is what Hannah would have said to us-she was our earth angel and I believe she is still watching over us-guiding us through these tough times. There are no words to describe the grief we feel or even words to ease our sorrow, but know in your hearts that the memories will never die. May these memories fill your hearts and the love we had for Hannah, carry on her love for others and ease your pain....Hannah you will be forever in our hearts. RIP sweet Hannah Kathleen
Posted by Rhonda Knudson on November 4, 2019
I have been blessed to know this family! Was fortunate to have been seated with them at Sara’s wedding... What a close and loving family, I can’t for the life of me imagine what their going through .. She was not only beautiful... smart, loving, devoted family member and a whole lot of fun. May God keep you near in your time of mourning
Posted by Kate Baran Warchol on November 4, 2019
Dear Turgeon Family,
My prayers have been with you since I heard about the terrible news of your daughter, Hannah. From the kind words spoken about her, you must have done an amazing job raising her. I hope that the memories you have of Hannah keep you strong and bring you some peace.
Posted by Cathy Ostrom on November 2, 2019
We will all miss this beautiful girl. My heart breaks for you all. Sending hugs, love and prayers to the Turgeon family. Xoxo
Posted by Aaron Fountain on October 31, 2019
I met Hannah at an Instantaneous Transformation course in Costa Rica about 5 or so years ago. She was so bright and full of energy, a magnet. I was so excited that she moved to Colorado as I live here too. Our paths crossed on occasion and I got to spend one of the most memorable outdoor adventures I've ever had with her and friends. We snowshoed to Mills Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. Even though temps were well below 0 at Mills Lake, we all had the best time. Non-stop smiles and laughs. I will never forget her or that trip. Wishing everyone peace during this tragic time.
Posted by Evie Askvik on October 29, 2019
Dearest Hannah:
We know you are listening. Sig and I were fortunate enough to meet you and your siblings as children. We shared many a Christmas Eve, Easter and other occasions with you and the entire extended Walsh/Turgeon family. We had the pleasure of watching you grow into an incredibly lovely, sweet, articulate, accomplished, thoughtful , beautiful young woman. You and Jim should keep the home fires burning until we all join you once again. Despite the anguish of missing you and the incredible void you have left in our lives, it gives us comfort that you have found eternal happiness with the Lord. Until we meet again. Love you, Evie & Sig Askvik
Posted by Patti Plummer on October 29, 2019
Dear Turgeon family,

My heart has not stopped aching for you since I first heard about Hannah’s passing. Although I hadn’t seen her for several years, I kept up with her life through Facebook and talks with Debbie at the dental office a couple of times a year. I was blessed to have known her for a short while when she worked in our office one summer before college. She then continued to work for us remotely after she moved. She had the sweetest disposition, she was humble, smart, efficient, and an absolute pleasure to be around. I loved watching (from afar) her grow into the woman she became as she navigated life, finding her place and purpose in it. She was a very bright light in a world with too few bright lights like hers. Though she was almost half my age I admired her and her spirit. I’m a lover of hiking and paper crafts so I identified with her more in recent years as she shared those 2 past times on social media. I just took a trip to southern Utah and went on 11 different hikes through the national parks there. I thought of Hannah on every single hike to honor her spirit. While I still cannot reconcile the loss of her, I know this world was a better place to have had her in it if only for a little while. To read all of these tributes to her, confirms why she was such an easy soul to fall in love with.
Deepest condolences,
Patti Plummer
Posted by Julie Garcia on October 28, 2019
Dear Turgeon Family,

I am heartbroken to learn the news of your beautiful Hannah. I was so blessed to have known her through the years of working with Debbie at 2 different dental offices. She was such a bright, beautiful always smiling girl. I was so enamored with your children, I named my first son after your Riley.
I will always hold Hannah as a bright and guiding angel for me and my family. Sending a zillion prayers of comfort for you and all who loved her.
God bless.

Julie, Jeff, Riley and Oliver Garcia
Posted by Joseph Yellen on October 26, 2019
To Paul and your entire family and friends, I am so sorry for your loss. Just knowing your character, your kindness and integrity you demonstrated in high school is enough for me to know that Hannah had to have been an incredible human being with you as her Dad. Our family grieves for yours. We will keep Hannah and all of you in our prayers. With affection, The Yellen Family
Posted by Thomas Johnson on October 24, 2019
To the Turgeon family:
While I have never met anyone from your family, as a parent who lost a son, 22 years old, in a plane crash in late 80s, and as a person who shares your family's affinity for the University of Notre Dame, Hannah's alma mater,(next weekend will be my 46th straight year of visiting ND) I just want to express my deepest condolences on the tragic loss of Hannah.While I know only too well your pain, your faith in God will guide you through the enduring  pain; you will find an inner strength that you never knew you had.
While the days may seem dark and dreary, eventually Hannah's light will shine again, and she will remain forever a cherished part of your family.
My deepest sympathy and Rest in Peace, Hannah..
Posted by Cynthia GerardiNadeau on October 24, 2019
There are no words to express the profound sadness that I’m feeling, over learning the news of that fatal tragedy that struck your beautiful Hannah. Paul, you were my rock when Sam, my father passed. I only wish that there was something that I could do for you and your family, to help ease your pain. I’ll pray to Sam to watch over her, along with your parents, who have already wrapped her safely in their arms.
There’s no sense to these tragedies.
Perhaps there can be some peace in knowing that Hannah will always be young and she will always be beautiful. Her love for her family and friends will be never ending, She’ll always be with you, in the deepest parts of your soul, where I’m sure only God had existed. God Bless you all.
Posted by Michael Walsh on October 24, 2019
Please except my condolences. As a former Police Officer and Private Investigator I promise you I will keep looking for that vehicle that cut Hannahs life so short.Only a gutless animal would leave a human being in the road like a dog and cowardly leaves the scene. This person has to be caught and my Facebook friend's that are retired Police Officers will be looking for this vehicle, or the holes for the light bar if they take it off. God bless her and i will do everything in my power to try and get this jerk to justice. Hannah sounds like a beautiful and intelligent young woman that enjoyed life to the fullest. I hope Jesus eases your pain and brings peace to your broken hearts. God bless, and Hannah has to be with the Lord. R.I.P. Hannah
Posted by Christi Shipley Carni on October 23, 2019
Dear Paul, Debbie, Riley and Ella -there are no appropriate words I can find to express my deepest condolences and sorrow for your loss of beautiful, smart, sweet giving Hannah . My heart is broken and I weep with you Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you. Heaven is a place nearby, so there’s no need to say goodbye. Hold on to your memories, and let them guide you during this time of sadness. Our Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. You have to believe that Hannah was here for a reason and your connection could never be broken.
With love and prayers Christine, Taylor and Bennett Carni
Posted by Ann Forti on October 23, 2019
Dear Turgeon Family, I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your beloved Hannah. My son, Kyle Forti, knew Hannah. They both worked for Brian Watson. He was 29 and died tragically, as well, this past March in a helicopter crash. My daughter-in-law, Hope, and Max just saw Hannah at Brian's wedding. Please know our hearts mourn with yours. We will continue in fervent prayer for all of you as you walk this journey of grief. May the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, surround you constantly. Godspeed.
Posted by Jim Flynn on October 22, 2019
To the Turgeon Family:

I am very sad for your so sudden loss. May we treasure each other now and forever.

May the risen Lord be your consolation and peace during this time of sorrow and loss.

Our faith assures us that Hannah now beholds our God face to face, the ultimate joy for us all.

Blessings and the Lord's peace support you.

Jim Flynn, S.J.
Loyola Marymount University Jesuit Community
Posted by Mary Murphy on October 22, 2019
Paul - Your ND ‘81 classmates are profoundly sorry for your loss and we want you to know that we’re praying for you and all of Hannah’s family and friends. It’s obvious that she was an extraordinary young woman, someone we would be blessed to know, and we are proud to say was an ND alumna. We hope you find peace in memories of Hannah.
Posted by Suzi Cantwell-Selby on October 22, 2019
The Cantwell family sends our heartfelt prayers and shares in the grief of this tragic loss. We had been family friends of Hannah’s grandparents for many years and share in this grief as members of the Notre Dame family. Much love and peace to you all.
Posted by Nicole Rezinas Schwartz on October 20, 2019
Like so many we are absolutely heartbroken for the friends and family. Hannah was a special lady that brought laughter and happiness to so many. Her videos of surprise visits home or decorating Riley’s room for Christmas make me smile and laugh. Hannah’s beautiful light will live forever. We wish your family strength and peace.
Love, The Schwartz Family

Posted by Alan Olson on October 20, 2019
There are some Angels that are sprinkled hither, tither, and yon on Mother Earth to guide us on how to live by being the epitome of what we generically believe an Angel would be and act like: Hannah is one such Angel. I say "is" because, of course, we all know she STILL IS THAT PRECIOUS ANGEL living her ETERNAL LIFE in JOY, PEACE, and LOVE ! With a bit of grace we will all be with her again when we make our transition … she will that bright shinning LIGHT we immediately sense and embrace...see you then Hannah...and so it is ! Amen
Posted by Patricia Nance on October 19, 2019
The family of Dick & Vera Lee Turgeon Mulhern want to express our heartfelt condolences for the loss of our 2nd cousin, Hannah. Our mother was the sister of Hannah’s grandfather, Dr. Leo Turgeon. Her Dad, Paul, is our cousin. We all grew up as Fighting Irish, thanks to Uncle Leo, an unceasing supporter of his Notre Dame family & team. He was an amazing man with a quick wit, which many of his children & grandchildren inherited - Hannah was one of them. We can picture that heartfelt reunion in heaven. Hannah was loved by many & she touched in some way all those she met, & we are all better for having known her. God had a unique plan for Hannah, and we believe she was welcomed with a greeting, “Well done, good & faithful servant.” Sadly, none of us were ready to lose her so soon. We continue to pray for all who knew Hannah, as we together struggle through this tragic time...especially for Paul & Debbie, Riley & Ella, her aunts & uncles, cousins & grandmother...we love you all.❤️
The Mulhern Clan - Dick, Jr., Patricia, Peggy, Mary, Kathy, Libby, Bob, John, Tom, Paul & Carolyn
Posted by Donna McNew on October 19, 2019
We are trying to find the words ... our hearts are broken. We have been friends with the Walsh-Turgeon family since we were kids on Abernathy Dr.  All of us Taylor’s want to send our love and prayers the the whole family. We love you all so very much and we just want to hug you and make the pain go away. We know the pain and we are so sorry. We love you
Posted by Patricia Nance on October 19, 2019
My prayers continue for the entire Turgeon family & everone grieving for the loss of dear Hannah. I didn’t know Hannah in the way many of you did...I am a relative, more than twice her age. Her Dad’s cousin. But I Knew Hannah-through our interactions at family events like her Aunt Mimi’s retirement, through texts when I reached out to try to help her find a place to live in Chicago, through being FB & Instagram friends, through trying to connect in Denver last February, through supporting her Etsy card business....I even left a comment on her picture with her Dad last Saturday before the big game because I could see her excitement & love for life in that photo...she was always a bright light, a kind soul, an engaged communicator, a sincere & honest human being. I delighted in seeing her surprise visits home, captured on videos. And the endless pictures of her adventures with friends, family & co-workers. Her lust for life never ceased to amaze!
I believe Hannah would want us all to smile when we remember her...she was always grinning! If every one of us would strive each day to go out of our way to be a little kinder, more generous, to lend a helping hand more often, to brighten someone’s day...in honor of Hannah...then her sweet spirit will live on...and she will continue making the world a better place.
Patricia Mulhern Nance, Scottsdale AZ
Posted by MaryEllen Wilson on October 18, 2019
I’ve known Debbie since I was a teenager. When I heard this I just fell to my knees. I’ve been saying prayers non stop for everyone. I can not imagine the pain. God must of needed a beautiful angel. I wanted to know if there was a address I can send a Mass card.

Posted by Peggy Kirsch on October 18, 2019
Our family shares your grief at this terrible loss. May your Sweet Hannah’s memory forever be a blessing to you all.
The Kirsch Family.
Posted by Phoenix Nicole on October 18, 2019
Hannah was one of the first friends I met at Notre Dame the first semester of our freshman year. I'm so lucky that in a full circle moment, she was also the person I got to sit next to when we graduated! In between those two moments were tons of laughs, lunches and dinners together, and more. I don't have a memory of her not smiling or making someone laugh. She was truly a ray of sunshine and she will be missed!

Sending my love to her family during this time,
Posted by John J on October 17, 2019
As a stranger to the Turgeon family, I am a retired teacher visiting Notre Dame- USC game for my very first time. I was with Denver family. The joyful weekend and victory was marred for many, friends, family and even strangers. The unnecessary death of Hannah, a lovely young ND grad and Denver worker, should remind others that life can be taken instantly, even on familiar grounds. Many would have turned on their cell lights to guide her to safety. She will be an inspiration to many.
Posted by Hank Davies on October 17, 2019
Our family was fortunate enough to meet Hannah and the Turgeon family when our son played on the same Little League team with Hannah and Riley when they were 6 or 7 years old. Hannah was a pioneer, even then, as she was the only girl playing in the league. We grew to love Hannah and the Turgeon family throughout the years. Hannah was one of the most impressive young woman that we have ever met. Her beautiful smile, bubbling personality and sincere care for others has blessed everyone that she has ever met. We were so excited to have Hannah as our tour guide when we met the Turgeon family in South Bend for a football game, while Hannah was still in school. She went out of her way to show us the entire campus and that weekend created memories we will never forget. Our love, thoughts and prayers will always be with Paul, Debbie, Riley and Ella. The Davies Family
Posted by Gabrielle Nield on October 17, 2019
We are so very sorry and so saddened by the loss of your absolutely beautiful Hannah. My husband Ed recently met Hannah's dad on the Georgia/Notre Dame trip and was so glad to have met him, a fellow Notre Dame alum and a football player to boot! Ed told me how kind he was to even offer my husband Notre Dame football tickets in the future. Paul proudly shared stories of his family. We watched the Notre Dame Game last weekend and Ed mentioned how Paul would be there never ever imagining that this tragedy would happen.

We unfortunately know the heartbreak that you all feel with the loss of your daughter as we lost our beautiful Natalie 9 years ago in a tragic car accident. Your family will be forever in our hearts and prayers. When you are able, please reach out to us. We will be here for you and are a phone call or e-mail away. We will get your contact information from John who arranged the Georgia trip. God bless you all. With our sincere sympathy and love, Ed and Gabrielle Nield
Posted by Ashley Ham on October 17, 2019
I was a senior when Hannah was a freshman in McGlinn. Our overlapping time at ND was brief, but her vibrant personality and huge smile left a lasting impression! I know she is so so missed already! Thinking of all her family and friends at this unimaginable time! Sending many prayers!
Posted by Emma O'Heeney on October 17, 2019
I lived in Hannah's section my freshman year at ND. I unfortunately never got to know her very well, but I fondly recall section meetings that year when Hannah and the rest of her quad would come and offer updates. I think I remember something about a dolphin and a special calendar? Regardless, I remember it made me smile - a theme when it came to interactions with Hannah. I remember her laugh down the hall and her contagious smile. I always enjoyed her posts on Facebook and was so impressed by her ability to make me smile even though I am sure she had no idea I even saw them. I am grateful she touched my life so positively, even if from afar. Sending love and prayers to the family.
Emma (Collis) O'Heeney
Posted by Carol Kunst on October 17, 2019
We met Hannah at our Notre Dame tailgaters! She was their with our son Tim and Mary Clare and the rest of their wonderful ND friends! Hannah always had a smile on her face and was always so kind and gracious. I am so saddened of her tragic death. May her family and friends always carry her in your hearts. Carry on her legacy of enjoying the moments of life, be kind to each other, help others, be gracious, love and smile.
May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sunshine warm upon your face.
And rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand!
Love and prayers for all of you!
Posted by Steph Wulz on October 17, 2019
Hannah and I met in an Art History class junior year. She'd come in every class, post up at the front, and spend the 2 hours taking copious amounts of notes. When we'd have exams, the teacher would print off and read aloud the essay that was the most insightful, and I began to notice, that the handwriting was the same every time. The essays were poignant, beautifully crafted and something that all of us in the class couldn't fathom someone wrote in the 15 minute stress session. And every time she read another essay, it was from Hannah.

Her wisdom, her way with words, the way she was able to express what she and others were thinking was simply amazing and genuine. Mel would tell me years later that she would have been stressing the whole time, thinking she was about to fail every test, when in reality, she was teaching her class how to write better and strive for more.

Hannah's energy, her laugh, her smile, brought light to everyone that she met. My deepest condolences to her whole family, her friends, her mentors and everyone who knew her.
Posted by Eliza Nagle on October 17, 2019
I met Hannah freshman year and we quickly bonded over our mutual struggle through math class. I was fortunate to become a closer friend when we studied abroad together Junior year. I remember always being able to hear her joyful laugh down the hall of our dorm in Rome and her sense of adventure and wonder as we traveled around Europe. She was such a bright light, a friend to all, and lived life to the fullest. We will all miss her so much.
Posted by Ann Casey on October 17, 2019
Hannah was a beautiful, shining light. I am so sorry and saddened by her death. I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.
Paul and my family have known each other since college, I cannot imagine the loss, I am so sorry. Ann Casey
Posted by Joann Hughes on October 16, 2019
Dear Paul, Debbie Riley and Emma,  We are so saddened and shocked over the loss of your beautiful amazing daughter Hannah. My heart hurts with yours as you know we understand your pain. Please know I am here for you. We will continue to lift your sweet daughter up in prayer and send you all our love and comfort at this very sad time. No words can really help.        Love, The Hughes family
Posted by Erin Laughlin on October 17, 2019
I knew Hannah from McGlinn Hall at Notre Dame. We were the dorm's service co-commissioners during my junior year, her sophomore year. I can't speak more highly of Hannah. Whether it was organizing campus visits for the Big Sisters programs, tutoring at St. Adalbert's, or organizing "penny wars" to raise money for others, her dedication to her role as a leader in service was inspirational. She put her whole heart into every event she planned and I will always remember how much the students at St. Adalbert's and the girls who took part in the Big Sisters program looked up to her. Hannah's service to others was of course not limited to her role as a hall commissioner, but also a reflection of how she treated everyone each and every day- with a huge smile and a never-ending willingness to bring joy to others' lives. I send my heartfelt condolences to the Turgeon family, who she regularly spoke so highly of, and will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Robin Rhodes on October 16, 2019
The faculty of the Department of Art, Art History & Design at Notre Dame is deeply saddened at the news of Hannah’s tragic death. We all remember her warmly, as an exceptional student who brought a bright intellect and good energy to all her classes and to all her projects. We have lost an outstanding Art History alumna and a good friend, exactly the kind of representative of our department and of Notre Dame we hope to send out into the world. We are all grateful for the opportunity we have had to know Hannah. Now, we send our thoughts and prayers and good memories to you, her parents, and to the rest of the family. 

Robin Rhodes
Professor and Art History Coordinator
Department of Art, Art History & Design
Posted by Robert Walsh, S.J. on October 16, 2019
Dear Turgeon Family,

I am very saddened to hear the tragic news of your loss. Please know that I and other Jesuits are remembering her and all your family in our prayers and at Mass. With my heartfelt sympathy and prayers, Robert Walsh, S.J., Loyola Marymount University.
Posted by Tanya Swarbrick on October 16, 2019
Hannah and I studied together this year. We connected with a similar personal history. I never met her and didn't have her in my world for even a year but I will miss her sweetness, her vulnerability and her goal of making the world a better place.
Her need for variety and uncertainty was met by her willingness to change and to try --- she was inspirational to me
Her light will shine on in my memory
My Deepest Sympathies and most Sincere Condolences are with her Family who she valued greatly
Tanya Swarbrick
BBE & FFF #teampurple
Posted by Fiona Engler on October 16, 2019
Our son, Pat attended St. Anastasia's with Hannah. She was always so kind to him. The last time I saw her she talked about her love of math and her classmates. Love to her parents from the Engler family.
Posted by Michelle Kraft on October 15, 2019
Hannah was my daughter’s roommate at Notre Dame and close friend. Hannah (and sometimes Riley) came home to our house a few times on breaks and I got to know her well through those visits and when I would visit ND. She was the most fun loving, caring girl ever. I am so thankful my daughter had such a great friend.  Hannah was always laughing and having fun. I am deeply saddened by this loss. My condolences to all her family and friends. She will be greatly missed.  

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