To the living, I am gone,
To the sorrowful, I will never return,
To the angry, I was cheated,
But to the happy, I am at peace,
And to the faithful, I have never left.
  • 84 years old
  • Born on September 10, 1926 in Berlin, Germany.
  • Passed away on July 14, 2011 in San Jose, California, United States.

Posted by Terry Becker on September 10, 2019
Remembering you always☕️on your birthday & thanks again for the memories especially at 3:00pm for your coffee hour! i also know you at peace with the lord & maybe having coffee with alHat-he BECKERS.Happy birthday Hanne.
Posted by Terry Becker on July 14, 2019
It's been 8 years that you were gone & i am still greatful for the memories that i had with you . i thank you for those 28 yrs . of my life being married to you it was not perfect but it as not bad.THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES. Also i don't see the grandkids & the kids & but i think the are ALL doing greatI am also doing great with my life now and very great to the LORD THAT ALL IS WELL WITH ME.
Posted by Terry Murphy on July 16, 2018
I am so sorry not to post any messages on the day that you passed away , we are in the middle of nowhere in the Atlantic Ocean . I will never forget the day you were gone & will not also forget you . I am very happy now in my life & very lucky to marry a wonderful man who love me very much too. God is so good to me .i know you are also happy with the Lord because you believe in Him too.
Posted by Gabriela Becker Chiapello... on July 14, 2018
Liebe Vati, 7 years. Time flies! What’s it like on that side? Things have become a little crazy on this side, but you know.............we muddle through. Sophia is doing great. She is 16 now and will get her license in a couple of weeks. Straight “A” kid too. She opted to take a foreign language class at College of Marin in the fall because she didn’t enjoy the foreign language teacher at her high school. We told her she needed to handle this on her own and she did. She gets to drive herself. Thank goodness! I’m done with being chauffeur. Anyway, the household works hard as usual. No slouches live at this address. Everyone is healthy, although losing a few pounds couldn’t hurt, but then again EVERYONE seems to whistle that tune. John and I have a few more aches and pains, but otherwise, no excuses. His business is quite successful, by the way, but that’s what you get from a work-a-holic. Can’t deny the guy’s got business brains. I, on the other hand, do very well for myself. Work ethic is in our DNA. Anyway, have you run into Mom?  I’m sure you have. Say hello for me.  Think about us all when you all gather for the now heavenly “Kaffee und Kuchen” at 3pm everyday.  Do you keep time on that side? Anyway, thinking of you today. I’d still love to learn chess. One day. Hey, send us a sign. Will ya..... Love, Gaby
Posted by Terry Murphy on September 10, 2016
Happy Birthday Hanne .thsankd for the happy memories of 28 years ❤️
Posted by Gabriela Becker Chiapello... on September 10, 2016
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Vati! You would have been 90 today. All is well on this side of the veil. Same old, same old. I have a feeling you already know that though. Say hello to all and we'll catch ya on the other side one day. Have a wonderful Kaffee Zeit today. - Deine Gaby
Posted by Terry Becker on September 10, 2015
Happy Birthday ,Hanne ! I will never forget you . We were able to build memories for 28 years some are so good and some are not but most of all it was the life we had together . I do not have any regret that i had love you. You were a good man .everybody " loves you" . HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN"
Posted by Gabriela Becker Chiapello... on July 14, 2015
Lieberman Vater,

It's been 4 years since you "crossed over to the other room".  You've got a lot people keeping you company now; Oma, Opa, Tante Christa, Uncle Peter, and most likely all the cats that were ever a part of our family. Hey, maybe even Opa's dog "Max". Oh, even your x-wife Helga.  I hope you're playing an eternal game of chess with Peter, that heavenly "Kaffee & Kuchen" is served everyday at 3pm sharp and that you exists in eternal peace. I know you are. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Deine, Gaby
Posted by Gabriela Becker Chiapello... on September 11, 2014
Herzliche Glückwunsch, Vati. 88!  WOW! It was a good run for you here in the physical world, but I bet it's an even better run on the other side of that veil. Enjoy your chess again with your brother, Peter. He never played again after your left the physical world. He saved the next match for you. Until we meet again, Deine Gaby.
Posted by Cathy Aguado Becker on September 10, 2014
Dear Hans. It is that time of the year again....another birthday in heaven. I hope you are now celebrating with Peter and the rest of the gang. We miss you all down here. Someday as God calls us one by one we will all reunite again. As you had promised to your little brother, Peter, that you will watch over him from up there... He literally held on to that promise until he left earth to be united with you....
Posted by Terry Becker on September 10, 2014
Happy Birthday , Hanne. Thanks for the memories.
Posted by Terry Becker on July 14, 2014
Again ! Thanks for all the were a big part of my life .
Those chapters are good. Now I have a new chapter that is being created and God is so good to me to also find a very good man. I am so lucky . Praise God for that.Congratulation , the German won the FIFA , good game. I had trow flowers for you in the Seine River here in Rouen, Normandy . Every body is celebrating for you here in France for the Bastille day.
Posted by Gabriela Becker Chiapello... on July 14, 2014

DEUTSCHLAND WON! I can still hear you yelling "TOR"! 

Where have 3 years gone?  Life is good here on Earth. We work hard, earn our bread and roofs over our head and we raise your grandchildren to be decent, well mannered and responsible citizens. You liked it that way. Noth'n comes from noth'n…..right?  Anyway, not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Say HI to mom. Regardless of circumstances, you two could still got in a good laugh together. Have fun playing chess again with Uncle Peter, your greatest chess mate, and give greeting to Tante Christa, Oma and Opa. Enjoy deine daily Kaffee zeit with everyone who is with you on the other side of that veil. Tschüss, Deine Gaby
Posted by Terry Becker on September 10, 2013
I know that you are with The Lord and I know that you will always be in my heart. I am very happy now with my new life . Thanks for all the memories (28) years of it. May be you will coffee with ,Opa, Oma and Helga in heaven . HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNE.
Posted by Susie Becker on July 14, 2013
Hi Vati. We are thinking of you. We are all well.
Say hi to Oma, Opa and Tante Christa.
I'm still baking bread.
Posted by Gabriela Becker Chiapello... on July 14, 2013
Vati, I just checked the starter. Looks good. Life continues as usual in this dimension. Sophia is turning into a very beautiful, yet very normal, little girl and John enjoys his success in business. And me? Well I 'm just me. Nothing's changed. We continue being the best we can possibly be. See you again someday, on the other side. Peace.....
Posted by Rita Tezak on September 12, 2012
I miss you Onkel Hans! Your love of us and life continues to be felt amongst us :)
Posted by Terry Becker on September 10, 2012
Thank you for all the wonderful years we had together . You are always be a part of my life. It was very good and happy memories. Thanks again Hanne and Happy ,happy 86 birthday today. I know you are with the Lord . Right now just to let you know that I am happy with the new man in my life. You promised that you will always watch over me, I am in a good hand , Hanne
Posted by Gabriela Becker Chiapello... on September 10, 2012
Herzliche Gluckwunsch Zum Geburtztag, Vati. All is well down here in the mortal world. Some things have changed but change is a constant and as much as we fight it, it's good. Everyone is doing just fine. I think you'd be pleased. Keep up those chess games and bread making with Oma, Opa and Tante Christa in the afterworld.
Posted by Susie Becker on September 10, 2012
Hi Vati. Happy Birthday!!
I baked bread last weekend with your very own starter. It came out pretty good. Mom and Mate loved it. Although mom said I should try a little more salt next time. I will certainly be baking again.
I hope Oma and Tante Christa made you a pflaumanuchen mit schlagsahne.
Posted by Missy Becker Garrigan on September 10, 2012
Happy Birthday, Vati! I still wish you could see the kids play Fussball. Katie's team got clobbered on Saturday (was kann Mann machen?), but Ben's team found victory (finally).
Posted by Gini Bellawala on August 12, 2012
Wow! What a wonderful way to remember our loved ones. The last memory I have of uncle Hans was at our pool... I believe he had just turned 80. And of course Hans bread lives on in our home too when Tante Kawai kindly shares with us as I never learned the art. Hugs to all of you and thank you for the gift of this site to be thoughtful and grateful for life and love...
Posted by Terry Becker on July 14, 2012
Hanne , thanks for all the happy memories we had. I will never , never forget you. We were happy ,together then. I , am not alone now Hanne and I know you will like Bill , the new man in my life and he will take care of me. You are now with our Lord and I praise God for the time we we together .
Posted by Gabriela Becker Chiapello... on July 14, 2012
How time flies, Vati. One year ago today you took your last breath in this "side" and moved on over to the better side. I think about you all the time. I'm sure by now that the higher powers have had thorough lesson in Chess. Of course, you'll always be the master.  Say hello to everyone up there. Love, Gaby
PS: The Starter Lives (I'm writing a play titled this)
Posted by Susie Becker on July 14, 2012
It is hard to believe that our Father has been gone a whole year. I'm sure, by now, all the angels in heaven have learned how to bake Hans Bread and Stollen - all under that good German tutelage - Vati, yours will, of course, always be the best. Sorry Tante Christa, but I know you understand. Have fun together.
Posted by Gabriela Becker Chiapello... on September 10, 2011
Happy 85th Birthday Vati! All your grandchildren will be playing soccer today, which was your favorite sport. Very fitting isn't it?  I'm sure you'll be watching and cheering them on.  Enjoy your day with Oma, Opa and Tante Christa...
Posted by Terry Becker on September 10, 2011
Hanne, I love you very much and I missed you so much. thanks for all the memories that we have together. 27 yrs. was good and I hope that you are happy where ever you are. hope to see you again someday . you promised to always look over me and I believe it. love you Hanne.
Posted by Valerie Wilkins on September 8, 2011
I didnt know your dad but what I do know is he did a great job raising you .
What a beautiful tribute . Your dad danced to the beat of his own drum as do you .
May he now rest in peace for the coming of the Lord .
Posted by Dawn Koch on September 8, 2011
Uncle Hans was a very generous and sweet man. It was always a pleasure to see him and he was known for his big hugs!! A very kind and gentle person who is dearly missed.
Posted by Terry Becker on August 20, 2011
To my dear Hanne...Thank you for wonderful years together. I loved every minute of it. You are now reunited with Our Heavenly Father.. Hug Oma , Opa and Christa for me.. I miss you terribly Hanne... Love, Your Terry
Posted by William Buchholz on August 19, 2011
Hans loved Jesus. You could see it in his face.His smile was infectious. The cookies he baked for hundreds of people over the years he served at Family Community Church were priceless. It was our great joy to baptize him at the ripe old age of 75 when he accepted Jesus as Savior.
Posted by Dave Santi on August 9, 2011
What a beautiful and moving tribute to your father, Gabriela. I especially enjoyed the hearing aid video.

I am sorry that I never got a chance to meet him and hear his stories. God Bless him and you and your family.
Posted by Cathy Aguado Becker on August 3, 2011
Peter and I miss him so much. Every 3pm Peter will look at me and say..."I wish I could go to my brother's for coffee but he is no longer there". We may have lost him on earth but heaven gained an angel. He loved the Lord with all his heart. We love him too.
Posted by Gabriela Becker Chiapello... on July 27, 2011
Thru good times & bad, Hans was a great father & did the best he could with what he had. Doesn't any parent? If only a parenting manual existed. HA! He would have NEVER conformed. My dad danced to the beat of his own drum. I proudly do the same because of him. Danke Vati..

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