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12 Years ago

Shared by Sarah Svorinic on May 31, 2022
Dad, Pops, Daddio...

Please take care of her.  She missed you for what felt like a lifetime.  

Watch over our girls please?

Love you and miss you with all my heart:)

Shared by Bonnie Pender on May 31, 2019

9 years. Hard to believe. Think of you a lot and miss you. Love brother

Tribute to my friend Harry Curnew

Shared by Harrison Rees on August 15, 2010

            I have three stories of my relationship with my friend Harry Curnew.  The first time we met was a client business dinner when Harry took a group of us from Roberts Electric out to dinner as we were developing into a sizable customer.  However that was going to be tested.


            I had a crew of tradesmen rebuilding a corrugated machine for the Domtar in North Toronto.  Things broke that were not supposed to and things had to be reworked and we ran short of supplies.  Saturday at lunch I chased down Harry’s home number to get someone to open his shop to sell us parts.


            Harry was at a corporate golf tournament, he might call at a break or around supper.  Supper time came and no call.  I phoned his house again, no luck, double time tomorrow – eight men, no material – machine has to run Monday morning, no production, panic!  Call 8 p.m and no luck, find golf course call 10 a.m. leave messages, call midnight, Harry returns call half hour later, need someone at your shop 6 a.m tomorrow, Sunday.


            We arrived before 6 a.m. in Cambridge.  Harry is already there, he did not send anybody, maybe he tried.  All he said was "you are persistant".  Said it only gets worse but exciting.


            We had coffee and helped load the trucks that started a real friendship and mutual respect.  We both do what we have to do.  He would stand up and do it himself so we had that in common, we both liked boxing.  That is another story.


            We had some really good times together, some small adventures (sailing).


            Harry Curnew was a real strong man, determined, respectful and kind to a fault, I loved him like a brother and am proud to call him my friend.


Harrison Rees




Shared by Frank Marsden on June 28, 2010

I first met Harry after immigrating to the USA from England back in 2000 and Harry was the Ontario representative for our products. His opening words were “What the hell you living in the USA for?  Come live up here in God’s country. You’re a Brit and we treat Brits better than they do.” And Harry was true to his word….he ‘always’ treated me with a huge smile and a welcoming handshake, as well as my family, inviting us all to BC, a trip we never got around to. What a great man.  I'll miss him.

Meeting Harry

Shared by Janet and Case DeVos on June 8, 2010

On day we were out for a walk and bumped into a man glueing his name to his country mail box! A friendly conversation, then lead to an invitation to a party! We didn't make the party but went over for a visit the next day! That visit was the beginning of a friendship that would last  20 plus years of visits, parties, trips and many length discussions. Thank you for the memories and the laughter! Miss you, Harry!


Janet and Case DeVos

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