Bud, thank you for making the world a better place.
  • 86 years old
  • Born on May 3, 1926 in Wilmar, California, United States.
  • Passed away on July 30, 2012 in Valencia, California, United States.

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Posted by Howard Sands on 25th September 2018
An inspiration! What a wonderful man and mentor. Looking at the pictures, I regret not making the PaliHi tennis reunion. I also regret not more strongly considering his very soft questions about how to hit a forehand. He would never have pushed, but in retrospect he was on to something!
Posted by Cody Shearer on 24th September 2018
In interviews over the years with former POWs from wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, I asked these unfortunate individuals what sustained them during captivity. Was it wives, girl-friends, mistresses or parents? Surprisingly, many of them mentioned advice from their high school coaches. It was these characters who taught them about personal responsibility and morals. I agreed. In reflection, now fifty years since I graduated from Palisades High School, I can still recall lessons of character that Bud Ware imparted on me and others. Don't complain. Hang tough. Embrace failure and learn from it. Understand how blessed you are to live in this beautiful community. Be compassionate. Contribute. It take a community of friends to sustain each of us. Bud's pithy life lessons remain with me, as I am sure they do with thousands of others that he touched. Those of us who were lucky enough to know him eventually understood what a towering mentor he was to so many. May this common man's spirit be passed on forever.
Posted by John Rowland on 4th May 2017
Coach Ware, Bud, You will always be an inspiration to live fully, do all you can, be encouraging, and have a lot of fun along the way. I will always miss you. I wish I'd known we had the same birthday! Happy Birthday! John
Posted by Monica Narveson on 3rd May 2017
Old tunes, tennis at his court every Sunday... a beer after bad jokes... tons of laughs, dancing with Jonie at our parties like teenagers to Moonlight Serenade coming out of one my 40s jukeboxes. For almost 30 years... a better pal Monica and I never had... while cranking out Benny G's Sing Sing Sing at one of our jazz sessions. MY cat, Sparky...would walk right past me and jump in Buds lap...no respect...everybody loved him... You must have sent a message because we just spoke to you yesterday while contemplating the vast Pacific during our daily bike ride. Miss you incredibly... Probably see you soon, Dic and Duc
Posted by John Ware on 3rd May 2017
Happy Birthday Daddy, what a fantastic person you are. Love you John.
Posted by Dick Narveson on 30th July 2016
455 1238. Expect that you will answer...ok?...Tennis at 10...same bunch of bums....I'll surprise,you and open a new can...not like the micro waved ones we used last week..new joke too...apple juice and beer after...as usual......I still have two forehands which I know drove you crazy..miss you man...see you n the court..animal.
Posted by Dick Narveson on 3rd May 2016
5/3/16 ...anotherbWarehouse memory..Bud and I shared a love for jazz...I had a huge jazz 78,LP,DVD etc collection.When he came up,,,always had Ellington,TommybDorsey,Benny G playing...also had a cat named Sparkey....who I thought liked .me...but that cat would walk right over me to get to Bud...no respect..Really miss him!!!!
Posted by Monica Narveson on 3rd May 2016
Happy Birthday Bud... We're still missing you, Joannie and Topanga. Warm memories, Monica and Dick Narveson
Posted by Carol Hansen Butterfield on 3rd May 2016
Remembering Bud Ware on his 90th birthday and (appropriately) National Teacher Appreciation Day. Unlike most here, I had Mr Ware as a math teacher and he made a huge difference at a vulnerable time for me. A great teacher, a great coach, and a gem among human beings.
Posted by Howard Sands on 30th July 2013
A class act and someone to look up to for the example he set.
Posted by Tracy Bantel on 12th November 2012
My Parents Richard & Monica Narveson moved into Topanga Canyon close to where Bud lived more or less up the hill. My dad was determined to find out whose tennis court was seen through his binoculars and ever since Bud & my father were inseperable tennis friends. My dad always incourged me to play and I had several leasons w/ Bud, he was always some inpatient to patient. I still play today.
Posted by Suzanne Gattenio on 6th November 2012
I had the privilege of growing up in Topanga and being life long friends of the Ware family. I was saddened to hear of Mr. Ware's passing (we grew up calling each other's parents Mr. and Mrs.), but I know he missed his beautiful bride. RIP and I am sure Mrs. Ware was waiting with open arms! <3
Posted by Joanna Gunst on 24th October 2012
I have many memories of Bud (Mr Ware to me). As a child he was always a kind and soft spoken man. I loved it when he and Joan had me come over on a weekly basis to teach them swing in their dining room. It was fun and they were quite good at it. I miss him and send love to the whole family from mine.
Posted by M David Green on 24th September 2012
Being a neighbor of Bud's, playing on his tennis court with him and others, and getting to know and care for him, and the marvelous tributes given, I have the fantasy of making a "Bud Ware Memorial Tennis (& maybe basketball) Club". So if anybody knows anything about the court status and/or is interested in being a part of it please contact me @ damelar2@aol.com.
Posted by Eric James on 24th September 2012
Coach Ware was the one coach at Pali that I remember fondly. He was a real gentleman. And judging from the tributes left here, his was a life well lived.
Posted by Carol Hansen Butterfield on 15th September 2012
I am so very sorry to hear of Mr. Ware's passing. He was a great math teacher and a wonderful human being. I hope his family feels the love and affection pouring through these pages. The world is a better place for his being here and I'm so glad I got to know him. xo, Carol, class of 1977
Posted by Tina Valentine Adams on 3rd September 2012
Mr Ware was one of those teachers that impacted a student's live for the better, forever. He was elegant and rugged, funny and refined. He was an encourager and a challenger and even though I hated 10th grade geometry... i loved being in his class each day. You left your mark on so many lives..God bless you Mr Ware.
Posted by Russell Kyle on 23rd August 2012
Mr. Ware was one of the few coaches who knew what high school sports was about. His teams dominated the reknowned western league. His players were like ucla players in their knowledge of the game. He was a true educator in tradition of john dewey, He could judge talent and knew what moves to make during the game..As one of elder coaches @pali he was probably in the
Posted by Mike Stowe on 21st August 2012
Thank you Bud, for sharing your wonderful Topanga with us, for the lessons on cooking and tennis, for the laughs, the stories, and for being genuine, feisty and sweet. What a gift you were to us! We are saddened to see you go.
Posted by Valerie Belt on 21st August 2012
My memory of Coach Ware was when he took over the Pali High girl's tennis team from a PE teacher who didn't care if we won or lost. Even though he was the boy's tennis team coach, he could see our potential, and that's how we won the city that year! I was never fortunate enough to have him as a teacher, but he certainly was a great coach - one that I have never forgotten! He was the best!
Posted by Cathee Folk on 18th August 2012
Bud Ware was my all time favorite from Pali! His kindness, support, and encouragement did not go unnoticed. I have never forgotten the smile, wink and twinkle in his eye from 40 years ago. He had a special gift that will be missed by all who knew him. He was simply the best. XOXO
Posted by Michael Allport on 17th August 2012
I was the "B" Baketball Captain of the 1964-65 team. Mr. Ware was a tough commander, but a just one as well. He always greeted me with a "Big Mike!" wherever I was-in school, on the outside courts and around town. Thank you Bud for the unswerving integrity of your character!!!!! I shall keep that with me for the rest of my life! With much love and respect-Michael J. Allport-Brasil
Posted by Rich Paegel on 17th August 2012
I played basketball for Coach Ware '65-66. He taught with Intensity and coached with passion. After 40 years, I ran into him a few years ago at a Pali Hi picnic on the plaza and we talked about his teams in the 60's like it was last year. He was an extraordinary person. Beyond basketball, he taught many the true meaning of the importance of being a good person. All the best to The Wares.
Posted by Chris Kinnell on 17th August 2012
Coach Bud was full of energy and was the perfect coach for our outdoor basketball practices with the B and C teams. He was always in our corner getting the very best from us without lots of complicated talk. Each time we entered the phys ed office Bud greeted us personally by name and we felt welcomed and important.
Posted by Todd Freter on 17th August 2012
Coach Ware's motto in one version of the Palisades High School year book was something like "Be good, kind, and fair to your fellow schoolmates." He lived that advice. Good, kind, and fair describe Coach Ware perfectly. I was lucky to be in his PE class.
Posted by Julie Dietz on 17th August 2012
Mr. Ware coached the girls tennis team in 1975 and we won the city championship for the first time. It was such a great time! Mr. Ware was so good and patient with all of us!
Posted by David Newman on 16th August 2012
I remember so well Coach Ware teaching me, in 10th grade, how to shoot a basketball. He was one of the best teachers I ever had in any facet of my life. He always was honest...sometimes brutally so. I think I remember playing C basketball in 10th grade and making Varsity in 11th grade because Coach told me how to do it. He was a truly great teacher. Bravo Bud!!!!
Posted by Ignacio Fernandez on 16th August 2012
Coach Bud Ware, Off all the coaches at Pali during the 60s when I attended there, coach Bud Ware stands out in my mind because he care who the students were and always was lobbying them to do their best. I had just arrived from Cuba and coach Ware made it a point to make me fell welcomed and loved. I played baseball, he recruited me for tennis.
Posted by Karen Adkison on 16th August 2012
From Karen Rice (now Adkison), Pali Class of '75 - Nicest man ever! I used to get to the tennis courts early for my tennis classes and stayed late so I could get some tips and the endless kindness from Coach Ware. Coach, you'll stand out in my memories forever. Thank you for everything. God bless your darling family.
Posted by Herb Kirchner on 16th August 2012
(continued) Bud always made me feel like I was one of his favorites (which I probably was) and my only regret, was that I did not get a chance to tell him, how much of a positive influence, he had on me and how I should treat people. I will miss him, and am saddened that I could not have told him my feelings , in person. God Bless Bud and his Family.Bud you were the BEST. Herb
Posted by Herb Kirchner on 16th August 2012
Bud Ware....Now there was a man. I met him at Paul Revere Jr High and he followed me thru Palisades High. I was somewhat small, shy boy who was good in sports (after school sports at Revere, Track and Field,Football at Pali) but you would always see me in the Gym at Pali, playing Basketball.....Monday thru Saturday. Bud taught me the formula for doing MAGIC SQUARES which has stuck with me.
Posted by Leonard Matsumoto on 16th August 2012
I remember when one of my buddies in my class was late and did not do his homework. Instead of being upset he sent him out to other classes to receive books and other things for about 15 minutes. He came back sweaty and tired and little did he know while he was not looking he put in 2 bricks in his back pack to way him down. Never was he late again. Only Bud!! Miss you Bud!! RIP
Posted by Mark Emerson on 16th August 2012
I couldn't do a chin-up all through junior high (Revere). Coaches yelling at you as you hang helpless on the bar doesnt' work. Coach Ware didn't do that.... he gave me kind, clear instructions that set me on a straighforward path to build the needed strength in my arms, and in a few weeks I could do a chin-up. Then I could do 10. Best PE teacher I ever had!!
Posted by Reggie Jones on 16th August 2012
Bud was a great teacher and motivator and was always committed to your success. It was inspiring to unexpectedly see him on the sideline several years later at a college game I played in San Diego - went on to have one of my best games ever. I will miss him a lot.
Posted by Bill Barnett on 16th August 2012
I played tennis for coach Ware for three years and I can tell you he made me a better player and more importantly a better person. Four of us met up and Bud's house about a year ago and had a great doubles match...so glad to be able to share that one last moment with him doing what we all loved most.
Posted by John Barsky on 16th August 2012
Posted by Jane Mueller on 16th August 2012
The first day Pali opened, Mr. Ware was there as a founding faculty member. I was a member of the class of 1964, the first class to spend all three high school years at Pali. Eight years ago, when we had our 40-year reunion, he rode his bike to join some of us beforehand for a picnic. Didn't like dinner parties, he said, but a picnic reunion was OK.
Posted by Alan Newman on 16th August 2012
I was at Pali in the 1960's. At that time, boys who were bad at athletics were assigned to what was called "spazz gym" by the other boys. It was in Mr. Wares's "spazz gym" class that I felt something other than ridicule or indifference from a gym teacher. Mr. Ware treated each of us with respect,, and build our woefully lacking self esteem. I will always be grateful to him for that.
Posted by Dan Warren on 15th August 2012
Thank you, Mr. Ware, for being a memorable teacher. Struggling to find suitable role-models at that time in my life, you and Coach Rosvall provided solid foundations. Ironically, your contribution was toward intellectual discipline, 'cuz, man, did I hate geometry. Like has been said, "You're a Prince of a Man... humble, unforgettable". God Bless You, Mr. Ware. I will never forget you.
Posted by Joyce Boucher on 15th August 2012
Bud was special! He always had a smile on his face! We lived near him in Topanga for years and I would see him riding his bike up the hill. Even when he could no long ride up the hill he would ride down. He was so kind to others. When another neighbor was sick and living away from home he took it upon himself to water her plants. He was my role model for aging. He will be missed!
Posted by Catherine Kane on 15th August 2012
My old friend Russ Crawford just told me the news of Mr. Ware's passing. He remains in my memory so clearly: the elegant, kind, smart and gracious man that taught me geometry at Palihi when we all first got there. Such a good person and a teacher whose sense of fair play and quiet humor I still remember very well all these years later - humble and unforgettable! Thank you Mr. Ware RIP
Posted by Dan Gluck on 14th August 2012
Mr. Ware was one of those special people, one of those rare educators who provides great inspiration and makes a tremendous positive "difference" in the lives of those fortunate enough to have come into his realm. Back then, at 1970 Pali High, we were searching for identity, in the midst of the agony of "coming of age". Bud, with his respect, caring and relaxed love of life, gave us hope
Posted by Dan Sheridan on 12th August 2012
Bud was a prince of a man and a motivating force to so many kids. He taught by example and always had a kind word & quick wit. R.I.P. Condolences to Claudia and family.
Posted by Rocky Bowman on 12th August 2012
I met Bud as an 11 yr old at John Wooden Basketball Camp in June of '68 and last had dinner with him 6 months ago. There was always a twinkle in his eye as he really enjoyed life, teaching & interacting. Geometry with him in 10th grade was the best as he would segue off into observations of life almost daily that were always so informative and FUN! A true Prince of a Man!! Love and RIP
Posted by John Rosenfeld on 12th August 2012
Tennis weight training in 1974 was great. I ran into Bud a few years ago in a market parking lot as he was about to climb onto his motorcycle. I went up and said hello and told him I had been in his class in high school. He didn't remember me but looked at me and smiled, and asked, "Did we have fun?" He was pleased when I told him we did. RIP.
Posted by Marc Doshay on 9th August 2012
Back at Pali, Mr. Ware was often the first smiling face I would see when we parked the station wagon behind the Print Shop near the tennis courts, and sometimes the last I'd see heading toward Topanga in his Porsche when he'd occasionally pick me up hitching home with my skate after track practice. His kind words and warm spirit will stay with me forever. Peace.
Posted by Andrew Dubbins on 9th August 2012
One of my early childhood memories is driving up to see Bud. Winding up through the Canyon, and finding Bud on the court with a cold 7-up and bucket of balls. He was the epitome of cool--Clint Eastwood dead-ringer, built his own court, told John Wooden stories, played jazz. He taught me the inner game first and my second serve second. He set a great example and I'll miss him.
Posted by M David Green on 3rd August 2012
Although I only knew Bud for past 6 years the tributes confirm my respect and caring for him as one of the -too few people-in the world that make it better. His gentleness, caring and generosity combined with a positive active lifestyle are an inspiration.
Posted by Doug King on 3rd August 2012
Bud was a great teacher, and a true friend. He inspired many of us to exceed our expectations and become the best we could be. All of us who spent time with him are indeed fortunate. Goodbye and Thanks!
Posted by Bill Seckler on 2nd August 2012
I was a teammate of Jim Pardee that first year Bud Ware coached at Palisades; I already knew Coach from a Social Studies class I had taken from him at Revere Jr. High. I remember him bringing his VW microbus down to Palisades on the nights of local college games, so that any player could catch a ride to the game

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